Using an Eliptical Trainer Correctly to Burn Fat

Updated on September 12, 2017

The Cross Trainer

Using the Cross Trainer

It is recommended when using the cross trainer machine that your feet remain flat on the pedals, but it is very natural for the heel to come up a bit. This is fine. We can't turn into robots! Do what feels natural to your body. Make sure you're in a nice, neutral posture with a straight back and don't lean on the machine, as this defeats the purpose and will mean fewer calories burnt.


The cross trainer machine is a very effective fat-burning machine as it gives both your arms and legs a good cardio workout. Its also a great way to burn calories quickly and is especially great for warming up before starting your weight routine.

You will notice the following benefits

- Stronger Cardio System

- Toned Lower body and Arms and Shoulders

- Strengthens Core

The Machine

It would be wise to stay away from this machine if you have hip problems, as I know many people with sensitive hips and it seems to aggravate them.

Cross Trainer/Elliptical Trainer Myth

You must keep your heels in contact with the foot pedals to burn fat when using the cross trainer, right? Wrong. There is no way that having your heels off the foot pedals will stop you burning fat. It's like when you see people peddling their bikes up a hill you will usually notice that there heels are not completely flat on the pedals because it's hard work and yes, it's burning calories and fat.

Elliptical Trainer Exercise

Now for some elliptical trainer exercises that I love to do at the gym. The first one is to really burn the fat off your lower body

Lower Body Burn

So this eliptical trainer exercise starts at a level your comfortable with start off slow

- Go at a moderate speed for about 3-5 minutes

- Now lower your body until your in a sort of squat position (keep back straight, core strong)

- Now do 30 seconds in this lower position and really feel you thighs, knees and buttocks working

- Come back up after 30 seconds and continue with 3- 5 minutes on moderate

- You can repeat this cycle as many times as you desire

So elliptical trainer exercise can be modified however you like so you can do more in the lower position or less whatever feels good for you, the aim is to push yourself but not push yourself over the edge:)

HIIT elliptical trainer exercise ( FAT LOSS)

So this high-intensity interval training exercise for the elliptical machine is pretty much the same as you would do on a treadmill.

- Start off at a moderate speed for 3-5 minutes

- Now either speed up or increase the level for 30 seconds to 1 minute

- Go back to moderate speed for 3 -5 minutes

- repeat as desired

So this is basically eating up your body's glycogen storage's so you can start to hit the fat and it works very well, can be very tough so take it easy.

Cross Trainer vs Treadmill

Now there is quite a debate about whether the cross trainer is better than the treadmill or vice versa but i've read many articles and here's the outcome.

The classic treadmills will the rotating belt are actually a poor way for people to lose weight, because the belt is actually being pulled around with a motor this takes away the need to use your hamstrings and other surrounding muscles to push off the ground.

So basically you are doing a quad workout and in turn burn less calories than you would using a Cross traine machine, of course a cross trainer also involves arms so this will burn even more calories.

If you decide to go for a run try doing it outdoors or in a stadium or circuit so you don't end up with weak calves and hamstrings.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 expectus


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      10 years ago

      The workout mentioned here seems to be useful.

      Amazing !


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