Lose 10 Pounds in a Week: 7 Day Diet Plan

Expert Advice for Weight Loss

I discovered this diet plan when I needed to lose weight quickly. I had a fitness exam and needed to lose five pounds, but I wanted a healthy weight-loss plan, not one that would tell me to starve myself. This plan worked for me, and if you want to lose ten pounds in a week, you have come to the right place.

I am a registered dietitian and nutritionist. My focus is to promote whole food nutrition, so you will not find any weight-loss medicines or supplements in this diet plan. The only things you need to lose weight are healthy, fresh food from your local market. I own a nutrition clinic where I provide healthy eating and exercise counseling to families to help young children maximise their growth and health potential. I know all about the weight-loss pills on the market. Most of them are unhealthy and cause nausea, diarrhea, and other serious symptoms.

Follow this plan carefully and you will likely lose 10-15 pounds. This diet is healthy. It is all about losing weight by controlling your food intake. You will lose weight and also notice some positive effects on your skin and digestive system.

Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

Overview of Allowed Foods
Day One: Eat only low-sugar fruit today. No bananas! Choose apples, pomegranates, and any citrus you like. Drink 12 glasses of water.
Day Two: Vegetables only. Start the day with a boiled potato. Eat the salads of your choice, plus drink 12 glasses of water.
Day Three: You're allowed both fruit and vegetables today. No potatoes or bananas. Drink 12 glasses of water.
Day Four: Eat eight whole bananas today. Make and eat today's basic vegetable soup recipe. Drink three glasses of milk. Also, drink 12 glasses of water.
Day Five: Eat six small tomatoes today plus a serving of plain, boiled rice. You can also have more vegetable soup, apples, oranges, and grapefruit. Drink at least 10 glasses of water
Day Six: Eat a small serving of rice. You can have vegetable soup three times. Drink at least 10 glasses of water.
Day Seven: Eat a small serving of rice. You can have vegetable soup and vegetable salad today. Drink at least 10 glasses of water, plus fruit juice if desired.

The Seven Day Diet Plan: Menus and Expert Weight-Loss Advice

Weigh Yourself Now, Then Wait a Week

One very important rule: Put your scale away for the week. That's right. I don't want you to weigh yourself for the entire seven days of the diet. The reason for this is to focus on how much better you feel rather than on the number of pounds you lose. At day seven you can pull out your scale and step aboard to see how many pounds have come off.

On day one you can eat any kind of fruit except bananas.
On day one you can eat any kind of fruit except bananas.

Eat Only Fresh Food!

On the second day, eat all the vegetables you want.
On the second day, eat all the vegetables you want.

On the second day of the diet, eat any type of vegetable you want, as much as you want. You can eat them either raw, in a salad, or boiled with salt and pepper.

Seven Day Diet: Frequently Asked Questions

Many readers have benefited from this diet. Read the comments section below to read success stories and questions that others have posed. Since many have tried this diet before you, I may have addressed your question already.

With that in mind, I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions, and my answers, here to help you succeed with your goal. You will find more frequently asked questions and answers on the page for Day One.

  • Why do people get different results with this diet plan? Medical conditions can play a big role in weight gain or loss. It is important to understand any medical conditions you may have before going on a diet. Many different issues can lead to abnormal weight gain, including thyroid issues. If this is a concern for you, read this article on hypothyroidism and its effect on weight. Mental health issues can also lead to weight gain or loss. If you struggle with anxiety, you may experience abnormal weight gain. Make sure to ask your doctor for advice about how to manage the anxiety without over-eating.
  • I am hungry and light-headed before bed. What should I do? Eat some fruit before bed, take a five-minute walk, sit down for about ten minutes, and then go to bed.
  • Is alcohol allowed on this diet? No.
  • Can I continue the diet after the first week is over? Yes, you can continue for two weeks. Then take a break for a few days and continue again for another two weeks if you want.
  • Is chewing gum allowed? Yes, sugar-free gum is allowed.
  • I am on day four and I am very discouraged. I don't feel as if I am losing any weight at all. I encourage you to complete the seven days. Don't be too disappointed if you don't lose all ten pounds. Every body and metabolism is different. Do be careful, however, to follow the diet exactly. Don't eat less food than is recommended in your effort to lose weight as that will throw off the diet's chemistry.
  • Can I substitute anything for rice? Yes, you can have a potato, quinoa, or millet instead of rice.
  • I messed up on day two. Should I go back to the day one menu or can I just repeat day two again? If you mess up or cheat a little, just repeat the day and continue on from there.
  • I am fasting for Ramadan. Can I do this diet? Yes, but you will have to spread your meals out. Drink cold water at 4 a.m. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and eat a big meal with the foods on that day's menu. Then at 7 p.m. when you can break your fast, drink another glass of cold water and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Eat another meal. Repeat through the evening, eating small meals until bedtime.
  • Can I substitute store-bought low-calorie soup for the homemade soup? No, it is best if you make it yourself fresh for the day you will eat it.

You are allowed to drink green tea (above).
You are allowed to drink green tea (above).

Allowed Beverages

In addition to water, you're allowed to drink:

  • Green tea
  • Coffee with skimmed milk
  • Warm lemonade (recipe described on the page for day three of the diet)

Do You Need to Lose Weight?

This question is a personal one and ultimately the answer depends upon your health and how you feel. Some things to consider are:

  • Has you doctor recommended that you lose a few pounds for cardiovascular health?
  • Do you have high blood pressure?
  • Are you experiencing any joint pain as a result of carrying excess weight?
  • Are you light-framed or heavy-framed and what is your height?
  • What is your body-mass index (BMI)?

Height and Healthy Weight Chart for Women (Weight in Pounds)

Height (Feet Inches)
Small Frame
Medium Frame
Large Frame
4' 10"
4' 11"
5' 0"
5' 1"
5' 2"
5' 3"
5' 4"
5' 5"
5' 6"
5' 7"
5' 8"
5' 9"
5' 10"
5' 11"
6' 0"

Height and Healthy Weight Chart for Men (Weight in Pounds)

Small Frame
Medium Frame
Large Frame
5' 2"
5' 3"
5' 4"
5' 5"
5' 6"
5' 7"
5' 8"
5' 9"
5' 10"
5' 11"
6' 0"
6' 1"
6' 2"
6' 3"
6' 4"

How to Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your BMI is a value derived from your body weight and height. It is a way of quantifying the amount of tissue mass (muscle, fat, and bone) in your body.

  • To calculate your BMI, you will need to know your height (in meters or inches) and your weight (in kilograms or pounds). You will divide your weight by your height.
  • Metric: BMI = Weight (Kg)/Height (m)2
  • American: BMI = Weight (lb)/Height (inches)2 x 703


  • 18.5 or under: Underweight
  • 18.5-24.9: Normal
  • 25-29.9: Overweight
  • 30 or above: Obese

Lose 10 pounds in a week diet chart. Easy to follow instructions for detailed info please read all 7 articles.
Lose 10 pounds in a week diet chart. Easy to follow instructions for detailed info please read all 7 articles.
Day one of this seven day plan features all types of fruit except bananas.
Day one of this seven day plan features all types of fruit except bananas.

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Aoife 2 days ago

I am 5ft. 5in and about 156 pounds, would like to lose 10 pounds. What is the average weigh loss per

Suman 4 days ago

Is there any substitute for rice ?

Nate 6 days ago

I'm allergic to bananas what can I substitute it for

miss jaen 11 days ago

Hı, I just want to say thanks. I started this diet on the 23rd and it's my sixth day today. I weighed in at 202 pounds and I am 5'7" so I was and am still terribly overweight although it's not as bad now. I weigh in at 193 pounds and it's the sixth day. I fell awesome

Arden Loftus 11 days ago

How much water should be in each glass?

ELEANNE 12 days ago


Becky 2 weeks ago

On the second day can you have a sweet potato for dinner?

Alice Cleverley profile image

Alice Cleverley 2 weeks ago

are you allowed almond milk in this, on any day, or to replace the milk on day 4? Also are you allowed protien powder

ErykahJae 2 weeks ago

What dressings can be used for salads if any?

fiona 2 weeks ago

hello, i am starting tomorrow but i am planning on adding beatroot and take some multivitamins since i am anaemic, will that affect my results in a negative way?

Disha 2 weeks ago

Hi Guys! Dont be discouraged.. You can all do it. I finished this diet yesterday and I have lost over 7 lbs. I didn't even eat the minimum required because I used to get full before getting to that requirement. It was a very hard diet but IT WAS WORTH IT.

Have someone know that you are on this diet so that they can envourage you on the tough days!

Good Luck!

Riyaz 3 weeks ago

Lost 4.3 Kgs !! It does work if you are serious.

asma 3 weeks ago

Plz tell me one month diet plan my weight 110 kg my age 27 years ....

Inès 3 weeks ago

Hey , i'm teenager of 17 years ,, i wanna try this diet cz i wanna bien lots of fats in my doby ,but i have some questions on it ,, Will it be good for my healt?? And can i replace banan with an other fruit or with egg??please help me:-)

jennifer 4 weeks ago

When i eat the vegetable salad, can i add a little of dressing like ranch in it?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 weeks ago from Earth Author

@Lau i recommend fresh veggies preferably green ones.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 weeks ago from Earth Author

@Nancy Sutherland each day has its separate article. Follow the links to read more details about about each day. Soup recipe is also available on day 4 i think.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 weeks ago from Earth Author

@Mariyam khan yes green tea, chamomile tea or other herbal teas. Anything with low caffeine or no caffeine at all.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 4 weeks ago from Earth Author

@Juan C no it will not effect the results

Lau 4 weeks ago

I had a few questions though...can lentils, beans n garbanzo beans be eaten on veggie days?

What about nuts?

Nancy Sutherland 4 weeks ago

Is there a recipe for vegetable soup..I don't see one..

Gwendolyn Jones 4 weeks ago

Can I have boiled corn on day 2 since there is corn in the salad? I know I can't have butter but as long as I can have salt it would be ok.

Mariyam khan 4 weeks ago

Can i take tea during this diet plan?

Juan C 5 weeks ago

I am getting full without eating everything im supposed to everyday. Will that affect the diet plans for me?

chanel 5 weeks ago

Hi, today is my first day and I had blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. I also ate 1 apple 1 orange, 2 pomegranates and some redberries. Was I allowed to have berries on this day?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 5 weeks ago from Earth Author

@aline martins 2 weeks then a week off and then two more weeks

aline martins 5 weeks ago

can you repeat this diet over a month long period and get better results?

Yen 6 weeks ago

Amazing. I have lost 2.5 kgs after 3 days. Already feel good and look good. I am 160cm height and 57.7 kg when I started. This diet is not hard as you can eat whenever you want. I still have a coffee with full cream milk to start my day as I am working. I also have some protein (2 boiled eggs, 100 - 150 gr of chicken or beef) each day, but I walk 10,000 steps to loose those extra food.

afa 6 weeks ago

hi there, can we replace black coffee with black tea?

nishipadma 7 weeks ago

i will try first because i have been tired by doing all these so i had lost my hope if its really works then i will definetly sare this page

random0305 7 weeks ago

If you click Day Four it will show you the Soup recipe.

Jason 8 weeks ago

Where does meet come into play with this diet?

patsy 8 weeks ago

I have just been diagnosed with borderline diabetes, is it ok to eat so much fruit as it contains lots of sugar, as I don't want my sugar levels to rise or the doctor will put me on medication, which I really don't want. Thanks.

