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Kelly A Burnett

Mission: Educate readers and to sensitize them to the many benefits of swim fitness and water sports. Additionally, to celebrate swimming and water sports through vintage posters and the many diverse animals that occupy our oceans.

Aquatic Mammals and Other Ocean Life: To garner a better understanding of the world beneath our great seas with special emphasis given to expanding our knowledge of the aquatic mammals that live there.

Swim Fitness: Swimming is perhaps the hardest sport in the world. 65% of Americans cannot swim. Swim fitness, while it can encompass full immersion swimming, includes fitness that is easy - no breathing technique is needed and the body movements are simplified - no complicated swim strokes to master. Swim fitness has matured over the decades and now offers something for everyone. Swim fitness provides some of the best fitness programs for our cardiovascular system, our muscles and our joints. No other exercise program offers it all and so easily. Swim fitness is no longer just for your grandmother's water aerobics.

Stay tune and learn all things water related from aquatic animals to fitness to water sports and more!