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Military Diet: Lose Up to Ten Pounds in Three Days

Updated on August 08, 2016
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Carisa lives in Oklahoma with her family. She received this menu through a military officer and developed it further with her own research.

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The Original Three-Day Diet Plan

Since I first developed the Military Diet diet in 2007, countless people around the world have used it successfully to lose weight. Although there are copycats, this is the original, which is important because even a small change to this diet can set you up for poor results.

Doctor Approval for Dieting

Before starting this or any diet, check with your doctor. Read on for facts and information, but whether this diet is right for you is up to you and your physician.

What to Expect

  • Follow the diet exactly! I cannot stress this enough. The foods on the menu work together to boost metabolism, provide energy, help with sugar swings, and jump-start the fat-burning process. The diet must be followed for three consecutive days.
  • Weigh yourself on the morning of the first day, but not again until the morning of the fourth day. Take your measurements too. If you gain muscle, you may not weigh less but you may lose inches. Weight can also fluctuate unpredictably (and make you discouraged). This is important so that you stay focused and positive.
  • In three days you should lose up to 10 pounds. Some people report losing more than that, others less. Every metabolism is different!
  • After three days, eat as you normally do, but don’t over-do it!
  • If you want to repeat the Military Diet, eat normally for at least four days before doing the three-day diet again. You could lose up to 40 pounds in a month if you follow these guidelines precisely.
  • No snacking between meals! Eat all foods listed for a meal at mealtime. Don't save anything for snacks. You're trying to re-wire your metabolism!

The Three-Day Military Diet Menu Plan

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Breakfast (297 calories)
Breakfast (182 calories)
Breakfast (369 calories)
1/2 grapefruit
1 egg (any style)
5 saltine crackers
1 slice toast with 2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 slice of toast
1 slice cheddar cheese
caffeinated coffee or tea
1/2 banana
1 small apple
Lunch (157 calories)
Lunch (297 calories)
Lunch (132 calories)
1/2 cup tuna
1 cup cottage cheese
1 hardboiled egg
1 slice toast
1 hardboiled egg
1 slice toast
caffeinated coffee or tea
5 saltine crackers
Dinner (767 calories)
Dinner (660 calories)
Dinner (342 calories)
3 ounces meat (your choice)
2 hot dogs (without buns)
1 cup tuna
1 cup green beans
1 cup broccoli
1/2 banana
1/2 banana
1/2 cup carrots
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
1 small apple
1/2 banana
1 cup vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
Feel free to add mustard, relish, and the other additions listed below to your meals.
Feel free to add mustard, relish, and the other additions listed below to your meals.

Additional Foods and Spices Allowed

  • Splenda
  • Small amounts of mustard
  • Small amounts of relish
  • Lemon pepper
  • Sugar-free gum and mints
  • Salt and pepper but no other seasoning
  • Broth

A Couple Ideas to Make the Most of a Few Ingredients

Cook the green beans with the meat or simmer in broth.
Cook the green beans with the meat or simmer in broth.
Warm the apple and/or banana and pour over the ice cream. Yum!
Warm the apple and/or banana and pour over the ice cream. Yum!

Three-Day Military Diet Shopping List


  • Tuna, fresh or canned in water, 2 cans
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Beef or turkey hot dogs. Avoid mixed meat wieners with fillers.
  • Cottage cheese
  • Meat of any type, including (but not limited to) seafood, beef, pork, or poultry. If using canned or deli meet, look for low-sodium.
  • Peanut butter, crunchy or smooth


  • Any type of bread, but whole wheat is best.
  • Saltine or plain soda crackers

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Grapefruit
  • Green beans
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Bananas
  • Small apples


  • Caffeinated coffee and/or tea


  • Vanilla ice cream

You can add Splenda to sweeten your black coffee or tea, but don't use any milk.
You can add Splenda to sweeten your black coffee or tea, but don't use any milk.

Allowed Beverages

  • Caffeinated coffee or black tea for the first two meals of day one only. No added sugar or milk.
  • Water only from then on. Here is what to aim for: Take half of your weight in pounds and drink at least that many ounces of water. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, drink at least 80 ounces of water per day (more if you exercise vigorously).
  • Sugar-free hot chocolate made with water, not milk.

It's day one! Get started right with a good breakfast of grapefruit, toast, peanut butter, and tea or coffee.
It's day one! Get started right with a good breakfast of grapefruit, toast, peanut butter, and tea or coffee.

Breakfast Day One

Use either smooth or crunchy peanut butter.
Use either smooth or crunchy peanut butter.
Meal Calories: 297
1/2 grapefruit
1 slice toast
2 tablespoons peanut butter
coffee or tea (any brew, as long as it's caffeinated)

Lunch Day One

Wheat toast is best.
Wheat toast is best.
Meal Calories: 157
1/2 cup tuna
1 slice toast
coffee or tea (black, with splenda if desired)

Dinner Day One

Pre sure to prepare your chicken without any added fat.
Pre sure to prepare your chicken without any added fat.
Meal Calories: 767
3 ounces meat (any type)
1 cup green beans (cook in broth for a delicious flavor)
1/2 banana
1 small apple
1 cup vanilla ice cream (today it's a cup of ice cream but for the next two days it's 1/2 cup)
Starting today, drink only water.
Starting today, drink only water.

