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Criolipolisis, Freezing for Healing, and CoolSculpting for Weight Loss

I have over 10 years of experience in the alternative healing and energy fields as a healer and learner of the ancient healing sciences.


Shocking and Freezing Your Body for Healing

Traditionally, something that is known to be "too cold" can lead to instantaneous problems for the body. At a minimal level, it causes fever, cold, or inflammation in the body. If exposed to too much cold, it can lead to frostbite, hypothermia, and even death.

Despite the poor reputation that freezing the body has, it's now being recognized as one that can also lead to healing. When using freezing temperatures in a controlled, targeted environment, it can support changes in the body at a faster rate and target regions of the body that need to heal.

At a base level, we understand this as "putting ice on it." If there is swelling or a fever, this is a known remedy to support the body as it heals.

Now, scientists are finding that the process of freezing can help everything from curing illnesses to weight loss to even stopping someone from death.


The Re-Discovery of Therapeutic Hypothermia

While the interest in frostbite and hypothermia has made its way into the weight loss industry, the science behind it dates back to Ancient Egypt.

Remnants of papyrus, dating back over 3500 years ago, have shown that the use of freezing the body to heal wounds and physical ailments was common. It assisted those who needed to receive treatment but did not have the means to use other medicines.

The use of cooling effects was further studied in Ancient Greece, in which Hippocrates recognized the use of cold to treat ailments such as to stop bleeding, fever, and internal issues in the body.

While recognizing that the use of freezing temperatures, such as hypothermia, could lead to problems, there was also an understanding that the ability to use cold temperatures could also treat basic to complex illnesses.


The Emergence of Hot-Cold Regimens

By the 17th century, the understanding of hot to cold became more prominent as there was an understanding of how the body responded to temperatures–either which led to further ailments or healing.

The concept of the hot-cold regimen was initiated at this time, and things such as cold showers were used to support hygiene and as a preventative measure to fight against ailments. Many believed that freezing temperatures could be used as a sedative, stimulate the body, assist with blood flow, and could fight fever. This became a trending practice by some doctors who recognized that when freezing temperatures were used in the right way, it could trigger healing and a state of health.


The Benefits of Cyrotherapy

Today, the idea of freezing parts of the body or emerging into cold temperatures for short times is known as a popular alternative therapy. It is now understood that the process of freezing the body, known as cryotherapy, supports the system in the following ways:

  • Speeds up the cardiovascular system
  • Increases insulin processed by the metabolism
  • Reduces pain
  • Sharpens the mind and lessens mental health issues
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Prevention of depression
  • Slows down the process of cancer

The concept of cryotherapy has been studied enough to understand the lengths of time to create health benefits. Standing in sub-zero temperatures of freezing water for 3-5 minutes is known to create these specific responses in the body.

The question, for some, is whether the freezing temperatures can prolong one's lifeline.


What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a trending and non-invasive procedure that is used for weight loss. It is becoming known as an alternative to liposuction, allowing the body to transform from stubborn belly fat.

CoolSculpting takes temperatures that are 0 degrees Celsius (-32 Fahrenheit) and places areas with large amounts of fat cells under that temperature for 30-45 minutes. By doing so, it freezes the fat cells in the targeted region.

The CoolSculpting process uses a machine that pulls in the areas of fat and targets them with the freezing temperature. It will release the freezing area for 1 second and pull back for 1 second, allowing a targeted region of fat cells to respond to the temperature.

The freezing of the fat cells will kill the fat in that area and then remove it from the body. It is a known way to permanently remove fat and tone up the body through the process of freezing temperatures.


The Mechanics of Freezing Fat

The non-invasive procedure of cryolipolysis is one that many are turning to as an alternative to remove fat. The freezing temperatures come from the recognition of the damage of frostbite on the cells and the skin.

By studying freezing temperatures, scientists have found that fat freezes at a higher temperature than skin. This means that the freezing temperature will destroy fat and with the exact temperature, will leave other cells and your skin unharmed.

Typically, those who decide to perform this process will need to go through an average of 5-10 treatments and it sometimes takes a few weeks for the immune system to remove the dead fat cells completely from the body.


Longevity From Freezing?

There are many that are experimenting with the idea of using freezing temperatures as a way to reach longevity. By stimulating the cardiovascular system and re-balancing the body, some alternative therapists believe that freezing for short amounts of time can support a longer lifeline.

Other scientists are using hypothermia as a state of healing from a state of death. It is known that mild hypothermia can be used for cosmetic reasons while extreme states of hypothermia can serve as an alternative method to CPR.

Currently, tests are taking place that showcases that hypothermia can bring someone back to life after being in a state of death for up to 3 hours. By freezing someone, it allows their vital signs to "speed up" and to reignite back to a state of health.

The power of the cold is one that is not only being defined to cool a fever, but showcases several other implications to support one's health and longevity.


Embracing the Future of Freezing

While sub-zero temperatures stand on the edge of offering life or death, scientists are continuing to study the power of temperature and how it relates to healing.

From the newest hit of CoolSculpting for weight loss to the experimentation with using hypothermia to support resuscitation, cold weather is one that, when used as a medicine, can assist us in the healing process.


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