Lose 10 Pounds in a Week: Day Five

You have reached day five, which means you are more than halfway to your goal! Some of you may feel as if you have lost weight (don't forget to keep that scale in the closet until day seven). Do keep in mind that weight-loss varies from person to person. The first four or five days of any weight loss plan can be quite tough and sometimes discouraging. Take note of how much better you feel because you are eating well!

Be sure to eat at least five apples today.
Be sure to eat at least five apples today.

Day Five Menu

One grapefruit.
One small bowl of boiled rice.
One bowl soup from Day Four recipe.
One apple.
One bowl of salad from Day Two or Day Three.
One apple.
One orange.
1/2 glass skimmed milk.
Two tomatoes.
Two tomatoes.
Two tomatoes.
Do not eat cherry tomatoes today. Find some medium-sized organic tomatoes.
Do not eat cherry tomatoes today. Find some medium-sized organic tomatoes.

Tomatoes are a key part of today's menu. Make sure you eat six of them, either all at one time or separately during different meals. Do not use cherry tomatoes. Choose six medium-sized, organic tomatoes. You can add salt and pepper for flavour. Do not use preserved tomatoes from a tin.

As for the other fruits on today's menu, use fresh only. Change according to what is in season and do try to find fresh citrus.

If you eat the salad or soup, make a fresh batch for today.

If You Don't Like Tomatoes

It is perfectly alright to blend them up and drink them. Add lemon juice, salt, and pepper for flavor.

Day Five Beverages

Drink 1/2 glass of skimmed milk today.
Drink 1/2 glass of skimmed milk today.
• In addition to at least 12 glasses of water and 1/2 glass of skimmed milk, you may drink:
• Green tea.
• Weight-loss drink (recipe below).
• Coffee (black or with skimmed milk).

Weight-Loss Drink

Mix two tablespoons of honey into a glass of warm water. Add three tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix well and drink before breakfast every day this week.

Eat Small Meals Often to Avoid Over-Eating

Organize a scheduled meal plan so that you won't go hungry. When we get very hungry, we are more likely to over-eat and cave into junk food and cravings. That destroys the hard work of the day or even the week!

  • Eat a small meal every 3-5 hours to keep your appetite under control. This is especially important at the beginning of a diet, when we struggle with giving up many of our favourite foods.
  • Exercise portion control. This is a big part of managing a routine of meals every 3-4 hours. Spreading out calorie intake is easier when we keep our portion sizes moderate.

Tips for Success From Readers

Some answers to past questions about the Seven Day Diet.
• When you are eating something, try to chew your food more and eat as slowly as you can. No need to rush through your food.
• Always buy fresh fruits and vegetables from a local market. Do not stock up for the week. Get a fresh supply every two or three days.

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bilhana 5 years ago from Chennai

Day 5 is so comfortable. Feel lighter n still full of energy.

Do i hve to eat rice?!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 5 years ago from Earth Author

No you don't have to eat rice but you should as it balances the nutrition.

Jazmine 4 years ago

Do I have to eat tomatoes and drink milk ? I do not like the two !

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

drink milk , leave tomato if you have to

Di 4 years ago

Does it really work

kt 4 years ago

im confused do i have to eat all these at same time or through out the day??

kelly2 4 years ago

Is this suppose to be taken all at the same time or can it be separated into breakfast, lunch, and dinner ??

Missa 4 years ago

Hey, I was wondering what was considered a small bowl of rice? Half a cup? And is it 6 whole tomatoes? Can we put some salt and pepper on them? I am going onto my third day tomorrow and just want to clarify things in advance!

Hope this all works out for me! I'm getting really discouraged with diets :(

Percy 4 years ago

So I did not do day 4. I'm just not a fan of bananas and milk :( does this mean I have to restart the diet to day one? Or can I just go one to day five? Please help!!!

Echo 4 years ago

Can I take vitamines and fish oil during this these 7 days?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

Your already taking vitamins in this plan , all natural vitamins and yes you can have small amount of fish oil if you like.

Kim 4 years ago

Can u chew gum? Wasn't sure about the sugar or aspertaine.

sally 4 years ago

can i drink black coffee in the morning?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

well problem with having coffee and tea is that they are not healthy when taken with meals. However to avoid coffee withdrawal problem you can have coffee at least 40 min before any meal.

Harriet 4 years ago

What does a small bowl of rice consist of?? Please give me a measurement. I don't want to overeat.

claire 4 years ago

can you eat brown rice instead of boiled rice ?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

boiled rice are better

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

almost like a cup of tea.

Brenna Ramos 4 years ago

I work out 3-4 times a week doing 30 min of cardio everyday and strength training as well. will this be a problem since Im very limited in eating for these 7 days?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

You shouldn't face any problem on this diet plan. However if you feel weakness of any sort then try eating a little extra.

Lolli 4 years ago

Its Abit hard to get grapefruit here in my country, isit ok if I don't eat grapefruit

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

yes its ok

MONA 4 years ago

Don't like vegetables in general and tomatoes in special. the vegetable day passed as if i'm going to die. tomorrow is day 5 for me and i cannot imagine this day because from the above menu i can eat only the orange the grapefruit, the 2 apples, the milk and rice is that enough or I'll fall while working?

ME 4 years ago

does it have to be skimed milk

kayy 4 years ago

Are we suppose to eat 6 whole tomatoes?????;

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

No it can be other milk too but skimmed milk is better

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

yes but if they are too big you can cut the number

Dragonbold 4 years ago

What can I sub for milk? I am allergic to dairy.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

coconut milk

Moi 4 years ago

do we have to eat all of these ?!! i think it's too much =X ??

plz clarify

thanx for this great diet plan - super like

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

it depends on you if you can stay active by eating less then it even better.

Haylee 4 years ago

I am 14 and sorta active. 5'2 and 125. Should this work fast or slowly? 4 years ago

How many tomatoes do you eat in one sitting? Seems extreme - 6!

Tiffanie Sadler profile image

Tiffanie Sadler 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California

Day 5 and I have lost 7 pounds...couldn't help weighing myself today because I could see results!! Awesome me!! I have done them all and this totally works!!!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

it will work like it should in a week time. you should try it for atleast a whole week.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

you can eat less tomatoes if you like and if tomatoes are huge in size.

Vanessa 4 years ago

This diet is great, I have lost 5 pounds already :)

I would just like to know, can I make vegetarian sushi with the rice, using only seaweed tomato and carrot, and use low sodium soy sauce mixed with water for the dip?

Poisonirose 4 years ago

Can I use boiled brown rice or do u suggest white rice?

FA 4 years ago

Hi!how much rice can I eat? 1 cup or 1/2 cup boiled? I am on day 4 please do reply me. And also what can for breakfast on day 6.I also drink the weight loss drink.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

white rice are good . I have no experience with brown rice but if they have more fibre then they are better.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@Fa 1/2 cup should fill a small bowl but you can have a bit more if your too hungry.

Fa 4 years ago


Asulli13 4 years ago

What is boiled rice? Is it just regular rice?? I boil it then let it simmer into regular rice? Also on day 5 is this in any order how I'm supposed to eat this or doesn't matter?? I've only lost 3 so far..

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

your just suppose to eat it as you like no sequence.

burnitoff 4 years ago

Day 5: Weighed in at 145. I've only lost 3 pounds since I started this diet plan but I'm still continuing on to Day 7. I hope I lose a couple more pounds by day 7. Stay tuned....

prinse 4 years ago

is it ok if i have rice with one or two spoon of lentiles?

prinse 4 years ago

can i have boiled rice with vegetable salad?

prinse 4 years ago

just answering the question regarding brown rice. Brown rice is much better and healthier than white rice.

Ceara Foley 4 years ago

I don't like tomatoes, what can I substitute?

Also not eating grains, can I eat a small potato instead of the rice?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

Lentiles are very nutritious but i would recommend you to stick with plan as it is.

MandyMom 4 years ago

I want to thank you for this diet. I've been on the roller-coaster for years, and this is something that I can incoorperate into a lifestyle, and plan to. All cravings for sugar, fried food, and fast carbs are completely gone by day 4. I'm not going to lie, the first 3 days are HARD, but just the first time around. The first week, I cheated the night of the 4th day because I wanted to have supper with my husband who was deploying the next morning. I still lost 8lbs in that 4 days. I didn't gain anything back in the 5 days I was off, because my portions were smaller, and I didn't want it. This is day 5 of week 2, and I've lost 9 more lbs. This is definitely the lifestyle change I was looking fot. THANK YOU!!!

