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Born and raised in the North of England, I now live and work in Germany as a freelance translator and English-language trainer, teaching adults of all abilities, from university students and policemen/-women to employees of worldwide renowned companies.

I ended up living here through my love of travelling the world - although I do miss my family very much, who are all still back in England.

I am a major language enthusiast, the foreign languages I dabble in now totalling 6: German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Russian (some more fluent than others!). I am also a keen musician, playing the flute and piano, and I love to paint and sketch in my spare time, be it acrylic on canvas or pencil on paper. Theatre is another of my passions, which sees me regularly "moonlighting" as a hobby actress at the local theatre.

My hubs have all been written from the heart, based on my own experiences, so I hope you enjoy them! Even if it's just one person that I've been able to help or inspire, I'm a happy hubber.

Happy reading and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!