Kellianne 8 weeks ago

Could someone post the Veggie soup Recipe please?

Nicole 8 weeks ago

This might be stupid but would spaghetti squash be okay for a meal? It is considered a vegetable so I just wanted to ask

Hsu polnoff 8 weeks ago

Any substitute for bananas? I hate them with passion!

Tehreem Alizai 8 weeks ago

Hi, can i have a cup of tea in the morning before going to the school. And how should i divide my meals during the day as i spend 8 hours of the day in school. Am i only allowed to eat fruits at school?

ilikecats34 2 months ago

Hi! I am trying to lose about 10 lbs in order to fit into a bridesmaid dress. I really want to try this diet, but I have a few questions for you. I get really bad headaches when I don't consume enough protein. I'm really worried about the lack of protein in the diet. Is there a way to supplement that while still maintaining the integrity of the diet? Also, will the lack of protein affect my workouts?

Miranda 2 months ago

HOLY CANNOLI! After 3rd day - down 6.5 lbs! Thank you! Banana day today. :)

@shelbyEdgar 2 months ago

So by meals do you mean the fruit and veggies or an actual meal but on the particular day like the first day no veggies??? Kinda confused, not sure if I can only eat fruit all day and nothing else or if I can have a small meal.

MJoshi 2 months ago

How will the lack of protein in this diet affect my muscles? I plan on interval running for 45 minutes every morning and lifting weights 4 times a week in the evening.

Miranda 2 months ago

HI there, I have read many posts but see nothing about splenda. Also is it possible to eat any of the ZERO CALORIE condiments like those put out by Walden Farms? Or zero calorie shiratake noodles? - No fat, no carb, no calorie?

Parvez elahi 2 months ago

Dear Bilarus

You advised me to take 10-20ml of sugarcane vinegar.

Pls advise at what time I drink it and how many times in a day.


Parvez Elahi

winny 2 months ago

Hi,am on day one.but i am on prednisolone tablets,can this diet plan affect me ?answer please!

saharidawn 2 months ago

Just got through my first day. It is almost my bedtime. It was hard for me. I had so many hunger attacks and also the pomegranate and apple gave me little bit of acidity but I was able to get rid of it by drinking cold water. I was feeling tired and sometimes drowsy. I really hope that day 2 is easier for me.

Ana 2 months ago

I did this plan for 2 weeks straight and lost 9 lbs!! Really proud and happy. I took 3 days off, and ate less but ate all that I craved (mostly bread and cheese) and gained 1lb. So I am starting again today! I need to loose at least 6 more pounds! Lets hope I can make it!! Love this diet plan! :)

Erwin 2 months ago

Hello, is this for each meal of the day? E.g. day 1 2 apples.. breakfast 2 apples, lunch 2 apples, dinner 2 apples?

Kelly Handerson 2 months ago

Is is safe to go on this diet while I am on my period? Please reply soon. Thanks in advance.

sadalla 2 months ago

The Soup recipe please

Mary 2 months ago

Could you please provide the vegetable soup recipe? Thank you!

Kanthi 2 months ago

I have tried this two weeks before & lost exactly 10 pounds in a week. started doing this again today.

Donna 2 months ago

I lost 7 lbs. Day 4 was the worst day because of the number of bananas to consume even though I mdse a smoothy with the skim milk. Overall it was a good eating plan.

sherine gomez 2 months ago

after the first seven days diet plan, is it to continue the same or some other diet plan will be provided or not?

Pam 2 months ago

Hi does anyone have the recipe for the soup please

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 months ago from Earth Author

@leah absolutely yes . There is no alternative to workout

Leah 2 months ago

Would you recommend exercise such as jogging or swimming?

Ryan 2 months ago

I did this for seven days and it gave me the frame of mind to stick with just eating whole foods. I am doing mostly fruits and vegetables and adding in healthy proteins. I eat whenever I feel hungry which has my energy through the roof. I have drank only water with lemon and ice. I lost 17lbs doing this in seven days. I continued witb whole foods and at day 9, I am now down 20lbs.

Karen Kroll 2 months ago

I am on day 6 and feel amazing. My house smells so good with the soup cooking and I can't believe how good a baked potato and rice actually taste. I am so glad I found this diet and I will weigh myself after day 7 actually day 8 in the morning to let you know my result but I definitely feel lighter and my pants button easier. Tummy flatter. But besides that I feel clearer and have great energy!

apeksha verma 2 months ago

my weight is 70 kg who to lose with in one month

Jerome 3 months ago

How about canned and frozen vegetables

Lornz 3 months ago

Thank you so much Sir Haris, for this diet plan. ☺ very easy to follow and very delicous recipies. Today is my day 7, and i lost 3 kilos! am starting again tomorrow

AMilano 3 months ago

hello. i dont like tomatoes - is there anything else i can use in the salad to substitute or will it be ok to leave out? on the tomato day - can i blend them and warm them through to make a pure tomato sauce for the rice?

Shw1nky profile image

Shw1nky 3 months ago

When it comes to day one and it says to eat at lease 2 pomegranates by the end of the day.. what can you substitute it if they are not in season or cant find any?

Hannah 3 months ago

Some people are only losing 3 or 6 pounds in a week, does this diet really work?

Mebe 3 months ago

I did first week lost 6lbs. Decided to continue with another week, Directly after first week. In hopes to lose at least six or ten lbs, but on day four I ate one regular meal at dinner. I'm burned out of the vegetable soup. I may take a break for couple of days. Or I may continue.

Jarett c 3 months ago

On day 5! Why can't the soup or salad be leftover from the day(s) before?

Ansshul Jindal 3 months ago

This is awesome. I reduced 5.5 kgs. Thank you so much

Boni Sil 3 months ago

Hi! I don't consume milk. Anything else beside milk?

briitany 3 months ago

Is there anything else you can eat besides the tomatoes ?

Paige Williams 3 months ago

Hi I'm new to this programme and I was just wondering does this work on all women? I would, in reality like to loose about 3 stone have u got any tips?

Neha 3 months ago

Can u send me link for work out video

Parvez elahi 3 months ago

Dear Bilarus,

Many many thanks for your reply and advice

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 months ago from Earth Author

@parvez elahi

I have already replied to your comment. You should lose weight gradually. Two to Three kg each month max. Start with early morning walk routine with diet change. More fruits and vegetables and less bread. Manage stress it's a big factor towards health issues.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 3 months ago from Earth Author

@parvez elahi.. Yes you can do this diet. Don't starve yourself eat every 3-4 hour small meals. Use apple cider vinegar with salads. Try to get sugarcane vinegar made locally. Use 10-20 ml daily. Avoid stressful situations. Drink plenty of water, make sure your water supply is good for consumption and low in natural occuring salts and minerals.

maria 3 months ago

THIS ACTUALLY WORKS PEOPLE!!! initial weight 122lbs. I'm on day 5 at 118lbs.

cynthia 3 months ago

what dressings can you use on the salads? Guessing fat free light?

Parvez Elahi 3 months ago

Dear Bilarus

I am looking forward for your advice for my diet. Kindly note I am living in Pakistan.

Please give me my diet plan keeping in mind of my diseases heart, uric acid, arthritis, thyroid etc.

My wait is around 97 kgs. Height 5'10 and i have medium structure.

I am overweight and could not walk even for 10 - 15 mnts.

I shall be thankful to you for your precious diet plan and advice.

Parvez Elahi

Parvez elahi 3 months ago

Dear Bilarus,

I am 62 yrs old, underwent open heart bypass surgery about 11 yrs ago. Also hypothyroid, arthritis and Uris acid. I am taking medicines for all above diseases.

My weight is 97 kegs. My height is 5'10, my structure is medium.

My waist is 46 inches.

Please advice whether I should do this diet or advice some other diet

I shall be very thankful to you

Parvez Elahi

Noor Saeed 3 months ago

Thanks for this diet plan. It actually is working for me. Today I started my 3rd day and I lost about 3lbs already. My starting weight was 120lbs and I am 5'3'. I want to be 100lbs so I will do this diet for 2 week.

Parvez elahi 3 months ago

I am 62 yers old. Patient of hypothyroid,

Heart and arthritis, and uric acid

My weight is 98 kgs. And height is 5'10

Medium structure

Can I do this diet? Pls advise

TR 3 months ago

Interesting.... I want to try even though it sounds a little crazy. One small thing to improve your presentation....Please correct your spelling. You're is correct for you are, not your.

Kristinena 4 months ago

I'd smoking allowed on this diet


Kristinena 4 months ago

Is smoking allowed in this diet? I don't smoke often but at least 4 times a day and I was wondering if it would effect the diet.


heather 4 months ago

hey, are pitaya or acai bowls okay for the first day?

barb 4 months ago

Hi Bilaris, thanku for this great diet plan , I was wondering if purple cabbage can be used instead of the green cabbage, for the soup days, thanku for your reply

stella 4 months ago

hi , i am 17 ...and i started this diet plan from 2 days but i dont work out , is it okay? and what are the drinks that are allowed ?...and i cooked vegetables with fresh homemade tomato juice without oil is it right? and for fruits i ate an apple , grapes and figs and thanks

Tina 4 months ago

I don't like milk, what can I substitute

Mg06095 4 months ago

I am on day 5 and so far have lost 9.4 pounds. This is indeed a very good diet plan. I have so much energy. I walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes daily plus do the extra exercises that has been recommended. Thank you for this awesome diet plan. When I started I weigh n at 208.8 pounds and looking to get down to 150 pounds by my 50th birthday in October.

Karma Perez 4 months ago

Thank you :P

Tishh 4 months ago

I Really don't like Potatoes. So Can I Use moong beans instead of Potatoes

 4 months ago

im 103 kg and 1.79cm and i want to start tomorrow but i want to know the recipe of soup please.

Khemera 4 months ago

Hi Bilaras,

I wish to use your youtube video in my send-out email to my list to let them learn those exercises. Will you give permission on that?

Thank you!


Catherine 4 months ago

Feeling so good on Day 3 I just could not resist weighing myself-- down 5 1/2 pounds at night-----

AhmedMohd 4 months ago

Hey! I think that this gonna work so ill try it.I have a Q : If I started this diet and went to the gym would it not help muscle growth ? Cuz there is no strong protien source in the list,I need ur reply !

Erin 4 months ago

Hi there! I am on day 3 of this diet and I had unbearable cramps and other digestive issues on day 1. I am on day 3 and I now have crazy bloating (I am thinking my body no likey the fruit). What do you recommend that I do? I would really like to not waste all of the food and money I spent on this diet, but I also dont want to cause my body problems. Any suggestions to alter the diet to avoid bloating? Thank you!

Sayeh 4 months ago

One watermelon is too much. Today is my day 1 and so far I had half a watermelon and I feel like a balloon!

ema 4 months ago

i've tried this diet plan and now i have lose 2.2 pounds in 2 days. I want to lose 14 pounds. Hopefully i can achieve my goal. Thanks...

Ayano 4 months ago

I'm 5'3 and 115lbs. If I do this diet for 3 weeks will I be able to reach 95lbs?

(My frame is very tiny due to my eastern-asian heritage and I look overweight at my current weight).

Chante 4 months ago

Is avo allowed on the diet?