Breakfast Day Two

Prepare your egg any way you like.
Prepare your egg any way you like.
Meal Calories: 182
1 egg (cooked in any manner)
1 slice toast
1/2 banana

Lunch Day Two

If you don't like cottage cheese, substitute with a slice (2 ounces) of cheddar cheese.
If you don't like cottage cheese, substitute with a slice (2 ounces) of cheddar cheese.
Meal Calories: 297
1 cup cottage cheese (or 2 ounces cheddar cheese)
1 hardboiled egg
5 saltine crackers

Dinner Day Two

Beef or turkey hot dogs are best.
Beef or turkey hot dogs are best.
Meal Calories: 660
2 hot dogs (no buns)
1 cup broccoli
1/2 cup carrots
1/2 banana
1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream
You're nearly done! Be sure to stay hydrated today. Remember: If you want to replace the cheddar cheese for breakfast, you can substitute a cup of cottage cheese or 2 ounces of ham.
You're nearly done! Be sure to stay hydrated today. Remember: If you want to replace the cheddar cheese for breakfast, you can substitute a cup of cottage cheese or 2 ounces of ham.

Breakfast Day Three

If you prefer cottage cheese, substitute it for the cheddar cheese.
If you prefer cottage cheese, substitute it for the cheddar cheese.
Meal Calories: 369
5 saltine crackers
1 slice cheddar cheese (2 ounces)
1 small apple

Lunch Day Three

A little salt and pepper perk up a hardboiled egg.
A little salt and pepper perk up a hardboiled egg.
Meal Calories: 132
1 hardboiled egg
1 slice toast

Dinner Day Three

Enjoy your last meal on the Military Diet!
Enjoy your last meal on the Military Diet!
Meal Calories: 342
1 cup tuna
1/2 banana
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream


Five ounces of a meal replacement shake or two ounces of low-fat yogurt with 1/2 teaspoon flax seed can be substituted for a slice of toast.
Five ounces of a meal replacement shake or two ounces of low-fat yogurt with 1/2 teaspoon flax seed can be substituted for a slice of toast.

The foods recommended for this diet work together to boost metabolism, so it is not recommended that you substitute any foods. The results are not guaranteed and the diet may not work if not followed precisely.

If you must find an alternative to a food on the diet for a health or medical reason, here are the best choices with the same nutritional value.

Three-Day Diet Substitutions

For Toast
For Tuna
For Vanilla Ice Cream
For Hot Dogs
1 ounce (1/8 cup) sunflower kernels (sunflower seeds are gluten-free. If you are avoiding gluten, don’t choose the Planters brand which has traces of gluten.)
cottage cheese
strawberry or vanilla flavored milk (not chocolate)
veggie dogs
1/2 of a high protein nutrition bar
cooked chicken
low-fat yogurt with a small amount of fruit
2 ounces (1/4 cup) low-fat yogurt with 1/2 teaspoon flax seed
apple juice
any type of beans or lentils (4 ounces per frank)
1/2 cup of unsweetened whole grain cereal (such as Kashi Go Lean)
almonds or peanuts
5 ounces of a meal replacement shake
flax or pumpkin seeds

Feel free to substitute soy or sunflower seed butter, or sunflower kernels, for the same measurement of peanut butter.

To swap out the grapefruit, mix 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water. Drink the mixture at least 30 minutes before eating and have a different piece of fruit, preferably a citrus fruit, with your meal.

One kiwi, one cup of papaya, or two whole apricots can be substituted for 1/2 banana.

A good substitute for tuna is a same-sized portion of cottage cheese.

Substitute two slices of bacon, a cup of milk, one chicken wing, or 1/4 seeds or nuts for a whole cooked egg.

To swap out green beans, have three cups of fresh (or one cup cooked and drained) spinach, a salad of lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes, or the same measurement of just tomatoes.

Substitute two ounces cheddar cheese for one cup of cottage cheese. If you don't want cheddar cheese, you can have two eggs or two ounces of ham.

Incorporating Exercise

Many readers ask whether they should exercise on this diet. The answer is yes! Remember, this diet is used by the military and you don't find those people sitting on their rumps!

The type and duration of exercise you choose depends on your current activity level and how lean you are.

If you are severely overweight, you might choose a brisk walk around the block. That’s great—just keep moving! You may only be able to walk around the block this week, but next week you can try two!

If you are already active and have more muscle, go ahead and push yourself. You'll gain even more muscle and the more muscle you gain, the more you can exercise! You'll look leaner and more toned and will be much healthier in general.

