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I am neuroscientist with an immense amount of interest in the human mind; my forte is my capacity to analyse and understand complex, multi-faceted emotional disorders such as limerence (painful unrequited love).

I have copious experience with and have cured myself of several intense, agonizing psychological struggles. The trick lies in ascertaining what unmet needs, traumas and limiting belief systems are aligning you with pain. Targeting the subconscious mind and transforming yourself permanently will cure you of ANY emotional issue you are experiencing. My purpose in this life is to teach every last one of you how to achieve precisely this: liberation from obsession, wonderful mental health, and the ability to create the exact life that you desire.

You see, as someone who is spiritually-inclined as well as analytical, teaching others how to understand their own brains and shine in life as they truly are is my biggest passion. Knowing that I am reaching a plethora of people from different countries keeps me hooked to writing; I am truly grateful that a platform like Hubpages exists.

There are no limitations in this 3D reality, only those that we impose on ourselves. A resilient, abundant and emotionally-balanced version of you is quite literally waiting for you to step into him/her. Let's bridge the gap today, get you there, and ensure you never, ever waste another hour trapped in your own head. Childlike magic awaits you when you realize that you are fully in control!

Head over to my site at for richer, better, regular content and for more ways to interact with me.