Kelsey 4 months ago

Dona, please do keep us updated! I am going to buy everything tomorrow! :)

Dona 4 months ago

My mom and I decided to try this diet out. We are on day 2 today :) Day 1 was very tough with just fruits but we were able to get through it. I believe today will be easier with veggies. I'm hoping that the both of us get through all 7 days and I will come back and make notes as to where we are at and how many pounds we lost. Btw: we weighed in on day 1 and will wait until day 7 to weigh again. Good luck to you all!! :))

Chris 4 months ago

Hey everyone! me and my fiance just completed this challenge - IT WORKS! we followed the diet exactly what they told us. i lost 12 lbs and she lost 9 lbs. it takes some dedication and patience. but trust me it will be all worth it. we are going to continue going for another week to shred a few more un-wanted lbs lol. Thank you!

14 girl 4 months ago

So I'm 14 yr old female and I'm about 5 foot 5.5 inches and weigh 134 pounds. How much could I lose? I started yesterday and dont follow the menu exactly because I don't have all the ingredients.

Talia 4 months ago

Are the daily meals suppose to be taken for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Ayman 4 months ago


I did the seven day work out provided here on calorie bee, along with my own workouts until I got my weight to a weight I am comfortable at. However, I need a diet plan to reduce my body fat (yes six pack goals) in order to get more cut. Do you have any plans that wont take too long? if not, do you recommend any diet plans to get ripped? I thought I would keep redoing this diet plan until I get ripped because the calorie intake is low enough to reduce body fat with working out, what d you think?

Tina 4 months ago

Is gum ok on this diet?

kkk 4 months ago

can i eat on first day prunes and dried fruit?

Joanna 4 months ago

Hi im allergic to banana what can i replace it with instead?

Shi 5 months ago

Allergic to bananas, is there a substitute?

John 5 months ago

Worked like a charm for me!

Kylie 5 months ago

Is this diet safe at 26 weeks of pregnancy?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 5 months ago from Earth Author

@Tina yes

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 5 months ago from Earth Author

@Insia ali you can have a small meal every three hours.

Tina 5 months ago

Is this safe for a teenager?

Insia ali 5 months ago

Hi i want to know how many short meals can we take in a day

Amira 5 months ago

Can I have dried fruits on this diet?

Amira 5 months ago

My first day, ate fruits: apples, raspberries, blackberries, dried fruits. I drank tea, coffe and the diet drink. Is is normal to have too much gas?

Billie Jean 5 months ago

I'm so excited to start this tomorrow! I am a vegetarian already; but have been stress eating all the yucky stuff in the cupboard. I made the commitment to recognize I was stress eating and shed that 10lbs I've gained.

I've packed my food for Day 1 at work tomorrow.

Will post on day 8 my results

I am 26 female 5'1 weighed in today at 122lbs.

5 months ago

Hi there. Is there a printable version of this diet plan I can printout?

Karen 5 months ago

Will this diet work if I add protein shakes to this

Edu 5 months ago

If I have had gout dieting going to increase uric levels?

Puja 5 months ago

Hi, do we exercise normally during the week, while we are on the diet?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 5 months ago from Earth Author

@Pri i would recommend a very well balanced diet and exercise for all breastfeeding moms. Stop thinking about losing weight, think about staying active through a proper diet and workout. Eventually you'll lose weight and get in shape. Going for crash diet while breastfeeding is not recommended. Mother's diet has direct effect on baby's health so any sudden diet change will effect baby too. So i recommend starting a balanced healthy diet. Vegetables, Meat (fish and lamb), Fruits, Beans and Milk.

Small meals: Fill only 2/3 part of belly (food plus water) 1/3 should remain empty after every meal.

Pri 5 months ago

Hey, i m a breastfeeding mom, does this diet in any way lower the milk supply?

Pls reply.

Will my Drinking a glass of milk daily morning affect the plan?

Tony 5 months ago

Hey , can i subsitute lemon for lime? Is hot sauce okay? Thanks.

davell logan 5 months ago

Thank you for the article, great information, I am going to give this program a try and re post in seven days.

Chelsea 5 months ago

Do we still need to eat the recommended amount written or can we stop when we are full , is it gonna change the results

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 5 months ago from Earth Author

@Andre my 30 day plan is more balanced, also read my other post on boosting metabolism. Best method is obviously the heavy workout routine with well balanced diet. I encourage the use of multiple protein sources like meat, fist, beans etc.

Andre 5 months ago

On Day 3 now... I agree with others on Day-2 salad size... I got through half of it! and I'm 6'2, 235!

I'm down almost 5lbs already... I work out at the gym everyday, and definitely notice the no-energy/dizziness. I'm waking up quite a bit through the night.

My family eats a lot of meat, and it's very difficult as there's akways a smell in the house...

My question is, when I come off this diet, what is a recommended plan that would include more foods, like meat? There is no way this plan is sustainable for me over-time, especially with the engery level, and the lack of protein in my diet. As an athlete I need to be maintaining muscle.

Tbite 5 months ago

Review : Day 1 and 2 were hard rest of the days were easire, lost 11 pounds in total. Switched to a more balanced diet and yes a month later i haven't gained any weight back. This works and to be honest it wasn't that hard. Thanks

Miriam 5 months ago

Hi, I'm started this diet tomorrow and wanted to know if I can mix the fruits all together from day one??

Thank you

Marie 5 months ago

Could i just swap or replace day ones and twos diet routine with eachother because i don't have fruits today

Michaela 5 months ago

I accidentally ate some fruit on the second day: The Veggie Day! Does this matter? Also is there any way you can substitute rice for chicken? And on the third day, tomorrow, I HAVE to eat chicken because I can't waste it, it's not much just one chicken breast, does this matter? Thanks, hopefully this diet works, even though I can't follow it 100%

Faith Norwood profile image

Faith Norwood 5 months ago

Can I substitute something for the tomatoes?

Don 5 months ago

How much water can I drink with this diet? Have you come up with a follow up diet plan to stay or corse with diet

anindita 6 months ago

I m very much depressed with my weight nd even I m short in height.. is this diet plan really works???

6 months ago

Hi I just wanted to ask is meat allowed in any of this diet plan and if so how much can we have? On what days can we have it? And what kind of meat is allowed? Thank you

Angel 6 months ago

@Bilaras: On Day 1 can I have a milkshake consisting of only strawberries and blueberries, strawberries and ice cubes with a little water added and I blended everything in a blender? Is this acceptable or not? please respond soon. Thank you Angel

Ntombizodwa 6 months ago

I can't wait to start thank you

deedee 6 months ago

Followed to the letter and Lost 4 lbs

Nada 6 months ago

Hey! I've always struggled with my weight..went through harsh diets which caused me anemia... I think that your diet lacks essential elements such as proteins and whole grains which makes it imbalanced ! I really wanna try it but so scared of the side effects! Thnx

Stacey 6 months ago

Is there anything I can sub for Tomatoes?

Kevin 6 months ago

Today is my last day that my fiance and I are on the diet and we notice a difference, but of course we abstain from weighing ourselves until the very end,either tonight or tomorrow.

We have one more day after today until our wedding rehearsal dinner. Should we diet for that additional day, or will the difference be too nominal to risk the potential energy demands we'll have to meet for the big day?

Kaya Smith profile image

Kaya Smith 6 months ago

I just started the diet yesterday, but I am also taking 2-3 servings of protein powder a day to maintain muscle mass, as I am lifting heavy weights as well. Do you think this is a good idea?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 6 months ago from Earth Author

@Jessica173 small quantities only. Too much alcohol causes weight gain, i would recommend moderate consumption or no consumption at all. (Moderate consumption is one drink per day). Look into reactive thermogenesis and citric acid cycle.

Jessica173 6 months ago

I have a Party this weekend but wanted to start the diet tomorrow what alcohol can I drink on this diet? Is Vodka and slimline tonic ok?

Sashaychante 6 months ago

I find that I feel full before I finish eating all of my bowl. Do I continue eating or stop? Im down 8 pounds and im on day 6...this has been the longest time ive stayed on ANY diet...the food is great and I really feel this has helped me to make a lifestyle change. My body feels good and certain pains I had are no longer felt...THIS IS GREAT!

mvl 6 months ago

can popcorn without oil be okay and if not will it make a big difference if i ate it?????

Dani 6 months ago

I'm highly alergic to bananas is there anything to substitute for them?

anuja 6 months ago

Hi Bilaras !

You are correct but im doing 35min running at 7.6km and going to aerobics classes for 1 hour 5times a week daily still was unable to reduce my weight further .

now this is my 4th day of your suggested diet plan and with combination of your diet plan and exercise i lost 4 pounds further ,now at the end day of your diet plan if i lose further 4 ponds more then i will be go happy ...and then planing to maintain my weight with exercise ... hoping for best result soon

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 6 months ago from Earth Author

@mvl anywhere between 8 to 12 pounds.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 6 months ago from Earth Author

@anuja that 26 pounds you lost through exercise is a billion times better than any diet advice out there. I still recommend you to continue with the exercise and maybe increase its duration. Eat more but eat healthy.

mvl 6 months ago

I'm on day 2 of this diet, and I was wondering how many pounds I can loose?

I'm 15 yrs old, f, and I weigh 150lbs and 180cm tall.


Doreen 6 months ago

I cannot wait to do this,but I'm concerned ,I am allergic to tomatoes can I substituted ?

anuja 6 months ago

Hi Bilaras !

I stared your diet plan from today as last nigh when i was going through your plan i was not able to stop myself to follow it right away from very next morning. But i am having watermelon and muskmelon handy with i planed to consume 1.9kg muskmelon and 1 kg watermelon for a day.Is it ok ?

but yes from day 2 i will follow the same diet as mentioned by you .

I am 5"2 and having 124 ponds! wants to come back with 113 ponds as was before pregnancy .

i loss 26 ponds through exercises in 4 months, but now even exercising is not helping much as i am not able to loss those 11 extra pound.

May your diet plan work !!! Cheers

sara 6 months ago

I Am just a young teen. Will this work?

yerimar garcia 6 months ago

what do I eat other than the fruit and vegetable throughout the day for example breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Smonroe97 profile image

Smonroe97 6 months ago

I have been on this diet and doing exercises for 3 days! And I have already lost 7 pounds! But the salad did not taste good to me what so ever so I changed them up a bit but kept to the guide lines tonight I am having zucchini with boiled tomatoes (seasoned) very happy I found this diet!!! By the way I am 5'8" 161 pounds just 6 months ago I was 215!!! If I can do it anyone can!!!

KellyU1117 7 months ago

Why can you only eat fruit on the first day?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 7 months ago from Earth Author

@Jasmine No, just continue with plan. In case it happens again compensate is by adding a small workout or 20 min walk.

Jasmine 7 months ago

Hi, I am on Day 1 had 4 apples, 2 oranges,Blueberries and half watermelon. But I had two cups of 2% reduced fat milk.

Should I redo day 1 again?

Hy 7 months ago

Hi, i do not take tomatoes. Is there anything i can substitue it with?

SNa 7 months ago

Can u pls tell me Menu according to Indian diet pls

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 7 months ago from Earth Author

@johnson this diet will get you a great start and you can follow it for two straight weeks. After 2 weeks switch to more balanced diet. Read my new post its all about boosting your metabolism and that is the best of losing weight safely.

@johnson 7 months ago

I'm 15 , I way 250lbs and I'm trying to lose 50lbs, will this diet really work if I do it for 5week mark

warda 7 months ago

@Bilaras can i take coffee while I'm on this diet??

