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Updated on March 29, 2018
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Sleepylog has been following a Ketogenic diet for 18 months with great results including improved health and weight loss.

Some Of My Ketogenic Diet Staple Foods


What Is the Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic diet is a way of eating that for most people turns into a permanent lifestyle because of all the benefits that come with it.

It basically entails eating a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat with a moderate amount of protein. For more information, I suggest doing a google search for 'Ketogenic Diet' and consulting with your doctor or with a qualified and certified nutritionist/dietitian.

In this article, I'll list the tools and staple foods that I find essential for my Ketogenic lifestyle. Please feel free to ask questions or to leave a comment about what your keto essentials are, but keep in mind that I can't and won't offer medical or nutritional advice. I am merely sharing what works for me and not making any claims as to suitability for others.

I have also written an article about my experience of the Ketogenic diet.

At the bottom of this page, I have included links to my Keto-friendly recipes.


I am not a doctor, nor am I a nutritionist or dietitian, so I can't give advice on the diet. I can't and won't offer medical or nutritional advice. I am merely sharing what works for me and am not making any claims as to the suitability of such for others. I advise anyone contemplating the Ketogenic diet to do their own research and to seek out professional advice first from a doctor or nutritionist/dietitian.

Some More of My Essential Ketogenic Diet Foods

Fruit and vegetables that I find essential to my ketogenic lifestyle.
Fruit and vegetables that I find essential to my ketogenic lifestyle. | Source

Essential Food


  • Leafy greens such as spinach, silverbeet (chard), lettuce, kale.
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Asparagus (I prefer them pickled)
  • Green beans
  • Alfalfa sprouts


  • Tomatoes (yes they're a fruit)
  • Capsicum (bell peppers - yes they're a fruit too)
  • Avocados

Mushrooms - all kinds

Fats and oils:

  • Pure butter (margarine has too many chemicals in it for my liking).
  • Coconut oil - unrefined virgin coconut oil for use in salads, to make bullet-proof coffee and to use as a spread, and refined coconut oil for cooking.
  • Mayonnaise - because I can!
  • Sour cream and fresh cream.
  • Coconut cream (try to find a brand that has a high coconut content as many contain a lot of water and other additives).


  • Cheese and lots of it but not processed cheese.
  • Coconut milk and coconut cream as a dairy substitute.


  • Peanut butter
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Butter
  • Liverwurst


  • Eggs
  • Any raw meat that hasn't been pre-cooked or prepared in any way since I don't know if any sugar or carbs were used in the process unless the nutritional information is included on the packaging, then I might buy something that has been pre-made if the sugar and carb contents are low.
  • Cold cut meats such as streaky bacon, salami and champagne ham that have a lot of fat on them.
  • Fish: salmon - I don't like tuna and I've never tried trout.

Seeds, grains, and flours:

  • Chia seeds
  • Psyllium husks powder
  • Coconut flour
  • Almond flour/meal


  • Stevia


  • Sea salt
  • Mustard (I always check the sugar content)
  • Pepper
  • Garlic


  • Water
  • Coffee with no sugar added - I always have a bullet-proof coffee in the morning but instead of adding butter I add coconut oil and coconut milk or coconut cream.
  • Herbal tea with no sugar added

An enlarged view of some of my Ketogenic diet staple foods.
An enlarged view of some of my Ketogenic diet staple foods. | Source

My Essential Ketogenic Lifestyle Tools


NutriBullet Pro 900, 9-piece Set

Essential Tools

There are only a few tools that I need for the Ketogenic diet other than normal kitchen utensils and they are as follows:

  1. MyFitnessPal phone app - it allows me to check the sugar and carb content of millions of different foods.
  2. Ketone urine strips - I use those when I haven't lost weight for a while to make sure I am still in ketosis.
  3. Nutri-bullet - I use it to grind up Chia seeds and to make yummy berry smoothies with coconut milk.
  4. Shallow baking tray to make flat bread, the link to the recipe is further down this page.
  5. Electronic kitchen scale - for obvious reasons. Some of you might think this is a standard piece of kitchen equipment, but I know a lot of people who don't own one so to me it's a non-standard tool.

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      • Leland Johnson profile image

        Leland Johnson 6 weeks ago from Midland MI

        Great article! A picture says a thousand words so I appreciate all the photos you included. I've been doing the ketogenic diet for 4 months and have lost 23 pounds. I feel much better and I can really tell when I cheat and have carbs and sugar. All the old aches and pains return and I don't sleep as soundly or rise as easily. Thanks for posting and all the hard work you've obviously put into researching the program.