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Suzanne Ridgeway

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my world of rantings, ravings and diversity that I look forward to sharing with one and all through this site! I am thrilled to have found the HubPages avenue to wander down to meet & greet, learn & absorb, and respect all those who have wandered this path before me.

Irish born I have had a busy, eventful and experienced full life in many ways which I hope to bring to the masses through my writing.

Maybe it was winning an essay competition on “Litter” all those far and distant years ago that set the cog wheels of discovery in motion, but I am thrilled to at last be able to explore the art of penmanship here and learn from the community.

A traveller through and through, I never saw myself living permanently in Ireland, and flew the nest to try living in New Zealand and then London. My favourite destinations have been Austria, Italy, Prague, Croatia, Turkey, Santorini, Singapore, New Zealand, New York and Las Vegas. All igniting the flames to different parts of my personality I guess because all are so very different. I will be writing on a variety of topics including travel, sharing my knowledge and giving an insightful look at amazing places of the world, with a twist of “Irish humour” thrown in for good measure! Italy in particular is very close to my heart and I have spent time getting to know the lesser known areas in the south particularly, which I will be sharing here.

Travel is one of the best educations anyone can get and I am a strong advocate for everyone grabbing the opportunity to travel the big bad world like I did and continue to do . . . . .

A lover of Arts, Crafts, Landscaping, Interior Design, Make-Up Artistry, Fashion and the use of imagination, I definitely inherited the creative side from my Mother. A gifted artist and a woman who could turn her hand to so many things creatively has definitely been the common thread in my career and hobbies choices. I have worked as a Beauty Therapist, Freelance Make-Up Artist and Retail Store Manager (Fashion, Beauty and Crafts) and love working with the sometimes unforgiving public!

Sport has been the other big passion in my life. A trait inherited from my Dad this time I grew up being actively involved in Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, and Table -Tennis . . . . Virtually all sports I have knowledge of but not necessarily the interest! Cricket was what I really excelled at and had the pleasure of being selected for the Irish National team in the 1990’s, an incredible honour.

I was honoured that four of my hubs have been chosen as Hubs of The Day on HubPages:-

1 - Where to Find Free Gardening Containers (Oct 2012)

2 - How to Make a Creative Gift (Nov 2012)

3 - Easy Homemade Perfume Recipes for Women (June 2013)

4 - Beauty Tips When Travelling (July 2013)

I was interviewed in November 2012 for the HubPages Newsletter (14th Nov 2012) by fellow hubber Vespawoolf. The full interview may be read here -

Thank you all for taking the time to drop by and I look forward to catching up with you!

Slainte, Cheers and Ciao for now!


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