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Amnah Tariq

I love to read and when I am not reading anything, I am surfing through internet. Why's that? Well that's because I want to gather information about people, places and things.. mostly places..

I am so obsessed with wanting to know more about everything that my thirst for knowledge is becoming unquenchable every day.

I have just completed my BBA hons. in marketing Major. Still as much as I am interested in my field of study, I am in Love with Creative arts, Literature and DIY's.

I dream to become a traveler(yeah not my field). But still! this is what I want to become one day.

My hobbies are painting, creating DIY's for my home and reading...

I just wanted to write for a while to test my abilities in this field and also to share my little knowledge with everyone, if anyone's interested..

and thats all about me....! ;)