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Healthy Weight-Loss Secrets From Around the World

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Have you ever wondered why some countries don't struggle with obesity? Here's why!

Have you ever wondered why some countries don't struggle with obesity? Here's why!

International Diet Secrets

Have you ever wondered about the “diet” secrets and diet foods of those who are healthy, fit, and slim? What do they eat, what is their lifestyle, and what are their secrets to longevity. As well, why don't these countries have an obesity problem? As we all know, obesity and being overweight is an Intercontinental problem. However, there are countries with low obesity rates.

International Obesity Rates

Although there are diet weight loss secrets and diet foods in several countries, the international obesity rates are rising. Over 400 million adults around the world are obese and 1.6 billion are overweight, states the World Health Organization (WHO). There are also 155 million children worldwide that have obesity issues, reports the International Obesity TaskForce (IASO). Out of the 155 million overweight children, 30-45 million children are obese.

Did you know that America has one of the highest International obesity rates in the world? So how do other countries with low obesity rates stay slim and healthy? What are some of the international weight loss secrets and diet foods of healthy countries? Why do these countries not have an obesity problem? What are their secrets?

Melted Goat's Cheese on French Bread

Melted Goat's Cheese on French Bread

1. France

French men and women are remarkably slim and have an amazing healthy glow. But their diet overflows with cream-filled pastries, rich cream sauces, and quality wines and cheeses. Why are they not overweight? This is what is called the French Paradox. So what are their secrets of beauty and the diet foods they eat? What are their weight loss diet secrets?

  • A "green" living diet
  • Eating is a leisurely experience
  • Fresh foods are a way of living green
  • There are three meals a day and no snacks
  • Meals are quite light and portions are small
  • Wholesome bread or pasta is consumed daily
  • Desserts are a treat and portions are very petite’
  • Olive oil is used instead of oils that are highly saturated

Fish (like served here in sushi) is a staple in Japan

Fish (like served here in sushi) is a staple in Japan

2. Japan and Other Asian Countries

For centuries, men and especially women in Japan have been known for their beauty and slender physique. Many studies agree that Japanese citizens live longer and healthier than almost everyone else on Earth. With several traditions and cultural beliefs, their diet foods definitely portray longevity and their secrets of beauty are simple yet complex. Here are some of their top weight loss diet secrets and why many do not have obesity problems.

  • They have a “green” lifestyle
  • They savor every morsel eaten
  • A picturesque food presentation
  • Beautiful arrays of controlled portions
  • They eat large portions of vegetables
  • Rice is served with the majority of meals
  • They eat a large variety of natural soy products
  • Desserts are minimal and usually contain fresh fruit
  • Fatty fish is a favorite and meat is rarely consumed
  • Meals are served on separate small plates and bowls
  • There are four or five different vegetable dishes with most meals
  • green tea is a traditional drink
Wild chestnuts are a popular Georgian food

Wild chestnuts are a popular Georgian food

3. Georgian Cuisine

The Georgian culture has quite the influx of stories that pertain to health, longevity, and vegetarian lore. In fact, many books have been written on the subject of Georgian’s perfect health, secrets of beauty, diet foods, and their ideal weight loss plan and for having some of the longest life spans in the world. Although some experts claim that it is not the Georgians but the Abkhasians (formerly Soviet Georgia) that have ideal health. Yet according to WOW, the Georgians have a low obesity rate similar to France and are seldom obese. The occurrence of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure among Georgians is very low. Some are their International diet secrets are:

  • Great value is placed on longevity
  • Eggs are limited to 2 or 3 per week
  • They have a “green” living lifestyle
  • Honey is often used instead of sugar
  • Goat cheese is the customary cheese
  • Abista, a cornmeal mash, is a major staple
  • Fat from meat or chicken is not used at all
  • Meats are often cooked in pomegranate juice
  • Nuts are consumed often such as wild chestnuts
  • They believe in being attuned to the rhythms of life
  • Favorite foods are pickled vegetables and lima beans
  • Wild barberry (Barberis vulgaris) is picked seasonally
  • Toasts include sayings like “May you live as long as Moses”
  • A lifestyle of light eating and substantial amounts of physical activity
  • Most vegetables are served pickled but are also eaten raw and cooked
  • Meat is eaten 1-2 times a week; chicken, beef, lamb, and kid (juvenile goat)
  • 1-2 cups of matzoni (fermented milk similar to buttermilk) are consumed daily
  • They have a traditional concept of “old” never took root, the word old was banished
  • A common sauce for lima beans contains onions, green peppers, garlic, coriander, and pomegranate juice
  • Large amounts of seasonal fruit are consumed, mostly pears, grapes, and pomegranates
  • Salt is never used and adzhika (pungent/bitter plants mixed with nuts) is used for spicing
  • Western Georgia cuisine is mostly vegetarian food prepared with walnuts and spiced tarragon, basil, and coriander.

4. The Tarahumara Indians of Northwest Mexico

The Tarahumara Indians or Raramuri, as they call themselves, of Cooper Canyon, Mexico, have extremely impressive low blood sugar levels, minimal diseases, and little to no obesity issues or overweight problems. For centuries they have been known as knowledgeable farmers and amazing runners. In the last few decades, the Raramuri have been known worldwide for their long-distance running abilities. The translation of Rarámuri is "runners".

The Raramuri live in small wood or stone cabins, in caves, and under cliffs. Their environment is peaceful and remote, devoid of modern technology. Their diet foods are basically meatless. The main staple consists of beans and corn (maize). The people also enjoy potatoes, apples, and occasionally freshwater fish, sheep, or goats. A favored meat dish is small game with herbs. More topmost International diet secrets of the Raramuri are:

  • Diet is low in fat and cholesterol
  • They live an extremely “green” lifestyle
  • Herbs are often used and salt is minimal
  • Quiet, considerate, and peaceful people
  • Their food has high nutritional qualities
  • The diet is high in complex carbohydrates
  • Chili peppers are a necessity and in many dishes
  • Running or "foot throwing” has always been a tradition
A delicious Greek salad

A delicious Greek salad

5. Greece

Greece and the rural people of Crete have one of the world's lowest rates of disease, obesity, and overweight populations. In fact, Greek people have been culturally known for their longevity and robust health. Their life is filled with celebrations that overflow with healthy feasts, vigorous dancing, lively music, a healthy diet, and song.

Greek diet foods are filled with a large array of dark green vegetables, spinach, purslane, dandelions, and fresh fruits such as pears, grapes, figs, and plums. Fresh herbs and spices are a big part of cooking, using mustard, garlic, cumin, oregano, bay leaves, cinnamon, fennel, and cloves. The Greeks eat a well-rounded list of whole grains, pasta, beans, and lentils. Olive oil, fresh nuts, and Kalamata olives are used often. The preferred meat is fish; usually cod, tuna, or flounder.

There are many Greek dishes that contain goat or sheep’s milk cheese such as feta. And for dessert, a small slice of baklava filled with ground walnuts and honey or yogurt with fresh fruit. Some of Greece's top International diet secrets for staying healthy and slim are:

  • Laughter is essential
  • Dining is never rushed
  • Fish is eaten in moderation
  • Green” living is a lifestyle
  • Dancing is a common activity
  • Lamb is eaten only on special occasions
  • Olive oil is considered a gift from the gods
  • The most common toast is "to your health", which is "stinygiasou”


World Health Organization:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.


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