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Ferdinand Receno

I’m sure you are curious what this hub is all about, who I am, and what are the healthful things I am going to share. To put it briefly, I’m sharing my own experiences and knowledge on how to stay healthy and live a happy life. There are thousands of places you can discover information on what type of diet you need, how to get rid of fat, and so on. I hope that I will be able to explain to you how I’m applying this knowledge in my own life to help you to find helpful ideas and solutions. I’ll include the positive results and potential issues and encourage you all to share your experience too.

Experience is the most effective teacher and I am hoping that the little experiences and pitfalls in the process will help you to get where you want to go somewhat less of a challenge.

I’m not a person who is really out of shape – it has been quite the opposite. I became active in sports activities when I was in high school. From college I abandoned most of the physical activities and started getting into other pursuits. Add all this with a rapid metabolic rate and you get an extremely lean shape despite frequent eating (and most of the time eats fast-food and other greasy meals). What are my reasons to change my habits if, to all people, I seemed healthy? One biggest factor was understanding health and wellness was more about how I suffered than how I looked. My lousy habits were disturbing my behavior. Poor food choices pushed down my energy. My sweet-tooth was wreaking damage on my sugar levels. My total lack of concern for improving myself mentally and physically was destroying my determination and enthusiasm. I realized that shortly my age couldn’t outrun my actions. I’d be forced to pay the outcomes. Moreover, I just lately learned about my interest for understanding health problems found in our communities. I feel called to make a positive change. Personally to effectively achieve this I have to be the example and abide by the advice that I provide. If I can’t get myself to, I surely don’t have the right to advise people.