Lose 10 Pounds in a Week: Day Six

You are so close to your goal! Do you feel hungry? Remember: You will feel better if you drink green tea, wait an hour, and eat a big plate of veggies.

Today is another vegetable day, but you can also have a small bowl of boiled rice. Avoid oil, butter, or cheese but do feel free to use some lemon juice, salt, and pepper for flavour. The soup and salad recipes from days two and four are perfect for today, but make them fresh for today. No leftovers!

Day Six Menu

Vegetables (raw).
Salad or soup (one bowl).
Salad or soup (one bowl).
Boiled rice (one cup).
Brown rice is more nutritious and filling than white rice.
Brown rice is more nutritious and filling than white rice.
Vegetables are more nourishing and filling when eaten raw. It also burns more calories to chew and digest them from raw.
Vegetables are more nourishing and filling when eaten raw. It also burns more calories to chew and digest them from raw.

Day Six Beverages

In addition to ten glasses of water, you may drink:
• Green tea (with honey or without)
• Coffee (black or with skimmed milk)
• Weight-loss drink (see recipe below)

Weight-Loss Beverage

Mix two tablespoons of honey into a glass of warm water. Add three tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mix well and drink before breakfast every day this week.

Drink three cups of green tea a day to help burn up to 80 calories.
Drink three cups of green tea a day to help burn up to 80 calories.

Green Tea is one of the healthiest weight-loss drinks. Three cups of green tea a day can help you burn 80 calories. Imagine burning calories while enjoying tasty and fabulous green tea! Look for an organic variety. If the taste is too bitter for you, try sweetening with honey.

A little lemon juice and salt does wonders to the flavour of fresh, raw veggies.
A little lemon juice and salt does wonders to the flavour of fresh, raw veggies.

Day Six Exercise

Remember, exercise gives you an extra edge when trying to lose weight. Without exercise, you may lose up to 12 pounds on this diet. With exercise, you may lose even more. Continue taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes walk every day, but increase the time if you can.

Sometimes we are so fixated on our tummies and overall weight that we forget about our arms. If you are losing weight, you may have noticed it in your shoulders and arms. Watch the video below for some exercises to help tone those newly-thinned arms and shoulders!

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ray 4 years ago

Can I eat tofu on the vegetable days?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

No tufus are not allowed

Jr 4 years ago

Hi, if I choose to change the bananas and rice in day 4 and 6 to just vegetable and fruits will the effects be more effective?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

Well you can try that and let us know. Theoretically is should work.

Krystal 4 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if I could do more exercise ? Like an hour in the morning and an hour at night. I really need to lose weight and I didn't think 15 mins of just walking would really help me I feel I wanna exercise more. Thanks:)

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

yes that would be great. 15 min is a minimum

SashkaSalvatore 4 years ago

I've been holding on to the diet plan very strictly, I've even been eating less and walking for 60 minutes every day, I also did some exercise for about 30 minutes per day. I'm 18, 5'5 and weigh about 127-130 pounds. Please, tell me why this isn't working on me when I should really lose 10 pounds to look 'perfect', I'm on my sixth day and haven't lost any weight.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

it may be because your not already overweight. Still if you want to shape up i would recommend swimming and abs workout instead of walking and other workouts. It would help your body shape up perfectly. Continue with diet plan it would help loose any thing extra.

dan 4 years ago

Can i eat rice and salad 2gather rather den separate

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

yes but that would defy the small meal theory. Remember small multiple meals help more.

Zaouig 4 years ago

Made it to day 6 and when I checked yesterday I'd lost just over 5 pounds. I have been enjoying the soup but wondered if I could blend the vegetables to make it thicker. Perhaps it alters the composition of the vegetables. Any thoughts?

Zeb 4 years ago

For day 6 We can eat as many vegetables as salad or soup as we want

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

Well blending wont help digestion chewing your food is always best.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

You can have as much as you want but remember your on diet. So keep it low for batter results.

prince 4 years ago

I have a vegetable recipe to go with boiled rice. Finally chopped two tomatoes, 1/4th green Chilly, 1/2 small onion, lemon juice and little salt. Can I mix everything and have it with boiled rice or I should have only boiled rice?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

Use the recipe it looks good.

burnitoff 4 years ago

Day 6: I weighed in at 144. I doubt ill be hitting the 10 pound target but one thing for sure this diet has actually made me lose weight. I will stick to it for another week. I started the diet at 148, now I'm 144. Stay tuned for Day 7.

burnitoff 4 years ago

I am now 143 pounds:) I have lost 5 in 6 days. Stay tuned for Day 7. I will continue this diet plan 1 more week to reach my weight goal.

Brianna 4 years ago

my sister did this and lost 4 pounds. not 10

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

4 pound is not bad considering the fact that no harm was done and nothing expensive was bought. So keep doing it and you'll loose more.

Leigh 4 years ago

For the exercise video what if you don't have that bar or weights? I'm 14 so I can't go out and get mine. :/

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

well you can use some thing home built or just go without them.

Harley 4 years ago

On Day 6, are we allowed potatoes? Thanks.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

Try green vegetables instead of potato.

Chshgg 4 years ago

This diet is shit and I've lost nothing but money on food. It should tell you that if you're already fit and healthy you won't lose anything. I didn't read that anywhere. Waste of time. Sorry.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

This diet plan was designed for people who are absolutely fit as you cant get slim from being fat in a week. Your the first one who mentioned that it didn't worked. It worked for many people almost every one had a significant weight loss.

cfvyc 4 years ago

i started this diet then on day 2 i ended up eating pizza but i just did day 2 again. is that bad or should i start from day one again

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@cfvyc a minor set back but continue.