Morgan 4 years ago

I have big thighs and I just started this diet but I wanted to know if there is an exercise to make my thighs smaller or do they just naturally get smaller as I follow the plan as it is?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

cycling , horse riding and swimming helps a lot in tuning thighs.

jesgirl101253 4 years ago

what kind of salad? is ceasar salad ok? are croutons ok on the salad?

Joe 4 years ago

In what order do we have to eat these?? Do we eat the tomatoes plain?

Amanda 4 years ago

Are things like onions, parsley, and chicken broth ok in the rice?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

i can only recommend parsley

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

yes plain tomatoes and you decide the order.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

well i have one or two salad recipes up in article so check them out.

Liana22 4 years ago

I haven't been drinking ALL the water listed, nor eating ALL the food. Will I be ok?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

yes you should be just fine

Allyyy 4 years ago

What's an alternative for the tomatoes? I can't stand the taste of tomatoes. Thanks!

Allyyy 4 years ago

This diet will work more than one week in a row? Or can we just do it once

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@allyyy tomatoes are must you cant replace them.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@allyyy it works more than one week in a row.

Alekya 4 years ago

What kind of rice should I be eating? And when you say one cup of rice, do you mean 1 cup before it has been boiled or 1 cup after it has been boiled?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@alekys you need to boil a cup of rice and then use it . You can have any rice you want but not fried rice.

iwannnabeskinny 4 years ago

do we have to mix all them together

nancy 4 years ago

Bilaras, I messed up on day 2. I had a cookie and an apple. I also added a little dressing to my salad. Do I have to start over again from day 1 or can I start from day 2 from tomorrow?

wendiwa 4 years ago

allergic to bananas what can I Sub for them? Can I drink soy milk instead of skim?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

bananas are really good but if you cant have them then try cantaloupe . I would prefer skimmed milk

Shellz 4 years ago

I'm confused as to how to consume the foods listed in day 5. Should I separate and eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner or am I supposed to just choose 1 and that is my meal for the day with my 12 glasses of water.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

there are three portion in chart each representing a meal.

lisa09 4 years ago

Can Quinoa be an alternate for rice?

kyara 4 years ago

on day 5 does the order go from left to right of up and down or i can pick which ever 3 i want please help me

Mystrey Taylor 4 years ago

Can i drink a coffe milk instead of milk?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

i don't recommend quinoa instead of rice.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

kyara pick up which ever you want first.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@mystrey you can have coffee separately but milk is very important.

Noel 4 years ago

Okay, I'm female, am 5'2, weigh 170. I didn't eat anything yet, how come before the scale said 165 but today it says 169 and 170?! I don't want this diet to fail :(

Min 4 years ago

I was wondering if you can have tomato soup instead of 6 tomatoes? I saw that diet soup was optional and since tomato soup is pretty healthy I was thinking it may work? I'm not a big fan of tomatoes really.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

min 6 tomatoes are very important for this diet plan.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@noel don't worry its just basic body defence mechanism that's kicking in just complete 7 days and then check your weight. When you eat less you body tends to store more so up and downs are normal but to have to stay on course.

Em 4 years ago

Can you eat cherry tomatoes?

rlew 4 years ago

I was wondering if we are allowed to put splenda or a sweetner like it in the green tea? Also, will doing so effect the results?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@em if you having cherry tomatoes then increase the number by 4 to 7 tomatoes.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@riew sugar should not be used but honey or artificial sweeteners can be used.

Benny 4 years ago

What type of salad

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@benny salad recipes are mentioned in day 1 and 2 articles.

sam 4 years ago

hey so on day 5 u want me to eat just plain rice without anything??I mean im not a big fan of plain rice but if i can add something to it,please can u recommend something.

sam 4 years ago

please recommend something coz now im on day 3 and the diet seems to be working for me but i don't want to eat just plain rice and im not a big fan of day 2 was horrible becoz i just cant stand boiled or plain veggies but it was my determination which made me through day2 so don't want to experience it on day 5.

liana22 4 years ago

day5 went well! no cravings for chips or cookies...first time in a long time i don't care about the salty, sweet stuff...

i feel and look much thinner, even though the scale only shows 1 pound lost so far.. on to day 6.... i cant imagine that im going to drop 9 pounds in 2 days. will i?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@liana 22 weight your self early in the morning before any meal on day 8. After 7 days have past.

Mahi 4 years ago

Can I Take Simple Salad Like Cucumber,Green Onion, Carot, Lemon Juice, Salt...??

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@abeera well you have to eat every thing in menu you can eat less if you want but don't skip key ingredients.

gale 4 years ago

Is it ok if i skip the rice but eat

fish instead?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@gale no you shouldn't skip rice and fish is not in menu .

Ashley 4 years ago

Can I add the rice into the soup or does it have to be consumed separately?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@ashley rice go separately. never mix rice with liquid food it has bad effects.

aneesa 4 years ago

can i add carrot and mushroom to rice instead of salad as milk and banana was indeed a tough day so just to add volume

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@aneesa yes to carrot and no to mushroom.

maria 4 years ago

on days 5 to 7 we are supposed to consume all the food you provided on the chart?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@maria yes your suppose to eat every thing in chart for that particular day.

Diethelp 4 years ago

can i substitute something for the tomatoes.. im allergic?

jemimamid 4 years ago

Hi Bilaras I am currently on day 5 and have lost 5 pounds although I lost nothing after the banana day... is this normal?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@jemimamid you should weigh till day 8

dsupriya 3 years ago

hey should we eat plain boiled rice? or can add anything to it?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@dsupriya plain would be better

Sana 3 years ago

Dear Bilaras, Can I make a paste of 6 tomatoes and add some salt n paper, and eat it with boiled rice.. In diner

Can I do that ?

Because I can't sliced tomatoes at all !!

What I will do is to make gravy of tomato paste n eat with rice.. I can do that !!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Sana if you can make paste without heating tomatoes than you can do it your way. Heating tomatoes in any way will ruin whole idea of using tomatoes.

lala 3 years ago

can I eat watermelon on day 5?

anusha 3 years ago

on the 5th day menu there is something like 1 grape fruit what does that mean.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@anusha to need to have at least one grape fruit in a day. Grape fruit are normally big in size and not very easy to eat.

chaitali 3 years ago

should we have just rice or we can add rasam to it.

Courteney 3 years ago

is there anything i can substitute for the tomatoes on day 5?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@chaitali plain rice work best .

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Courteney I have tried but nothing works like tomatoes . However you can add salt and pepper to add a flavour to tomatoes.

Gabrielle 3 years ago

How do we distribbute the food in day 5 through the day? fruits in the morning? and the rice at lunch?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Gabrielle yes that would be good arrangement.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Gabrielle yes this arrangement is good.

Carolyn 3 years ago

Can I have avocado? what about gum and tic-tacks?

Pokadot242 3 years ago

Day 4 was better, cravings are bad but I`m okay. Went to lunch and had a small bowl of chicken soup, but went to dance so i think I burned off those calories. Can I drink more milk then 3 glasses?! And or tomorrow how much rice? 1 cup?

Pokadot242 3 years ago

Tommorow at supper we have this resutrant called Edo, and they have rice,vegetables, meat and teriyaki sauce. But if i only get rice and vegetables maybe in soy sauce would that be okay? or a little bit of the teriyaki sauce? Thanks!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Carolyn yes you can have avocado and sugar free gum .

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Pokadot242 try to avoid things not in schedule . Yes you can have a 4 glass of milk if you want but at different intervals. Rice is 1 small bowl of boiled rice . You don't have to eat the whole bowl if you don't want to.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Pokadot242 well it sounds good but you never know if there was any oil involved in cooking.

Carolyn 3 years ago

me again, I think avocado is considered a fruit but could I have it as a fruit and as a veg? Also, how much is too much? Can I have a whole one in a day? Mixing avocado with cold mixed veg. makes them so good.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Carolyn one avocado on fruit day is good.

shaunty27 3 years ago

What can I eat instead of the bowl of rice because I do not eat rice?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@shaunty27 Quinoa or millet can be used as rice alternates

Cris 3 years ago

Hi I am on day 1 of the diet and wanted to know if i can have chicken or beef bullion with lime instead of the soup. thank you.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Cris chicken or beef are not allowed

kate 3 years ago

hey i lost 13 pounds the first week :) but im on my second week and i didn't lose anything why is that?

Menna 3 years ago

is it ok to drink coffee or nescafe all through the seven days diet??

