Ankle and Wrist Weights - How to Use them Safely

How and when to use ankle and wrist weights, that is the question.
How and when to use ankle and wrist weights, that is the question. | Source

Ankle and Wrist weights can speed up training and help you lose weight faster but they can also be harmful, even dangerous if used indiscriminately. While doing some in depth research for this article I read with dismay that wearing ankle and wrist weights is often recommended for the wrong kind of activities. This article is particularly important for beginners but will also help many of you at intermediate or advanced levels to understand the pro's and con's and do's and don'ts of using ankle and wrist weights in your workouts.

How Dangerous can Ankle and Wrist Weights be?

Even those at more advanced and professional levels, who should know their bodies well enough to use ankle and wrist weights responsibly, can learn something new here to prevent the risk of injury and permanent damage to the body.

Which Ankle Weights?

Sunny Health & Fitness Ankle and Wrist Weight, 2.5 Lbs. x 2
Sunny Health & Fitness Ankle and Wrist Weight, 2.5 Lbs. x 2

I found the best ankle and wrist weights at Amazon.

They last a lot longer than previous ones I had bought in the shop. The ankle weights are particularly useful for doing high kicks lying supine on the floor. Once you pass the 90 degree mark the extra weight really helps to stretch the hamstrings much further.


Walking with Ankle Weights?

We are told to wear them for walking, jogging, running, sprinting, step aerobics, cycling, swimming, kick boxing and karate, as a useful short-cut for losing weight and improving strength and endurance. Some wear them in conjunction with other equipment like skipping, on the treadmill... and some overenthusiastic fanatics keep them on all day to walk, climb stairs or just around the house. Some even sleep with them on at night! Now I ask you, are people insane?

Of course all that sells a lot of one of the most affordable pieces of fitness equipment but does it do more harm than good? Doing regular exercise needs enough devotion without making it more difficult with extra weights. An overweight person already carries too much weight for the skeleton. If you have reached a certain level of fitness and are very short of time, however, wearing ankle or wrist weights may speed up your training provided they are used with proper caution and awareness as explained in a moment.

What are they made of?
Ankle and wrist weights are usually filled with fine lead or iron powder, not very environmentally friendly when disposed of. Try to find some that use water or sand as filling. You tie them around the wrists or ankles with Velcro straps. On the outside they use some breathable nylon material.

Why do people use them?

Ankle and wrist weights are used to increase the workload in the following three areas of fitness: (1) Strength and Endurance, (2) Toning, and (3) Stretching. But how should the weights be used most effectively and safely?

1. Strength and Endurance training - only for advanced users

No adult has a perfect posture. No gait is absolutely correctly balanced. Therefore any activity that involves the entire body weight landing with impact on the ground, like walking, running, aerobics etc. will aggravate the faults and imbalances in the ankle, knee, hip, spine and neck without adding any extra weight. And let's face it, most of you guys and gals so keen on getting fit already carry the extra weight on your bodies anyway. So: No weights for endurance and strength training unless you're a pro.

2. Toning - recommended in certain moves

If you are trying to firm up your triceps (backward arm lifts) or buttocks (lying prone, lifting a leg up) and don't have a lot of time before the holidays, by all means, wear the weights, but again, be sure you don't strain your back in doing so. See this article on Counter Moves to avoid injuries.

3. Stretching - recommended in gravity inverted moves
The main requirement for flexibility is that the area to be stretched should be relaxed. It is impossible to stretch a muscle or tendons when the muscle is contracted, that is a paradox, a contradiction in terms. We can use weights into gravity to help stretch the hamstrings as in the two Scooping Kick moves described below.

Scooping Kicks into Gravity

The desired dynamic quality for the movement you will be working on can be attained with vizualisation. In this case imagine that you are lying on the beach and scooping up sand with one foot to throw it as far away as possible over your head. I recommend you close your eyes during this imaginary experience so you can really concentrate on what you are doing and also, that way, you won't get any sand in your eyes (ha-ha).

  1. Lie on the floor on your back, on a mat or or your bed.
  2. Raise one knee up ( bent leg) as far as you can without bending or lifting the other leg.
  3. Bring the foot back down to the floor.
  4. Raise the whole (same) leg up as high as you can while leaving the other leg straight on the floor. Keep both knees straight.
  5. Bring the leg down to the floor again
  6. Repeat alternating a knee lift with a full leg lift (2) to (5) above eight times.
  7. Repeat (2) to (5) with the other leg.

