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Review of the Urikar AT1 Massage Gun

The Urikar AT1 Massage Gun

The Urikar AT1 Massage Gun

How Massage Guns Operate

Over the last year, I've tested and reviewed five different massage guns. They were all very similar in packaging and design. Each one came enclosed within a soft protective case with a variety of massage heads and an AC adapter.

Massage guns generally bear a strong resemblance to a handheld hairdryer. You simply turn them on, set the desired speed, and press them against the area of your body that you wish to massage.

Today, I am taking a close look at the Urikar AT1. In an effort to enhance performance and increase usability, Urikar has incorporated several unique design features. In the following review, I an examining these modifications and exploring how they affect the user experience.

The Massage Gun arrived in a sturdy cardboard box

The Massage Gun arrived in a sturdy cardboard box

View of the carrying case

View of the carrying case


The massage gun arrived packed within a 10.6 x 15.4 x 4.3-inch padded case. Also included were six massage heads, an AC adapter, and a user guide.

This device is squarish in shape and composed of gray-colored plastic. The massage gun weighs 2.66 pounds, and its dimensions are 9.8 x 9.5-inches. A power button, power indicator, and charging port are located at the bottom. An LCD panel faces the operator, providing information pertaining to operating parameters, and includes three control buttons.

The AT1 is powered by a 2600mAh lithium battery and can operate for up to ten hours between charges.

Using A1 technology, this percussion massager determines which head is fitted to the device and automatically chooses the appropriate speed setting.

The handle provides a solid handgrip

The handle provides a solid handgrip

Side view

Side view


  • Brand: Urikar
  • Name: Massage gun
  • Model: AT1
  • Case dimensions: 270 x 390 x 110 millimeters (10.6 x 15.4 x 4.3 inches)
  • Massage gun weight: 1.2 kilograms (2.66 pounds)
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240V
  • Rated power: 30 – 65 watts
  • Work modes: Constant speed, smart
  • Number of Massage Heads: 6
  • Power supply: 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Adjustable speeds: 8
  • Amplitude: 16mm
  • Max speed: 3800 rpm
  • Max stall force: 65 pounds
  • Noise Range: ˂65db
  • Smart massage head recognition: Yes
  • Smart power adjustment: Yes

The Manufacturer

Urikar, which is based in Brighton, Colorado, is trademarked by Substanbo Innovations Technology.


The Urikar AT1 generates a percussive massage, beating the attached head repetitively against the user's muscles. This action softens muscle tissue and soothes the area around them, promoting blood flow and relieving stiffness.

This massage gun powers on when the bottom-mounted button is pressed. At this point, the associated indicator turns blue.

A display that faces the operator will then feature a large icon representing the user's body, a battery level indication, compound button, speed display, and massage time indication. A blinking icon on the right indicates the lack of a massage head.

Once a massage head is inserted into the device, the blinking indicator becomes solid, and another icon—the human body induction display—will light. Also, a series of white dots, signifying the area the inserted head is designed to massage, is superimposed over the icon representing the user's body.

Situated below the main display is a compound button flanked by a pair of upward and downward indicating buttons. The compound button is used to change modes (long press) and to stop and start massage operations.

When Constant Mode is selected, the associated upward and downward indicating buttons are used to select one of the eight available speeds.

If the Smart Mode is chosen, the massager automatically determines the ideal speed, force, and depth associated with the massage head currently inserted into the device.

A circular series of LEDs on both sides of the massage gun illuminate when the device is in operation. If Smart Mode is selected, these lights will dim whenever the message head is positioned incorrectly.

Display with no massage head inserted

Display with no massage head inserted

Series of dots signify area of body that inserted head is designed to massage

Series of dots signify area of body that inserted head is designed to massage

Smart Mode

While the more independent of us will prefer to set their own speeds, the Smart Mode does provide two important benefits.

It sets the speed, force, and depth deemed most appropriate for the selected massage head.

This mode also forces the user to massage correctly. Unless the AT1 is held perpendicular to the area being massaged, its speed and force will drop drastically. I consider this to be the massage gun's most helpful feature.

Massage Head Recognition

Each head is designed to work on specific parts of the body. Sadly, because I have never taken the time to memorize the purpose of these attachments, I usually play safe and stick with the general-purpose Ball Head.

The AT1, however, will indicate what body areas the inserted head is designed to massage. This simplifies the selection process and ensures I put all six of my massage heads to good use.

Safety Precautions

Bruising can occur regardless of the control setting or the pressure applied. Check treated areas frequently and immediately stop at the first sign of pain or discomfort.

Use the Urikar AT1 only on soft tissue. Do not massage your neck, head, or any hard or bony areas.


This massage gun is powered by a 2600mAh lithium rechargeable battery and should last up to ten hours on a single charge.

The AC adapter connects to a charging port located below the massage gun's handle.

View of where head should be inserted

View of where head should be inserted

Inserted head

Inserted head

D-Shaped Handle

Most Urikar massage guns are equipped with a pistol-grip-type handle that can be rotated 180 degrees. This provides the user with greater reach.

The AT1 is fitted with a D-shaped handle which also allows a greater than normal range of reach. While I am more accustomed to the older rotating style, this new handle does appear to distribute the massage gun's weight more evenly.

Overall Impression

This massage gun is easy to use, feature-packed, and very powerful. It can be set to eight different speeds and is shipped with six massage heads.

Important features include massage head recognition and a smart mode that takes away the guesswork. If you are searching for a professional massager that is extremely easy to use, the Urikar AT1 should be at the top of your list.

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