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@kate body gets used to of tough routines don't worry there will be progress.

Catrina 3 years ago

I am allergic to tomatoes :/ What can I do?

Alyssa 3 years ago

Can I boil the rice in milk on day 5?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Alyssa yes if you like it that way then boil them with milk.

rymandev profile image

rymandev 3 years ago from Tri Cities, WA

Day 1- 234 lbs.

Day 5- 220 lbs.

Hungry- NO

Energy- Thru da roof

Thus endeth the lesson...

mishi 3 years ago

im really diappointed with the diet plan as i lost only 3 pounds in last 5 days, bilaris is it ok on day 5 or it should be more?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@mishi wait for day 8 . For some people week 1 is not a big success but if they continue for another week they do get good results.

tithiafroditi 3 years ago

can i drink whole milk on day 5? skimmed milk is not available here

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@tithiafroditi whole milk is good

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@sara skimmed milk tea once daily

CYNTHIA 3 years ago

This is like goin 2 a healthy McDonalds w/ no hamburgers and no soda SOOSOOOOOOO AwSoMe

sara 3 years ago

Do we have to eat both fruit and vegetable salad..or one of them?? :)

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@sara fruit on fruit day and veg on veg day .

Mae 3 years ago

Started at 136.4 and on morning of day 5 I'm at 130.6. So happy it's working and not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. However today was a very busy day and I wasn't able to fit 6 tomatoes1 are they crucial to success? Ive had 3. Thank you so much for your website!

qwewq 3 years ago

can i have quinoa instead of rice?

Galabeast 3 years ago

Can i have as much fruits and salad as i want (in day 5)?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Galabeast yes you can have as much as you want .

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@qwewq rice are better

Paola 3 years ago

Im confused.. Do I have To eat those 8 things.. The rice, the salad, the 6 tomatoes the grapefruit, the apples, the oranges and the milk and soup? Or do I choose?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Paola you can have less if you want.

shakia 3 years ago

Hello I'm a little confused do i eat these things everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner?? With the green tea and honey? Please reply!!!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@shakia green tea and honey only once in a day . Very early in the morning before anything else.

Fee 3 years ago

Hey what if I eat 10-12 oz of steamed chicken breat fillet, 4 tomatoes n 1 grapefruit instead of your diet plan on 5th day? (as mentioned in cabbage soup diet)

Vill it effect ma whole weight loss thing?

beatch 3 years ago

going on day 5 and i've lost 11 lbs i do have a very active job which probably helps its a very simple diet to follow and it works and its really mind over matter if u don't mind the extra weight it doesn't matter you only cheat yourself if you don't like the ingredients in the diet move on to something else don't expect to modify the diet and have the results....... bottom line enough with the stupid questions

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Fee yes it will we are not having chicken at all.

marispisa 3 years ago

I am confused do we have to eat everything together?

busymom 3 years ago

I am allergic to bananas is there a substitute?

cupcake 3 years ago

this diet plan is the best one I've tried, I already lost 8 lbs in 4 days. Is it okay to eat only 2 tomatoes instead of 6, I'm not a big fan of tomatoes.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@marispisa you can have it together or separate . This is your whole days plan you decide how to arrange it .

elena 3 years ago

it's okay if i don't wanna eat

rice or drink milk and i will only eat 6 tomato?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@ALIZ yes avecodo in salad

pranjal 3 years ago

If we are following this Diet Plan, any side effects are there ?

camila 3 years ago

Can you add olive oil to the salad?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@pranjal no but make sure you are overweight and you need to lose weight.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@camila very small amount

Sara 3 years ago

can i have grilled veggies as a salad?? or should i eather boil them or eat them raw?

Becky 3 years ago

Can you drink diet soda?

rozhan 3 years ago

i am on my day 5 and i have not lost even one pound.i am 5'7 and 134 pounds.why doesn't it work on me? i am doing everything according to the diet and eat everything just as it is in the plan. what's wrong with me? help me please...:(

Caprice 3 years ago

I would say I ate a lot on day 4 and 5 and am quite sure the next two days won't be as good, but among the food I ate there wasn't sweets and fried food,I will do cardio workout about 30 to 40 mins the four days. Will I still be able to lose fats?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@rozhan make sure that you are not making any mistakes in understanding instructions . Have meal on proper timings , drink recommend amount of water daily. Have proper sleep.

angel 3 years ago

I'm a little confused, how many cups of green tea can I have throughout each day, and can I use honey and lemon and how much of each to each cup? Please respond soon thank you Your Comment...

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@angel green tea once early in the morning

craigger 3 years ago

313 this morning. Down 9 lbs since the start and still feel full! 5 more to go til my biometrics test. Blood test on Monday AM, so I am looking for cholesterol numbers to be fantastic, although I do not really struggle much with those.

trisah 3 years ago

Hi , if i do minimum 15 min exercise of treadmill daily for 7 days will that work for to lose 10 pond .pl reply me ASAP becoz i want to start this diet tomorrow. and I am a vegitarian can i eat egg white instead of meat?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@trisah that would certainly be a plus to this diet plan .

chels 3 years ago

do you have to eat 6 tomatoes or can it be less than ??

chels 3 years ago

also, for the veggie days. or for a "veggie salad" can i have the veggie patty from subway??

Cypher 3 years ago

Working great. Lost five pounds so far. Haven't had to count calories and haven't gone hungry. The plan is easy to understand and stick with. And most importantly, the food is tasty and healthy. Today will be a bit of a challenge though. I don't like raw tomatoes that much unless they're in something. Why exactly are they so important to the diet? Thank you for creating this diet plan.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@chels 6 is best less is ok

mdub 3 years ago

worried about lack of protein in this diet... how bad would it be to add a daily post workout protein shake in to prevent muscle loss?

maryann 3 years ago

Wow. I'm starting day 5 and I'm down another .8 pounds. Last night was the lowest amount of weight I've lost. So far every day was 1+ pound but yesterday I also felt the fullest. The soup is amazing and felt like a real treat. You cannot say this plan doesn't work. I think I'm down close to 6 pounds and I'm on the 5th day. If I make it to day 7 and get to at least 9 pounds, I'll feel like I've accomplished my goal. The plan for the following week is to not overeat and KEEP it off.

I also did NOT exercise. I have had two surgeries and that is limiting me so this weigh loss is amazing considering I didn't exercise. I'm going to try to do some crunches today as that doesn't impact my foot.

Angel 3 years ago

Hi! again lol! I've been drinking about 3 0r 4 cups of green tea /day with a little honey and lemon. Is this a good thing or not? I know you said to drink the green tea once per day in the morning in my earlier post, but before starting this diet, I used to drink a lot of coffee and I'm kind of substituting the green tea in place of coffee. Also, by drinking 3 or 4 cups of green tea/day, the honey can add up to alot more calories, yes or no? Please respond, and thank you

Fabrina 3 years ago

I'm sure its not a problem. But I figured I would ask anyhow. I'm not a fan of just eating tomatoes so I cut them up and put them in my rice.That is Okay right. I'm sure I'm still getting the same value out of them. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Jhon 3 years ago

Hi, i will try this, but i can not see day 6

saloni 3 years ago

after eating a tomato i puked out all. what should i do?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Jhon day 6 link working fine . Retry

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Fabrina that is fine. You can also add salt and pepper.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Angel green tea is good and i never weight honey in calories its just such a beneficial gift that any calories are acceptable. Try to get natural honey from a farm shop . Also read labels carefully as there a honey flavoured sugar syrups out there that are bad.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@saloni divide tomatoes in four meals add slat and pepper, some lemon and try again.

dancor4 3 years ago

for the small bowl of rice, do you think we should save that for dinner and have everything else before?

Pearl 3 years ago

I am a 20yr old female, presently 170 cm tall and 159 pounds in weight. How long will it take to lose 30 pounds on this diet? Also, will I lose more of muscle mass during the course?

Rimmjhimm5 profile image

Rimmjhimm5 3 years ago

its a really good diet , i have tried it before as well but this time i ain't losing any weight even after exercise and i am on day 5.... why is it so????

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Rimmjhimm5 it can be the exercise plus diet effect . Some time too much and too sudden change triggers a defence body mechanism that slows down weight loss. This is normal and it will go away soon.

Kirnose 3 years ago

I started this diet n lost 6 pounds after 4 days but I was not able to continue as I was getting v weak.i was just wondering is there any limit to the fruits n veges v eat or v can eat it whenever we want to.

