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Miodrag Kablinovic

I am Miodrag. I am the founder of a small blog called We write about health and fitness, make meal replacement shake reviews and educate our readers about the basics of nutrition and how to reach their own fitness goals.

I do sport since I can remember. With 7 years I started Martial Arts, then I tried crossfit, bodybuilding and now I enjoy running. I think everyone should include fitness into their life. The benefits are terrific and I am not speaking about the health related advantages.

I have gained so much from doing sport. Martial Arts teached me that my body is capable of incredible things. Breaking baseball bats with a kick, fighting an hour against stronger opponents without a rest or doing a full split.

Crossfit showed me that different workouts can be combined to create something new, with completely new challenges.

And running proves what I always thought: You are the one who sets your limits. Not only in fitness, but in life.

I believe health is a choice. Choose to be healthy.