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I am a dreamer who dreams of a society where humans would make peace with themselves, their neighbors and their neighbor's neighbors. You know what I mean!

You will find me on Hubpages, Pinterest, G+ and, of course Facebook.

My current passions are research and DIY home projects. Most of my home projects fail dismally I keep working on new ones, so, I guess you can say that I am also very persistent.

I like having something to putter about around the house and since I currently don't have a 9 - 5 job I am online a lot.

I feel at home writing online and like to express my point of views freely.

You can find me at:-






And Google+ & LinkedIn

Read, read, read. That's me!

I am committed to finding the facts now that I am finally doing what I was born to do!

At some point in my lifetime I'll come back and rewrite this stuff so come back anytime and see what I'm up to, until then -

There is much, much more to discover!