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Lori Shayne Stedman

Hello World,

     So glad to be here, I love to write and give out my mind and my heart and what i am passionate about, i have a few things in life that make grand  for me, I love my work, which is healing clients naturally, I own and operate my own business and have now for over 7 years, and meet some wonderful people along the way.  I have been studying Nutrition for over 20 years and have now applied it to my profession, for trade i am a Certified Colon Therapist, now studying to become a Certified Nurse Assistant and doing so, to help in more area's when i am needed.  I teach on nutrition, Ph balance, hormone and thyroid balance and learning the basic's of balance in life.  I also teach everyone i can about the importance of Jiucing and bringing in your Alklinity, which is key to a healthy life style  which is your Ph balance there isnt anymore better then balance of your Ph, thats the 1st place you start out with.,  on the other side of my life is  a couple of my best friends,  2 dogs that  i absoululty love to pieces, i have a great dane that's all black and so trained he teaches me ,lol  and on the flip side of him is Bentley my other little boy and he's a Pomeranium, they light up my world when i come home or if i am at home working, they are always there to tell me when its time to eat and time to play, which keeps me balanced and the stories flowing, I also have a wonderful daughter that is grown up so fast, that its jsut been a blink of an eye and she is on her own, never had a day that i didnt spend with her, never missed a moment of her life, which i thank God for and feel so honered to have the days i had with her, and so many more to come..that;s for sure.  I am married to a wonderful man, that puts up with all of idea's that i want to do, He lets me be me and that's alway a good thing, for anyone.  I love trying new things in life and opening new doors, and blogging and writing are some new doors that i absoulutly love with a passion in my heart, and i hope you will follow along in my journey, and i will open more new doors, and always teach you what i know, and share my life.

your friend ,& healer, and freelance writer