I can't really function without it!

Nalini 7 months ago

I'm on day 2 and have already lost 3lbs... great diet...but I'm a little hungry just got to stick to it....

sarah 7 months ago

If I can't have watermelon, is there another fruit you would recommend?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 7 months ago from Earth Author

@Ayush1 this diet will work even without a workout routine. However, i do recommend a regular workout routine for better muscle growth.

Ayush1 8 months ago

@Bilaras do you have to do exercise everyday?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 8 months ago from Earth Author

@Emma you'll get best results with banana rice and tomatoes. Fruit sugar doesn't cause blood sugar spike like most processed sugar.

Emma 8 months ago

hi I am little confused about the intake of food. Bananas on 4th day. Can't we replace with other fibrous fruit, less sugary. What s he role of banana only. And instead of rice and tomatoes can we replace rice with fish or tofu

CZiegler 8 months ago

I am halfway thru day one and feel fantastic! Love the detox tea that was suggested and I am an avid follower of Weight Watchers, so love love fruits and veggies! I will let you know how I do! I currently weigh 147 and am 5'6. I hope to shed the last "10 vanity" pounds that has been hanging around :)

Remember that you are all are beautiful no matter what your size!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 8 months ago from Earth Author

@Lindsay options are endless when i say fruits and vegetables i mean all of them. Just to keep things simple i have added a recipe and some specifics but to honest you can have them all as long as you make a balanced meal. For example if you like broccoli you can not go only broccoli meal. Its must be a mix of wide variety of fruits or vegetables.

Lindsay 8 months ago

Totally reconstituting an old thread - but can we be clear as to what really counts as a "fruit" and "veggie".

I just want to make sure I stay in the realm of the plan - but don't lose faith - or feel bored :(

Britta 9 months ago

I am on day 4, have lost 3 pounds and have a bit of a problem. We are having dinner with my husbands boss tonight. Obviously, they don't have the soup and I can't bring a banana. Any recommendations? I did go to the gym so I have 250 extra calories.

Mohammed 9 months ago

U have just told to have veritable with soup and rice .. Like how many times should it be taken ?? And in what quantity ..

theresa 10 months ago

so this is basically an all fruit and vegetable diet, that's all.

charlie 10 months ago

hi, where can I download the menù? or is just fruit, vegetables ecc eating for the entire day?

yash 10 months ago

is it ok to incorporate peanuts into the diet?

Joy 10 months ago

Why is there no lean meats?

Shiena ruidera 10 months ago

Hi! Will definitely try this! Question: can i drink peppermint tea instead of green tea, is there a difference? , peppermint tea has 0 calories while green tea has 1 calorie. I prefer lipton, lol. Thanks

Lucy 10 months ago

Can i take the slim quick mix berry drimk with this? It curbs my appetite but im worried abt the sugar in it

fisioterapeutas profile image

fisioterapeutas 10 months ago from Madrid

It is a good diet plan , thank you very much

Safoora 10 months ago

Its amazing dite plan I try it but my question is I m addic of tea I take twice a day

mm 11 months ago

Well I am about to enjoy some amazing tacos on Friday then start this plan on Saturday. Should I eat white or brown rice. Sorry if you have answered this questions. I just couldn't read anymore of the comments.

Thank You

arlene 11 months ago

How do I know what size the portions should be on all these meals ????

Qp 11 months ago

Does this diet aid in burning fat? With the lack of protein I would imagine you would be losing some muscle mass as well.

Monica 11 months ago

Hi! almost done with the week.. and was wondering.. if i decide to do a second week. do i start over from day one?

if i dont.. do you ease up or start bringing all food groups in right away?

thank yuou

Chanaw 11 months ago

On day 4 can I have fat free cottage Cheese instead of skim milk? I understand that one cup skim milk = 1/2 cup cottage cheese.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 12 months ago from Earth Author


yes you can eat veggies in raw from or in salads.

If you are taking medication for thyroid issue then you can follow this diet in a normal way. No need to change anything, you can have small multiple meals.

Problem with adding proteins is that they come with a fat package. A good protein source also has a good amount of fat. This is a 7 day diet plan and goal here was to achieve a weight loss without workout. I would recommend adding Yogurt, Soy, Beans and Eggs to diet.

Msindependent 12 months ago

Bilaris, thank you so much for all of the efforts you have put forth in helping people better their health!

I literally read through your article and every comment before asking these questions... 1. It is very difficult for me to make soup at certain times of the day due to my busy schedule... Can I eat the veggies listed in the soup in raw form instead, maybe as a salad?

2. I have hypothyroid which is regulated by medication. You stated "if you have a hypothyroid, you are only allowed two meals a day..." Does that mean I skip lunch completely and then not have rice on days with rice?

3. Do you by any chance have a detailed plan for that where it includes amounts of protein to add to dinner?

4. Because my hypothyroidism regulated by taking my medication, do I need to follow the altered menu?

Thank you so very much, in advance! Your work is so helpful and much appreciated. I appreciate and look forward to your reply.

Mary 12 months ago

I make my own cranberry juice and I add a bit of honey , but not much into it. Can I drink a glass a day for the full 7 days, along with whatever each day calls for? Will it affect the diet? I add 10 cups of fresh cranberries, 10 cups of water in a boiling pot, when softened I pass through a sieve and then I add about 1/2 cup of honey to this mixture.

Jason 12 months ago

Starting tomorrow!!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 12 months ago from Earth Author

@Zoe varies with how much you eat but roughly around 1400 cal

Zoe 12 months ago

How many calories a day on this diet?

Jenn 13 months ago

I want to try this diet however how do I maintain after I finish this diet? Do you have another blog explaining what to do after you complete this diet? Let me know. Thanks!

JJ 13 months ago

I really hate any kind of milk. What should I do?

Heather 13 months ago

I started this diet, doing great so far, pleeeeze, don't eat tomotoes and I know there is no subsitute, can I just leave it out.

Monika 13 months ago

Tomorrow is my day 2. What else can I have instead of potato for breakfast

Angela 14 months ago

I would like to start this diet. Where can I find the chart on the amounts I should eat daily. I super excited to begin I'm 5'1 @ 160 lbs and small frame. I need help, please!!!!

RK 14 months ago

Hi, is coconut ok for day 1 and day 3?

Thank you

Eric12 14 months ago

I lost 11 pounds on this diet and feel absolutely amazing. Its not that hard to follow.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 14 months ago from Earth Author

@KT Use a combination of Fig and Kiwifruit

jt 14 months ago

Today is my first day. Not trying to diet but learn to eat right .

KT 14 months ago

What food can replace bannas? I'm allergic...

Jessica 14 months ago

I would love to try but I'm allergic to bananas. What can I eat to replace the day that have bananas?

vinnie 14 months ago

On the 5th day, can we have rice with salad or any other food or does it have to be by itself and can we have boiled white rice instead of brown.

prestigeprodesign profile image

prestigeprodesign 14 months ago from Canada

I have started Monday , today Wednesday in the morning I have lost already 4 pounds...this is great! I have not cheat and no intention to do so. I am 50...and for the last 10 years ..I have not been able to lose this much..I can not wait for tomorrow...Bananas Day !!

Thank you so much...this is working for me..BIG TIME :)

Vinnie madaan 15 months ago

I,m addicted to tea. Today is my 2nd day of the diet and I have consumed 3 cups of tea with skimmed milk and sweetener. Please advice if it is okay to have that many cups of tea with the skimmed milk.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 15 months ago from Earth Author

@ Farah yes you can but do not forget you need to consume equivalent of 12 glass of water daily.

Farah 15 months ago

Can you drink water with lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint in it instead of plain water.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 15 months ago from Earth Author

@diana not if its deep fried or held together by some secret recipe full of carbs and fats.

diana 15 months ago

Is a veggie burger ok, just the patty.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 15 months ago from Earth Author

Contact me by email on " " with your name and city for a quicker response.

elizabeth 15 months ago

First of all, many thanks to Bilaras for providing all of this information and support for FREE. Secondly, as a 40 year vegetarian this diet is not hard for me to follow. Even went vegan a month ago. I need to lose 50 pounds. HOWEVER, I am on Day 6: I have lost 2 pounds. I am frustrated and I understand that the solution is to just stick with it. Nonetheless, the way I even found this plan was by Googling: "Lose 10 pounds in one week." I feel like I've blindly followed in vain. I would like to learn the WHYS of the different choices on each day. Many thanks and good luck to all. I believe it is always a good choice to eat more fruits and vegetable.

Zena 15 months ago

This diet works

i added proteins like nuts and fish and chiken to mine but still lose the 10lbs

however i did a lot of walking to compensate the cheating

if you are unable to follow it strictly just make sure you stay away from Carbs as much a possible , drink lots of water and lemon and please exercise it will help you keep pff the weight

but ladies stick to the diet and you will see the result i went from a size 10 to a 7/8

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 15 months ago from Earth Author

@Elizabeth did you drink lot of water with a meal ? Please read all tip dos and don'ts.

Marry 15 months ago

what kind exercise is good for this diet?how much rice and fruit can I eat?thanks

Mia 15 months ago

Hi, I'm on day 4 now. Is there anything that I could replace the soup with?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 15 months ago from Earth Author

@Maria yes that would be really good.

Maria 15 months ago

Hi can I put some lemon on my vegetables???

Anna 15 months ago


I started this today, Can I have black coffee on day 1 ?

AnnaSan 16 months ago

will you gain the weight you lost fast? After being done with the diet

ANON 16 months ago

This is a terrible diet, please if you attempt a diet such as this with a great lack in diversity and nutrition please take dietary supplements like a multimineral/multivitamin. Consider talking to a professional (nutrionist) and your doctor before making this diet a daily routine. Be healthy, and take very good care of yourself!!!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 16 months ago from Earth Author

@SueZee Please share with friends.

SueZee 16 months ago

Ok, just finished the 7 day plan! I lost 13 pounds. Follow it to the letter. I'm starting day 1 today. One question- for day 3, can I just blend the milk and bananas to make smoothies ? Guys, it works. Trust me, I wasn't a believer at first. Yes, the first two days are rough, but I feel pretty great!! 10 lbs to go & I'm set!!!

Yvers84 16 months ago

@bilaras thank you for your response, it is much appreciated...To make sure I am following this correctly...throughout the 10 days I can consume everyday diet/meal plans but on each of the 10 days be sure to include what is listed above (i.e. day 1 include only fruits no bananas/veggies, day 2 include only veggies no fruits, etc)

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 16 months ago from Earth Author

@Yvers84 its a combination of fruits, vegetables and other things. Only fruit diet is just for day one. You'll have your lunch breakfast dinner etc but only with recommended food items.

Yvers84 16 months ago

Hi i was just checking back to find out if we can only consume fruits meaning no other meals(i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner) i cannot have oatmeal or yogurt like i usually do or tuna ?

Yvette 16 months ago

Am i not supposed to eat anything but fruits all day?

barb 16 months ago

Is there no

sonia 16 months ago

Hi,I started a diet of 1200 calories a day together with exercise in march and lost about 7kg till mid june. My weight was static and did not reduce after june despite me increasing my exercise. Recently I tried this 7 day diet and lost 2kg in 2 days!!!! I did not complete the 7day diet. I went back to my 1200 calories diet on the 3rd day and have been able to maintain the weight. So this diet really works and am planning to do it again soon. will let u guys know the outcome ;)

Jen K 17 months ago

I am on day 2 and was surprised at how full I was during day 1. However, I cannot drink milk. Is plain Greek yogurt an OK substitution? It is 90 calories and 0 fat/serving. Thanks!

