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5 Health Benefits of Drinking Flavored Sparkling Water

Margaret Minnicks is a health-conscious person who researches the health benefits of foods and drinks.

Sparkling ICE Flavored Waters

Sparkling ICE Flavored Waters

Benefits of Flavored Water

When it comes to drinking sparkling water, some people consume it for health reasons. On the other hand, some people stay away from the beverage because they are hooked on sugary drinks that have no health benefits at all.

Sparkling water is a thirst quencher that has no calories, added sugar, sugar substitutes, or artificial sweeteners. Besides, flavored sparkling water is delicious with at least five major health benefits.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling Water

1. Keeps You Hydrated

Everybody needs water to survive. The body needs fluids to keep functioning efficiently just as your automobile needs fluids to keep running smoothly. The body is made up of 60 percent of water that is needed for proper digestion, metabolism, digestion, and immunity. When joints and muscles are lubricated, they work better without cramping especially while a person is exercising.

People are at their best when they are hydrated. If you become dehydrated it causes you to be sluggish and irritable. Dehydration affects your skin, hair, and eyes.

You can calculate how much fluid your body needs by dividing your weight in half. That is the number of ounces of fluids you should consume on a daily basis.

You can also get fluids not only from what you drink but also from what you eat. Some fruits and vegetables are high in water content, such as strawberries, cucumbers, watermelon, eggplant, and celery.

Sparkling water

Sparkling water

2. No Hidden Ingredients

Flavored sparkling water quenches thirst without containing any hidden ingredients like those in sugary drinks. A 12-ounce can of regular sodas contains close to 9 teaspoons of sugars. A 20-ounce bottle contains about 16 teaspoons of sugar. A 12-ounce can of diet sodas contains up to 5 packets of artificial sweeteners.

By choosing one can of sparkling water instead of drinking one can of regular soda, you will save 4,200 calories and about 300 teaspoons of sugar per month. Therefore, you could lose about 14 pounds a year for not consuming 50,400 calories.

3. More Filling Than Plain Water

Some research has proven that sparkling water is natural as well as being sugar-free, sodium-free, and calorie-free. Research also suggests that carbonated water is more filling than flat water.

An extra bonus to drinking sparkling water is that it may help you lose or maintain your weight. It can fill you up without adding on pounds.

4. Not Boring

Plain water is good to drink, but it might get to be a little boring after a while. Sparkling flavored water is a more interesting way to quench your thirst and stay hydrated. Besides, it is more exciting and never boring. That's because there are many flavors and brands to choose from to keep you from getting tired of drinking only one kind.

Even though you can drink flavored sparkling water as it is, you can also spruce it up even more. Try chilling the water. Mix it with slices of fresh fruits and vegetables of your choice, such as slices of cucumbers, lemons, lime, and berries.

La Croix

La Croix

5. Prevents Constipation

Drinking sparkling water helps relieve symptoms of constipation. Studies have shown that those who drink sparkling water regularly have fewer problems with their bowels.

Interesting Things About Sparkling Water

If you don't know much about sparkling water, here are some very interesting facts.

Sparkling water is known by many other names.

  • Carbonated water is water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure.
  • Club soda has minerals which give it a different flavor from plain sparkling water.
  • Mineral water is naturally carbonated, but it can also be flat.
  • Soda water is consumed by some people.
  • Seltzer is carbonated water, but unlike the others, it does not have salt to enhance the taste.
  • Tonic water is a form of carbonated water that contains quinine, sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.
Sparkling water

Sparkling water

Some Brands of Flavored Sparkling Water

Flavored sparkling water is readily available in grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and wherever bottled waters and sodas are sold. All you need to do is to take a walk down the beverage aisle and you will see a brand and flavor that will suit you.

While there are many brands on the market, here are the top five brands, according to Spoon University. These are also the top five flavored sparkling water brands this writer consumes.

1. San Pellegrino

2. LaCroix

3. Perrier

4. Sparkling ICE Flavored Waters

5. Schweppes

The best thing to do is to experiment with the different ones to find a brand or flavor that you like. You might even want to settle on more than one.


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