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Chin chin

My name is Chin chin. I am a stay-at-home mom who does freelance writing on the side. God has gifted my husband and me with 5 children - 2 boys and 3 girls. I have shared some of my experiences as a Christian and a mom in my blog Stay at Home Blessings.

I never really thought that I would be writing stuff. I am hoping that people would learn something from what I write here in HubPages. These are born out of what I learned from my life's experiences and the stuff I read.

I also write some hubs on topics I have learned in college. I graduated with a degree in BS Food Technology. There are also some which I write out of curiosity about the topic or something that just came up because of my joining the HubMob Weekly Topic.

Writing in HubPages is something that is really a great experience for me. It allows me to publish online what I write on my spare time and it also somehow rewards my writing by earning some. Why not join HubPages?