Misti 17 months ago

I have done this a few times before and love it. It's a very good way to kick off a clean start and better eating habits! I just had a baby and am wanting to do it again, but my baby does not like it when I drink milk or soy milk. Is there something I can substitute for milk on the 4th day?

Chelsy 17 months ago

Hi i did this diet 2 years ago and i was looking into trying it again however i noticed that day 5 does not have beef anymore and a few other changes have been made. Why is this?

Karen 17 months ago

Hi bilaras can you tell me if we can eat sweet potato on the vegetable day. Thank you

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 17 months ago from Earth Author

@Cristina look into "stevia" its a good alternate . For now you can use splenda.

Cristina 17 months ago

Hi! Sorry I went through the comments but can't be sure about splenda. May I have coffe with splenda during the diet?


Jeanne 17 months ago

Thank you for your response. After day one (yesterday) I lost 4.2 pounds! So excited to see what I lose today. How many times can I eat rice on the rice day? On day 3 can I still eat all fruits and veg as much as I want?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 17 months ago from Earth Author

@Jeanne only reason is started recommending brown rice is due to its high fiber content.

Jeanne 17 months ago

I read an earlier post that you said you reccommend white rice and now I see you say brown rice. Does it matter if I eat the white?

Rose Tello 17 months ago

I need to loose 10-20 lbs by July 24th is it possible with this diet? I've tried everything and spent a lot of $ in things that don't work.

I also exercise 1 1/2hr- 2hr a day.

Jeanne 17 months ago

I am super excited to start this tomorrow! I want to do it right and want to make sure I'm clear that I eat when hungry and eat until satisfied? I love fruit so day one will be easy for me.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 17 months ago from Earth Author

@healthygirl1020 Diet changes can be stressful but you have to set your priorities. Losing weight is more important than losing glow. Food makes us happy more calories more satisfaction. Eating food with less punch/calories is always stressful but its healthy in long term.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 17 months ago from Earth Author

@sLt Weight Loss Plateau is a very common phenomenon and only solution is to hide your weight machine for few weeks. Keep going with healthy diet read my other posts. Add exercise to your routine and you will get positive results.

sLt 17 months ago

Hie..!! im following this diet from one month and results are awesome.. but my weight is not changing from past 1 week.. im maintaining @163lbs.. should i have to make any changes to the diet plan to shred down more weight??

sri 17 months ago

Hy bilaras.. I did this 7 day diet plan and i lost almost 10 lbs.. now i regaind weight :( .. im 5'5 and i weigh 174lbs now.. can i continue this diet plan for 7-8 weeks and shred down 20lbs??

healthygirl1020 17 months ago

I tried to follow this routine but on Day 4 people started saying that I look tired all day and my face has lost glow and charm. I did loose 4 pounds though. I gave up the 5th day and my face has re-gained the glow. Not sure why that happened because i followed the diet religiously and was drining lot of water too as suggested.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 17 months ago from Earth Author

@BenG That is great news. Don't forget to share this with other people.

BenG 17 months ago

I have lost 30 pounds plus so far in 4 months and feeling wonderful. Did 7 day diet and lost 10 pounds and it was biggest encouragement ever. Did 30 day plan with workout and had good results. Thanks Bilaras :)

Jeanne 17 months ago

I want to start this diet next week when I'm home from vacation, but have a couple questions. Can I take something like amino acids? What about protein? I don't see any protein, just wondering if that's ok. Also, when you say fresh fruit juice do you mean I squeeze fruit or can you buy fruit juice? And is it any rice or should it be brown? And do you eat as much rice as you want on those days? Thank you.

Alice Robinson 18 months ago

I'm on day 3 of this diet, so far it seems to be going well but won't be weighing myself until day 7!

Day 5 with the tomatos, is it possible to roast them? I hate tomatos and would find it a lot easy to roast them rather than eat them cold

prabhu 18 months ago

hi bilaras i cant eat tomatoes on 5th day so i can take tomato soup pls replyt me fast

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 18 months ago from Earth Author

@FRANK its a weekly diet plan but yes you can follow it for 2 weeks starting from day 1 .

FRANK 18 months ago

If following this diet for more than one week, do you just start the diet over each week exactly the same day 1 through 7?

arjun 18 months ago

it will make full body slim in this diet or what

arjun 18 months ago

it will make full body slim in this diet or what

Maria 18 months ago

Hi thanks so much for this diet! Working so well for me :)

Have a question, I am on my second week in a row and doing great! I would like to continue for a third week.. Do I have to take a break in between to get good results? I would love to keep going for one more additional week without break unless it won't work..

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 18 months ago from Earth Author

@Lindy just continue

Lindy 18 months ago

I really messed up on day three. Should I start over or continue to day 4? I was doing amazing (I lost 8 lb) but then I stopped for lunch and the rest of day three and gained it all back.

sara 18 months ago

I've cheated a bit during this diet can i still lose even a couple of pounds

UmeAmmarah profile image

UmeAmmarah 18 months ago

Hey I completed the diet, I lost 7pounds !

I still want to lose more but struggling to get back to the diet

Christine 18 months ago

i followed your diet plan and it really worked. But one thing i worry is , can I gain weight again if i stop this diet. please??

Ana K. 18 months ago

My parents and I started this diet today! We all weighed ourselves this morning: I currently weigh 135 lbs, my mom weighs 134 lbs, and my dad weighs 220 lbs.

I'm in my 20s and my parents are in their 50s/60s. I live a semi-active life, but my parents don't exercise at all.

I'll post an update once we've completed the diet.

kate 18 months ago

i have an iron deficiency. can i eat meat at all in this? what days?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 18 months ago from Earth Author

@UmeAmmarah 500 - 600 ml

UmeAmmarah profile image

UmeAmmarah 18 months ago

Hey, how many mls is 3 glasses of milk

kate 18 months ago

im 119lb. i have to been 110 for my sport. ive already been eating less the 100 calories a day for about a week. will this still work for me even though ive already been eating so little? also do i have to have the rice and milk or can i just skip that?

UmeAmmarah profile image

UmeAmmarah 18 months ago

Hey all. I'm on day two and must say feel great!

Haven't gone near a scale yet.

Just wondering about day 4, 8 bananas seems a auwful lot!

vicmomma 18 months ago

I have just done 7 the days and have lost 8 pounds!

This is a great diet and is easy to follow, I am starting week 2 now back to back and possibly a week 3 afterwards. Thanks sooo much.

I feel like this would also be a good diet to do every so often, like after Christmas and Halloween, to keep yourself on track.

Cristin 18 months ago

I don't like bananas or tomatoes . Anything else I could do

lala.23 18 months ago

what if i dont like milk

dada 97 18 months ago

isn't the plan too risky ??

I'm asking because im afraid i would gain weight again after this diet

Chubster 18 months ago

I'm on day 5, already lost 5lb, the first few days are a killer with hunger and head aches but am feeling more satisfied and full, plus I'm sleeping much better, my plan is to carry it on but to introduce fish on week 2. Thanks for posting this

StephanieM 18 months ago

Hi there

Can I cook the tomatoes? like bake in the over with a little Salt and Pepper?Cook them i the soup?

MaitiMalakas 18 months ago

hi. is there other alternative for lemon?

susan 18 months ago

Hello bilaras, thanks for posting this.

I actively weight train at the gym . would you recommend i keep this up while i go on this diet?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 19 months ago from Earth Author

@Kristina yes you can take multi vitamins .

Kristina 19 months ago

Can you take a multi vitamin on this diet

Jill 19 months ago

I don't eat tomatoes at all. What are some alternatives?

Satish L 19 months ago

pls tell me this is for MALE or FEMALE

Satish L 19 months ago

pls tell me this is for MALE or FEMALE

Satish l 19 months ago

and one more and second day diet i can take Veg salad is it ok for me

Satish l 19 months ago

thanks for your reply this 7 days diet will make full body slim or wt

and what 30 day plan and 15 day vegetable diet pls explain which vegetable i should need to take bcoz iwant to lose 10 kg in One month

Satish l 19 months ago

thanks for your reply this 7 days diet will make full body slim or wt

and what 30 day plan and 15 day vegetable diet pls explain which vegetable i should need to take bcoz iwant to lose 10 kg in One month

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 19 months ago from Earth Author

@satish L follow this plan for two weeks then switch to my 30 day plan or my 15 day vegetable diet .

satish l 19 months ago

i will get full body slim or what pls reply ASAP

satish L 19 months ago

hi im Male my age is 25 and my weight is 74 i want to lose 10kg it possible for gents how many days i want to do this to lose 10 kg

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Bilaras 19 months ago from Earth Author

Just publish "Vegetable Diet and Green tea". Its quite a huge guide on healthy Weight Loss.

Ken 19 months ago

Am I allowed any kind of protein shake while I am on this diet?

Priya 19 months ago

Can we eat avacado on day 1 and day 2?

kimera 19 months ago

I only got half way through the diet due to something happening at home and it didn't affect my breastfeeding at all and I lost 5 lbs I'm going to do again soon!!

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Bilaras 19 months ago from Earth Author

@Sandra yes avocado can be part of this diet but in balanced proportions.

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Bilaras 19 months ago from Earth Author

@brianne506 yes all fruits and vegetables but i have also mentioned specific things that produce best results. Soup and salad recipes work really good just the way they are.

brianne506 19 months ago

Hello. I'm excited to try this diet. I have a few questions tho. The first day is says all you want fruit. Is that the same for veggies day? All you can eat or want? And even on the fruit and veggie day is it all you want? The other days are more exact so I'm OK with them. Thank you!

Sandra 19 months ago

can u have avocado?