Some great weight-loss exercises include:

  • jogging
  • walking briskly
  • using an elliptical machine
  • swimming
  • jumping rope
  • using a treadmill

Of course it's always wise, and recommended, to discuss your exercise program with a doctor, especially if you have medical/health conditions.

Where I Got the Idea for the Three-Day Diet

How did I come up with all of this?

A military gentleman who attended our church some years back introduced me to this diet. He said that military recruits use this diet when they need to get in shape quickly. Since then I’ve done extensive research and heard from countless people who have tried this plan. Combined with my own personal trial and error, the diet that follows is carefully tested and includes advice to help you succeed. Feel confident and see the results for yourself!

How to Keep the Weight Off

Take half of your weight (in pounds) and drink at least that many ounces of water every day.
Take half of your weight (in pounds) and drink at least that many ounces of water every day.
  • Continue to drink your water as before. Here’s what to aim for: Take half of your weight (in pounds) and drink at least that many ounces of water. For example if you weigh 160 pounds, drink at least 80 ounces of water per day (more if you exercise vigorously).
  • Take dietary supplements including a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Some other good choices are Omega 3, herbal system cleansers, and food enzymes. (DO NOT take supplements during the three days of the diet unless recommended by a healthcare provider).
  • Keep up the exercise!
  • Continue eating nutrition-packed food, although in more variety.
  • If you plan to continue the Military Diet, use your four days off to refocus and prepare for the three days back on by shopping, cooking ahead of time, and ridding the house of tempting foods.

Get Support

Whether it's a family member, a weight-loss support group, the Three Day, Military Diet Facebook page, or the comments section below, reach out if you have questions or need motivation. Also, return the favor to others. You may be the one that gives someone the exact words they need to succeed!

I'm Afraid I'll Gain It All Back!

Whether you repeat the Military Diet after four days off or not, gaining the weight back is a concern. If you eat cheesecake and candy bars instead of fruit, you may indeed gain it back!

However, it doesn't have to be that way. Keep up your good eating habits and stay active and you will keep the weight off.

For help staying focused, I suggest this free service: My Fitness Pal. This online tool can be used with a computer or mobile device to help you keep track of what you eat. It's easy and will help you stay on track. You can keep track of exercise, too.

Success Story Showcase

These are people just like you who found success using the Military Diet. I'm sure that the stories featured here will inspire and motivate you to achieve your own goals.

Becca: Salem, Oregon

Becca lost 87.2 pounds through diet and exercise.
Becca lost 87.2 pounds through diet and exercise.

"I'm sure that the Military Diet has saved my life! Let’s be honest: Weighing 332.2 lbs at age 32 isn't much of a life. I was an active person, but still it took a lot of oomph to get me moving and feeling good!

Since I have found and started this meal plan, it has been an amazing adventure! I have dropped weight, increased my activity level, and I feel more confident with myself in everything I do. In March, 2012, while I was still at my highest weight, I completed my first 5K. Then, by walking, doing cardio hip hop, and watching what I ate, I managed to lose 20 pounds. However, when the scale stopped going down I thought I was stuck.

That July, I started this amazing, three-day diet. I told myself that it's only three days, I’ll give it a shot. In the first week, I was down 10 lbs. The weight just kept melting away. I am now down almost 70 lbs. (67.2lbs). I've done this in two months with a few weeks off for vacation and getting back into our school routine. That’s a total of 87.2 lbs since March! I just finished my fifth 5K and have plans of working toward a half marathon! I would have never imagined doing this had I not found this amazing meal plan."

Way to go, Becca! We're proud of you. We'll keep watching for your updates of progress. You’re such an inspiration to us all!

Perla: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Perla lost 80 pounds through diet and regular workouts.
Perla lost 80 pounds through diet and regular workouts.

"I'm a military wife and a mother of three children. Being a military wife is hard, so I found myself turning to food every time I felt sad, worried, or depressed. Because of this, I ballooned to 278 pounds. I was shocked that I had let myself get that unhealthy!

Thankfully, the Military Diet gave me the boost that I needed. In February, 2012, I began following this plan religiously and also combined workouts four times a week. Now, I have managed to lose a total of 80 pounds!

So I say, 'Everything is possible, never give up!'"

Congratulations, Perla! Your experience is an inspiration!

Renee: Grain Valley, Missouri

"Before the birth of my second child, my max weight was 241 pounds. I had gained double the weight with my second pregnancy, but had just accepted the weight gain as being healthy for myself and my baby girl. I was thinking that I would be able to lose it with no problem. Then, at my six week postpartum checkup, I was only down to 216 pounds. I thought to myself, "OK, now that it's been six weeks since my baby was born, I can get back on my exercise routine and lose this weight. No more of those, 'You just had a baby' excuses." Well, I got lazy, and my eating habits didn't change as I thought they would. I would catch myself eating double portions and getting second helpings to the cake, cookies, and all the other "good" stuff.