Ryna! 4 years ago

Instead of having vegetable salad here can I just have soup??

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@ryna on salad day have salad and when soup is recommended have soup.

iabha 4 years ago

can i use vinegar in my salads.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@iabha yes vinegar can be used.

sjs 4 years ago

Was wondering what kind of rice, white or brown, or if organic Quinoa is okay to replace rice with?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

white rice are best but brown can also be used.

sahar002 4 years ago

Hi, m just having soup alongwith rice today is that fine? because for me its quite palatable and m feelin great 2?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@sahar002 if your comfortable with that then its fine.

Noelia 4 years ago

Hey. I am doing this diet and it is really working! So what you are saying for day six is a rice bowl for breakfast, vegetable salad or soup for lunch and no dinner?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@vohra123 if your living in a cold climate area then yes . otherwise no.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@noelia you can have all that in complete day so you decide the distribution. divide it into 3 meals.

Mahi 4 years ago

There Is A Choice Between Salad Or Soup... Or We Have TO Take Both..???

Ilias 4 years ago

can i add 0% milk to my rice?? please answer!!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@mahi there is a choice but you can have a little bit of both on separate meals.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 years ago from Earth Author

@llias no milk can not be used with rice

betty 4 years ago

am just gona start this program i just hope it works coz ive tried everything and i dont lose weight.

Monique 4 years ago

Can i drink green tea on all 7 days

razz 3 years ago

i m following this plan for 3 weeks i have lost only 5kgs, i still need to reduce 5 more kgs. what shoul i do for it?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@razz you should have lost way more than 5 kg . Make sure that you are getting the right amount of sleep and on right time. Don't stay up too late and don't over sleep in morning. Have your meals on ideal times. Like breakfast on 12 noon would not be a breakfast. Try adding some easy work out routines and a brisk 10 to 20 min daily walk.

Murk 3 years ago

I m on 6th day, following this diet strictly. But today is party at my home and it's very difficult for me to avoid eating ... Can u plz tell me if I only eat bar BQ and on next day I burn more colorise doing exercise for about 1 hour or more.. Will that ok?? As I regularly go to gym

Till day 5, my weight has increased about 1 kg but I m waiting for the final day.. Thanks

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@murk Did your weight increased by 1 kg or decreased by 1 kg as you should have lost some weight by now. Make sure you are following this diet plan exactly as told.

elise 3 years ago

i lost abt 5.5 pounds and i'm on my 6th day. since day 5, i have introduced porridge and soup noodles during lunch. Thanks for creating the plan and i will stick try to follow my modified diet for 8 more days. :) btw, is falling sick part of the detox process? I have been feeling really tired and went to the toilet to urinate multiple times. Today, I have a low fever. my experience with weight loss is that there is always and plateau period and after a while, if i persist with the diet, the weight will drop overnight!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@elise you are not suppose to feel tired. increase your diet using the items allowed in diet plan menu.

jessica 3 years ago

starting program tomarrow day one is just fruit right?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@jessica yes its just fruits and preferably citrus fruits.

sara 3 years ago

I was wondering if we can have tea or coffee on any of the days.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

sara yes you can have tea on other days but just once in whole day

gani 3 years ago

this is really working...i m from india..what can i add with boiled rice?its difficult to eat rice alone...

priya 3 years ago

i m on day 6. instead of salad i would like to make some vegetable lettuce wraps. could i do it and can i have 1 or 2 oats biscuits when i m terribly hungry

Paola 3 years ago

Hi, im on day 6 I think I have lost 5 pounds but won't weight myself till the end of the diet. I have done everything as instructed. I am not overweight, but i gained in the last 4 months 10 pounds that I wanted to get rid of. I train for marathons so I run every day for like an hour. Can I do another 7 days of the same plan starting with day one? Do you recommend it? Will it work? What do you suggest when done dieting, do you have a plan when done loosing the desired amount of weight?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@priya great that good . Yes you can have oat biscuits . If you are looking for long term dieting i would recommend "SlimStyles" its good with hunger control .

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Paola yes you can start from day 1 and it definitely works.

rees 3 years ago

can I have tomato soup which is 90kcals instead of the soup you'v mentioned because I cant have, it wont go down and I feel sick.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@rees yes you can have tomato soup or you can just drop soup and go for salad.

rees 3 years ago

so can I have tomato soup on day 7 and not the other soup you'v recomemded and thank you for the reply :D

mia 3 years ago

i'm not really over weight but i just want to lose 10 pound that's all

i was wondering if this diet will work on me and what about if you only eat vegetables and fruits the whole week like tomatos and apple or carrot cumbers no rice or anything eles?

HELP 3 years ago

help i am in day 5 it working gr8 and then I CHEATED!! i by mistake ate a piece of cake-WHAT SHOULD I DO????? cut out sometin tom????

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@mia well this diet plan will definitely work for you but i recommend following it very strictly.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@HELP just relax take a 20 min brisk walk and forget the cake.

Rax 3 years ago

Its not working for me... I am on Day 6 .. have been following the diet strictly .. and have even started walking, way more than 15 minutes .. but I haven't lost any weight .. help ...