How high does your foot reach with the leg raised? If it does not reach 90 degrees, don't use weights. Once your foot passes the 90 degree mark you may wear ankle weights and from here on stretching your hamstrings will be a piece of cake.

The extra weight tied to your ankle now wants to go downwards with gravity. To stretch your hamstrings fully all you need to do now is to keep one straight leg up there, past the 90 degree mark while relaxing the hip joint.


Isolation and Coordination

With more practice you will be able to isolate the coordination of the only two necessary actions of kicking up and bringing the leg down. Concentrate on:

  • Keeping the knees straight requires a certain amount of tension in the thigh.
  • Controlling the action in the hip joint so it stays as relaxed as possible to allow for maximum movement range.
  • Keeping the hamstring muscles (behind the knee) relaxed.

Crucial 90 Degree Mark

In the above moves, once your foot passes the 90 degree mark you may wear ankle weights but not before your hamstrings are loose enough to achieve this .

Well, you may, but it won't help you stretch, it will make it harder and take longer to stretch with the ankle weights on, until that crucial 90 degree point when the ankle weight, pulled down by gravity, actually helps your foot go down further and further towards your head. Once past the vertical (90 degrees), the leg your hamstrings can stretch in a painless, almost passive way.

Stiff Hamstrings?

Hopefully not to the point of being chair-bound or chair-shaped as shown by Juliette Kando in the next video.

Scooping High Kicks in a Side Lying Position.

  1. Lie on your side on the floor on a mat or or your bed. Keep the knee of the leg on the floor bent to create a more stable structure for maintaining the side lying position.
  2. Raise one knee up towards your shoulder.
  3. Bring the leg down to the floor.
  4. Now raise the whole leg up as high as you can while keeping the knee straight and leaving the other bent leg on the floor.
  5. Bring the leg down to the floor again.
  6. Repeat from (2) to (5) eight to sixteen times.
  7. Turn around onto your other side and repeat (2) to (6) with the other leg.

Arm Swings and Circles

Half and full backward arm circles to loosen the shoulder and strengthen the arm.
Half and full backward arm circles to loosen the shoulder and strengthen the arm. | Source

Arm swings and circles are perfectly suited to be practiced with wrist weights on but not until you master them well without the weights first or you might tear a muscle or ligament.

  1. Swing the arm up as far as it will go without turning the wrist.
  2. Swing the arm down and back to its limit.
  3. Repeat 1. & 2. above eight times or more.
  4. Now do a full backward arm circle and repeat that eight or more times until all the stiffness and crunchy noises have vanished from your shoulder joint.

Once familiar with these moves you can go much faster to allow momentum and gravity to fully loosen your shoulder joint.

CAUTION: Start slowly and remember my motto: "No Pain, Just Gain!"

That's it

I hope that this article on ankle and wrist weights has clarified some of the myths and taught you how to use them properly and safely on your arm or leg.

Please contribute to the questions/answers below to learn more.


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Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 months ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Mohal,

Wearing ankle weights while cycling?

Think about it: the extra weight is balanced across the two pedals, while one pedal lifts, an equal amount of weight drops (makes it easier) on the pedal. So the two weights actually cancel each other out. Therefore wearing ankle weights while cycling serves no purpose at all. If you want your legs to work harder, just go faster or cycle uphill.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 2 years ago from Andalusia Author

Sleeping with weights on?

NO! That serves no purpose at all, other than maybe give you nightmares, like you're stuck in quick-sand or such.

Doesn't matter 2 years ago

Is it alright to sleep with them?

carrie Lee Night profile image

carrie Lee Night 2 years ago from Northeast United States

Thank you for this informative hub :). Great hub layout and topic.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 3 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hello Ev,

I don't recommend wearing ankle weights while training for basketball or any aerobic high impact sports. The best use for ankle weights is in static, preferably horizontal positions when stretching to help tendons and muscles elongate.