Jessica Stough profile image

Jessica Stough 3 years ago

I do not like grapefruit at all, is there something else I can have instead?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Jessica Stough no one likes grape fruit but it is the best weight loss fruit . Try oranges or any other citrus fruit .

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Kirnose you don't have to starve that is the key eat when ever you are hungry . No need to go low on energy.

Mafabia 3 years ago

with the tomatoes can I make it mixed with garlic, kind of like bruschetta??? add vinegar or olive oil ?

Chrisb 3 years ago

I'm allergic to tomatoes, is there anything else I can eat instead?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Mafabia if that helps then yes that would be great .Garlic and vinegar are excellent for diet .

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Chrisb try grape fruit

lovelyfem0 3 years ago

Day 5 for me, it's been a little challenging, but I'm trying to stick with it. Just puzzled by the fact that my weight today on day 5 is the same that it was on day 3. I hope I can lose more by the time the diet is done. I am drinking the lemon and honey water in the morning also.

Hanna 3 years ago

Do I NEED tomatoes? they're not in season what if they taste terrible?

Angel 3 years ago

Thank you, I will look out for that honey flavored, sugar. Also I will try and find natural honey, as you mentioned. By the way I've lost a little over 10 pounds so far . This diet really does work and I truly have faith in you. =) . Thank you

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Hanna they may taste bad but when you are hungry they taste like manna dew. Add salt and pepper for better taste.

Gabby 3 years ago

@Bilaras how accurate would you say your 7 day diet plan is?

tamara 3 years ago

am 15 can i do this diet am trying to lose 40 pound for the summer

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Gabby it should work 100% idealy but results vary person to person. Still more than 85% people get great results.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@tamara yes you can do this diet.

Kaitlin 3 years ago

What can I replace rice with ?

Truthteller4260 3 years ago

Down 8 lbs as of today. The most weight I have lost in 5 days ever in my life. Really like the fact that I have lost quite a bit of my cravings for sweets, chocolate, and other sweets or processed foods. I am so thankful that I found this diet and Thank You Bilaras!

missali916 3 years ago

Down 6.8lbs as of today. Only lost .4lbs from yesterday, which I was a bit sad about. Really want to make 10lbs or more by the end of the 7 days!!! That leaves 3.2lbs in 3 days. Hope I get that! 11lbs total is my real goal so double crossing my fingers!

Cpc 3 years ago

Omg I had tuna with my rice, tuna in water not oil, but I added one whole onion to it, I'm so upset I couldn't help it :(. Will this affect me a lot?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Cpc it will not effect a lot but try to follow every thing strictly.

diana 3 years ago

what kind of tomatoes are you talking about? regular size organic tomoatoes or cherry tomatoes?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@diana regular organic

diana 3 years ago

how will we prep the tomatoes? can we add pepper or parsley? can we also do that to the diet soup?

hi 3 years ago

Is it okay if I sometimes have less than what is recommended? For example if I have 2 or 3 tomatoes instead of having 6?

jozp 3 years ago

should the boiled rice be white or brown rice?

Meghan 3 years ago

Is it ok to use spices like oregano and basil? Aslo, is garlic ok?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@jozp white rice better

Silver 3 years ago

Can i havme raw nuts

bella 3 years ago

what about day 6? what do you eat on that day???

Hala farid 3 years ago

What can I eat instead of tomatoes ? I don't like them at all

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Silver nuts are good but don't have too much of them .

Hana 3 years ago

What can I eat instead of tomatoes plzzz answer as soon as possible :))

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Hana its better if you eat them just add salt and pepper and they will taste good.

Mia7Amelia 3 years ago

What if someone is allergic to things like tomatoes (i know it sounds weird) but is there anything they can substitute it with?

mxstojki 3 years ago

Day 5!!!! Yeeey...see biiig changes but staying off the scale till day 7. Day 4 was a bit tough but the soup saved the day. Looking forward to some rice today :)

CreativeIdeas 3 years ago

For my soup I sautéed the regular onions plus some green onion sprouts in hardly any spray oil, which made it much more flavorful! Then before I added water I added tomatoes to sauté with the onions, then I added salt, garlic powder, and a pinch of ground pepper. After that I added the carrot and cabbage. Very flavorful, wonderful soup. I didn't add any more calories but I enhanced the taste by far. Letting the veggies cook by themselves before adding water is best, just boiling will result in a bland soup.

Lidya 3 years ago

Can we use Splenda on the grapefruit?

Albert 3 years ago

Dear Hub Author ,

This is my Day 5 i see the changes in my body, But i feel more hungry because i go to gym. Anyother thing can i eat additional ,

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Albert yes you can eat additional if you want specially with gym routine.

Erin 3 years ago

I love this diet plan and I'm really trying to stick to it.

I really dislike there anything else I can substitute ???

YH3 3 years ago

I'm not overweight but would like to loose weight, is it ok if I use this diet? Please answer

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@YH3 its exactly what you need to lose weight fast.

Jocelyn 3 years ago

I also ate sundries tomatoes in addition to the 6 medium sized vine tomatoes. Is that ok?

Jocelyn 3 years ago

Is it safe to assume that sundried tomatoes are ok to eat on this diet? I'd appreciate your answer because I have eaten them already and hope I have not affected my weight loss progression. Thank you.

Tara 3 years ago

I don't have anymore big tomatoes?? How many cherry tomatoes should I eat??

lola 3 years ago

I'm in day 5 ans I lost just 2 pounds

mk 3 years ago

can you mix potatoes with rice?

Jocelyn 3 years ago

I'm trying a second round on this diet to see if I lose more weight and want to have sundried tomatoes and plantains. But I guess I'll never know since they didn't answer my question the first time around.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Jocelyn i try to answer as many as i can but there are like 100 on daily basis . Sundried products loose their nutritional value so i recommend fresh products. Removing water content from any thing will increase its consumption adding to calorie intake.

heavenlyboheme 3 years ago

Can I drizzle balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar on the tomatoes?

Razz Ellison 3 years ago

Hey what happened to my question??? I am on day 5 and have used Splenda on the grapefruit, drank only 4 glasses of water per day and skipped the day 4 all together and I am still seeing results. I have lost 5lbs. What is the purpose of the tomatoes in day 5?

Rimmjhimm5 profile image

Rimmjhimm5 3 years ago

Can i take boiled/steamed vegies instead of salad?

Beth 3 years ago

Can we use quinoa instead of rice?

heavenlyboheme 3 years ago

I used vinegar and still I'm about 6.5lbs down on the 5th day. Yay! All this food is overwhelming though. You never get hungry because you're constantly eating fruits and veggies. I'm a cheese fanatic and a donut enthusiast, so not having either was scary for me at first. I thought I couldn't do it but now I'm even considering doing a 2nd week.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Beth only if you can't really have rice . Rice has better results.

Kass 3 years ago

Do we have to eat everything listed in each daily menu chart? Or do we just pick 3 items for the day plus the water? Please reply!

Pat 3 years ago

Excellent diet. Followed it and lost weight. Worried about maintainance but have decided to follow 17 day diet. Very similar to this but has 3 steps where more foods are introduced and the 4th and last maintainance steps lets YOU introduce foods to you diet. Like this plan it works. Good luck!

3 years ago

Please can you give me alternatives to tomatoes? Thank you

Jocelyn 3 years ago

I appreciate your reply. Thank you. Now I'm wondering if plantains or cassava are acceptable on this diet. I know they are starchy foods, but maybe I can have them on rice days. Thank you again.

Preeti Sekhon 3 years ago

Can we eat only fruits and veges such as blue berries?

3 years ago


Little confused on what "boiled rice" is.. can you explain? So far so good on this diet..

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@j plain white rice boiled in water to make them soft. Do not over boil them or they'll stick together and taste even worse.

Marie 3 years ago

I folowed the diet strictly, but today I had half of chicken breast with little rice for dinner. Is it ruined? Shall I start over?

Smartygurl123 3 years ago

Ok, So. This is Kind of embarrassing. But im 11, 130 pounds and im 5'3. But, the thing is, i don't "look fat" . But i hate feeling fat. So based on hearing this, Do u think i will loose 10 pounds ? because i have read some of the comments and not everyone has burned 10... Anything you can personaly give me to help for my age ??? Thanks.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Smartygurl123 term you used that you "feel fat" concerns me . Have your thyroids checked go for a full body checkup. Some time minor hormonal imbalances can cause disturbed life and can be avoided by a healthy routine and proper medication. You are right about weight loss result they vary from person to person but i wouldn't worry about numbers if something makes me feel good.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Marie there is no need of starting over .