Ra'eesah 3 years ago

Hi on my third week on day 6 im having 2 of my wisdom teeth taken out meaning I wont be able to eat anything for atleast 2 weeks apart from drinking liquid. what do I do? can I drink liquid custard? Or soup, if yes what kind of soup?

R'eesah 3 years ago

and for some reason im having really severe stomach aches it got to a stage where i couldn't control it so i ate halp a piece of cheese and onion pastry, half a piece of scone and a bit of cake. what should i do?

sara 3 years ago

can replace rice with couscous??

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Ra'eesah that's complicated but for fruits go for juices and for vegetables go for blended vegetables. For bananas you can have shake and for tomatoes you can again blend them to make them drinkable.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Rax make sure your meal timing is correct . I mean three or more meals but on proper timing . No results is very rare but reasons i found normally are thyroid problem, too much stress, lack of water intake, misinterpretation of diet plan, cheating and smoking.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@R'eesah ache are not normal they shouldn't happen . Don't store you food in refrigerator . Prepare fresh food.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@sara rice is better

saad 3 years ago

hey i wanted to know i lift weights so can i continue that or should i just do some walking and cardio please tell me fast i wanna try this

Samantha 3 years ago

Can you drink sparkling water instead of still or will that cause bloating or problems with the diet?

Anamika 3 years ago

Hi Bilaras,

I am on my Day 6 and following your diet very strictly, I lost two pounds in first two days but after that i didn't lose any. From day 3 i am weighing same weight.

Just one day left for 7 days, it is not possible to lose couple ponds in two days right? I don't understand people are losing so much weight why not me? I didn't even cheat on my diet a single day.

Craigger 3 years ago

Would love to know the sparkling water answer. I have lost 12 lbs as of the start of day 6. Down to 312. This is below where I have been over the past 7 years, so it is a huge success. My new goal is 308 by the end of this regime, so 4 more lbs... Felt hungry yesterday with some high stress situations, but had some green tea to compensate with dealing with the stress instead of some high calorie option.

Tab1 3 years ago

Im going to start this diet plan on Monday, weighing myself tomorrow to find out my starting weight, i need to lose around 42lbs, stay tuned for update...

Kristi 3 years ago

on day 6 and im STARVING!!!

Ascaro 3 years ago

Well I need to lose weight.i spend almost 2 hors in the. Gym but I need a diet plan . using this plan would I feel week r tired? I do not see any protein on the diet but I'm willing to try it? What do you think?pease reply to

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Ascaro 2 hour gym require a lot of energy and fruits can provide you with it. On vegetable day cut down gym time.

Azteca 3 years ago

What can I eat for breakfast on day 6? Rice, soup, veggies all very difficult to eat first thing. Can I have fruit/milk?

Cypher 3 years ago

Could not manage to get down 6 tomatoes. Only ate 2 fresh with my rice, and I could barely choke it down. Was put off from tomatoes for the rest of the day except what was in my soup. There must be something I can substitute for the tomatoes, or something I'm allowed to eat with them to make them more palatable. I even spiced them up a bit and they were still too gross. Will not eating them impact my diet too much? I seem to have stalled out looking at the scale this morning.

dtd 3 years ago

Hi, did everything according to the diet. Started with 166lbs... Beginning of day 5 i weighed 160.8lbs but today morning i.e. on beginning of day 6 i am weighing 161.7lbs. I did quite well except that i ate a little piece of chocolate. Will I be able to lose some weight. Wanted to get into 159lbs atleast!!!! Please help!!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@dtd chocolates are really bad for diets . Don't worry take a 20 min walk and burn the extra calories.

Amberlf 3 years ago

Are other teas acceptiable for a change in flavour? I'm not a coffee drinker but I could I mix it up with a herbal lemon, black of course? I also don't drink milk of any sort , soy, coconut, rice or hemp. Can I subistute for an astro zero vanilla nutritional facts below; thank so much I'm looking forward to what this can do

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1/3 cup (100g)

Amount Per Serving

Calories from Fat 0

Calories 35

% Daily Values*

Total Fat 0g %

Saturated Fat 0g %

Trans Fat 0g %

Cholesterol 0mg 0%

Sodium 50mg 2%

Total Carbohydrate 5g 2%

Dietary Fiber 0g 0%

Sugars 4g

Protein 3g

Vitamin A 8%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 10%

Iron 0%

lisa 3 years ago

I am confused! can you just eat 1 cup rice, 1 salad and maybe 1 bowl soup but no other food (vege) at all throughout the day?

maryann 3 years ago

I'm on day 7 and down 7 pounds. I expect I'd lose maybe one more pound tomorrow, but I'm going off the diet today. Not because of anything more than I'm going out to eat with friends tonight and I know I'll cheat. I feel great. Even though I didn't reach the 10 pound mark, this diet was TOTALLY worth it. It got me over a hump and a pound a day is amazing. I'm hoping once I can start exercising, and eating right I can maintain this loss and I WILL go back on this diet one more time before the end of April as we are going away and to be honest even though it was hard, I liked that there was no animal protein. I like chicken, meat, eggs, etc., but my doctor told me my kidney stone was caused by animal protein and not enough water intake. This diet solves BOTH issues. It's amazing.

3 years ago

Hello, On day 6 can I have two bowls of soup this day with no rice but the same effect?

