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The Hub bug bit me ... again. You can probably guess some of my interests by the HubPages I've written on: computers, HubPage topics, books (especially  mystery), health and hiking, the Internet, technology, poker, history and archeology, real estate and property management,...

I joined HubPages over four years ago and enjoyed publishing some Hub articles. Took a hiatus that stretched into two and a half years. Received one of those Google checks one day and thought that they seemed to be coming faster? Looked at my stats and noticed that my traffic had grown during my absense!

That got my attention, and I got back into Hubbing more regularly. You can create your own HubPage articles and get that occaisional commission check, Click here to get started.

Joined SheToldMe and Xomba and RedGage and YouSayToo to help publicize my HubPages. Follow me on twitter... I'm not sure exactly why, but it seems to be the thing to say these days...

I'm a management consultant and focus on information technology (IT). I enjoy the problem solving and creative aspects most.