I was going through some photos on our Ipad one day and I thought to myself, "Oh my . . . who is that lady sitting on our couch?" Looking closer, I realized it was ME! It was heartbreaking that I didn't even recognize myself. My three year old son had candidly taken a picture of me that evening. I'm so glad he did because that was the turning point for me. I had to do something. Only I can change this, right?

One day, as I was browsing on Pinterest, I noticed a link to this article. I was thinking, "WOW! Is this for real? It's probably just another diet that won't work for me." After reading into it further, I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad that I did and that I stayed committed. I never gave up no matter how hungry I was. It changed my life in every way! Now, I don't avoid mirrors anymore. I am getting rid of clothes that are too big, rather than too small. I feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have confidence now that I've never carried with me before! I'm healthier, and just feel better all the way around; more than I have in my entire life! Another thing that makes this experience even better for me is that I just received my lab results from my physician yesterday, and they are better than they have ever been!

I just completed my 15th week and had my weigh-in this morning. I am proud to say that I've reached my weight loss goal of 45 pounds! I am so proud of myself for staying committed to this diet plan and to my exercise routine.

I once read a quote on this diet's Facebook page that has stuck with me ever since: "Life isn't a remote. So get up and change it yourself." That's exactly what I did and I will never regret it.

So now I say to you, 'Stay committed and NEVER give up! This diet does work and will work for you!'"

Hooray for Renee! We are all celebrating your success with you!

Please Share!

I encourage everyone to share their experiences and successes in the comment area below. Please feel free to cheer each other on, give helpful tips, make friends, and just have some fun! I hope everyone finds this page useful and that it helps you in your weight loss journey. (As usual, please use good manners and avoid rude comments. Keep it friendly and be polite!

How much weight have you lost on the Three Day, Military Diet? (Please only vote if you've done the diet correctly for at least 3 days).

See results

© 2007 Carisa Gourley


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    • Roxanna 8 days ago

      Is there a substitute for eggs?

    • Kay 10 days ago

      I am going to do this diet but because of some tablets I take grapefruit is not allowed at all,what can I substitute it with. Thank you

    • K Caines 12 days ago

      Hello. When it comes to the banan can it be swapped with something else?

    • Didi S. 12 days ago

      I have read about this several times and finally decided to try it. I currently just finished my lunch of day two. I'm super excited to see how I weigh in after my full 3rd day. Will give an update on it went. Thanks for posting. :)

    • Jasmine 2 weeks ago

      I am starting this week can't wait.

    • blessedmommy profile image

      Carisa Gourley 7 weeks ago from Oklahoma City Metro, Oklahoma

      I have been receiving several comments/feedback from people that have been accusing me of claiming to have created or invented this diet. I have NEVER made these claims! Please read entire article before making such accusations. I received the menu plan through a military officer several years ago. After posting the plan online, I have had several people wanting more information. Because of this, I did research and developed it further to help my readers out. So, please, read the facts before placing judgments in the future. I am a writer, and I have done this as a service to my readers. I never have nor will I ever in the future claim to have been the creator. I just did the research to make your lives easier.

    • Mrs.D 7 weeks ago

      What can I have in place of egg?

    • Schaa 7 weeks ago

      Today is my 3rd day and i cant wait for tomorrow. I am super hungry but luckily i am not craving for anything

    • Trav 7 weeks ago

      Closing out day 3 and I already feel better. I'll hop on the scale tomorrow but my mood has improved and I don't feel bloated like I usually do.

    • DankMeme345 2 months ago

      I enjoyed the tuna and coffee

    • Sarah 2 months ago

      I probably didn't read correctly so apologies if I have missed it but - are you supposed to do this each week for maximum results? ie; 3 days on 4 days off?.. would really like to give it a try :)

    • Anna 2 months ago

      It was very simple to follow and I lost 5lbs without any exercises for 3 days. I could have lost more weight with some exercises and following the diet strictly. But I love to eat and wasn't used to low cal diet. So I added in salt, pepper, mustard, 1 whole banana rather than half and more cheese to my diet.

      I am going to continue this every week for this month!

      Thank you.

    • Lisa 2 months ago

      Why no water the first day? I'm trying this, but dying of thirst.

    • sana 2 months ago

      i did this and lost 4 pounds even though i excersiced and followed it pretty stictly. only concern was i didnt drink all the water (10 cups) i was supposed to (i had like 4 a day instead). but im gonna try this again after a few weeks of joel fuhrman's eat to live diet which helped me lose 30 pounds in the past. now im just trying to lose a total of 50 pounds ASAP.

    • Biojum 2 months ago

      Just completed 3 days and I lost 6.5Ib. Great!!!. Tried to exercise but couldn't,I left it too late to build the time into my schedule. I am certainly doing this again next week. I should be able to exercise with it then. The only food I found difficult was the broccoli, I hate it. Wish there was a substitute for it.