3 years ago

Hey so I just weighed myself today for the first time since december and was horrified to see that it was almost 10 lbs heavier. I would love to lose this ASAP, but this diet seems difficult to do on college campus. Any slight modifications/ equivalent foods to the more (kinda) fancy ones described? Also, I'm on a sports team that practices 6 days a week. Is this diet doable with that?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@E 3 you can have as much as you wan't from items mentioned in diet plan. Unlimited fruits and vegetables. You won't free energy drained at all. Yes you can double the amounts. But don't have shakes , multivitamin pills , energy drinks or other no diet plan items.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@M 4 rice is important . You can have two bowls but with little rice.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Amberlf if you really can't have milk then go for alternates and for tea try to start close to natural products but if you really want to you can go for flavoured teas.

dancor4 3 years ago

I feel like eating this is too little.. so is it as much vegetables as you want and then one bowl of rice?

hillt 3 years ago

can i make porridge and add in vegetables (cabbage,mushrooms, potatoes, spinach,carrots,corn)? would that be alright?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@hillt porridge is good but not with this diet you should try it as it is .

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@dancor4 if you wan't more then go for the same day menu and nothing else . Like you can have more salad, more soup , more fruits .

Sophia edwards 3 years ago

I love 19 in two weeks and kept all my weightloss of for more than 2 years. I got pregnant, had my little guy and now I am clean eating ago, which is causing the weight to fall off. 12 pounds in one week, which is exactly what happened last time. 30, maybe not, but I did nearly 20!

tory 3 years ago

what can i replace watermelon with for the first day ?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@tory orange or any other citrus . You can also try anyother melon available.

Linda 3 years ago

What can you drink besides water? I cant have tea...kills my stomach.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Linda yes you can have the diet tea or green tea without sugar.

Linda Curran profile image

Linda Curran 3 years ago from Waterloo, Iowa

I cant drink tea...anything else allowed?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Linda Curran tea is just an add on if you don't like tea then don't have one.

Lynn 3 years ago

can I substitute rice with zero fat vegetarian chili ?

marie 3 years ago

I am on day six today..but I thought that today is fruit day and tomorrow vegetables day. So I decided to switch these two days. I have already lost 6 pounds, but felt very weak and daisy yesterday...

Truthteller4260 3 years ago

Where is the protein in this diet? How can we sustain this long term for long term weight loss if there is no protein on this diet? I see you have recommended this diet to people who are overweight and I would like to lose another 20 lbs, but how I can exercise long term without any protein or complex carbs that give me energy through long term workouts?

Sam 3 years ago

Great website! You seem like a lovely person. keep up the good work.

I will start this diet for 7 days, my aim is to continue with it for a month. I need to lose 30-40 pounds before june, is this possible?

P.s I like the fact that you are taking the time out to answer our questions, and helping us out! On behalf of everyone on this forum, thank you! we do appreciate it! :)

ACT 3 years ago

What can I have for breakfast on day 6? Can you please give me some examples? Can I have a potatoe?

John 3 years ago

Can I have coffee on any day of the plan? Can I use sweetner such as Splenda?

missali916 3 years ago

Morning of day 6: lost 1.2lbs from yesterday; total: 8.0lbs!

Lily 3 years ago

Can we eat black beans?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@John coffee yes but no sweetener . Instead add real honey if it feels good.

Sarahjab 3 years ago

Does this mean that throughout the week we cant have any meats?

kassiee124 3 years ago

Is meat never allowed?

Hana 3 years ago

Can I have pasta instead of rice ?

claudia 3 years ago

can i have salad and soup?

prisciosa 3 years ago

can i eat quinoa boiled in chiken broth low in sodium instead of the rice?

Samia 3 years ago

what would be the alternative if i dont want to eat rice

Publicname123 3 years ago

I accidently skipped day 5

What should I do and will it mess up my results?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Publicname123 do the skipped day last and it should work no need to start again .

cheriecherie 3 years ago

Can I eat soup instead of salad on day two and the rest of the days???

kk 3 years ago

i ate quite a bit of sugar free candies~it that okay?

fiza 3 years ago

hi can i eat small amount of low fat daal with rice thank you

Lisa 3 years ago

This diet really works and I greatful we found it!

ak 3 years ago

can I take protein shake during these days as I am not eating any meat and I am training and I dont want to lose muscles?

Jennifer Nelson 3 years ago

I completed 5 days and lost 7 lbs. Great start. I see this as a success considering my medical issues of fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus and chronic fatigue syndrome. I just felt depleted by day 6 and listened to my body to have a normal day but without sugar.

Learned a lot and will continue with the 30 day diet. Love the help and information given to all of us freely. Great site, would recommend to anyone I know. Thank you.

patrice 3 years ago

End of day 5 lost 8.6 lbs

3 years ago

Beginning day 6. Weak, tired and only lost 3 pounds. Ready to quit. So sick of this salad and fruit...

suman 3 years ago

Can I have papaya on first day....

Jenny 3 years ago

Hi, i have stored the fruits in refrigerator and i ate them a while ago. is that ok or it will ruin the diet?

Shakira McDonald profile image

Shakira McDonald 3 years ago

I did this diet for one week and I lost 9.6 pounds! I am doing this again for another week,and I am on day 6. I am wondering on days when we have to eat salad is there any type of salad dressing we could use? Can I add a potato to the diet soup?

Kim 3 years ago

Today still only 4 pounds down. Same as day 3. Only 2 large tomatoes yesterday and had allergic reaction. Alternative would be nice. Dont drink as much water as suggestion; all else same. BUT, I am not fit to begin with. Break at wedding on weekend and will begin again next week.

shan 3 years ago

I completed 5 days and lost around 13 lbs. this is the best program .