Becca 19 months ago

So I am on day 3, second round to this diet. I have to admit I thought doing it again would be easier but its not, its actually a bit harder for. yesterday on veggie day I just couldn't eat the raw veggies anymore, it was so distasteful I ended up making a big bowl of just green leafs , tomatoes and about 3 oz of fish in pasta source. now that was satisfying. I will try not to cheat again. the first time I did this diet I lost 12 pounds. I took a week break, ate well for about 3 days until they had free pizza day at work. no will power or what so ever, I went in on it..hehe. in short, I have gain 3 pounds since. that really scared me, which is why im back on this diet. I will update when I weight in next week. I forgot to mention, I signed up for Weight Watchers and most of the veggies and fruits are counted as zero so it still worked for me on the day I cheated

Whit 19 months ago

@ Yatta Good Job

Yatta 19 months ago

I did this in order to end out my biggest loser challenge at work and it worked well. I lost 9.2 lbs in a week and came out the winner for my competition. This was challenging in some aspects and I did not follow it to a T. I skipped the soups all together ( something came up and I wasn’t able to go get the supplies nor make it) so I continued just eating fruits and veggies. I followed pretty closely for the first 3 days. And every day after I just continue eating fruits and veggies. I drank almond milk. I only ate 1 banana on the banana day, and I didn’t do the quantity of tomatoes. I think people can tweek this to their liking and still come out successful. I had a few ‘’cheats’’ here and there but nothing major. Surprisingly when I did cheat…the foods were not that appealing and I was left unsatisfied. I feel as if this has changed the liking of my taste buds! Im pretty much going to continue this as a lifestyle change but with no specific set of directions. I’m just going to make my diet compose of MAINLY fruits veggies and water…with the occasionally chicken,and seafood (until and if I can ever) stop eating it. Thanks A lot for all the info listed here! It was a success!

farah 19 months ago

can we take cinnamon and honey tea with this diet plan?

lucyloose 19 months ago

Hi There,

Is this a diet that work. Does any one has any success to share

emma 19 months ago

I'm allergic to tomatoes what can i have instead

Maurquitta 20 months ago

I will admit I was a little skeptical at first but this diet works!!!! I have lost a total of 12 lbs on the 5th day of this 7 day diet! I look amazing! Thanks so much! :)

Becca 20 months ago

I want to say Thank You! I completed my diet couple days ago and unless I lost 2 pounds unknowingly before the diet, I lost a total of 12 pounds weighing in today at home and doubling checking with the gyms scale. Yesterday I made sure I didn't go over 1500 cal. I will be on a 1200 cal for another 3 day then repeat your diet. I know it will take a lot more work to keep it off but it def gave me the motivation I needed to get back to my pregnancy weight. I gained 60 during my pregnancy and was only able to lose 40, for almost a year I didn't lose a pound until this diet. it could be water weight but it still needed to go. Thanks again

Jena 20 months ago

I did this diet for the past 7 days without cheating & today when I weighed in I only lost 1.5 lbs :( I was pretty disappointed

alicia 20 months ago

Can I still drink wine?

Mom40GetFit 20 months ago from NJ

Josie - Did you also exercise during 7 days of diet plan?

Bilaras - I tried this diet 3 times but the weight loss was always around 6 pounds. What could the reason for that? I need to lose 10 more pounds to get in the ideal range of weight. Please help.

KATIANA ROGER 20 months ago

I can not eat the tomatoes

josie 20 months ago

I did it 7 days straight with no cheating and i lost 12 lbs!

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Bilaras 20 months ago from Earth Author

@Petra yes apple vinegar is good

Petra 20 months ago

Can you drink apple cider vinegar with water with thia diet? Just at least in the mornings?

Rochelle 20 months ago

Can we make vegetable soup?

Becca 20 months ago

I started this diet yesterday. I want to know on day 2 can I blend the veggies. I assume it will go down quicker. I am having a hard time trying to eat all these veggies, not hungry at all but its not really going down well

ghazaleh 20 months ago

Me and the mother will start this on Monday , we are doubting that we will lose as much as 10 pounds but we'll have to wait and see , also some of the comments have suggested that the weight is added on drastically when u go back to normal is this true ?

nina 20 months ago

Day 2 and down 5lbs..ty this diet is awesome...

WhitneyH 20 months ago

My mom and I did this diet! I am on my final day today.. she completed her final day yesterday, she lost 9 pounds and I'm waiting to weigh in tomorrow morning! The first couple of days were a little tough (we love to eat!) but it was okay after that, and it worked!!! Very happy, and we will continue on with using the 30 day plan.. and hopefully remain on a nutritious diet from then on! Thanks Bilaras

sri2393 20 months ago

Im on diet from 2months.. Now i want to go with this 7 day diet plan.. Can i lose weight.? Can i find the same results ?

nana 20 months ago

can i drink white tea instead of green tea and use agave instead of honey?

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Bilaras 20 months ago from Earth Author

@Kamni I recommend it on vegetable day.

Kamni 20 months ago

Can we eat Avacado on day one as it is a fruit..?

Nida 21 months ago

I ve completed my seven days bt still i ve lost just 2lb. M literally very sad. What should i do now ??should i start this plan from tomorrow? Any suggestion

smiley 21 months ago

I started this diet today, I ate a banana not knowing it was not allowed for day one is that okay? Also, for the rest of the days do we have to follow what you have written for each days (ex: potato in the morning) or does it not matter when and what type of products we eat?

olivia 21 months ago

starting this tomorrow, hoping to lose 7 lbs minimum by day 7!!

riz 21 months ago

plz tell me that peaches is ok for day 1.

Lindsey 21 months ago

avacado is a fruit .can I have it on day one

Mom40GetFit 21 months ago from NJ


This is a great diet plan. I am on day 6 and have lost 5 pounds but my body feels like I have no energy. Why is so? I am following the plan very well.

It will be very helpful if you can provide food to eat during different time of the day:

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner/Supper. I had rice yesterday evening as per instructions and I feel that i did not lose any weight because of that. Please guide me how to overcome low metabolism is low (no specific condition) and lose 7 more pounds. Losing weight after 40 is very hard. I want to do this diet for one more week. PLEASE HELP.

Ellie 21 months ago

on day 5 and lost 5 pounds:)

Michele 21 months ago

Is fried rice ok , on the rice days?

Kaley 21 months ago

Can I not eat or replace the tomatoes and the milk? I don't like milk or tomatoes. Also are the days eat any fruits and veggies you want like I can eat any kind of it has to be the potatoe for breakfast on day 2 and the magic soup when it says or can I eat whatever fruit and veggie I want?

Sue 21 months ago

Hello. I've seen a few responses to those asking about lactose intolerance and what can be substituted for the "milk and banana" day. Is unsweetened coconut milk ok to use? Thank you!

olivia 21 months ago

hi im 15, 5'6 and 153 lbs. I need to lose like 20-25 lbs by may 1st. Would this diet work if i continued it for two weeks? and if i didnt use it for a week between would i gain the weight back? btw im very active & play tennis 2 days a week and run 3 miles 3 days a week :)

gen 21 months ago

Just wondering how this plan works is it as much fruit as I want on day one and as much vegetables as I want on day 2 and what about the day for milk is it just one glass of milk

ashton irwin 21 months ago

watermelons are out of out of stock unless u get the 99 cent ones and these always turn out saggy and like I think a bit old and its just not a good taste. Do we need to have that watermelon or can we just have apples and oranges and etc.

Rach 21 months ago

I woke up this morning (Day 4) to discover I finally lost 1.5 lbs. I'm not discouraged because even if it takes me a lil longer than 10 days I know I'm doing it healthy. Besides I feel slimmer and have a ton of energy. Eating all these fruits and veggies is helping my body reboot, it feel. I can't wait til Day 8 when I wake up and weigh myself!!!

Jenna C 22 months ago

Are Edamames considered a vegetable? They are green soy beans, with a lot of protein so I don't know whether or not this is okay for day 2 and 3. Thanks!

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Bilaras 22 months ago from Earth Author

@Ann you can eat any fresh fruits available in a local market. I have mentioned a few options, but you can have other types too.

Ann 22 months ago

Scuse me I had mistake I'm 300 lb. I tried so much to make diet,I want to try again.

Ann 22 months ago

I really need help. I'm 400lb and at the moment I'm wearing size 24 uk. Any suggestions how much I can eat fruits and what kind of fruits? I'm 5'10 tall and i'm only 24 years old.

AHArooji 22 months ago

I will try this diet tomorrow and hopefully I can lose 10 lbs in one week. I am 5'2" and weigh 154 lbs :-( and if all goes well.. I will continue this diet until I can get to 130 lbs.

rita 22 months ago

i am on day 4 today (the skim milk and bananas day) I weighted myself found out only lost 3lb. am I doing it wright because I feel I should have been lost more. I am following every thing, can I also do lentil soup as the fourth day soup with some salt and curry spices on it. please let me know

thank you

kareem12 22 months ago

followed this diet plan.... worked perfectly

lost 10 pounds in a week. Going for week 2. Is it safe to follow for like 3 straight weeks.

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Bilaras 22 months ago from Earth Author

@Blessings78 too early to say anything just continue and check weight on day 7 .

Blessings78 22 months ago

i feel like i haven't lost any weight and am on day three. am i being inpatient? i am following the diet very strictly.

virginia 22 months ago

I love this I already lost 6 lb and I'm on my 4th day right now and I don't have time to workout I just walk around. I have question about the soup can i use Progreso soup or no.

jeanette:) 23 months ago

Hi iv bin on this diet for a week and a it.

Just have a few Questions:

I havent had any energy problems with your diet. So we dont need protein? I know some of your fruiit selections have small amounts of protein. But what if im trying to geet muscle with my work out? Will this low amount of protein be enough?

Also if i keep doing this diet with a day break inbetween each week..can i do this for a few months?

jeanette:) 23 months ago

Hi iv bin on this diet for a week and a it.

Just have a few Questions:

I havent had any energy problems with your diet. So we dont need protein? I know some of your fruiit selections have small amounts of protein. But what if im trying to geet muscle with my work out? Will this low amount of protein be enough?

Also if i keep doing this diet with a day break inbetween each week..can i do this for a few months?

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Bilaras 23 months ago from Earth Author

@shanon you don't have to eat whole watermelon. Buy average size watermelon.

shanon 23 months ago

How big a watermelon?

liannadll 23 months ago

I've been following every step very precisely of this diet and I am now almost done day 4.

On the scale nothing is changing but I feel like I lost 20 pounds !!

I feel and look skinnier.

All my jeans are loose and few coworkers at work have told me I look skinnier. I have a lot of energy, even on day 4 (surprisingly).

When will it start showing on the scale???

Ps. My scale isn't broken.

Mina 23 months ago

allergic to milk and bannanas suggestions??

Vern 23 months ago

I'm on day 3 and everything is going well. I see "diet soup" for tomorrow. What exactly is diet soup?

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Bilaras 23 months ago from Earth Author

@sonia 7 day diet plan is kind of fast track so you should start with this one and switch to 30 day .

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Bilaras 23 months ago from Earth Author

@Ni anima for this particular diet i don't recommend lentils

sonia 23 months ago

I want to do the 30 day diet. Do i start with this first? Or go straight into the 30 day one?

Ni anima 23 months ago

can lentils be used on veggie day or are legumes off limits?

Mahmoud 23 months ago

ill be doing it for about 3 motnhs (Basically, I want to get 30-40kg of my weight and Ill be redoing this diet till I'm that much lighter) is it ok to go for that long, any tips? thanks a lot!

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Bilaras 23 months ago from Earth Author

@Zbutt 3 meals or small multiple meals that suits your need

Zbutt 23 months ago

How many times a day should we be eating in this diet plan including snacks?

Nida 24 months ago

Can i take 1 sugar free biscuit?? Or green tea with lemon 2 times a day ?

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Bilaras 24 months ago from Earth Author

@Nida yes you can have your regular tea as it helps a lot some times.

Nida 24 months ago

Can i take tea without sugar 2 timed a day? Cz i feel headache. Kindly answer

neethu 24 months ago

hi....i cant eat bananas can suggest any replacement

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Bilaras 24 months ago from Earth Author

@shirene keep doing it for 7 days and don't miss any important stuff e.g lots of water intake daily and other items. Read again and again make sure you understand it all .

shirene 2 years ago

Hi I want to ask u 'I'm in day 3 but I didn't lose any gram ,maybe because that I didn't do any sport ?? And I'm mother for a baby ten month and I'm feeding him from my breast plzzz reply

Teresa 2 years ago

Day One! Missing my coffee. Can I have a cup? or green tea?

Susie 2 years ago

I'm a vegan so I can't drink skim milk is almond or soy milk a good alternate ?