    • Serena Rodrigues 2 months ago

      I will start this plan from tomorrow hope its effective and will share my results on Monday wish me good luck!!!

    • Thelma 2 months ago

      I lost 6 pounds on the first three days of this diet. I was soooo excited. Thank you very much for spreading the word about this. I'm on my second week. I decided to do it Monday - Wednesday. I'm so glad I found this!!!

    • pat 2 months ago

      You say broth, can you tell me what this is made with thanks x

    • Erika 2 months ago

      Followed it to a T

      Lost 1 pound.

      Yes. 1!!!!!!!!

    • Moni J 67 2 months ago

      Hi everyone! I just completed the 3 day diet and I am happy to report that I did lose 5 pounds!!! I knew I wasn't going to lose 10 because I am only about 20 pounds overweight but I am pleased with the results and I will be doing this diet again in 4 days. I have to say the first day of this diet was the hardest for me because mid-day I started to get a headache that would not go away. Also I felt light headed. I told myself if I still feel like this the next day I'm not going to continue. Day 2) woke up with no headache, just hungry but once I ate breakfast I felt fine and day 3) I thought would be really tough but not at all. I think the first day I must have been going through some kind of detox or withdrawals. Anyway, I know individual results vary but it is only 3 days of your life to see if it will work for you too! :)

    • Erika 2 months ago

      Omg this diet is hard!

      I'm on day 3 -!: the worst part is the lack of coffee. I had some major caffeine withdrawal on day 2.

      If you are used to drinking lots of coffee this diet is hard.

      I'm still sticking to it. Day 3 am I'm really hungry.

      Can't wait for tomorrow:(

      Hopefully it's worth it!

    • Maysea 2 months ago

      I did this diet. I felt deprived and like I was starving myself! Eating less than 1,000 calories some days... I don't find it healthy

    • Honey Taylor 2 months ago

      I lost 7 lbs in the three days,only ate what was listed except the grapefruit,had kiwi instead.It helped me to start loosing,I now have added small things ,But making a better shopping list.Have lost a total of 23.4 lbs in just over 7 weeks.I am so Happy.

    • Amberoseinjune 2 months ago

      Is the toast supposed to be eaten dry or with any butter?

    • elizabeth 2 months ago

      what can you substitute the cottage cheese for?

    • adah 3 months ago

      i'm starting it this week. i'm planning on doing it the month of November as well but of course taking the 4 days break in between and keep eating healthy to maintain it. I hope to lose at least 20 pounds by the new year which is in like two motnhs

    • Asmelash Abreha 3 months ago

      I am gaining instead of losing. May be the sugar in the vanilla ice cream and cottage cheese,the salt in the hot dog and cheddar cheese.

      There is no adjective in this diet plan (fat free or sugar free vanilla ice cream )

    • Mayra Romero 3 months ago

      I wanted to know if there is a time that you eat your dinner?

    • JP 3 months ago

      Stuck to this 98% - Lost zero to maybe 2 pounds. I eat very well to begin with prior and think this is literally just a starvation diet. Glad it was free - but it hurts :-) Just out in 2 extra days of exercise and eat smart and get the same or better result - its pain, just in a different way.

    • S Taylor 3 months ago

      What can be swapped out for the broccoli? Not a fan of it. Thanks!

    • Arura 3 months ago

      While shopping for the necessary foods I switched out most of the meat for lunch meat, which another website listed as an effective substitute. Is this true? I want to get started tomorrow, and I'm not sure if it'll work.

    • Evening 3 months ago

      I actully hope that this diet will work for me and my friend

    • Kw 3 months ago

      So can you use lemon pepper to season ?.. Cause it says use salt and pepper only.

    • Carla 3 months ago

      I started this diet on a Monday. I weighed myself on the 4th day and had lost 4lbs. Even after my 4 days off diet, I did not gain any weight. I just started a new week. I hope to lose 25lbs in a months time..Wish me Luck!

    • Nancy F. 3 months ago

      Going to start this program tomorrow. I am excited to see how it works!

    • casey 3 months ago

      does anyone have vegetarian substitutions? no fish either :/

    • debra mark 3 months ago

      i did it and lost 7 lbs in one week. i did exactly as the recipes say. it was so easy and i was not hungry at all. so far i have lost 14lbs in one mth of being on this diet. i fell off the wagon a few times but once you stick to it it works.

    • Shelle W 3 months ago

      I plan on starting the diet on Friday 10/14/16. my weight now is 166.

    • Pat 3 months ago

      I stared the diet on A Saturday and by Tuesday when I weighed I had lost 4 pounds. I was very happy about that so I decided that I would stick to it another week but eat the foods that are on the list. I hope in another 4 days I have lost another pound or two. I will give it a rest for a few days then resume.