Nic 3 years ago

I don't really drink skimmed milk, can I change it to almond milk or flavoured milk? can i skipped the rice and keep consume the fruits and vegetables? as im quite busy for my whole day where im working on the day and attend the class at night, what is the best exercise that i can?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Nic don't skip rice but you can use almond milk or flavored milk with no sugar.

Bmx4life 3 years ago

I am on day 6. The only cheating I did was a sit amount of extra virgin olive oil on my salads. How bad is this? Also to cut the pain (this diet was tough) I used a handful of almonds when needed and avacodo I had 2 all week. I exercised very hard 3 x.....

any damage done with the olive oil almonds and avocado?

Ayna 3 years ago

Hi, I've heard that by the fruit diet, true that we lose weight in a week. but i also heard that im gonna gain it all back. cos we are gonna lose only water. Is that true??

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Ayna fruits have more water content than any other food item plus i recommend a lot of water take every day so that theory is not correct by my calculations.

zuoya fateema 3 years ago

i dont eat tomatoes what can i eat instead of it

Chelsea 2 years ago

Im on day 5 and lost only 4 1/2 lbs. A bit disappointed since im actually following the diet. I usually tend to cheat but not this time. The 7th day i wont be able to follow the menu at all so thinking of starting again on monday. Any suggestions?

penny 2 years ago

hi, i want to start this diet, but i guess the weight that you lose depends on your weight right? i don't know about pounds because i live in australia and we use metric system. but i'm 58Kg and i'm 158cm. i need to lose atleast 5 Kg to be ready for bikini season. do you think this diet will work?

Gfy 2 years ago

How much is a small bowl?

Ravy 2 years ago

I'm on day six. I've tried everything but this diet really works! I'm 21, 5'5" and started at 177. I weighed myself today and I'm 169! I've been losing roughly two pounds a day. I only lost one yesturday because I cheated. Ate one cookie, a serving of Cheetos and a cup of crunchy noodles but I'm glad it didn't overly affect my diet. I'm hoping I lose four more pounds to equal it out to 12 pounds.

krista 2 years ago

Can i take a coffee bean extract pill with this diet?

raven collins 2 years ago

Are Grapes Ok

zara 2 years ago

Rice make me feel bloated can have chapati instead

Hina 2 years ago

Its my 6 day ... and i lost the weight....its really working for me....i didn't chk d weight but can feel the diff....cloths becoming loss....i m going to continue it next week as well....

zara 2 years ago

Is barley water good to have instead of normal water

Alex 2 years ago

For Day 6, i was thinking of maybe white rice, some corn, cucumbers, and maybe one or two servings of the ramen chicken noodle soup (in addition to the glasses of water). Would that be ok for day 6?

whydaz 2 years ago

is pressure cooker cooked veggies are healthy enough to use for this diet? I cook veggies and make soup using pressure cooker. Or it's better eat raw veggies? Thanks

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@whydaz raw is always best option but sometimes you just get tired of all that crunch so yes you can boil them a bit.

mustafa 2 years ago

Can I add vegetable salad in boiled rice

mustafa 2 years ago

Urgently need help here... Tomorrow is my 6th day.. What can I eat for breakfast? Can I eat potato on day 6? Please reply...

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@mustafa yes you can have potato but with other green vegetables .

mustafa 2 years ago

Thanks for reply bilaras.... Another question tomorrow is my last day can I have raw fruits instead of juice..

faaadi 2 years ago

can i use corn starch or corn flour in the soup ?? just 1 or 2 spoons?? to make it thick??

Katrina 2 years ago

Can you use Bok choy? In soup

Ronnie 2 years ago

I will try this diet. I hope it works. Was this diet created for a person that should eat 2000 calories?

lindsey 2 years ago

Is flavored water allowed bottled or say cucumber water instead of plain?

Tami 2 years ago

Hello, will drinking skimmed milk affect the diet?

Thank you.

VL 2 years ago

Can you have eggplant or sweet potatoes?

eeps 2 years ago

can you eat boiled eggs with this plan? will it affect the diet plan if i have a boiled egg every morning for breakfast?

Alexandra 2 years ago

I was reading on thia diet and sounds pretty great, if I dont have a pomegranate could I just do 2 apples and an orange? An as for the fruits which are best rrecommended for day one?

Lay sea 2 years ago

What if you're lactose intolerant? How would I do that with the milk?

Unknown 2 years ago

In the whole day just one bowl of soup or salads???????? And just one bowl of rice??? Can't we eat vegetable!! As much as we want!!??

Newbie 2 years ago

I have this party i'm attending and there's gonna be a ton of food how much exercise do i need to do if i eat pasta and chicken???

Julie 2 years ago

so for day 5, I'm really confused on how to read the menu, do I pick one from each column or do I eat everything that's on there ??

Michael 2 years ago

Is this mainly for overweight people?

Chelsea 2 years ago

I really cannot go without coffee with milk, how drastically will this effect the results?

Nida 2 years ago

Can rice be substituted by Quinoa? or white rice is a must thing? because I don't prefer white rice :(

Mónica 2 years ago

Is coffee alowed??

jewel 2 years ago

Hi I have a question day 5 it's says tomatoes and I do not eat them what can I do need immediate help thanksss

Paul 2 years ago

I lost 20 pounds doing this!!!!