Manal 3 years ago

@Bilaras , am currently fasting and I don't eat until the sun sets , and I stop eating when the sun rises , so I can only eat from 7pm to 4 Am , since that's not a big duration of time do you think I can eat half of the proportion mentioned?

Thank you !

saman zeb 3 years ago

Today was my 4th day of diet but i messed it up as i had a plate of chinese spagetti. I m worried , will it effect my coming days diet too. I will try to strictly follow the diet for the forth coming days.

i weighed myself and still only 2lbs less of my original weight. I think i should have lost atleast 4 lbs by now.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Manal yes you can cut down quantity but remember that you must have sufficient amount of water. You have to be careful about your water intake . Don't have too much water and too much food at once . When you open your fast have water and lots of water with date, after that take a break and then go for a meal .

Shanbam 3 years ago


Hello this is my first diet ever I'm 30 and I can't seem to lose weight off of 138lbs and I'm 5' foot. How many oz of water do I have to consume.? 6 or 8? I've been drinking 5-6 tall glasses? If its small glasses then does that mean I've been drinking 10 to 12 glasses? Am I drinking the right amount? Can I have Perrier water? Please help. Also I think my portions of this diet plan that im strickly follow may be to big but I only eat when I'm hungry. Am I ok?

Adriana 3 years ago

can i just have grapefruit juice instead? fresh one home made

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Shanbam any type of glass will do the job . Whole idea is to drink a lot of water but not right after meal, give at least 30 min to hour before you have more water. Rest your doing good don't worry about water quantity just keep you self hydrated.

Alyssa 3 years ago

I'm 5'8 and weigh a lot (220 lb). and my goal is to lose about 50 pounds in the next 5 weeks of summer . A lot of water really makes me gain water weight Would my goal be achieved if i use this diet for 5 weeks and exercise for 5-6 times a week?

nyks 3 years ago

does v8 work in place of tomatoes?

Tony1301 3 years ago from San Jose, California

Start of day 4 and im down 9lbs!!

Ashchoks 3 years ago

Can I eat the white rice with some little boiled mix veggies (peas, carrots, beans,corns)?

Malathi Satishkumar 3 years ago

HI I am in day 5 and find a noticeable reduction in my weight. Is curd allowed on day 5? Being from South India, tamarind is used dominantly by us in various dishes-Is it ok to take tamarind related dishes prepared without oil?

Kim 3 years ago

Hello. I noticed that you answered many questions about Tomatoes. I am allergic to them, so can I replace them with another item? Thank you.

Ro 3 years ago

can i puree/blend the tomatoes and then heat it up? kind of like a soup? or does it have to be raw?

Anna 3 years ago

I feel soo bad right now :( ! Today at work we celebrated a birthday for one of my coworkers, and my boss bought Chinese food, cake and more bunch of stuff!! and I was doing great I had my chicken with tomatoes for lunch but then everyone start saying that I should eat what they bought and bla bla so I had 2 egg rolls and a piece of a carrot cake without the icing..... I feel I ruined my diet but Ill still finish it. Ive been doing this diet strictly and so far I have lost 5 pounds (This is my day 5). I hope that what I just ate wont mess up this diet and that I can still see results by the end of day 7.

stian 3 years ago

in day 5 i don't know when to eat all that stuff

zm 3 years ago

If we cannot eat tomatoes is there a subsitute?

duderslady 3 years ago

Hello I have a ? i don't eat veggie is there something else i could eat then tomatoes and the Diet soup ?????

123me 3 years ago

On day 4 is there something you can eat instead of tomatoes as im allergic (starting day 1 tomorrow) Jyst checking in advance

uzi 3 years ago

hi all .....this diet is freaking awesome......

end of day 3 lost 6 lbs but 4th day gained 2 lbs back :( don't happened.....i ate 3 cups of milk and 8 banana's as said :(

but i am motivated......thanks a lot Bilaras for this recipe.....

Vishal 3 years ago

Can we have spinach leaves mixed with curd(yogurt) on day three

EVE 3 years ago

Can i eat avocado

Bmoore 3 years ago

Hi Bilaras,

I am really enjoying this diet! I feel great so far. I more or less chose to do it because I am about 10 pounds from my ideal weight and i just wanted to see what a kick start would do. I also needed to cleanse a bit if! For day 5, can I use brown basmati and red rice or does it need to be white? can you explain why if so? Thanks so much!

Ashley 3 years ago

i started this diet last week and am now almost done with my second! i started at 171 and now weigh 160. total of 11 its not 20 but ill take it! This really does work i haven't felt this good in a while!!

tiffany 2 years ago

can I cook my fruits on day one?

sarah 2 years ago

are packaged salads (organic) from grocery stores okay for any of the vegetable days?

Victoria 2 years ago

Do we have to eat all the amount of servings of the food u require us to eat because I can eat the foods but its to much and I get full and I'm 180 lbs and Im 15

momof2 2 years ago

On day 4 n my skin is glowing.can I sauté white rice in a tsp of olive oil with mustard seed , spicy green chilli a bit , curry leaves, n tomatoes with turmeric n salt on rice days.plz rreplyfast as it is my 5th 2mrw

Simmy 2 years ago

Hey !i really want to try this diet but I live in bangladesh and they have fruits and vegetables by season ,so what can I replace these fruits and veggies for if they aren't available ?

Aishwarya Bhagat profile image

Aishwarya Bhagat 2 years ago

hi I'm from India n I am on my 5th day n still there is no change in my weight I'm 83kgs..m following the diet with 1 glass of honey and lemon with hot water..n a cup of green tea in after noon.. pls recommend something extra if needed to loose my weight..thanks

RabailShaikh 2 years ago

Its my day 5.

I Lost 1.4kg total.

Want to loose more weight.

Accidentally i ate one banana this morning :(

Feeling Guilty.

Waiting for the Final results.

aishwarya 2 years ago

can i mix salad with curd and have?

Shehrbano Aamir 2 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

Can you please give me an alternate for grapefruit? I cant eat it

Sheba 2 years ago

What do we do in week 2.

2 years ago

I tried a lot of diets and i like this one better its very useful and gets you to the right path to continue a healthy lifestyle i have to comment something.. If i do a diet i do it like it is.. A lot of questions of people asking can i eat this or blah blah.. Do the diet like it is or do not expect to lose weight like you should with this diet.. Missed to eat something or you add a little something.. Do not expect the same results.. Thats it.. Do it like it is or don't do it.. Thats call willpower, if you don't have that just eat a little better during a whole year and maybe you will loose the 10 pounds.. " sarcasm" hi im on day 3 and eat a large pizza with fries but eat brocolli as vegetables, its that ok?.. Or i have to start again? gonna lose the same weight?.. Can i eat a whole cow instead of milk?.. Its that ok... Im not sure how the host can still answer the same stu... questions everyday..

Casey 2 years ago

Can I have sweet potato instead

Of regular potato on day 2? Is steamed veggies in microwave ok? Is avacado ok on fruit days? Can I lessen the amount of cabbage on the fruit salad? Can I have raspberries? Sorry for so many questions.

soni 2 years ago

can i do this diet without working out i cant work out at the moment because of a leg injury?

Zon 2 years ago

@F well said, I was wondering the same question. What's up with all those questions , just do the diet!!!

Me 2 years ago

Brown rice ok or white rice?

teh 2 years ago

Can I eat pulses with boiled rice. Reply fast please.

jenny 2 years ago

On day 5. Will drinking beer affect this?

Eva 2 years ago

I'm on day 5 and I've lost 6lbs! And I have had a lot more energy these last couple days on this diet then before. I think it's due to the warm honey lemon water in the morning. I'm excited for the end results!

nabeera 2 years ago

Can i just blend tomatoes and drink? I cant eat tomatoes i hate them plz suggest me

Cricket 2 years ago

Can I have stewed tomatoes or tomato soup because I just don't like tomatoes? Can I do Almond milk because I'm lactose intolerant.

michelle 2 years ago

Can the 6 tomatoes on day 5 be cooked tomatoes

hattie 2 years ago

What is I'm allergic to tomatoes??

mtzpink 2 years ago

im on day 4, and implented black coffee 2 cups daily. is that ok? addicted to caffeine

WHITNEYG 2 years ago

I am confused because under day 1 or 2 in TIPS it says that white rice is unhealthy?

