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Review of the Initial-Force Adjustable Dumbbell

 The Initial-Force Adjustable Dumbbell

The Initial-Force Adjustable Dumbbell

Why the Initial-Force Adjustable Dumbbell?

Today I am evaluating an adjustable dumbbell from Initial-Force. This piece of equipment is sturdily built, and its weight can be easily adjusted in 10-pound increments between 15 and 55 pounds. This dumbbell would be an excellent addition to the home-based weight room of any serious bodybuilder.

However, I am not a burly young man committed to the art of weightlifting. I am elderly, I'm out of shape, and my house lacks the space required to accommodate even a weight bench and basic collection of dumbells. Because I want to increase my muscle mass, strength, and endurance, I need to choose the equipment I purchase carefully.



The Initial-Force dumbbells are composed mainly of metal, with the individual plates enclosed within a protective sheath of plastic.

While each dumbbell weighs 55 pounds when fully loaded, this weight can be quickly reduced in 10-pound steps to a minimum of 15 pounds.

This piece of equipment is 19 inches in length, 8.5 inches wide, and 7.2 inches high. The 5.5-inch-wide handle that separates the two sets of plates is silicone coated, providing a solid and comfortable grip.

When placed on its plastic base, twisting the dumbbell’s handle forward will release one plate on each side. As the handle is turned further, additional pairs of plates are released. Twisting the handle in the other direction will reverse the process, adding more weight to the dumbbell.


  • Manufacturer: Initial-Force
  • Name: Adjustable dumbbell
  • Weight: 15 – 55 pounds (adjustable)
  • Length: 19 inches
  • Width: 8.5 inches
  • Height: 7.2 inches
  • Plate weight: 5 pounds
  • Number of plates: 8 (4 per side)
  • Adjustable: Yes, by rotating the handle


Athletes use dumbbells during their workouts. Dumbbell exercises strengthen the muscle groups associated with arms, legs, and shoulders. They also enhance the abdominal muscles.

While superior results can be achieved when working with additional equipment, a variety of beneficial exercises can be performed with a single dumbbell.


The Work Area

Even though I live in a medium-sized house, there is little room available for exercise equipment. For apartment dwellers, of course, this problem is magnified.

For those of us who wish to exercise but lack the space, purchasing an adjustable dumbbell, which can be placed unobtrusively against a wall, makes sense.

Traditional dumbbells consist of a bar with round plates attached at each end. The ring nuts holding the assembly together can be removed, allowing the weight load to be adjusted. While this system works well, it is time-consuming, and the heavy plates are bound to scratch the flooring eventually.

The Initial-Force dumbbell is adjustable. As its handle is turned, lessening the dumbbell’s weight, the removed plates remain upright within the plastic base. This reduces the risk of floor damage.

Additional steps have been taken to protect flooring. These include sheathing the individual plates in plastic and adopting a six-sided anti-rolling configuration.


The Adjustable Weight System

This device includes a plastic base, a 15-pound dumbbell, and eight removable plates. Each plate weighs five pounds.

Four slots on each side of the base keep unattached plates upright and properly positioned. Two protruding tabs press against the dumbbell’s corresponding pushbuttons when it is stored atop the base. These tabs disengage the dumbbell’s locking system.

With the locking system disengaged, the dumbbell’s handle can be turned. As it is rotated, a sharp click indicates a pair of five-pound plates have either been uncoupled or added to the dumbbell. Markings on either side of the handle indicate the current weight being carried.

The base’s tabs lose contact with the dumbbell’s corresponding pushbuttons as the dumbbell is lifted. This engages the locking system. The handle can no longer be rotated, and the remaining plates will remain fully secured to the dumbbell.

Suppose later that the user wishes to adjust the dumbbell’s weight. In that case, it is a simple matter to lower the device onto its base, carefully ensuring the disengaged plates fit snugly into their space within the dumbbell. Then its handle can be turned, adding or uncoupling the required plates.


The silicone coating adds comfort and provides a solid grip to the dumbbell’s handle. This device is balanced well, and its handle is wide enough for me, when required, to grasp with both hands.

Overall Impression

While this dumbbell is intended for use by serious bodybuilders, its design includes aspects that other potential users will appreciate.

This device requires little space, and the dumbbell’s ability to shed or gain weight quickly by simply turning its handle provides ease of use. The Initial-Force Adjustable Dumbbell is recommended.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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