Kiffah 2 years ago

Hello , can we add black pepper n salt in boild vegetables

tahani086 profile image

tahani086 2 years ago

Someone please help me! I don't understand! I have a huge stomach, double chin, huge arms and big thighs and im only 5'3 and weight 50kg so 110 pounds! im like a 32a I don't understand why im like this? why do I look so fat if my bmi is healthy :'(

lebecca89 2 years ago

is it unlimited vegetables on this day?

Tina 2 years ago

I need to loose 1st how do I start dis diet

Felicia 2 years ago

It Actually Works! Day 6 And I've Already Lost 7 Pounds. 145-138 . Just 8 More To Go

sueq90037 2 years ago

Not even a tbsp of olive oil?

sueq90037@gma 2 years ago

Not even a tbsp of olive oil? And I work out for an hour at the Culver City Steps C.A. ... I want to be reassured by you @Bilaras that this won't cause me to faint

Dino 2 years ago

I am on Day 6 and just about to start this day. I had no problems following the diet so far. In fact it has been easy. I am not used to drinking such large quantities of water, but must say it really takes away hunger. I wake up in the morning feeling full. So far, starting at 141, I am now 135.4. - 5 lbs. I weigh in at the same time everyday, after I get up in the morning. I did go to the gym yesterday where I noticed a loss in strength. Not much but still noticeable, so added some egg whites in the evening. (I know, a faux pas, but I would rather do that than eat the rice). It is possible that this may have an effect on further weight reduction, but I really do not want to lose lean muscle mass, so will continue the next two days with egg whites added instead of rice. Will report once finished at day 7. I am 5.7, and my goal is 128, so will continue this plan for another week.

Janine 2 years ago

Hi can I have avocado or nuts ?

Dino 2 years ago


just read previous comments in the thread. It is tedious when people are asking the same questions over and over.

Anyway. I am now on day 7. Lost another pound and a half from yesterday, despite incorporating protein over the last two days. Just about to start this last day and will report back tomorrow. So far 7 pounds shed.

Dino 2 years ago

All done. Final day lost one more pound, so all in all 8 pounds in 7 days. Not bad since I tweaked the plan. 134 lbs at weigh in today.

Now doing another week!

vv 2 years ago

can you eat avacodo on veg days? also can you use fresh chiles on salads/veg?


Faye 2 years ago

Add Your Comment.. Starting day 4 Tommor really love bannas but I don't like any kind of milk but will deal with it anyway because if it works it's worth it

Faye 2 years ago

Starting day 6 next can not Waite then my seven days are up lucky me

Sara 2 years ago

Hey, I will be starting the diet soon. I am 5 feet and 144 lbs. If I follow the diet to the best of my ability, will it be possible to lose 24 lbs in 9 weeks(by October 1st)?Is there anything else I should incorporate as my body gets used to the diet in the later weeks?

Arlayna 2 years ago

Would it be okay if I had wheat crackers with my soup?

Elaina 2 years ago

This is the morning of my sixth day and I already lost 10 pounds! I feel absolutely amazing! I was so sceptical about this diet but once I started seeing the results I didn't want to stop. I love this diet because it fills me up and I don't feel restricted. I have 40 more pounds to go until I reach my goal weight! Good luck to everyone who's doing this I can imagine all your results will be stunning!

Caro 2 years ago

My boyfriend has been doing this diet and got really great results. I'm very impressed. He lost 9 lbs by day 5, we are excited to see how much it would be in total at the end of the plan.

S.T 23 months ago

Im on day 2 and on day 6 im going to a birthday party and i cant do day 6 is that ok ? Should i do day 6 the day after ir should i just skip it??

Please answer!!!

Betty 22 months ago

Hi i tried the diet and so far it has worked for me :) I'm on day 6 and i've lost 8lbs. can't wait for the finish results. Thank you

Diane Stopford profile image

Diane Stopford 22 months ago from Denton, Tameside, United Kingdom

lost half a stone on this diet on day 6 now.. feeling full today tho.. I am smoking ecig too is this ok to carry on.. and what can I add to rice its hard on its own can I add a little piri piri sauce ?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 22 months ago from Earth Author

@Diane Stopford yes you can add piri piri to rice .

Diane Stopford profile image

Diane Stopford 22 months ago from Denton, Tameside, United Kingdom

Is the ecig ok too ?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 22 months ago from Earth Author

@Diane Stopford no e-cig is not good but still its better than cig so try to cut it down but no need of quitting all at once .

Asad 22 months ago

so for day 5, I'm really confused on how to read the menu, do I pick one from each column or do I eat everything that's on there ??

so b ia 21 months ago

I'm lost here. With how many salads or soup a day.

and how many rice bowls?

is it just one of each the whole day?

SinduG 21 months ago

Hey hi I have a quick question here in the diet of day 5 &6 I can see like there is bowl of steamed rice.

What If I substitute rice with a bowl of Quinoa? Will it work??

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 21 months ago from Earth Author

@SinduG quinoa works but rice works better. Go for quinoa if you really hate rice.