Ev 3 years ago

Hi Sue, I'm 14 years old and 5'3 and wanted to start wearing ankle weights to improve on my vertical for basketball. I've heard ankle weights could cause problems with your joints because the weights are adding more impact when hitting the ground. It also affects growth plates causing misshapen bones. Since I don't want to stunt my growth, should I not use ankle weights at all? If so, maybe 2 pounds at the most to start?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

I wouldn't wear them in the pool. They are not made for immersion in water. Why would you want to do that? Trying to drown yourself?

Marge 4 years ago

Sue; My question is can I wear the wrist/ankle weights in the pool?

mohal 4 years ago

hi sue ,

i'm 18 and i was wondering if it will be fine if i use ankle weights for cycling (1.5 kg for each leg) , i asked same Q. in some cycling forum they said most probably i will end up with hip surgery or knee surgery . is that true? because want some really tough legs. hope you have some good news for me. and thank you for hub

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hello Simon,

First you have to find a way of making the weights comfortable so they don't rub your ankles raw. Maybe use cotton leg warmers (cut off sleeves from an old long sleeved T-shirt? ) to steady the weights? Then, if you don't have any pain, then yes, continue. But remember, my motto is "No Pain,Just Gain!".

Simon 4 years ago


Lately I've been working out on a regular basis and have lost weight in the process and I also dance ballet folklorico (mexican dancing) a couple times a week. I received a 10 lb pair (5 lb and 5lb) of ankle weights as a gift and was thinking of implementing them in my dancing. I've tried it already in one of my practices and found that it worked quite well (apart from the ankles being rubbed raw). Should I continue or leave them off in case of future knee problems?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Alison,

If you are going to use wrist weights while on the treadmill, I would start with no more than 1kg (2 pounds)on each arm and possibly increase the weight at a later stage when you feel comfortable with them.

Good luck in your weight loss.

Alison 4 years ago


I currently do three 30 minute interval sessions on the treadmill per week in an attempt to lose weight (I'm about 160lbs, 5ft 2). I don't suffer any pain when doing this. I was thinking of getting some wrist weights to help tone my arms while I walk/run - is this safe? What weight do you recommend?

Val 4 years ago

Thank you for your suggestion Sue. I will most certainly take care and be mindful of any discomfort whilst wearing the ankle weights. I will not be exercising, nor jogging, or even taking long walks with them on. They will be there just for that extra resistance as I walk around the house. Hopefully all of this will help with slightly building the weak left leg muscle in preparation for surgery.

Thanks again for replying, Val

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hello Val, If you refuse to do exercises, here is a tip that might work:

Wear one (or two) weights on your left leg only to make it work harder and catch up with the right leg. But with a bad hip... Remember, you are responsible for your own body. It may be safer to strengthen the left leg with some slow kicks and knee lifts while lying down. Just in case your hip joint can't take it. See how you feel.

Good luck with your operation,


Val 4 years ago

Hi Sue,

My situation is a complicated one. I am currently waiting to get a hip replacement for my left leg. I have a pre-existing condition that stems from a childhood injury that has made me predominantly rely on my right leg... As a result, I've got a very week and slim left leg muscle. My physiotherapist has given me low impact exercises to build and strengthen my left leg before I go for surgery... Though I hate those boring exercises , so I was thinking to wear ankle weights pretty much all the time instead of the exercises.. I'm guessing this is a bad idea?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Angali,

Try this:

Upper Arm Toner With Wrist Weights

Perform the arm sequence without walking in slow motion first until your arms get used to moving in this way.

STARTING POSITION: Stand with the arms relaxed by your sides. Now:

Turn the left palm in to face back and the right palm out to face front. We are going to swing, right arm forward, left arm back.

1. With the right arm going forward and the left back, do only one swing as in normal walking but higher, up to 90 degrees or maximum height. Try to keep the arms straight (with the palm up).

On the second swing, swap the direction that the wrists are facing. In other words, always keep all palms up while swinging. Practice this on the spot until you can easily co-ordinate the moves.


1. Walk for 8 steps swinging your arms as above.

2. For the next 8 steps, hold the arms in the upper-most position palms up. You are still walking on, but your arms are static for 8 steps.

Repeat the walking sequence as many times as you can / want.

N.B. You can do the same exercise to the side (one arm across the body, the other to the side).

When you are fed-up with marching like a soldier, punch the sky with your wrist weight, make high up and backward movements. Try point to a point high up and very far away behind your ears to open the chest. Finally, slow, loose, relaxing swings and a good arm massage should do the trick.