    • krcar5 3 months ago

      I lost 4 1/2 lbs! Easy to follow, love the ice cream-you can do it! Hardest part for me is no caffeine for 2 days. I had a headache and felt very sluggish and weak on day 3. Make sure to drink a lot of water, you can have your coffee on day 4! I'm going to track everything I eat for the next 4 days, then do it again!

    • Farhana Thakur 3 months ago

      I need to know if I can merge this diet with the 5-2 fasting diet? Like those two days of fasting I can add in these three? Is it possible? Will I have the same result?

    • Blessings2All 3 months ago

      Thanks for this informative and beautifully done presentation, Carisa aka blessed Mommy! Thanks for all the good comments and questions, fellow-commenters!

      This is my 3rd day of my first 3 days of following the original Military Diet plan with no substitutions of variations. I am waiting for my egg to hard boil for lunch, but I am not really hungry and I ate breakfast over 5 hrs. ago. I walked to the bank and back -- took an hour -- and I was very tired when I got back, but now I have rested and feel great. I thought I would be really hungry today because yesterday I was hungry, spacey, kind of depressed,and lacked energy before lunch and dinner. I ate lunch less than 4 hrs. after breakfast. And dinner at 4:30pm--really enjoyed eating them.

      I am not looking forward to the lunch or the cup of tuna at dinner today, but the ice cream and banana sound good. Overall, YAY! I feel good about the experience and hope that I get gratifying results when I get on the scale tomorrow.

      Love and blessings to all!

    • Emma uk 3 months ago

      Day 1 ...kick start to my holiday at the weekend .weighing in at 68kg..fingers crossed

    • Madahooha28 3 months ago

      What does everyone eat on average for the 4 days off? I am about to start this, my friend dropped almost 20 lbs in 3 weeks. I just worry that I may be counter productive for the other days.

    • Labi Rivera 3 months ago

      Hello, I started my military diet yesterday Oct. 2, 2016. I gained 20 lbs after loosing my 45 yr old mother to pancreatic cancer.

      I'm at 160 & wish to go back to 140 then once there keep loosing till I get to 130. Im 5'5 1/2 & am 26 yrs old with 2 children. I will post on the morning of my 4th day, like the article says.

    • Judy 4 months ago

      Can I eat canned green beans instead of fresh?

    • sandy 4 months ago

      lost 7 lb on this diet.some weird combinations but the ice cream and peanut butter were my favourite.i didn't believe this.going to try this for a month and see.i am an honest overweight guy and have no connection to this diet or founder.try it and see.xx

    • Alexandra 4 months ago

      I am barley starting this diet today so far so good I want to lose 80 or more pounds before my 15 birthday.

    • Jonsey428 4 months ago

      What happen if you haven't eaten breakfast and lunch on the diet. Now its dinner time. Will I mess up the diet or just go head and prepare one of the menues on the list. I start my three days beginning of the week starting with Sunday - Tuesday .My four days will start Wednesday- Saturday. Now I don't eat zucchini-mushrooms-onions and allergic to apples. What's can I use in place for the foods I can not eat. Please reply

    • Alex 4 months ago

      Can we add Hot sauce to our food ?

    • litsa 4 months ago

      hi can i have green tea

    • Moni C 4 months ago

      I lost 5 pounds in 3 days doing this diet.

    • Melissa 5 months ago

      Love love love this diet! Super easy, I felt energetic during the 3 days. On the fourth morning I weighed myself, happy to see I was down 5 pounds. I Will take a break and continue to eat healthy. What a great start. I will be doing this diet again in a week from now.

    • Mary 5 months ago

      I'm on day 2, but plan on continuing this diet and the only question I have is- will it make a huge difference if I just drink water instead of the coffee or tea the 1st day? I'm a water drinker and that's about it.

    • Ashley 5 months ago

      Just finished day 3. Going to weigh in tomorrow. Day 1 I was starving until dinner. The 1 cup ice cream was hard to finish though. Day 2 I felt great and went to a barre class. Day 3 has been hardest. I haven't been hungry per se, but the food just wasn't satisfying. 1 cup of tuna was difficult to stomach (I gagged despite putting mustard, a little relish, pepper and beau monde seasoning) and I like tuna! I didn't need to substitute anything (just forced myself to eat the grapefruit and I sprinkled some 0 calorie monk fruit sweetener on it) but I did drink diet Lipton green tea each day. I also drank coffee day 2 and day 3, but day 3 I had to add some creamer... Black coffee just doesn't cut it! I haven't taken in as much water as I'm supposed to but I have had a few bottles a day. My husband lost 6 lbs. by day 2 and I lost 2.5, so looking forward to seeing our results tomorrow morning! I appreciate you putting this diet out there. We plan on keeping it up weekly until we hit our goal. My husband wants to lose 41 lbs. and I want to lose 36 lbs. Good luck everyone!

