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Onaolapo Adeyemi

Onaolapo Adeyemi, born into the royal family of Adeyemi, Ogun State, Nigeria, is a notable U.S. Army veteran, technical, health, and information technology enthusiast.

He is an active sportsman and a health expert known to have competed against one of the world's heavyweight bodybuilders known as Victor Richards of the USA in the Mr. Ultimate Nigeria Body Building Competition of 1993 7up Bottling company, in Lagos, Nigeria.

He graduated with honors in Computers and Electronics Engineering from Lagos State University. "Macho," as he is popularly known, worked on product development and information technology across boards and served in a combat position in the U.S. Army. Most of Onaolapo's writings revolve around Health, Wealth, Computers, and Information Technology.

His love for bodybuilding, active sports, research, computers, and healthy living made him a good Sports, Health, Information Technology, and Computer Enthusiast. He currently lives with his wife and children.