John 2 years ago

I am doing this diet. At the end of the third day, I lost 7lbs. I'm 5'10 and 215lbs at the beginning of this, so not obese but not fit either. This diet is rocking so far. I stick to it pretty close (I must have my coffee) and I work out for 40 minutes a day. I like this because I am not starving or under eating. Can't wait to see the results after the full 7 days.

leah 2 years ago

is tomato juice the same as eating tomatoes???

Shakira McDonald profile image

Shakira McDonald 2 years ago

What can I substitute the tomatoes for, because I'm allergic?

Jess 2 years ago

Can the tomatoes be cooked?

liz 2 years ago

Hi can I substitute the rice and vegetables with vegetable sushi roll? I had a little soy sauce with it. I'm on my day 6 now and lost 6 lbs. I find it more effective to just eat fruits as I've seen the changes the day after day 1. Lost 5 lbs the second day. Can I just continue eating fruits instead of following the whole program? Thanks!

Nahal 2 years ago

Um..One question, What are we suppose to eat for breakfast and i am confused. Please let me! Thanks!

Keepittight profile image

Keepittight 2 years ago from Cudahy, Wisconsin

Thought everyone should know...I lost 12 pounds in 1 week I'm now 200 pounds.. Today my last day, nd I just weighed myself for the first time since last week. Very excited ..have more energy and I sleep better..this makes you wanna keep eating healthy. I see a lot of questions I don't too much don't like bananas so I ate grapes on that day. Everything else I followed to the T. So good luck's simple. Once you u get started you won't have any regrets. I'm actually going to eat lower portions a food now..then I'm going to this plan again next week :)

Anushka 2 years ago

Hey, so I'm starting this diet in a few days.

I'm allergic to tomatoes. What can I replace them with?

I am allowed tomato soup though.

Can I eat cucumber on that day?

Mona 2 years ago

I love this diet I feel like I want to do this for the rest of my life but with coffee. Day 5 did it with coffee and lost Yayyyy

Dineo Rachere 2 years ago

Day 5, tough. I like tomatoes but 5! Worse still was the rice. Though I like rice I had a problem because I found the salad and soup too bland to take with the rice. I tried my best, no cheating. I'm a bit confused about when to take the green tea because first thing in the morning I thought we take the lemon and honey drink. Thanks, I'd lost 1.6kg by evening of day 2.

Dina 2 years ago

I cant get thru the 3rd day!!! that's so hard ..

do I have to start again from scratch?

Namrata 2 years ago

Is pear okay to be consumed with this diet? I can't eat banana...

Johanna 2 years ago

Can i drink coffee while i do this diet?

tahani086 profile image

tahani086 2 years ago

Is it okay that I had salad and rice together?

coolness 2 years ago

if im allergic to apples what can i substitute with

Ash 2 years ago

Do need to eat raw tomatoes ? Or you can make tomato soup for 6 tomatoes?

HAKA 2 years ago

hi its my day 5 but i didn't lose event a pound help me plz helppp????

bay 2 years ago

Does this diet work for second week as well?

karha 2 years ago

@haka the same is happening to me...

laisa 2 years ago

Du i need to visit a doctor bfore starting this diet? As i m confused will it keep me healthy or if i start feeling sick following this diet?

Dounage 2 years ago

It Works !!!!

I Lost 4.4 Lbs In 5 Days !

I Don't Eat Everythin' !

I Just Walk 1hr !

But It Works !!

Liz HIXON 2 years ago

Is there a downloadable version of this 7 day plan so that I can print it out...make a meal check list....

Radha 2 years ago

3lbs in 4 days

Feeling happy

Thank you so much

5ft 5 in

Current weight 160 lbs

Plz guide me.

Bianca 2 years ago

Mu husband and I are we doing this diet/ detox together. We are so excited about this week's to come. However, I am not sure if we can eat sweet potatoes , not as a substitution for the regular potato, but as a vegetable. I read all the questions posted and I did not find the answer for it. Thanks for your time.

Hannah 2 years ago

Strawberries are acceptable right?

redar 2 years ago

I do not like rice can I have a piece of chicken breast Please

Dossani 2 years ago

I did 7 day plan once last monday-sunday then after a break of 3 days I started again from Thursday and today is my 5th day and I checked my weight,I lost 2kgs in total:( and I'm very upset for it.I need to go 6-8kgs down.And if its go with this pace It'll be very difficult.

Redar 2 years ago

I do not like rice can I have a piece of chicken breast Please

lblgirl 2 years ago

there has not been a response in 9 months, but I would like to know if I will still see results even though I have a thyroid problem

killerbex81 2 years ago

Can I eat other veggies on day 5 in addition to what is listed on the menu?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Bianca yes you can have sweet potatoes but in balanced form i.e mixed with all other vegetables.

tdonya 2 years ago

7 lbs down And I feel awesome though banana day was rough I hate bananas

111 2 years ago

On day 5 can you eat 1 banana, or only bananas on day 4

YasMary 2 years ago

I'm on day 4 and already lost 9 pounds!! it works.

day 1- 128


Amber Hix profile image

Amber Hix 2 years ago

Do you use a whole head of cabbage in the diet soup?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Amber Hix that depends on size of cabbage but its upto you . More cabbage is always good.

Rena 2 years ago

I Love Tomatos!! I Put Hot Sauce And Pepper On Them, Best Snack Ever. Spicy Foods Are Awesome!! And Spicy Foods Make Your Metabolism Faster And Hot Sauce Has ZERO Calories So Win Win Situation. ;)

TwistedThings 2 years ago

By The Way Brown Rice Is Waaaay Better Than White, White Rice Is Just Empty Calories. Any Whole Grain Food Is Always Better Than White.

sonu 2 years ago

I can eat rice with mix boiled vegetables on day 6

Uzma 2 years ago

I cannot eat citrus fruits because of some allergy , any alternatives???strictly following ur diet plan.. Will i get gud results evn aftr not eatng citrus fruits .. Waitng for ur reply .thanks

Leti 2 years ago

The diet soup was so good!! I added cilantro.

sita 2 years ago

I 've arthritic problem and taking medicine too can i do seven days balance diet plan?

Mello 2 years ago

For Day 5, do the tomatoes and apples have to be separate, or may they be included in the salad?

Faye 2 years ago

So I'm on day five next not looking that forward has I don't really like tomotos but will see how it goes anyway

Faye 2 years ago

Only to more days to go I have lost 4ponds on day 5 so really looking forward for jumping on the scale on Sunday you can't really tell I have lost weight but I know I have and I feel a lot lighter in my self so I think when my week is up I going to take some days off and do the same agin

Faye 2 years ago

Really craving for some chocolate only got 2 more days to go before I can just have one bite of chocolate

Faye 2 years ago

On day six next hope I can see some changes will

Only have one day left yes

S.m. 2 years ago

Are strawberries allowed on day 6

Gaby 2 years ago

Hi, on the 6 tomatoes (diced) can I add a bunch of parsley, some fresh mint, a bit of onion, bell pepper, some lemon and a spoon of olive oil? It will be tabouleh without burgul :)

Arlayna 2 years ago

Does the salad necessarily have to be one of the recipes you have provided?

Mallory 2 years ago

Just ended day 4!! At a loss of 4 pounds!! :))

Katie 2 years ago

Out of frustration I started this diet. I'm on my 3rd day, I am doing ALMOST exactly what it asks (no grapefruit). Along with this diet I do 1/2 hour on my tread climber, the beach body abs and arm weights. I had to weigh in this morning because my jeans are loose on the waist. When I started this diet I weighted in at 157 lbs, this morning I weighed in at 153lbs WOW!

I CANNOT eat grapefruit because I am on chemo therapy pills for the rest of my life. I was warned not to eat grapefruit because of the side effects. Other than that I am doing great :)

Joana 2 years ago

Do we have to eat the salads not only on this day but every day throughout the week

brian 2 years ago

was down almost 8 pounds but gained back 2 at banana day... day 4 sucked.

nuna94 2 years ago

Am in day 4 now..i need to know how can i eat on this day...plz reply....and is water important to drink....and should we eat soup....

Cee 2 years ago

Great diet, have lost three pounds, but the veggie soup caused uncomfortable gas. I think it,a due to cabbage. Am I correct?

Martha 2 years ago

Tomorrow is day one for me. I am super excited and will keep my progress posted

Fefe 2 years ago

Been on this diet to the letter and I 'm on day 4, took my blood pressure today and it was 113/69.....excited, can't wait to weigh next Wednesday morning...;)

cee 2 years ago

I am on the 5th day and I have been constipated for one day. i have also been eating chobani yogurt every day since i started this 7 day diet.

