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How Long Should You Use Normatec Boots?

Kristie Leong M.D. is a family practitioner who believes in the power of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to prevent and fight illness.

So, you've purchased a pair of Normatec boots and you're wondering how long you should use them each day. It’s a question many people have after buying a pair of these high-tech compression socks. If you’re looking for the short answer – 30 minutes a day minimum. But let’s dig a little deeper and see why people wear them and how long each day you should do so.

What Are Normatec Boots?

Normatec boots are a special type of compression stocking that uses air pressure to create a gentle pressure on the legs. This low-grade pressure reduces swelling, pain, and stiffness in the legs. They're popular with people who have varicose veins and with athletes who use them to enhance recovery after a workout.

Normatec boots are made by Normatec, Inc. The boots were developed by a physician and bioengineer who recognized the power of compression to aid in recovery and healing. Normatec boots work by applying targeted compression to specific areas of the body. This compression increases circulation, which helps improve blood flow and lymph drainage.

Faster Recovery From Exercise

Normatec boots are popular with athletes who use them to recover faster after training or competition. The boots mimic a massage therapist's hands but without having to visit a therapist. By increasing the blood flow to muscles,

Normatec boots enhance circulation, remove lactic acid from muscles (which contributes to soreness) and reduce muscle fatigue. The result is faster recovery after exercise.

There’s another benefit to wearing Normatec boots. A study found that wearing pneumatic compression boots reduces the risk of developing a blood clot after knee surgery.

This was a medical pneumatic compression boot, although it should offer similar benefits to the Normatec boot. Any time you boost blood flow from the legs back to the heart, it lowers your risk of developing a blood clot.

Compression Boots Help With Venous Problems

The idea of using compression isn't new. Pressure garments have been used for years to help treat venous insufficiency — when blood pools in the lower extremities and increases the risk of a clot forming.

The problem with old-fashioned compression garments was that they were uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear. Normatec boots provide gentle pressure and support.

There’s also a stress relief component as wearing the boots is a chance to relax while your legs get a form of compression massage. You could even meditate while you’re wearing them!

How Long Should You Wear Normatec Boots?

As mentioned, 30 minutes is the minimum recommended time, but you can wear them longer if you wish. Some people find it easier to go through their day with a shorter session of 10-15 minutes here and there during their workday, but the recommendations are to wear them for at least 30 minutes daily.

Normatec boots are made from high-quality polyester with a soft inner lining that helps prevent blisters and chafing. They come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can find a pair that fits your foot perfectly. Although they’re most popular with athletes, people of all ages and sizes wear them.

Where Do You Buy Normatec Boots?

Normatec boots are available for purchase at select medical facilities and on their website,


Take care of your legs! You need them to walk, run, play sports, and do the many things you do every day. If wearing Normatec boots makes your legs feel better and helps you recover from a workout, they’re providing an invaluable service. You’ll be able to enjoy more of life's activities without worrying about your feet and legs!


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