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Kevin P McClernon

Kevin McClernon is a retired military professional. As a U.S. Marine, he served for a combined thirty-two years in the active and reserve components of the Marine Corps. An infantry officer by trade, Kevin retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel from the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve during 2014.

Kevin is well-grounded and experienced in; American History, athletic and functional conditioning, geography, military operations and tactics, military training and education, physical fitness and World History. A world traveler, he has visited and worked in over forty countries across the globe. Kevin earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from Niagara University.

Kevin continues to maintain himself in peak physical conditioning conducting daily training sessions. A star cross-country runner in high school, he was a four-year varsity letterman and remains the only athlete in his school’s history to be a named four times to All-Conference Team in a single sport (Cross-Country) and to win two Senior Awards in a single sport (earning one as a junior). He was twice team captain he earned an athletic scholarship to Niagara University were he served one year as team captain for the varsity men’s cross-country team. Throughout his military career, Kevin consistently scored a perfect 300 points on the U.S. Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (USMC PFT).

A native New Yorker, Kevin now lives in Florida with his wife (Olga Margarita), their daughter (Daniela Sophia) and her dog (Willy).