Jessie 2 years ago

This really worked! I couldn't believe it. I'm a fairly small person already and have been struggling to lose those last few pounds. I don't have a scale, but my clothes fit looser and I've lost at least one inch from around my waist just within the last week. I was very impressed! Something I'm going to have to keep in mind for after the holidays

Camilla Ace 2 years ago

Can I eat more food instead of the other food on the list? For example, I can eat more grapefruit and then eat less tomatoes.

Camilla Ace 2 years ago

What can I substitute with tomatoes? And what can I snack on if Im feeling hungry or light-headed?

diggg 2 years ago

Today makes Day 2 for me on this diet. I completely forgot the potato for breakfast, can I eat it for a late lunch instead? I have plenty of vegetables with me (at work) Or do I have to restart the diet all over again?

katsumi-chan 2 years ago

Thought I could give this a go, I need to lose weight by the eleventh

diya 2 years ago

Iam on 3 rd day of my diet but on second day i had small meal ...

Now i shd start from first or do extra exercise

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Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@kae yes Strawberries are good

kae 2 years ago

I Was Wondering If Strawberries Were allowed In Day one ?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@jiva i can not comment on herbalife's effectiveness but they usually work well with diet changes.

jiva 2 years ago

im taking herbalife now..should i follow this diet with herbalife.thank you

charlie 2 years ago

I am experiencing diherraa on day 4. I went to the bathroom 4 times within an hour. Is this normal? Im not sure if this a sign im doing it correct or wrong.

liz McLimans 2 years ago

When I click on day 3 it's says it's no longer published . What is the diet plan for day 3?

redheadedfreak 2 years ago

So on day 5 can I have 7 tomatoes?! I might feel a lil bit hungrier for 1 more tomatoe...

sha 2 years ago

Day 3 does not show what i can and can nit eat. Please advise.

Julie 2 years ago

Is there a grocery list somewhere for this diet?

danny 2 years ago

Followed this diet plan and it worked lost 10 pounds in a week . I feel great

Sugar 2 years ago

If I continue this diet for 8 weeks is it not healthy for that long of period to follow?

pacekwt 2 years ago

Hi billarus I am following ur 7 day diet plan n taking tablet glucophage is diz safe

Deborah 2 years ago

Can I keep doing this same diet every week till I get to my goal weight

Fama 2 years ago

If we do dis diet for one month so do we lsoe 4 kgs each week in a month

Plss sreply asap

EISLA 2 years ago


Saba 2 years ago

I m talk rasberryketones tab and vamex detox with this diet plain is it better

Sadaf riaz 2 years ago

I did 7 day diet but Iose only 4 pound can u help me it not work for me

sandra11 2 years ago

I cheated at the end of my first day. I had 2 meatballs with quarter bread. Do i have to do day one all over again?

hannahxxx 2 years ago

Can i have red beans on vegetable day?

Sophia1299 2 years ago

Hey i am 5'6 and i weigh 167 pounds. Will i be able to lose 30 pounds if i continue this diet for 3 weeks? I need to lose inches of my hips and thighs

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Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@julia squash is good

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@ssc112 switch to my 30 day diet plan its easy to follow or visit my calorie intake hubs and other useful diet based article . Follow a strict calorie based diet and eat calculated quantity of any healthy food item that you like.

Julia 2 years ago

Is squash ok to eat?

SSC112 2 years ago

What is the recommended plan to reintroduce other foods back into your diet after the 7 day diet? Obviously I'm not talking about processed foods, a.k.a. junk or fast food, but coming off of such a restrictive diet, I want to reintroduce chicken, fish, beef, beans, eggs (and some cheeses) without gaining the weight back.

Sue 2 years ago

Can I eat cooked pumpkin or zucchini as one of my cooked vegetable optionseeds?

jamie 2 years ago

Are we allowed to use the zero water enhancers like milo or the icee zero to help with drinking the water?

sarah 2 years ago

can we drink coffiee

Yon 2 years ago

This diet does work. I'm on day 5 and I have lost 4 pounds so far with no exercise. This upcoming two days, I will be doing cardio workouts to see if I can lose more pounds.

@Bilaras, Thank you for this excellent dieting article!

KatieLC 2 years ago

Last year my eating was out of control, I was depressed because of health problem. I went to cancer clinic Jan 14/14 for check up, weighted in at 168lbs, I am 5'4" I was over 30lbs over weight. The doc said the extra weight ws not good,my heart is working hard as it is. I had to lose weight. That day I made up my mind to start eating healthy and working out again. I did cardio 6 days a week, went on low carb with 6 meals a day. April 6/14 I weighted in at 145lbs!!! I was feeling awesome. In June I started my binge eating sweets again. Last monday I had my check up at the doc, OMG I weighted in at 159.8lbs. I gained 14lbs in 2months :( I had to do something to stop myself. I found this diet last tuesday and read it carefully. I truly believed I couldn't eat fruit or any kind of carbs and drink milk without gaining weight. But this diet looked good, it wasn't the same food everyday. I started this diet last wednesday August 6th, I did and ate (almost) exactly what it asked of me. The only thing is I can't ever have grapefruit because of the chemotherapy pills I take. I would get very sick. The nurse witnessed my weigh-in yesterday I was just under 150lbs and this morning after I finished my 7th day I weighted in at 148lbs. I LOST 11LBS IN 7 DAYS ON THIS DIET!!!! The fruit and carbs did not cause me weight gain, in fact it helped my digestion and irritable bowel syndrome. I FEEL GREAT. Today I started Shakeolgy and low healthy carb eating. Thank you

Needtolose 2 years ago

Hello. I want to lose weight before I go back to school. I have 3 more weeks so can I lose 20 pounds or more in 3 weeks. Also while I'm doing this diet do I have to exercise. And how much hours I have to exercise. Please answer back. I really want to lose weight!

shannyb17 2 years ago

What would a good substitute for the tomatoes be?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@nicole read my other articles on weight loss and healthy diet they will help you a lot.

Lena34 2 years ago

Looks like my comment posted after all. Waiting to hear back for "Lena" comment. Please and thanks.

Lena 2 years ago

I'm not a big dairy eater or system doesn't tolerate it well...slightly lactose intolerant. What would you suggest to do for the dairy items, especially the milk.

Please respond asap, I want to start this Monday.

Need to lose a good 20-25 pounds of excess weight from having my kiddos over the past 10 years. I'm 34, 5'6", 170lbs.

I've done many things already light cutting out pop and breads, which were my weaknesses.

Shaily 2 years ago

On day 4, three glass of milk =??ml

kim 2 years ago

I am unable to have milk as I am lactose. Is it okay that I don't have milk? Or should I do something else?

laura 2 years ago

this plan really work today is my 7 day and I lose 9 punds.

Julia 2 years ago

I'm 5'7 and 145lbs. If I follow this plan for 4 weeks will I be able to lose 40 lbs or does this only work for 1 week?

Mariaescabar 2 years ago

During the fruit days, do I have to eat all the fruit that is there? Also, on the salad, can I leave some things out or do I have to make it exactly as it says there?

Nicole 2 years ago

How can I keep the weight off.. I really don't want to gain this weight back..:/ any help? Starting tomorrow!!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Sonal green tea with ice and very little sugar is good .

Sonal 2 years ago

Can I drink iced green tea on day 4?

fzeze 2 years ago

Is it OK if I have kiwi and watermelon in the salad on 3rd day?

zoya 2 years ago

Hi. Is this diet suitable while I'm FASTING? I can only eat and drink between 4-5am and 7-11pm. I've been following the diet for 2 days now. I tried to eat and drink as much as is mentioned in the diet plan but couldn't. I haven't lost any weight yet. Is it not going to work since I'm eating just 2 times a day and not in small meals? Also, I don't want to eat cabbage. Is it ok if I just have the remaining veggies? Please ADVISE.

nikki 2 years ago

help!!!!! I aqm allergic to what now for day 5????

Twyla 2 years ago

I am on day 4. I was 164 Monday and today I am 154.9! I have done this diet before and It always works if I stick to it strictly. I hate tomatoes and I think I would do better if I could just get through day 5 but I never can.. I always get v8 which isn't good... anyway I lost 10 pounds and I did have a lot of water weight come off, now its just sticking to eating healthy foods and healthy substitutions with others in moderation.. hope this helps!

Melina 2 years ago

Can I eat a salad with vegetables on day 1?

Faye 2 years ago

Harris please reply

Faye 2 years ago

Someone please please reply before today ends

Faye 2 years ago

I'm sooooo silly I just a paket of crips and chcolate how dum am I some help what do I do will I still work or shall I start agin tomorrow someone please reply

Maria 2 years ago

Worked for me :) lost the 20 lb baby weight.. Repeated it more than once

Faye 2 years ago

Hi I'm going to start this diet tomorrow I really hope it works is there any one how it has not worked for also dose it matter what hight you are I'm like 4foot10 so I really hope it will work

Jess✌️ 2 years ago

Can we make this diet basically our life style eating habits. Like were on this diet for the rest of our lives? Or is that unhealthy

Aisha 2 years ago

@EmillyG from my experience it's best to eat fresh fruits with low sugar content!

@help do this plan for the 7 day period and eat a lot of healthy fresh fruits and veggies so that you can have enough energy to exercise. Take a day of to eat whatever you want. By doing this you confuse your body and speed up you metabolism. When you get to you gaol weight do not return to old eating habits or all the weight will return.

Aisha 2 years ago

This plan work, and it's even better when you add in 30 minute of workouts. I lost 10 lbs and it was awesome but I got lazy and went back to regular habit so I gained it back. So I'm doing it again.

Berna 2 years ago

I know you say not to substitute milk but what if you can't drink milk because you are lactose intolerant? Would it be ok to substitute Almond milk or soy?

trina 2 years ago

lets say i did lose 10lbs, or around that, and i went back to regular eating would i gain weight easily? also if i didnt eat as much as the plan says to will it still work?

(i dont really eat that much)

im 5 1 and 118lbs

shaharra junious 2 years ago

starting this diet wednesday but i get sick when i drink any kind of what can i substitute that with?? I really want to do this

EmilyG 2 years ago

should all the fruits be raw as in no fruit salsas or salads? all organic?

Emmy 2 years ago

I am 5"3 and 147lbs, will this work for me?

Maria 2 years ago

Is hearts of palm allowed on veg day?

Maria 2 years ago

Is hearts of Palm allowed on veg day?

aronymullick 2 years ago

I am a breastfeeding mom, should I do this diet plan?

Arony Mullick 2 years ago

I am a breastfeeding mom, should I do this diet plan?

Ana 2 years ago

Can the fruits n veggies be eaten with powder chile or salt and lemon?

jay 2 years ago

For day 2 does it matter if you use a sweet potatoe or a brown or red potatoe?

2 years ago

I am 13 years old, 5'6, and around 145-155 pounds. How well do you think this would work for me if I stuck to it exactly?

Me 2 years ago

Can you skip the pomegranate? It is not in season until fall.

chelsie 2 years ago

i need to lose 10 pounds by july 9th

will i be able to on this diet?

Tracey 2 years ago

I just started this loose 10 pounds in 7 days and wonder if u really have to eat a whole watermelon. And 2 pomegranates ? I drank and ate everything else but I hate pomegranates and find it hard to eat a whole watermelon

2 years ago

can I take a multi vitamin with this diet?

help 2 years ago

I'm 17, 5 3 and 170. If I try this for 10 days with exercise how much will I lose??