    • Carol 5 months ago

      I follow the diet with a few variations, cause I'm from Brazil and I don't eat vegetables I just had to change the menu a little but this diet is amazing.

      I don't know how many pounds I lost but I could feel the difference in my clothes and my belly got smaller!

      I higly recomend it!

    • Joan Robertson 5 months ago

      Can I use caned salmon instead of tuna

    • Karina 5 months ago

      I Lost 7 pounds on this diet...

    • Dina 5 months ago

      Will it be a mess if I substitute a cup of vanilla ice cream to a glass of Milo?

    • PAT 5 months ago


    • Reva 5 months ago

      I'm on the second day, I have followed the instructions very closely. Measurements exactly. I am starving. Not going to make it through the 3rd day and not only because I am going out of town to my high school reunion. I'm just too hungry. I am so hungry that I am physically in pain. My stomach is cramping like all get out. I have lost a few pounds though so I will try it again maybe I won't be starving to death the second time around.

    • Betty 6 months ago

      After following the diet for 3 days, I only lost 4 pounds. The experience was not good. Starting day 2 I had headaches, I was always tired and without energy. I will not repeat this diet. I rather do my Banana diet for two day and loose another 4 pounds that way.

    • Michele Percy 6 months ago

      I am really excited about this plan. I am almost done with day 2 and so far the only complaint I have is the caffeine withdraw headache. Other than that I intend to do this consistantly. I do have 1 question, does it have to be plain water or can it be calorie free sparkling water?

    • ChihuahuaMeme 6 months ago

      Lost 70 lbs using this diet continually. I love it. Going to start again need to lose 10 lbs.

    • Cara Dalton 6 months ago

      I'm on the 3rd week of the military diet & have lost a total of 24.7lbs in for me!

    • jj 6 months ago

      Just beginning day one the coffee was so nasty! but i think i can press through just three days

    • Laura 6 months ago

      I've experimented with this diet twice in the past year. Overall I will say it's effective. The first time I dropped 13 lbs in 6 weeks, the second time it was 8 lbs in 5 weeks. I have a hard time sticking with this diet the further into it I go though-- it's SO bland and boring. And I don't eat tuna so I sub chicken for all, I'm to the point now where I don't choose to eat chicken anymore because I burnt myself out on it so badly with this diet! I weigh around 160 so I lost on average 2-3 lbs a week with this diet. After the first week I found I was not hungry anymore in between meals (really you have to tough it out for the first week with the hunger issue-- it does get better and easier!) and when I went back to eating regularly for the four days in between I was getting full quicker, so I was eating less. I try not to excercise vigorously on days 2 and 3 of the diet and the first day back on full meals because my energy is low from not eating a lot of calories, but for the other 4 days a week I walk 4-5 miles a day. Also something that might help with the effectiveness is to try this in conjunction with Intermittent Fasting. Basically eat all of your meals within an 8 hour period each day, and fast for the other 16 (you're asleep for half of it!). I do this 24/7 anyways, even on days that I eat full meals. Worth a try!

    • Tai 6 months ago

      I lost 5.5 pounds in three days! I started in July 4th-yes, Independence Day! I followed it exactly. This is a diet in which you have to LIKE the foods on it or you will be miserable. If you don't like bananas, or eggs, or are vegan, this is not the plan for you. You also need to exercise, like the plan says. And drink water like a fish! I'm on my third day of eating healthy and I feel so much better. I'm not as hungry or tired as I used to be. I used to eat every two hours and now I eat when I'm hungry. I didn't use to know what that felt like. I'm logging my food on my fitness pal and I've ramped up my excercise..but not to the point where I can't keep it up, which I've done in the past. I'm so looking forward to my weekly results. Stay tuned for updates!

    • Deanna 6 months ago

      I'm going to try this diet. I need to lose at least 30 lbs, but I will try to lose it at 10 lbs at a time. Wish me luck. I am 70 years old today. Happy Birthday to me. I weighed 110 all my life, had a stroke about 3 years ago and gained 30 lbs. I am hopefully going to lose it on this diet.

    • Robin 6 months ago

      Tried it this week with a few allowed substitutions (allergies) and lost 3,7 pounds! Great motivation to keep going!

    • Linda 6 months ago

      I started this diet yesterday and so far so good. I was not feeling tired nor was I not satisfied with the meals; I thought I was going to starve. My last day shall be Saturday, can't wait to see results.

    • Nina C. 7 months ago

      I have tried this diet and lost 4lbs. I did the four day break and I'm on day one. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens again! I will continue to do this diet until I reach my desired weight. Which is about 10 more pounds at 152. Oh, I forgot to mention that I hit a plateau at 166 for about 6 weeks. So, now I am 162. YAY!

