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Hello! My name is Easton Mayordomo. I am currently attending the University of San Francisco as a Hospitality Management Major.

I hope to one day attend medical school and from there go on to become a pediatric surgeon and devote myself to help with research and a cure for cancer in children.

In my free time, I enjoy doing martial arts. Kung-Fu to be exact. I play the tenor sax in concert and jazz settings. I love to listen to music and I workout like crazy in order to stay in shape!

I beleive that nothing comes easily and that anything worth having must have work put into it. I live by three concepts...

1. Never quit until it's perfect. I never stop giving it my all because I know things can always be improved.

2.The more you give, the more you get. Basically, the more that you receive from people, the more you have to give out and vice versa.

3. In a team setting, its always a win/winconcept. Meaning that you can't win unless all your teammates do. Essentially, give it your all and work together as opposed to putting each other down and failing the whole team.

I will do my best to incorporate these ideas in my hubs, although the last one may be a little tough to do. Nonetheless, I'm gonna keep trying to improve my writing and hope that you all enjoy reading about things that I love in my life!

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