Rihab Birama 2 years ago

is it okay to add exercise to this diet plan ?

momina 2 years ago

is it ok if we make a kind of milkshake on day 4? i know sugar isnt allowed but what if we use honey?

sarah dickens 2 years ago

on first day cn i eat lentils??

saleh 2 years ago

r u sure it will work?

cause i wanna try it but im not sure if it works.

cala 2 years ago

can I eat sweet potatoes on day 2 ?

Joanne 2 years ago

Will it be bad to do this diet for 3 weeks or should I take a break between the 7 days?

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@marissa yes it does but change is more general no diet can give you targeted weight loss .

marissa 2 years ago

does this target belly fat?

salaska 2 years ago

ok so i am on 2nd day and it actually worked . . i lost 1.5kg in like 2 days that to without exercise and i am very thankful to this diet plan . . but i need to ask a question so just when i finish with my diet plan i am goin on a tour with my friends and i am so sure that i am going to end up eating junk food . . i will try my best not to but outside food is the only option for me for those days . . its just for 6 days and i will start the diet asap once i am back in town . .i just want to know if this will effect my weight ? i dont want my weight to regain .. please help

nanayaa 2 years ago

Pls m an african hus followin ur diet plan,jus started today sam fruits required in ur diet plan r not available here..n m askin dat m i suppose to take onli de fruits n vegetables in ur diet plan or eat but in a smaller quantity..

d8purity 2 years ago

I think I want to follow this diet because it sounds interesting and I feel it will work! but I am a little confused'

Day 1 says that i can eat All kinds of fruits except banana. by this i understand that I can eat all kinds of fruits except banana. I am cool with that

on day one the menu is apples, orange, Pomegranate, water melon. If it says I can eat all kinds of fruit, then it means I can also eat other type of fruit also( except banana)

But I am supposed to eat only what the menu says. ???? is it only the fruits from that day's menu or all kinds of other fruits?

THis is same for the rest of the days. I am ok if I only have to eat what the menu says only. But I get confused when it says that I can eat all kinds of fruits or all kinds of vegetables. What do I do?

Thank you

gysasi 2 years ago

we are going to start this diet plan . Can we eat salad fro lunch and dinner or is it just one time

tahani086 profile image

tahani086 2 years ago

why am I like this

Nicole 2 years ago

I am so excited to start this, tomorrow though because I ate chips already today. Grrr.

Mary 2 years ago

I am going to start this diet today. I wish It work on me.

Sarahlara8 2 years ago

I have my prom in 3 weeks if i follow this can i lose about 6 kilos? Im 165 cm and 63 kg and thankyou so much!

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Jingle Cinco go for any other fresh market fruits . Select fruits with higher water content ,

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@jojo lemonade yes but no sweeteners.

Jingle Cinco 2 years ago

Hi! Is there a substitute for pomegranate as it's not readily available in our country? Thanks!

jojo 2 years ago

can you have sugar free lemonade or sweetners?

Pinky 2 years ago

Hi .. I m at day 6 but I m not going to toilet from day 1 .. Now I don't know what to do. I followed the rules bt sometimes I ate a little. What can I eat now for this prob at day 6.

Pinky 2 years ago

Hi.. I m in day 6 and I m n

Nicole L. 2 years ago

why do I not see the diet on here. All I see is the weight and i am large and in the (obese) category. I am 5'6 and weigh 150

Glory 2 years ago

Now!!! Can lose 10 ponds in 7 days yapiee...........!!!!!!!!!

Glory 2 years ago

Now!!! Can lose 10 ponds in 7 days yapiee...........!!!!!!!!!

mamun 2 years ago

Thanks for your article.

Bilaras profile image

Bilaras 2 years ago from Earth Author

@naomi Try simpler dressings like vinegar , black pepper and hint of olive oil . Mayonnaise is a bit too much .

naomi 2 years ago

can i add mayonnaise to the salad?

mots7861 2 years ago

bilarasss plssss reply

if i do dis diet for like 4 weeks

so will i lose 10 pounds each week

Bree 2 years ago


Just curious as to if any type of protein shake or supplement is allowed during the 7 days?

Inshi 2 years ago

Bilaras if i do dis diet for lke 3 to 4 weeks will i lose every month 10 pound eachhh

Plsss let meee knoowwwww

Reallly wannna start dis diet

Emily 2 years ago

Can I consume as much green tea as I want all 7 days?

Kim 2 years ago

I started off 146 (5'4' age 32). First day I weighed my self at the end of the day and gained weight (148). I know I'm not supposed to weigh at night but I'm tempted to know :) On the morning of day 2 I was happy to find out I lost 6 lbs. (140)! So end of day 2 I weigh 141. Tomorrow I start day 3 glad day 2 is over I I hate veggies lol I'll repost daily so far so good! Thanks for the plan Bilaras!

Carmen 2 years ago

I started this morning. Is day one for me and I am very excited!! I had apples and oranges for breakfast with a cup of tea. I have a question. When you stop dieting, do you gain the weight back?

dolly 2 years ago

day five and i have lost 9 pounds, very happy :))

May 2 years ago

Would this diet still work if your bmi is 18.5?

Starr 2 years ago

I just finished the plan yesterday. I stuck to it all the way except on tomato day, since I do not like them. I got v8 juice and only drank one. I continued to follow everything else even on Easter when I had to cook for my family lol, I didn't even do a taste test! I was determined... Lost 8 pounds! Now I am following the 30 day plan listed below :) Happy Health everyone!

km 2 years ago

I m overweight. It works only if u follow this chart as it is without any change. But dont really expect 10lbs...And Hey! 7.5lbs without any exercise is not bad at all.

Saralara16 2 years ago

@km are you overweight or in the peefect range? I really need to lose 6 kilos in 2 weeks you think it works? Thnkyou

Km 2 years ago

Hi, I followed 7days diet plan and I lost 7.5lbs... Thanks Bilaras.

Melisa G 2 years ago

I'm on day 2 I weighed 176 when I started I was about to give up ... I weighed my self and I lost 4 pounds in one day.... Incredible!!!!!!! I'm so excited! The only thing is that Easter Sunday is coming up and my family usually cooks out any recommendations on day 5 can I eat chicken breast at least?

jazmine 2 years ago

Hi if I follow this diet plan but exercise 2hours a day walking and running how many pounds should I lose by may 3rd if I start tmrw which is April 16 thanks

sasha khaled 2 years ago

hello i was just wondering, do i have to eat boiled corn? i dont have corn and could i eat canned peas? also on the first day of the diet do i have to eat a whole watermelon? if i added extra honey for the honey drink would that be bad? please answer.

Jose Miguel 2 years ago

I'm 6 feet fall and weight in 230 pounds, I want to be by 200-195 by July 18, will it be posible ? What would I have to do ?

Sister c41 2 years ago

@Tahani: I responded to your last message yesterday, but it doesn't look like it posted. I'm wondering Bilaris (author of hub page) would prefer me not giving advice on his page. I can respect that. We'll see if this message posts. If you'd like to talk further please reach me at

Sister c41 2 years ago

@Tahani086 Walking inside vs. outside will provide the same results if you walk at same intensity; however inside it will likely be more difficult to keep speed, etc. But it's still very beneficial to keep your body moving at any rate. As for some specific exercise suggestions for your particular situation; I'd say start w/15min every other day of kickboxing or dance aerobics using videos on youtube. Both are fun and high energy, and burn calories/fat. But considering we want to keep your muscle mass, include protein in low cal/fat diet and add 3 sets of 10 crunches, 10 squats and/or 10 arm curls w/low weight (can food works). Try this to start, every other day if possible. It's really only 20min of activity, and combined w/balanced, low cal/fat diet w/protein you will lose body weight instead of muscle weight. At your low weight you don't need to concern w/lowering # on scale. As far as I know, for you It's about exchanging your fat in for muscle. :-) If you end up feeling you need more details on constructing a long term diet appropriate for your specific needs please let me know and I'll try to work with you via email for more simple/effective communication. It's important you get a good grasp on personal nutrition early in life to avoid neverending search,confusion and possibly health deterioration. Be careful not to over work yourself. If you are not consuming enough you may feel faint. Please be careful and try listening to your body closely. You need a diet plan that fits you uniquely&is liveable. All of the luck to you!

Saralara16 2 years ago

Hello, i have my prom in a month and i really need to lose weight. I'm not overweight but need to lose about 8 kilos . I'm 165 cm , and 61 kg. can i lose 8 kilos if i followed this prog for 2 weeks? Thankyou so muchh! Hope you answer early so i can start.

Rose 2 years ago

Doing this today

Day 1 for me

Is walking for 30 min on treadmill ok??

I hope i will lose 5 kilos i am now 81.3 kg

tahani086 profile image

tahani086 2 years ago

@Sister c41 Unfortunately not I want to be active but i'm home schooled so I don't get out of the house much:/ Also because i'm currently in Egypt my mom doesn't like me going out here so I walk around the house for 30mins a day is that okay? will it have the same effect as walking outside? why kind of exercises do you suggest I do? and thankyou for your reply :)

May 2 years ago

update: i posted 10 days ago…first 7 days i lost only 5 pounds…no cheating at all…so i'm bummed but i'm on day 3 for a 2nd round and haven't lost anything yet…. :( but will keep going

Sister c41 2 years ago

@Tahani: First, some of your body fat percent may be related to your youthful age "baby fat". It's possible this will reduce as you grow with age. But aside from that factor, are you active? With your low weight and higher body fat percent you may try aerobic exercise which targets fat and eat balanced diet with protein to gain/keep muscle. Reducing cal/fat intake will help lose fat, but at yourvweight you don't want to become lethargic by eating away the fuel burning/energy generating muscle you do have. A 7 day diet like this, followed by balanced low cal/fat diet with adequete protein and aerobic&mild weight training would be your best bet. It's a lifelong journey of struggle and discovery, but I know you and all of us have the ability to find and live the lifestyle concoction that provides us our ideal results. But 1st things 1st. Without practicing this you will never reach ideal weight or body image. Each day please practice loving yourself unconditionally, through and through! I know it may seem cliche or useless, but please try it before knocking it. Just look at your body and say nice things and thoughts that you'd use toward your most loved person on this earth. It can be devilishly hard, but just fake it long enough and suprisingly it becomes truth. I will end here, before I go ranting on the scientific effects and literal, visual changes this love and positive energy has on your body, life and all of existence. All of the best in the universe to you all!

Sister c-01


tahani086 profile image

tahani086 2 years ago

Im 15 turning 16 on july 29th, I weigh 113pounds and i'm 5'3 I checked my BMI and its says im average weight but why do I look sooo fat? I have rolls and huge thighs, double chin and everything:((( Whyyyyy?

Renita 2 years ago

Bilaras, I wrote you 11 days ago still waiting on your response.


lauren 2 years ago

i have been on a low calorie and increased exercise diet for almost three months. For the past 4 - 6 weeks, I have lost no weight. I eat less than the recommended diet. If I follow this plan, will I loose weight or gain weight? I am 5'2" and weigh 143 pounds

tahani086 profile image

tahani086 2 years ago

Hey so yesterday was my first day but I actually couldn't eat all those fruits, it was to much for me, and water wow that's a daily sturrugle im not much of a water person but anyways, yesterday I ate 1 big apple, 1 big orange and 1 melon is it okay that I didn't eat the daily amount or will it effect me? please reply :))

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