Ale 21 months ago

day 5 and already lost 8 pounds g8t plan can we have one rice sheet roll it with veggies or can I have rice noodle the white string one pls answer would appreciate it

Raghav 20 months ago

Hi. I want to reduce my weight as well as want to reduce my stomach fat so can i do stomach reducing exercises for half an hour, 3 times each day of all 7 days diet plan ?(exercises like cross crunches ,heal touches, leg arise and crunches) suggest me . . .

brandie 20 months ago

Hi i am 4ft 11, i am 170, stress lack of sleep has caused me to out on the weight in the oast year 1/2. I have never weighrd over 125, im desperate to get tbis weight off, my stomach is a major problem area, my legs and arms are not looking so hot, i had a brekfast bowl this morning, shoyld i start diet plan tomorrow or can i start now, i want to loose at leats 50 pounds, i have never had to diet before, i do nit know what to eat and what not to eat, how or what exocises will help, can someone help me out, i want a diet than i can stay in till i reach my goal.

need help 20 months ago

Comments arent being answered much, i seriiusly need guidence and support, im 60 pounds overweight, not even 5 ft, strrssed out, no friends or family, i really need some one on one help with what to do and not to do, i cant play with the kuds anymore, fit my cliths, im so depressed, all i want to do is give up cause i feel like nothing works, pls help

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 20 months ago from Earth Author

@need help first of all stress is not good for health. Depression and anxiety make you eat more and gain weight. So first thing you need to do is get busy, do something you love, Make friends, meet people, travel to your favourite place. They all help.

This diet plan is quick and easy to follow, do this one for two weeks then move to my 30-day diet. Workout routine helps with managing stress. Any change in lifestyle comes with a challenge. Just dedicate two months to your health, eat healthily and don't over eat. Once your body adjusts to new healthy diet routine you'll easily lose weight.

Yeilarie 20 months ago

What is something I can eat for breakfast on day six? IV been sticking to this diet to the tee!! I have lost about 5-6 lbs and I'm really happy!!

sam 20 months ago

I m on 6th day..but i had a 1/2 glass of it ok?? Plz reply..thanks

dela 20 months ago

your pic does not seem reliable Haris..

August 19 months ago

This diet is awesome. On day 6 and I have lost 8 pounds already. I just had a wonderful bowl of rice and steamed broccoli with some sauce on the side. I feel so good and lighter

sufana 19 months ago

Can I my veg in 1 tbl spoon olive oil. Coz its hard to eat salad. Plz reply soon

sufana 19 months ago


joddie 19 months ago

I do not like raw tomato. What else could I eat

Pinkish 19 months ago

I just read that you said 'don't have multivitamins' to someone. But I already had one today. :O

Could you be specific why we shouldn't have multivitamin? And will it be okay for me because I've already had it... :/

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 19 months ago from Earth Author

@Pinkish change in diet and multivitamin sometimes cause indigestion, it is safer to stay with a diet change for a start. A wide mix of fruits and vegetables can easily supplement vitamin pill.

gv2 19 months ago

Feeling really good - this is day 4. Lost 5 already. Question is can we combine milk and bananas as a shake?

Jesse 18 months ago

hi I'm on day 6 haven't checked if I lost anything and not going too for at least 2 weeks wih this diet plan over all I feel great. I've been going to the gym mostly everyday burning 1000 calories and over also I've been taking this performix pill for energy would that effect this diet plan? I also wanted to know how to burn fat and slim legs I see a lot of results in my tummy but my legs look the same I know it's impossible for spot reduction but I was hoping there was something you may know to burn 1000 I'm mostly on the elliptical for 2 hours

laima 18 months ago

Can i eat boiled coliflour on this day?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 18 months ago from Earth Author

@laima yes. Add it to salad or eat separate.

Sarah 18 months ago

Can I cook my rice in low sodium chicken broth?

Heather 18 months ago

Can I skip day 4 all together. I can eat bananas and I don't like cantaloupe as a replacement. Also, can I use balsamic vinegar on salad and tomatoes?

Hershey 17 months ago

Thank you for this plan!! I know this might sound like a minor thing ... but I am trying to follow your plan to a "T". I am very addicted to coffee and my work doesn't really help the tea addiction either. I do try to substitute coffee for Rooibos tea but not successful all the time. I however like almond milk a lot. I do have no calorie sweeteners like stevia and the no sugar Torani. Can almond milk and the above sweeteners be a go? If not I understand and will do my best to keep away. Thank you.

Abbasi 17 months ago

Can i take yougurd instead of milk with banana in 4th day.

sara 16 months ago

Do we eat brown or white rice

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 16 months ago from Earth Author

@sara brown rice are healthier.

Arman 16 months ago

May I sub 2 large grapefruits instead of 4 oranges since oranges are high in sugar?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 16 months ago from Earth Author

@Arman yes you can

Angel 16 months ago

@Bilaras - Could you please tell me if it's okay to use xylitol as a sweetener?

I don't see any posts about it. A friend told me about it, she said its suppose to be good to use, but I'm not sure, so that is why I'm asking. Thanks

June 15 months ago

I am 5"4, I weigh 184Ibs. I started this diet on 7/14/2015, I lost 4Ibs on day one. I lost 3Ibs on day 2, but from day 3 when I started taking vegetables, I seemed to have gained the 3Ibs I lost on day 2 On day 4, the banana and milk made me so full that I could take 2 glasses of milk instead of 3, and 7 bananas instead of 8. I steep 3 bags of green tea in 10 glasses of water and drink it daily. I also drink a cup of green tea with lemon and honey every morning. Although I have not lost much weight as I anticipated, I feel very good, I have so much energy now from day 4. My bloated stomach has deflated, and I can now see my toes when I look down. My blood sugar is perfect, and because I feel thirsty most of the time, I drink my green tea water religiously. I intend to do this for 2 more weeks and rest one the third week. I now weigh 180Ibs. Will keep y'all updated.

