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Darrell Washington Jr

I fell in love in with writing at a young age of twelve. It was innocently discovered when I was in the seventh grade. I would start to think about this girl that I really liked. I would start to jot down notes and pass them to her.

Her overall reaction and smile made me want to express myself through writing even more. I eventually begin to write poems to her. The mission at first was to just make her mine. However, I soon realized the power and effect writing had on me. I started to see the world around me differently.

Everything becomes so vivid and fascinating. My curiosity peaked along with my creativity. My words began to express and tell a story about mine and other's lives. I started to become completely transformed and fixated on writing. I started to write short stories and books. In fact, I just recently self-published my first book "Teenage Chronicles".

I want to help, inspire, and entertain everyone through my writing.