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Kate McBride

Kate McBride lives in the countryside in Donegal in Ireland with her husband and two sons.She works as health care in the same job for 31 years..

She likes good company, including her own :-), reading, walking and especially writing.

She earns here with revenue sharing and sells her work on Hire Writers.

She also started a facebook page called "Write Right Now" and a facebook group with the same name. Both of these facebook profiles are there to encourage others to "Write, Publish, Repeat "which is the basic motto for any writer in any genre.

The "Write Right Now"platforms are also there for exchange of information and ideas for other self-employed or employee writers.Please feel free to visit her "Write Right Now" page or group to contribute if you are a writer or aspire to be one.

She is currently publishing two series of books on Amazon "Everyday Made Easy" and Nutrition365".

Thank you for taking the time to visit her page here :-)