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Mahmoud Ibrahim

Hello everyone, I’m Mahmoud, I'm a Certified Personal Trainer with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science.

Fitness and Athletics have been a passion of mine my entire life. My passion for health and the human body has led me to work in the fitness industry, I love what I do and I’d love to share it with you.

The reason I created this page was to help folks to know how to set and achieve their fitness goals. to do this I’m going to share my knowledge and my experience as a personal trainer.

I’m going to write about many different aspects of health and fitness like how to plan and design training programs, setting fitness goals, strength and weight training, weight management/reduction and designing programs for special population (children, older adults, those with cardiac disease, pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypertension, and individuals with comorbidities).

ِِِِAnyway, I wish you all the best with your exercising, and please feel free to leave your comment if you ever need feedback about your health and fitness regime.

Mahmoud Ibrahim