Nine Helpful Ways to Cut Down on Eating Without Pills or Surgery

Updated on August 29, 2017
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Adding veggies and whole grains to your meals will help you cut down on meat consumption.
Adding veggies and whole grains to your meals will help you cut down on meat consumption. | Source

Nine Tips to Help You to Cut Down on Your Daily Food Intake

  1. For people who do not need to cut down on eating and who need to gain weight instead of losing weight, this article is not intended for you. For the majority of people who wish they could cut down on the amount of food they eat and want to lose weight, these suggestions can work.
  2. Drink eight ounces of water before eating a meal. By drinking water, your stomach becomes fuller. Hence, when you begin eating your meal, your stomach will already be partially full, and you won’t eat as much food.
  3. Serve smaller portions and use smaller dish-ware. I have found that this method does work. By using, say a saucer or a small plate, you will not be able to put as much food on your plate. Then, stay with the “fill the plate once only” rule
  4. By eating slowly and chewing your food completely before swallowing, you will find that you do not eat as much food. This method does work. When you hurry with eating your meal, you heap on more food onto your plate to eat. With the extra time that it takes you to eat your meal slowly and chew your food well, your stomach will let you know that it is already full.
  5. Vegetables come in many different colors. They add beauty to the look of your meal when it is served. These vegetables provide you with many necessary vitamins. Also, whole grain foods are very good for you. Therefore, by eating the colorful vegetables and whole grains before eating the rest of your dinner. By the time you get to the meat, potatoes, and gravy, you will be too full to eat very much. Keep your home free of snacks. I find that if there is a snack that I like in the house, I will eat it. If you keep snacks out of your house, then, there will be no snacks available at home for you to eat. Usually, you won’t drive or walk to the store again to buy snacks.
  6. Don’t eat food while watching television. Eat meals only at the dinner table. Watching tv and eating goes hand in hand for a good many people. Lots of people watch lots of television. If they are eating food each time they watch tv, they are digesting a lot of meals. By eating meals only at the dinner table, you will eat less food. There is always somewhere else you would rather be and something else you want to do that you cannot do at the dinner table. Therefore, if you must eat at the dinner table, well, you will find that you will eat less food so that you can get on with other activities you enjoy.
  7. Instead of eating in between meals, find an activity to do, such as taking a walk outdoors, exercise, put your ear buds in and listen to music, dance, play with the kids, go to the park, or work on a work project that you have. Find things that you love to do instead of sitting down to eat a meal or a snack will not be a thought. Having nothing to do and being bored does cause many people to eat a lot more food. Eating foods that taste good is an aphrodisiac. Keep busy with things you enjoy doing, and let your new found activities keep your mind off eating.
  8. Also, cutting out or cutting way down on soda pop intake is highly recommended by health professionals and nutritionists. Instead, drink other beverages that are better for you, and without all the sugar.
  9. Have a scale at home and weigh yourself once a week. When you see that all of this cutting down on eating has enabled you to lose weight, you will be more likely to continue cutting down on the amount of food you eat.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2017 Debbie Lawson


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