As for your hamstrings Angali, watch this video that I published on YouTube as Juliette Kando (my real name).

Are You Chair-Shaped? Loosen the Hamstrings

Have fun with your weights,


Yvonne 4 years ago

Hi Sue, Thanks for this article.

I have already bought the wrist weights then decided to find out the pros and cons hence I found your site.

Please can you tell me the best way to use the wrist weights for walking. I am 62 and walk about 5km every 2nd day. I bought them because I cannot do any weight training because of an old neck & lower spine injury from a car accident so all I can do is walk or swim. As a result I have to do something about the top of my arms so I bought the weights. What is the best position to hold my arms in while walking. at 90 degrees or down swinging from side to side? I used them today for the second time and am feeling a bit of strain on my upper back. They are not heavy only .25kg each wrist.

Also please can you tell me how to lengthen my hamstrings. I cant even get up to 90 degrees I have never even been able to touch the floor.

Thanks so much

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

The lotus position is knees bent, feet crossed over, resting in the groin. But if you lie down, pull up your knees and keep your feet together, then drop the knees outwards towards the floor, that'll turn your hip joints out. Support the knees with small cushions if they don't reach the floor.

As to your second question Abigail, sleeping with ankle weights may slightly help tone your legs and abdomen but only for the number of times you roll over in your sleep. Is it worth the discomfort? I don't think so. You might as well, just perform a few rolling moves with them on during the day and get a good night's sleep without having nightmares about being stuck in quicksand and things like that.

abigail 4 years ago

Quick question. Well, two.

You mentioned sleeping in the lotus position to improve your turnout. What is that and have you any other tips on improving turnout please?

Also, my friend told me that sleeping in ankle weights helps tone your legs and abdomen. Is this true?

Thanks a lot :)

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hello Anjali,

Not knowing how you got the knee injury or what type of injury it is, I cannot say if it would be safe to wear multiple weights. Those targets you set yourself, where do they come from? It seems to me that your priority should be to get off crutches so why not practice walking until you don't need the crutches any more before attempting weights? But you are right, talk to your doctor first and ask for the assistance of a professional physical therapist who can monitor your particular recovery.

Anjali 4 years ago

Hello, I was wondering if it ever is safe to have multiple leg weights on at the same time? I am working through recovery after knee surgery & the exercises are very simple (ie leg lift) so I do not have a physical therapist. I have 2 targets of 15lbs & 35lbs to get off crutches & then resume normal physical activity, but leg weights only come in max 10lbs. I am only at 2lbs so taking it slow & safe & focusing on form but was curious how i would get to those targets. I plan to talk to my doctor at my appointment next week, but just thought I would ask since I found your site.

Thank You.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

You are welcome Ronald.

Ronald 4 years ago

No I dont have fallen arches, or go skating in them. I just mainly use them during the whole day, mostly doing normal things and when working out (I take them off when I run though). But yes I feel light as a feather and like I have more energy once I take them off.

Also good idea with the stairs thing, Im definitely going to try that now.

Thanks again for the feedback :)

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Ronald,

Check that you don't have "fallen arches" and you should be fine Ronald. Do you run and jump or go skate-boarding with the weights on? What a relief it must be when you take them off at night!

Compare the moves you do with and without weights. For example, try jumping up 3 steps with the weights on, you'll probably jump 4 without. MMhhh... interesting.

Have fun with your ankle weights but just remember my motto: "No Pain, Just Gain!"

Ronald 4 years ago

So Im 19 and if Im physically fit and dont have much body fat, and i feel fine while wearing 5 pounds (on each side) ankle weights all day, would you think it would be okay for my ankles?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author


Why would you want to do such an uncomfortable thing? Getting tired doesn't make you fit. Good movement in fresh outdoor air does. Please read this Hub again.

Burton Caparroso profile image

Burton Caparroso 4 years ago

Is it alright to wear the ankle weights when I am in school for 8 hours?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Burton,

If you are not overweight and your feet, ankles and knees are properly aligned, then you could try to use the weights for sprinting, running and skipping. However, if you get any joint pains then stop using them in such aerobic ways. Check out these hubs for feet, ankle and knees alignment first.

Good luck and let me know how you are getting on.

