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A Blogger, A Travel Agent, A Spoken English Teacher, An HR Trainer, A Reiki Medium,A Tarot Card Reader, A Freelance Writer, A Cook,  An Event Manager, A Wife and Mom. Some old jobs, and some new. Just a few of the roles in my life portfolio...

Read more about me and my interests at these webistes

Healing Energy 888

I provide Reiki energy healing sessions as well as training to become a Reiki Medium. Workshops are hosted regularly for Reiki I, II and III-A levels. Should you wish to receive Reiki for long term healing, or goal manifestation purposes please visit the website.

Candy Laine

I publish my fiction stories under the pen name Candy Laine. You can find my books on Amazon. This is the link to my Author Page on the Kindle Store

Tarot Readings

Should you have any questions or require guidance from the Universe ask for a Tarot Reading. I give free Tarot Readings each month on this website.  You can contact me through my facebook page as well.


Party Food and Games,

Since my lifestyle demands all kinds of themed parties, I have spent considerable time developing games and recipes for such parties. Now I'm documenting them here. Its all available for free if you read my blog.

 Book Reviews @ Athena

A number of Indie Authors write really good books which never make it into main stream book stores. If you like reading ebooks and are interested in Kindle Unlimited deals offered by Indie Authors take a look at the books I review at this blog.

I travel a lot and learn many interesting things. I try to share all this in my hubs. That is the reason why I am not writing in a fixed niche but in all the niches that interest me.

If you like something I've written, do leave a comment.