Is it good to eat yogurt during this diet??? I have eaten and followed this diet properly except yogurt.

I need some answers ASAP

bam 2 years ago

I like to eat tomatoes with a piece of fresh basil, is that okay?

Sadaf riaz 2 years ago

Your diet plan did not work for me please can u help

dklwstw 2 years ago

Are you suppose to have 5 days of intense liquid diarrhea? I have been drinking the amount of water I'm suppose to, so I'm not dehydrated, but no one else on any of these posts have complained about the horrible diarrhea. Or the intense stomach cramps all week.

jenny 2 years ago

Could you let me know why so many tomatoes are consumed today and so many bananas yesterday? How does this effect the insulin levels?

Lila 2 years ago

I read a similar diet online. The 5th and 6th day was 3 oz of 4 servings of chicken with tomatoes then chicken with veggies the next day. Then on the 7th day the only thing it said I could eat was this soup. Is that better or should I follow this one instead? No rice in the diet.

jen 2 years ago

Is it okay to drink Almond Milk instead of normal cow's skim milk? I'm allergic to cow's milk.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Lila i would recommend you the diet with most comments

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@jen almond milk is good

Madhuri 2 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing this diet menu.

Im on my 4 rth day ( pretty hungry but was full on first three days :-)

Already 5 pounds down :-) yippee ...

I have quick questions :

1.Can I continue for the second week and if required 3rd week..

2. If yes , can i have some regular food stuff (except non-veg) oily items or wheat items ( like indian parathas) etc for one day and then can i begin for 2nd week..

3. Can i have little bit of coffee( milk + 1 teaspoon sugar ) on day 4

4. Can i have little soy sauce with rice or in diet soup

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author


Yes you can continue with 2nd or 3rd week. You can also add regular food items . I recommend only green tea for effective diet plan. I don't recommend bottled sauce .

madhuri 2 years ago

Thank you for ur inputs.

Have had added 2 garlic flakes in diet soup...hope its not an issue.

Will get back after 7 days...

Till then stay smiling

Elina 24 months ago

I'm 108 lb 5.1 high this diet will work I'm on my 4 day

Anonymous 23 months ago

If i do this for four weeks would I loose around 40 pounds ? And do you think that I could take garcinia cambogia as well

Naseer Hussan 23 months ago

I made it as tomota cooked added with rice like tomato rice without onion & other spices, can i continue like this

Hanan Ahmad 23 months ago

This is my 5 day I don't whigt my self eat I am doing what you say but I gat Tigard a lot I have 4kids what shuld I do I was doing exersise but now I stopt I can do this diet with exersise what you think I do

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 23 months ago from Earth Author

@Hanan Ahmad getting tired is good as it gets you good sleep . You can eat more from same days menu if it make you fell better. Keep doing exercise its always a plus.

gessika 23 months ago

instead of having rice can i have a small chicken breast instead? lol

jessica 22 months ago

what if I haven't been drinking the right amount of water (one bottle the most)

anon uk 22 months ago

Ho bilaras. Im on day 5 of your diet and have followed ur diet plan exactly. Ive eaten everything and exercised as u have recommended. Im always great at starting new diets and my body reacts well to all sorts. In five days i lost 9 pounds with ur diet but day 5 was just too much for me. I felt so weak and about to faint. Literally felt asif i was going to pass out. The tomatoes were toomuch and i just felt like i couldn't cope. As much as this is a great plan maybe it wasn't ideal for me as i am used to more protien and what not. And thw thought of having just fruit and veg is making me feel sick.

farheen 22 months ago

can i make salsa with tomatoes and then eat it?

Molly 21 months ago

Can I cook the vegetables like cauliflower, peas, carrot, capsicum in tomato and then eat? because I don't like the taste of tomatoes alone..

Rachel Keddall profile image

Rachel Keddall 21 months ago

I have a question that has nothing to do with day five but it just so happens that i am on day five. Are the recipes one serving or it is enough to last you the whole seven days? Because when I made the salad it was HUGE!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 21 months ago from Earth Author

@Rachel Keddall its not suppose to last that long, max one day.

LeLe 21 months ago

Can tomato juice be used instead of tomatoes?

Ushi 21 months ago

Hi Bilaris,

I am following this diet for 3 days, I have been following most of the things expect for the water quantity. I don't see much change. Am I doing anything wrong. Also, for day 4 can I cook the tomotoes using quater spoon of oil?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 21 months ago from Earth Author

@Ushi you must drink recommended amount of water its important for this diet.

BD 20 months ago

I have already tried this diet twice before.But I only lost 3kgs everytime.This is my third time and I am on day 4.Tell me something to boost it.I am left with 8kgs to go.And I workout everyday for 1.5 hrs.3 days dance and weights and 3 days brisk.

TamAsl 20 months ago

I am on Day 5, and I was doing pretty good..until today. I went out for breakfast & had a pretty organic tasting blueberry muffin..not greasy or anything along with a fruit salad that had all unmentioned fruits and a sort of foamy drizzle (I didn't eat it all) . I also don't have any tomatoes for sure or possibly grapefruit..I'll check. Please answer, should I continue.or just eat nothing for the rest of the day to fix it? Please answer ASAP!

Karen 20 months ago

Hi @Bilaras. I was wondering if i can grill the 6 tomatoes to make them easier to eat. Does this make them to have the same effect on the body. Looking forward to your reply as it's day 5 tomorrow!! Thank you.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 20 months ago from Earth Author

@Karen grilled tomatoes are good too. Just don't overdo them.

sindhu 20 months ago

can i eat idly instead of rice please ans i am already on 4th day today

meenu 20 months ago

how many cup of tea i can have in aday

Manoj 20 months ago

Most health research shows that avoiding tomato seeds is the best way to use tomatoes in the heath battle.

Suggest how to proceed for eating 6 tomatoes on day 5? With seed or without seeds?

amy 19 months ago

would it be ok to have a milk cofee with sugar once in the morning

Deborah 19 months ago

I don't drink milk of any kind, only water or tea and very little tea. Can I forget the milk and just drink water? I'm not supposed to hve dairy for it congest me really bad.

Livi 19 months ago

I'd love to try this diet however im allergic to apples, pineapple, coconut, tomoatos, carrots, and avocado. I also hate grapefruit. I don't know what to do.

Angel 19 months ago

Can i use chinese salt in soup

Maddie 19 months ago

Hi, I was wondering why there are no meats in this diet plan. I thought protein contributed to fat burning?

ghazala 18 months ago

Im on day 5. I wanted to ask boil rice . Can i mix with the tomatoes and cabbage. No joy eating plain rice?

elizabeth 18 months ago

i'm allergic to tomatoes, will that affect the whole diet plan ? and what can i substitute for them ??

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 18 months ago from Earth Author

@ghazala yes you can add both

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 18 months ago from Earth Author

@elizabeth go for eaqal amount of papaya.

Hananie 18 months ago

I really don't like tomatoes, can I skip the tomatoes?If I can't then what should I eat instead of tomatoes?

charlie 18 months ago

@Bilaras I'm a fighter and do long intense workouts, what about protein? Surely you need some protein to be strong and healthy? Please reply

Dima 18 months ago

3 days and lost 4.4 pounds looking forward to weigh myself on day 8 .....thanks a lot u save us lots of time

shruthi 18 months ago

had a party on day 5 and couldn't avoid the party oily heavy foods.Is it gonna break this diet .and have a reaction instead and put weight

Jessie 18 months ago

What can we substitute the rice with? I would hate to eat rice plain, not to mention tomatoes is my least favorite veggie to eat raw. Would a small amount of hummus be ok?

Fefee 17 months ago

Hi ,

Tomorrow is my 5 th day .just lost three pounds ......I'm v depress.......y this diet plan isn't not working for me .....when I weigh in morning it's 126 pounds when I do it in evening its 127 .I know there is no defect in my weighing machine .

Pls reply

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 17 months ago from Earth Author

@Fefee weight varies throughout the day. Normally morning weight is lower than evening weight. To record a change in weight, compare weekly results (eg. Every Sunday). Diet changes may take time to produce results for some people. Don't be discouraged by numbers, they will get better with time. Just stay on healthy diet and keep on trying it eventually works for every one. Are you sure you are overweight ? Please refer to my height and weight charts just to be sure.

mazar 17 months ago

may i replace milk with soymilk?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 17 months ago from Earth Author

@mazar only if you are lactose intolerant.