Burton Caparroso profile image

Burton Caparroso 4 years ago

Hello, I'm 14 years old and is 67.50 kg. I plan to buy ankle weights that are 2 lbs each and use them for sprinting, running and jump ropes. Is it safe for me to use them that way?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

I'm glad you had the sense to try the weights out before buying phillyman. As always, listen to your body and you won't be sorry.

phillyman 4 years ago

This article confirmed what I realized today. I have been thinking of buying ankle and wrist weights to wear while walking/running. So I went to Walmart today and one of the packages was open so I tried them on both ankles and wrists. It was apparent to me that I would most likley do some serious damage to my knees and probably my shoulders if I used them in that way. Even after walking up and down the aisle a couple times my knees felt unnatural. I think they would be good for arm circles or some ab type excercises when you lie on your back. That's it.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hello Bobby,

If your joints don't ache I suppose it's OK to wear the weights but be careful and bear in mind that proper alignment of the joints is crucial when exercising with weights.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Adam,

1. All your injuries and following surgery are a consequence of you being overweight.

2. Eating junk food, then vitamins to make up for it is wrong. Man made vitamin tablets can never substitute the real natural vitamins found in "living" food and do not eliminate the poisons of junk food.

3.As for exercise, for an overweight person, swimming is about the safest or do gentle floor exercises (yoga

4. For more endurance and lung power swim greater distances for longer periods of time. or do more floor exercises (lying down). Subscribe to my YouTube channel for the floorwork.

5. Do NOT wear ankle or wrist weights unless you are in a horizontal position as adding MORE weight to your bones which have to carry your body will do you more harm than good. Find out about the effects of gravity pressing down on your skeleton, read my other hubs for further understanding of how your body works.

Good luck

Sue / alias Juliette Kando

bobby 4 years ago

I am only 12 but i use 1 kg ankle weights so this is it okay for me to do so but let me mention i am a very fit 12 year olds

Adam 4 years ago

Hello, I have a few questions for you as well! I am 6'2'' and weigh 270lbs currently. However, almost 10 years ago I was 280, and hit a pretty hard situation where I lost 90 lbs by simply not eating for 4 months and simply drank Gatorade and water while I went to school, worked, and did tai chi, martial arts, and some weightlifting. However, after having concerned friends notice I started to regain my appetite. But it is also worth noting that I am an extremely picky eater and know I eat plenty of unhealthy foods but also take vitamin supplements to help that even if its minute.

Since then I've almost gained back what I have lost before... I have been through some battles though, had a knee surgery in '04 and a back surgery in '05. Since those surgeries, I've stopped my martial arts and tai chi, however, I miss them both tremendously. I fear I am unable to do martial arts anymore though because it took too long for me to have my back surgery and it has left me with permanent nerve damage in my left foot and only have half feeling in that foot. Therefore, there are times I feel off balance so jumping and landing incorrectly is a concern.

Additionally, I am in graduate school so I virtually have no time for them anyway. But, I have almost always found something to stay active.... tried running but that led to a knee issue and a cortisone shot, and the knee doctor telling me I shouldn't run but either roller skate, cycle, ice skate, or even swim. So for the past two years I did just that, ice skated, swam, roller bladed in the spring/summer/fall. However, more recently due to finances I've just been doing biking. With winter now rapidly approaching my options seem rather limited… my parents have a treadmill which I intend to use, however, I'm curious of what other exercises would you recommend?? I really lack muscle in my quad… that has been a losing battle since my knee surgery any strength I would get it, if I stopped for months at a time because life or school got too crazy would be lost in no time…. same goes for my upper body strength for when I used to weight lift. I am curious if I get back into ice skating would wearing additional ankle weights help strengthen my quad while I skate? Also, what would you recommend to increase lung capacity? Even when I was slimmer I virtually had no endurance whatsoever $6…. getting out of breath very quickly…. but still marching on despite being out of breath. I just felt determined to do the things I wanted to do even though I huffing and puffing. On a side note, I am not a smoker, but both my parents are so I grew up with that, even though as of 5-6 years ago they only smoke outside, is having no endurance just something I'll have to live with for the rest of my life? Anyway this is getting rather long so I think I'll stop now, thank you in advance for all your help!

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Good Stephanie, you'll see, once you start moving for pleasure both your weight and your mood will improve no end. Remember my motto: "No Pain, Just Gain!"