Charlene 15 months ago

Is this more designed for people who are more in shape or the ones who are severely out of shape? I need to lose 30lbs. Would love to try this for 3-4 weeks. I just wasnt aware if this would work for my type of body.

Also, i hate tomatoes. Is there ANYTHING else we can eat?

Kaena 15 months ago

Can I eat eggplant on this day 6

ps343family profile image

ps343family 14 months ago

I mistakingly forgot 3 of the tomatoes yesterday! Oops! Everything else I've been following closely. The first few days were hard with cravings and headaches, but the last couple I've been feeling great! It's been a long time since I've felt great! So thank you so much for sharing this detox. I feel it's already helped me tremendously in just 5 days. Tonight I have a dinner party I hadn't accounted for when I started this, and I am reluctant to go. If I go and keep portions small, and hit the gym beforehand, then finish up with day 7 tomorrow, do you think that will be alright? I have weighed and have already lost 7 lbs. I'm really happy with my results so far. I was really hoping to get to a 10 lb. loss, but the way I feel is the best reward, honestly.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 14 months ago from Earth Author

@ps343family don't forget to share .


Mochita2001 14 months ago

Hi i was just wondering if I could add multivitamins or biotin or B-complex on this diet?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 14 months ago from Earth Author

@Mochita2001 yes you can

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 13 months ago from Earth Author

Contact me by email on " " with your name and city for a quicker response.

Adeel 12 months ago

I am 5'3

Insulin resistant and underactive thyroid.

Im on metphormin 2000 mg daily and thyroxin.

I weigh almost 200 pounds. If I continue this for 8-9 weeks, do you think I could get to 110-120 lb range?

Waiting for response

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 12 months ago from Earth Author

@Adeel I recommend this diet for 2 weeks and then you must take a break, From 3rd week start a balance diet and add strength exercise to your routine. Join a gym or fitness center and do workout on alternate days. For example do strength training on Monday take Tuesday off and go back again on Wednesday. Diet alone may not be sufficient and starving yourself would only do worse than good.

Bob Guest 11 months ago

This diet is very effective. Certainly the best and easiest I have ever tried. the first time I did this I lost 9.2 lbs and I ate more fruit and vegetables then allowed. This time I am on day 5 and I have lost 6.4 lbs with two days to go and I supplemented 30 grams of protein powder every day. Plus I am still eating more soup,salad,fruit and vegetables then allowed.

David 6 months ago

I have used this twice over the past year. It works ... Down almost 10 in 5 days by really drinking water and concentrating on sleep ... I think of this as an excellent reset as one learns to appreciate food again, and doing as we all should -- eating our fruits and vegetables.

ABC 5 months ago

Hi there ,

I am trying this diet following strictly but haven't seen huge difference :( because I am not pick eater I could'nt eat all the food mentioned in everyday, salad, soup I am on day 5

ABC 5 months ago

Hello There ,

I am using this diet, I am on day five following it strictly but have'nt seen huge difference because I am not big eater couldn't finished all the food mentioned in every day Salad , soup I was drinking almost 3 to 4 liter water with green tea 2 times would you please let me know what I am doing wrong


Lakmi 5 months ago

Hi, I want to try this. My baby is 1 year and 8 months now, I breastfeeding her at night. Is it ok for me to try this? I'm over weight by 8-10kg already after delivery. :(

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 5 months ago from Earth Author

@Lakmi Yes you should try this. Use fresh ingredients avoid canned foods. Small multiple meals, eat as much as you can from same day menu. Avoid refined sugar and high carb meals after this diet.

Jess 5 months ago

For comment readers: It is day 6. I do not enjoy the soup whatsoever (I love me some flavors and don't do bland well). There was no way it was happening for breakfast so I ate a potato like I did on day 2. Went to the gym and made it through weights just fine but had some major issues with running. I found it exhausting and got a little wobbly. (I have been going to the gym 5-6 days a week for the past 5.5 years so it is not due to trying something new during this diet). I ALMOST gave in to the protein bar in my purse that was SCREAMING my name, but my pride and bullheadedness would not allow it. Instead, I ended up eating 3/4 of a bag of snow peas. Ha! "Cheated" while I was making lunch for my son with a slice of orange, a couple slices of kiwi and a few grapes. Oh well. The soup was not happening again so I ate a brussel sprout/raddish salad with vinegar and smoked sea salt. I am still VERY hungry but eating anymore vegetables would make me gag. I just want a giant strawberry smoothie with avocado!!!!! I. Need. Fat. Soooooo, my take away is, this is not great for someone who is already healthy and fit. My idea that this would be a good cleanse is not panning out either for now I am constipated due to the low calorie consumption and lack of fat (I need both for regularity). But again, with only one day to go, I will proceed.

Kal 4 months ago

Can I use soy sauce with rice?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 months ago from Earth Author

@Kal only if you have the real good quality soy sauce, or you could use cooked Soybeans with vinegar.

neekie 3 months ago

Can u eat white rice or brown

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 months ago from Earth Author

@neekie both are good but brown rice have more nutrients.

Jpeg 3 months ago

I accidentally ate the left over fruit salad for lunch from day 3 instead of the veggie salad. Is this going to have any negative effects on my overall outcome?

SUS88A 2 months ago

Can we eat any fruit on day 6 or 7? I can't do vegetables all weekend long, I will give up :(

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