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My Uncommon Reasons for Quitting All Sugar and Flour Products

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


Foods Have Vibrational Signatures

If I were to put it all in a nutshell: sugar and flour, being artificial substances, are vibrationally feeding something in me that I am not.

Modern wheat is not that original species from biblical times. It was genetically altered repeatedly, until agricultural chemists came up with a plant that is more resilient to unfavorable weather and insects. This new version is further "enriched" with additives for its longer shelf life—which is altogether good for the food industry, but not for us, here including the fact that its substance called gliadin makes us addicted to it, and gluten is not really gut-friendly either.

As for sugar, little needs to be mentioned, other than all nutritionists are calling it "white death"meaning that it ruins our health in multiple ways. Some years back I remember someone posting on Google an article titled "Hundred and Forty Reasons to Quit Sugar."

Well, my reasons were not included there, which is why I announced them in the title as being "uncommon."

Our body craves what is in our bloodstream. Sugar, wheat, alcohol, coffee & devitalized foods are designed to be addictive.

— David Wolfe

Our body has kept a record of every negative experience since our childhood, having formed its own survival strategies, based bluntly on the pleasure principle.

Thus, whatever feels good, must be good, whether it is actually in our bests interests or not. That's how our body literally became our mind, dictating our tastes for everything—food, relationships, lifestyles, and our models of responding to life.

How many times have we caught ourselves wondering (if not being downright pissed) about our reactions, bad choices, or our general emotional routine, which somehow didn't fit in our cultivated, intellectual understanding of life?

Years back, I wouldn't have bought this idea of "body posing as mind", but then modern science opened my eyes. For example, to my big surprise, I learned how our guts produce over 90% of our serotonin (the feel-good neurotransmitters), with the brain producing the rest.

With its survival programs based on the pleasure principle, it's no wonder that our body has such an enormous influence on our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs.

Now, since everything in the manifest nature vibrates on its energetic level—including ourselves—there are substances that stimulate those vibratory patterns within our energy body that are not life-promoting.

These are the very substances that feed those negative energetic patterns in our bodies. By removing their favorite couple of foods from my menu, I am reducing the energetic support to those patterns, if not also starving them to an eventual death.

It's not that I am having any health issues, but striving for the best possible, I am not satisfied with good.

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Eating a slice of white bread is like eating pure sugar.

— Barry Sears

Not My First Vices Ever to Be Given Up

Decades back, I quit some other items on the list of my sweet poisons.

Not all at once, but within a stretch of a few years, and each in a cold turkey fashion. Health-wise there was no pressing need for this, but with my advancing on my spiritual path, I suddenly felt disgusted by the fact that I was using chemical enhancers to feel better.

Suddenly, I felt this enormous challenge to cultivate the ability to feel the same way without these enhancers. I wanted my mind to feel better on its own,

And we are not even talking about some recreational drugs, but those more socially accepted, yet still psychoactive, like coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Coffee was the first to go. I psyched myself up for quitting so well that the very next morning I was making coffee for my wife and not craving it at all. I liked the aroma of it—I still do after so many years—but to me, that aroma is in the same category as flowers, which smell nice, but we don't eat them. And mind you, I used to be a first-class coffee monster for some decades prior to that.

Quitting something that was such a big part of my life was one of the most difficult challenges I had ever faced, especially because I didn't "have to" do it with a strong motivation from doctors—but wanted to do it. By quitting cold turkey I also got proof of how it was possible to repossess my mind from the dominance of my body.

Then it was alcohol's turn a few years later. My drinking buddies got shocked when I refused to drink with them at the Christmas party, on my birthday three days later, and then at another party on New Year's Eve.

The Devil himself knows how much they were trying to "bring me back to my senses" and talk me out of it, even by opening a beer bottle and shoving it in front of me. To tease them back, I brought the bottle to my nose, smelled it, made a disgusted face, shook my head, and returned it to the table.

By the way, I am still not sure if that friendly tempting was to test my resolve, or they were upset because their wives possibly kept bugging them with "if he could do it, what makes you such a wimp?"

The last to go were those two packs of cigarettes—my daily dose of puffing on the silly things to get some emotional chemical crutches. The same as with the other two, I had absolutely no withdrawal symptoms which are usually reported by people who stop their addictions.

At that point, I didn't know that my quitting job was not finished and that some dozen years after I would be getting rid of sugar and wheat.

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

—Richard M. Sherman

A Matter of Epigenetic Transformation

Our negative personality traits are expressed to a different degree with different people, and thanks to our well-trained art of displaying the most presentable of our personality makeup, many of us appear, well, "quite normal".

With my heavy engagement in my spiritual exploration of my unused potential, I never cared to be "normal"meaning a standardized social copycat. Diving into the unknown of my nature, I just loved peeling off the false layers of my mentality.

While putting it that way, I am reminded of the anecdote from Michelangelo, the great sculptor, who, when asked how he created the statue of David, answered: "Quite simply, I took a granite block and chipped off everything that was not David."

So, for quite a number of years, I have also been in this intimate business of chipping off everything that I was not.

That made me an oddball in the eyes of the many, and please don't ask me if I care.

Quitting these two "basic" articles like sugar and wheat, I just made myself more "crazy," even to my family who started worrying about "what would be next."

I tease them saying: "One day you are going to see me with a shaved head and in a red robe like a Tibetan monk."

Luckily, they know about my sense of humor.

But anyway, where was I before I started all this crap...oh, yes, I announced something like epigenetic transformation.

For those who never cared to learn about it—epigenetics is a science about upregulating the expression of genes that are, by their effects on our well-being, beyond our genetic predisposition and composed of our hereditary inclinations. This is done by consciously living in the here and now, and choosing our elevated emotions which trigger that shift in our genome. Choosing the right foods speeds up this process.

We age and get sick because our bodily programs are selecting for us those genes in our genome, the expression of which is telling our cells how to function, and thus dictating a low level of our vitality.

Layer upon layer, our body piles up all that it interprets as "stress"just because it doesn't conform with its pleasure principle. So, by quitting sugar and wheat, these two artificial substances, I am freeing my energetic body of the vibrations which are not compatible with the vibratory signature of me.

I definitely felt a great difference soon after doing it, but unlike all those nutritional gurus out there, I am not preaching to others to follow suit. You see, it's actually funny how something good can be bad for someone else.

We need our own personal inner harmony, and to some people—if not the majority— it's perfectly fine to enjoy their morning coffee, maybe have a glass of wine or two after dinner, with an occasional good cigar to be added to that comfort zone.

And it's equally normal for them to visit their doctors when health concerns call for it. Well, why not, everybody else is doing it, because it's been a life truism of modern man that "sickness is a normal part of life."

I am not being sarcastic here, I mean it.

We are not all cut the same way.

What I see as my epigenetic transformation could appear as self-torture to someone else. Not because they wouldn't have a will power to do it, but because it's not their mind-style which would dictate such a lifestyle.

As I am doing my morning practice of blissfulness-at-will, trust me, coffee is the last thing I need to wake me up.

But then, "awakening" is not even something for everybody, It's something uncommon, and, like the title of this post is saying, my reasons for quitting sugar and flour products are also uncommon.

And then, there are, of course, those operating on my "wave-length," and to them this post could even be an inspiration.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Val Karas

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