But you must promise to do it every day (10 minutes here and there). Maybe when you first wake up in the morning, do some stretching to stimulate circulation. Then instead of having lunch, go for a short walk outdoors. Later when you come home, again a few floor exercises. A little often is better than prolonged periods of agonising exercise. If you do it right you'll enjoy it and you will WANT to do it every day, you'll look forward to your short sessions. You can also read my Hub "How To Be A Good Mover". You are responsible for your own body. Do it!

Love from Sue / Juliette

PS Oh, I forgot: Dance! Dance for fun. Improvise to your favourite music whie waiting for the kettle to boil, go crazy in the privacy of your own home. If you need more help you can Skype me. My Skype name is Julikando.

Stephanie 4 years ago

Thank you. I will get started right away. I'll report back periodically and let you know how I'm coming along. I never considered floor exercises before. I thought I had to run or lift weights or something. Every time I've tried I have ended up in more pain. I'm looking forward to trying something new. Thanks again.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

OK Stephany, The reason your joints aching is that you are carrying too much weight for them to bear. Don't wear the ankle weights as this will add weight to your body which finds it already too hard to carry you. Stop eating meat. Eat vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, salads, eggs, cheese etc. i.e (a healthy diet of only "living" foods, no packaged food for long shelf life that's not food at all.) Eat smaller portions.

You MUST lose weight. The only safe way for you to exercise and move is by doing floor exercises. Lie down on the floor (or on your bed) and kick your legs, stretch, roll, pretend you are a baby who is just beginning to learn to move. It will make you feel good. Moving will make you loose your depression and also some weight. Go swimming. If you can't swim go to a swimming pool at least twice a week and move in the shallow water in a horizontal position.

I also have some good floor exercises for you on my YouTube Channel. Just type in:

Juliette Kando Floor Exercises and you will see them.

Good luck, Let me know how you are getting on,

Kind regards,

Sue Adams / Juliette Kando

Stephanie 4 years ago

I am severely overweight. I gained a lot of weight in law school and while I was studying for the bar exam. My body has been aching so badly that it is hard to move. I have also been experiencing depression as well. In the last few days I found my ankle weights and have started wearing them during the day while walking from courthouse to courthouse to try and boost the effects. I have been feeling a little better mentally, I'm guessing just because I'm getting up and moving but my hips and knees are killing me.

Is there any ways to get moving without killing me in the process. It seriously hurts to move some days and its hard for me to get out of bed.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

You are welcome Madhubutter

madhubutter 4 years ago

thanks hv been of great help

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 4 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi madhubutter,

Bowlegs is a deformation in and around the knee joint, so yes, I don't see why you shouldn't use ankle weights during yoga. Aerobics I wouldn't recommend as high impact exercise like jumping on badly aligned joints might aggravate the condition. Look up my hubs on ankle and knee alignment / placement for exercises to correct your bow legs and prevent the distortion from getting worse with age. You'll find a progressive contents page under easyfitness, by Sue Adams.

madhubutter 4 years ago

hi..i have bow legs. can i use ankle weights during yoga and aerobics?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Yes, NelSon,

If you use your weights on your feet, it will increase strength and you will, when you take them off, jump higher than before. But be careful, you must make sure that your feet, ankles and knees are perfectly aligned before adding weight to your workout.

Read this for further info:

NelSon13 5 years ago

Can i ask some question, if i will use my wrist weights in my feet, it would be increasing the strength; like jumping higher than before?!?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Jimmy,

Yes, wearing wrist weights while running might increase the strength in your forearms and biceps a little but for your shoulders and chest I would definitely add five or ten minutes of specific exercises as shown above. Do them immediately after your run when your body is nice and warm.

Jimmy The Runner 5 years ago

I have been running for awhile now, and I want to increase the strength in my arms, shoulders and chest, is putting the weights on my wrists while keeping them in a similar running pose going to help, or do I need to be constantly moving my arms around in order to see the benefit? HELP!!!

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hello Mike, If you feel strong, you probably can wear ankle weight on the trampoline but why? I jump on a trampoline to get a feeling of lightness, almost like flying. So I wouldn't like to wear extra weight in that situation. Why would you want to wear ankle weights on the trampoline? Tell me.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Asad,

Yes, you strap them on and do your arm stretches, that way you streth and tone at the same time. But start slowly, breathe, and remember, it has to feel good, exhilerating. No Pain, Just Gain.

