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Brainy Bunny

In my everyday life, I am a freelance editor specializing in ESL/EFL (English as a Foreign/Second Language) textbooks. However, by night I transform into my alter ego, Brainy Bunny, who is allowed to expound upon many and varied topics at great length. Brainy Bunny has a master's degree in Greek and Latin Philology, with particular interest in historical linguistics and ancient religions. If those topics don't make it into hubs, don't fret; Brainy Bunny knows lots about lots: books (for adults and children, fiction and non-); travel; cooking; personal finance; parenting; and much, much more.

Occasionally my everyday life may also make an appearance here; in addition to working to double my editing business this year, I am married to a rabbi (and by extension, the synagogue!) and mother of two fantastic kids. My favorite personal goal is to some day finish writing the mystery novel that is currently languishing on my old thumb drive.