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Juliette Kando F I Chor

Juliette Kando F.I.Chor is a choreologist (movement notator), and a Fellow of the Institute of Choreology at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. Born in Budapest, Juliette grew up in Paris and Amsterdam where she joined the Dutch National Ballet aged 18, and later the Deutsche Oper Berlin under Kenneth MacMillan where she was introduced to Benesh Dance Notation. Juliette moved to London to study choreology and was the first professional dancer to graduate.

While raising a family, Juliette Kando taught at the Institute of Choreology and notated and staged several ballets at the Paris Opera, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Oakland Ballet. In London, she was also an editor at New Dance Magazine, got two books on fitness published by Harper Collins, and founded the Every Body Dance Studios.

Juliette Kando now lives in Southern Spain and, even with her five languages, she prefers to communicate non-verbally (like choreology). She has therefore learned how to create rich, impactful media and is soon launching a new website:

More on Juliette Kando on her YouTube channel: Body Movement