Why I Reluctantly Quit Meat

Updated on November 17, 2016
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Sam was an omnivore for 15 years until coming across some angry vegan on Facebook and considering the validity of their arguments.


Is a meat-free diet really a healthier choice? I was surprised to find out that it is.

My whole life I was eating meat everyday: sandwiches at school, burger, steak, pork, fish, and eggs at home. I loved the smell of meat. It always reminded me that mom or dad was in the kitchen cooking up a nice satisfying meal.

When I was 16 I began to see the evidence that went against my opinion. I didn't like it very much. For a year or so I continued to eat chicken breast stir fries, eggs, burgers, and pizza. I couldn't really imagine life without meat. I imagined myself sitting down with a fluffy salad, eating it, and feeling like it just didn't satisfy me.

I read that the World Health Organization did a study showing that meat substantially increases your risk of cancer and heart disease, and a number of other health complications. I still couldn't quite believe it because meat was just such a common part of my everyday life. Why would my parents, my school, and pretty much everyone I know lie to me my whole life? Well, most of them didn't know, just like I didn't know.

I watched the documentary Cowspiracy and later I watched The Widow Maker. I learned a lot of surprising information from these documentaries, and I tried to eat meat after, only to find that it made me feel sick, so much so that I couldn't deny the facts when they were blaring in my face.

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Heart Disease Is the Number One Killer in the U.S.


One of the main reasons I quit eating meat is because of the ethics and morality of it. I recognize that the animals we eat can feel pain the same as we do. If you just as much as step on a puppies paw it will cry like a little girl. I can't imagine chopping my dogs head off, skinning him and eating him, it would be just unthinkably horrible. I couldn't be the one to rip a pigs tail off with my hands while its still fully conscious and screaming. I wouldn't be able to chop a chickens head off and watch the blood spray. I can't imagine being the guy who shoves his fist deep into a cows vagina to artificially inseminate her. I could not bring myself to separate her from her newborn calf, leaving her and the calf to mourn for weeks. I wouldn't be able to drown the disposable male chicks or watch them be ground up alive. I couldn't work in the massive chicken houses, seeing the sickly suffering chickens, limping along because their broken legs can't stand the weight of their steroidal body. I can't bring myself to be a part of this industry, because it's so disgusting and awful.

Then how can I be expected to turn a blind eye and enjoy a bacon and egger, or a cheeseburger with the pals? I can't do it anymore. It's simply too evil.

The Truth About The Bovine Industry

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If you care about the environment, about future generations, or the stability of the food production industry, you may want to consider quitting meat. The effects of eating meat are absolutely and undeniably detrimental to the water, air, and land of our earth. Livestock is the single largest contributor to deforestation, desertification, ocean dead zones, global warming, sea level rise, and more. If you are not a vegan and you've made it this far into this article, I want to thank you for your commitment to reason and evidence, and the ability to look at both sides of the argument. Your diligence is actually quite rare, so thank you.

Very Powerful Speech on Animals as Food


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    • Sam Wickstrom profile image

      Sam Wickstrom 17 months ago from Lethbridge, AB, Canada

      Likely, thats what the studies are showing.

    • profile image

      Akwasi Maru 17 months ago

      I have been back and forth with vegan diets but when I was vegan I was very healthy but when I started eating processed foods and meats, my health decreased.