Lara 17 months ago

can I eat sushi? Rice with vegetables

17 months ago

do i have to eat all of this or can i leave some stuff out?

Angel 16 months ago

@Bilaras - Can i have watermelon on day 5, say instead of an apple and orange and how much can i have? Like I've said before this plan really does work, Thank you so much. -)

Angel 16 months ago

When you mean a bowl of salad, do you mean a whole big bowl that I can eat throughout the day or a small bowl that I can eat at 1 meal? thanks!

Angel 16 months ago

@Bilaras-I'm noting down all the things I can and can't eat, as you've mentioned and I know you can't possibly answer everyone's questions, but I really need to know answers to my above questions. Thank you for being so patient with all of us. With your answers you provide us, we can more or less perfect this diet plan with more variety in each day. Thanks !

Mia 16 months ago

@bilaras Do you gain weight after the plan ?

Ashley 16 months ago

What is the best alternative for tomatoes? I know it's not preferable but what would it be?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 16 months ago from Earth Author

@Ashley persimmon is a good alternative . If unavailable try strawberry with lemon juice.

Ashley 16 months ago

Awesome thank you

Ashley 16 months ago

For the strawberry with lemon juice alternative how much would you recommend?

saz 16 months ago

For tomatoes can it be a soup or a salsa instead?? I really don't like tomatoes but don't want to use an alternative food.

Thanks :)

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 16 months ago from Earth Author

@saz both soup and salsa would kill the actual purpose . Try making a salad with tomatoes using leafy vegetables or add honey(real organic one) to change taste.

Binzo 16 months ago

I cheated at day 4 by eating 2 pieces of pizza... Feeling terrible...

Shawonna 15 months ago

You know you need to increase your fiber intake, and adding fiber-rich foods can put you on the right path. Any type of rice has fiber, but some have far more than others. In general, opt for rice with color, such as brown or wild rice. If it’s white, it’s been heavily processed and most likely isn’t high in fiber.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 15 months ago from Earth Author

@Shawonna i agree but if you are suffering from excessive gas and belching then going for high fiber diet is never a good option.

Fitgirl 15 months ago

Bilaras, thank you for this effective and healthy plan.

My question is: Is it okay to eat less quantities than what is listed on the menu? For instance on day 4, I had 4 bananas rather than 8. Day 5, I only had the grapefruit, are the other fruits a must?

Thank you

BellaOperaGirl 15 months ago

Fighting not looking at the scale but pants are loose. Loved Banana Day.

Maya 15 months ago

can i eat yoghurt or hot sauce with the boiled rice?

Sara 14 months ago

I only lost 3 lbs by day 5. Is it normal? I really need to lose 10 lbs by Aug 13. Please help:(

Mochita2001 14 months ago

I'm so happy ! I Los 7 pounds and I'm on my 5 th day YAY! But a question ....On my day 5 I eat only what it's on the list : one bowl of rice how 2 Apple

6 tomatoes. 1 Apple

One grapefruit Milk

One bowl of salad. Soup

THATS ALLLLL?????? Can you correct me if I'm wrong ? Please

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 14 months ago from Earth Author

@Mochita2001 eat that bowl of soup as many times as you like.

lisa Turner 14 months ago

can I eat tofu?

Mochita2001 14 months ago

How much rice do I eat? Half cup uncook rice then boiled or half cup cook ? ;/

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 14 months ago from Earth Author

@Mochita2001 uncooked then boiled.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 13 months ago from Earth Author

Contact me by email on " " with your name and city for a quicker response.

ayla 13 months ago

Can I blend the tomatoes and gulp it down?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 13 months ago from Earth Author

@ayla yes you can do that or try making a basic salad with other greens.

Faer 9 months ago

Just started this diet and really like it. How many weeks can I do this diet for?

Samantha Harrington 7 months ago

So do we eat everything on the chart for that day or do we have to pick one of the options for our meal

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 7 months ago from Earth Author

Eat everything on chart for that day

Teressa 7 months ago

I'm on day 5 and feel great but tried to choke down blended tomatoes yuk!! Almost puked. Seasoning doesn't work either.. I just can't get them down there has got to be an alternative???

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 7 months ago from Earth Author

@Teressa yes make a tomato salad ( cucumber, lettuce etc etc )

Nseem 6 months ago

I love this diet ,I'm in day 5 i can not have my meal complete ,its alot .is it affect on my diet result or i'm safe ?

Loopy 5 months ago

Day 2 I weighed myself and had already lost 4lb. I said I wouldn't weight myself again but I just have and have gained 2lb. I have followed this diet to the letter and am so gutted. :(

Ashley 5 months ago

Hi there. For day 5 can I substitute tomatoes for something different that would produce the same result in the end. I hate tomatoes and would probably puke if I eat them any way but in a soup. I will try to grill them but would love another option that would work. Thanks Ashley

Martha 5 months ago

Can we add mushrooms in with the salads and soups?

Jess 5 months ago

I am doing this as a cleanse with the hopes of losing a couple vanity pounds. My normal life consists of mostly plant eating with a little clean eating (quality animal products) thrown in and some treats now and then. I am at the gym 5-6 days a week. I am 5' 7" and 135 pounds (pre cleanse). I am strong and healthy. I have been craving fat like crazy (it is day 5). I put avocado in a strawberry smoothie on day 3 and it was like heaven. My typical breakfast is a healthy smoothie. Lunch is a large salad. I am dying for my old breakfasts and can barely gag a vegetable down right now despite the fact that there are very few vegetables I don't typically eat. Just a little insight into how this is working for someone for those of you who read the comments.

San 4 months ago

Why should we eat five apples?

Angel 4 months ago

@Bilaras: Can I eat watermelon on day 5? please respond today because I'm on day 4 at the moment. Thank you :)

Reece 4 months ago

Was weighing my every day and was doing well.

Then weighed myself after Day 4 and put on 1lb just from that day.

Soul destroying after losing 7lb in the first 3 days.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 months ago from Earth Author

@Reece wait for day 7 any weight changes are normal.

Jane 4 months ago

Shall i add suger for Milk/tomota juice ?

joyce 4 months ago

can u tell alternatives for grapefruit and oranges? since they arent available in my area these days. And can i add boiled vegetables to my boiled rice, instead of salad.can i add potatoes,capsicum n peas?

Roubi 3 months ago

Hi ! Just give birth 7 months ago, I did this diet starting from last week the 13 June , for he 7 days and lost 8.6 lbs!! I feel great! I stoped for 4days and start again , I am at day 2 for my second week! And I have lost in total 13 lbs so far...:) I would like to know plz...

If I want to continue this diet, because cause I need more pounds off like a good 30 pounds , but I would like to have a cheat day, what day should or can I eliminate?! To replace for cheat day? I know I shouldn't but for a long term I need to know that only one day I could eat what I want!!!:) it will give me more motivation!! Thank you soooo much!!!

so loving it 3 months ago

Can u just drain all the juice from the grapefruit and drink it fast, so u only get 1 gross taste?? Instead of eating it slice by slice???

Ashly Rivera 3 months ago

Hi. I was wondering if I can cook the tomatos? Maybe boil or grill them, I just cant stand the taste of raw tomatos. Please help

lOVE THIS DIET 3 months ago

Is it okay to add some vinegar in the salad?

Oluwatobi 2 months ago

Wow!!! Day 5. Got out the shower and decided to stop because I was exhausted from activities in the sun for the day. Got on the scale and couldn't believe my eyes....

Day 5 and I already lost 10lbs. I'm active but I'm still quite surprised. It works... I just may continue for the seven days but one things for sure. Il start again on Sunday.

Dineshi 7 weeks ago

Im allergic for tomatoes any replacement.. thank you..

Ana 5 weeks ago

What is the portion of rice for day 5 equivalent in cups? "A small bowl" isnt very specific...

Also if I decide to eat the day 2 salad with it, I have to add the two extra tomatoes or Can I have the two tomatoes as a mid day snack?

Amy 4 weeks ago

I'm on day 5 and I ate one cookie and two bites of pasta, how will that affect my results? Everything else I've been perfect at!

neda 3 weeks ago

Bananas allowed only on day 4?

Eileen Schroder profile image

Eileen Schroder 2 weeks ago

What can I eat instead of tomatoes?

Erica 2 weeks ago

Is it fine to have aplain porridge instead of rice?

Karen 13 days ago

Is it okay if I replace skimmed milk to goat milk?

Thanks for the advice.

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