10-Minute High-Intensity Treadmill Workout

Updated on September 12, 2017
10 Minutes High Intensity Treadmill Workout
10 Minutes High Intensity Treadmill Workout

Treadmill Workout: Love it or Hate it?

Jogging and running are good for you, really good. I think we all know this, with or without fitness experience and expertise. You can run down the high street, on the beach, in the park, and many other local places, and it's nice and fun, at least for some people.

I love being outside but for some reason, I cannot grow to love jogging or running.

So the next best thing is the treadmill, isn't it? Unfortunately, I actually kind of hate the treadmill too. Sounds pretty helpless, huh?

I show my respects to everyone who can do a 30 minutes+ serious run on the treadmill, but that's just not me. However I do want to get fit and workout smart, so my friend, a successful personal trainer in London, introduced me to this awesome 10 Minutes High Intensity Treadmill Workout.

I actually like this one as it helps me to control my breathing and keep the intensity up.

Do you also have trouble with breathing when running? If the answer is yes, then hopefully this treadmill routine will help you too.

10 Minutes High Intensity Treadmill Workout
10 Minutes High Intensity Treadmill Workout

10-Minute High-Intensity Treadmill Workout

This 10-minute high-intensity treadmill workout is very simple. You can of course increase or decrease the timing depending to your fitness level and desired results. I found that 10 minutes works best for me at the start, and then I do at least 12 minutes (1 minute warm up walking, 10 minutes 30/30 sprint and rest, and 1 minute cool off walking).

This is how I adapted the routine to my needs, but you are welcome to tweak it so that it fits your needs and it gives you the results you want. Have fun!

Let's start:

Hop on the treadmill and press Quick Start and bring the level up yo Walking Speed (approx 4-5)

Now walk for 1 minute to warm up and just as you are approaching the end of your minute bring the level up to sprinting (10-12 depending on your level, even less if you are a beginner)

Sprint for 30 seconds and hop off it - but only by placing your feet on the sides away from the moving band

Rest 30 seconds, do absolutely nothing apart from breathing and maybe sipping some water and jump back on after 30 seconds to sprint again.
After 30 seconds repeat the process of stop and go, so you sprint for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds

At minute 9 stop and cool off

*Option: do the sprint/stop motion till minute 11 ( to get 10 minutes straight) and then cool off until minute 12.

10 Minutes High Intensity Treadmill Workout
10 Minutes High Intensity Treadmill Workout

Words of Advice

Advanced Users

If you are experienced nothing much needs to be said go ahead and enjoy your high intensity workout push yourself and see the results you desire.


If you are a beginner please do the following to avoid injury:

  • do practice jumping on and off the treadmill when it's not running and also practice from low speed to high speed to avoid falling and any injury
  • hold on to the treadmill bars when u hop on and off the running band
  • adjust your speed according to your fitness level - start low and increase accordingly

As always consult your doctor for any specific health conditions.

What Do You Prefer?

Where do you prefer to jog/run/sprint?

See results

What About Doing This Routine Outside or On the Spot?

Sure, why not! You can incorporate if in your outside running. Get a timer and simply sprint for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds. You could also do that in a fairly small area as you can sprint back and forth in the same line

If you don't have access to a treadmill and can't go out to jog just run on the spot, at maximum intensity for 30 seconds and then stop. Repeat for 10 minutes.

I've applied this advice in my exercise routines and I saw results and a great improvement in efficiency. I know burn in 10 minutes what I used to burn in 30.
I hope it helps you too.

Have fun and I hope this 10 Minutes High Intensity treadmill workout makes your running for fun and effective.
Stay focused, fit and healthy. Find solitons and quit excuses. Good luck!

Let me know if you tried this and how it worked for you!

10-Minute High-Intensity Workout Sum Up

  • Walk for 1 minute to warm up
  • Sprint for 30 seconds
  • Hop off and rest for 30 seconds
  • Hop on and sprint for 30 seconds
  • Hop off and rest for 30 seconds
  • Repeat up to 9 (or 11) minutes
  • Return to walking speed and cool off for 1 minute

Here's a Great Video Alternative to This 30/30 Treadmil Workout Routine

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Georgiana


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      6 years ago

      I found that when I used to get on a treadmill, I would get quickly bored and rarely pushed myself like I should.  A friend told me about some killer treadmill workouts on iTunes.  They basically have a top-notch trainer taking you through a HIIT routine for the treadmill.  Seriously kicks my butt every time, in just 20 minutes: http://bit.ly/TreadmillExpress_iTunes.


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