    • Epete 7 months ago

      I am a 22-year-old female, 5'4" and weighed in at 153lbs on the morning of day 1. I exercise 4 or 5 times each week and try to keep my calorie intake around 1500. I have a hard time with willpower when it comes to food, I love snacking and if anybody brings snacks to the office I can't help but take one. I chose to do this 3 day diet so that I can remind myself that I don't need snacks, I can stop at one serving size, and I can control myself. I followed the diet exactly and did not do any substitutions. I was surprised during my 3 days that I wasn't hungry inbetween meals! Even on Day 2's lunch I didn't finish my cottage cheese because I was FULL! I only exercised on Day 1, not counting walks with my dog. I weighed myself again on Day 4 morning and lost 4-5 lbs! I lost 3/4 of an inch off my waist! I am very pleased and will be doing this diet again.

    • Edie 7 months ago

      I have a thyroid problem. 200 mg daily of nature thyroid meds. Synthroid didn't work for me. I have tried everything to lose 60 pds due to the thyroid not working. So guess what, I am going to give this diet a shot. Wish me Luck. If this works I will be the happiest person ever.

    • Emoki 7 months ago

      Works really well

    • Carmen 7 months ago

      Hi I lost 5 pounds on this diet! which is great but I want to change the tuna to chicken. do we know how much of it do we need? Like if it says 1/2 cup of tuna do i change it to 4 oz of chicken?

    • Tia 7 months ago

      First time using this and I lost 5.2kg!! Thats crazy!

    • Ranjit 7 months ago

      Just read your article and looking at the positive comments, I feel motivated to try this diet....

    • Bob 7 months ago

      I started this diet on Monday and finished yesterday. I worked out everyday burning about 600 plus calories and followed this diet step by step and lost .6 pounds so not even a pound. I think I would have lost the same amount of weight eating regular food. This diet does not work.

    • Gina 7 months ago

      I love this diet, I was 165 lb and after a month I reach 150, my goal is 135 , I definitely recommend this diet. Thanks for sharing ♡

    • Annette 7 months ago

      I was amazed that this diet really worked. I lost 7lbs. In just three days. I would have lost more, but on the third day, I just couldn't eat the tuna and banana. I substituted the tuna for a lamb chop and ate brocolli and carrots instead. I will continue to do this diet. I highly recommend the Military diet. The menu was strange, but it really works. Im so glad I found this diet. Thanks!!

    • Meenarajakumari profile image

      Meena 10 months ago from Bangalore

      This is giving hope to reduce weight, want to try.

    • Maria 10 months ago

      I just finished this Military Diet....I lost 2 pounds and was very faithful to the plan....I was hoping for more but I will take 2 pounds in 3 days...

    • juan 10 months ago

      I started the diet last week and lost 5 pounds in the 3 days and 2 more pounds the 4 days following. I am doing it again this week. I didn't find it difficult at all and followed the menus to the T. We'll see how it goes this week. Today was easy again.

    • Adney john 10 months ago

      Can I add white vinegar to the salad?

    • Lydia 10 months ago

      I did the diet last wk. and lost 4.5lbs.i read that you can do it back to back excluding the 4 days off.. after the 3rd day restart with the 1st day and so on. 9 days in a row!

    • molly 10 months ago

      First round which was 6 weeks ago I lost 8.6 pounds. Was able to maintain loss and now I'm on my second round. Almost the end of day 2.

    • Melanie 10 months ago

      I want to give this a go... what can I use to substitute the crackers as I am a celioac - no wheat or gluten ?

    • Daniela 10 months ago

      Going to start tomorrow. ..I will post my results.

    • Mike Belk profile image

      Michael Belk 11 months ago from Mississippi

      This diet looks worth trying unlike some other diets.

    • Sarah Ramlogan 11 months ago

      My husband and I started this diet 3 days ago.. Throughout the 3 day period, it was not bad except for the third day.. Today was Day 4 and when we checked our weight, he lost 7 lbs and I lost 4 lbs.. Would definitely recommend this to everyone..

    • Sally Smith1 profile image

      Sally Smith1 11 months ago

      The diet looks cool! Looks like vanilla ice cream is a little treat over there.

    • Mike Jr. 11 months ago

      This worked great for me, I lost 8 lbs. I walked the 3 days for about 30 mins at lunch time. This was a big help for me.

      Good Luck!

    • marc 11 months ago

      my be you need

    • Ben ********** 11 months ago

      What is the minimum age you recommend one should be before starting this diet?

    • Chevon 11 months ago

      I've only followed this diet for one day so far and lost 3.4 lbs!

    • mavis 11 months ago

      i am in Ghana what is cottage chesse how do i eat it

    • Lisa 11 months ago

      Can you drink green tea instead of black tea?

    • zawza1990 profile image

      Magdar 11 months ago from Agadir

      It's a great articles.

      I would love see more articles from you.

    • Leticia 11 months ago

      I wonder if I can continue on my daily workout. Is it ok to exercise while I'm on this diet? Because I'm afraid to pass out while I'm on the gym :(

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