Mike 5 years ago

Are the ankle weights safe to use on a trampoline?

Asad 5 years ago

do we use them like we use the dumbells??? I mean wear them and then stretch our arms ??

Asad 5 years ago

well, I want to buy them. that's why I read your article.... thanks. but you didn't explained how to use them on wrists?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Yes, it is important to know one's own body really well and not demand too much of it. Be nice to yourself.

jpcmc profile image

jpcmc 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

I used to wear wrist weights while shadow Boxing or hitting the bag. It helped me increase my speed and power. But eventually I felt some discomfort in my shoulders. I dropped the weight to 5 lbs per arm and it became better. Sometimes enthusiasm in workouts can cause more injuries that help. You're right, the body can carry only so much weight.

Alex  5 years ago

Thanks :) Sorry for the double post don't know how that happened !

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

The extra weight on your ankles might make you lose weight, as long as they don't make you feel uncomfortable. Also be absolutely sure that you don't have flat feet or they will get worse wearing weights. I still think ankle or wrist weights are best used during exercise.

Alex 5 years ago

I work at a restaurant as a waiter so I walk around a lot . I just got a pair of 10 pound ankle weights (5 pounds each ). Will wearing them help me lose more weight ? I have already dropped 33 pounds on just eating less while playing basketball and lifting after work . I'm just not sure if wearing them will help me burn more during the day ? Thank you !

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

You are welcome Louise, I hope you can cure your knee with some physical intelligence rather than having to go to the doctor and take expensive medication which won't help and might give you side effects.

Louise Goodwin  5 years ago

Dear Sue, Thanks very much for your prompt response, I will certainly do as you suggest. Kind Regards Louise

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hello Louise,

1b wrist weight should not make much difference. The pain in your right knee may be caused by wrong alignment of the foot and ankle in that leg. Get someone to take a slow motion video of your running and observe what is happening in our joints while you are running.

The trauma (pressure) of running always aggravates postural imperfections. Many long time runners end up with bad knees. You might consider switching to more gentle forms of exercise like floor-work, stretching and toning or yoga and swimming. For more in-depth information on the importance of correct alignment please read these two Hubs:

"The Feet You Walk On" and

"How to Use Your Ankles and Knees"

by Sue Adams.

Louise Goodwin 5 years ago

Hi - please can you advise - I have been running for years, I run 5/6 times a week and am not overweight. I have recently bought wrist weights just 1b each wrist and have introduced them to my work out. For the first time ever I am having pain in my right knee. Not just when I run but throughout the day. Could this be a result of my wrist weights and should I discontinue use??



Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

You are welcome Clarence. Just don't go crazy with the weights before you have improved your posture OK?

ClrenceTerrira 5 years ago

Thank you for this informative hub.I was using ankle weights almost all day in the hope of losing weight. Now I shall think again and pay more attention to my posture. I also learned a lot from th comments on here.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Dara,

The answer to your question: "Is it unsafe to wear ankle weights while skipping?" depends on:

1. Is your posture good enough to sustain the extra weight?

a. check your foot, ankle and knee placement and especially your neck. Do you carry your head above the spine or in front of it? Check out my other hubs on these subjects.

b. Are you overweight? If you are, I would not recommend wearing ankle weights while skipping. You have enough extra weight on your body to possibly damage your posture as it is.

2. I suggest taking a video (side view)of you skipping where you can see clearly how your body posture is aligned.

3. If you have good posture and are not overweight, wearing ankle weights while skipping is OK. Doing so will make you stronger and fitter.

Dara 5 years ago

I was just contemplating on buying myself a set of ankle weights for my skipping workout sessions. Is it unsafe to wear ankle weights while skipping?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hello Beckinstein,

Firstly I would try doing some of the exercises described in this Hub without weights, then if you can do them without pain try them with wrists weights (not more than 2lb). Good luck with your practice.

Beckinstein 5 years ago

I have a shoulder and neck injury that has caused me to loose much if not all of my upper body strength. I'm trying to find a very low impact way to slowly regain muscle and strength. Would the use of light (1lb-2lb) wrist weights be more helpful or harmful?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi gsp,

Using wrist weights for punching in kickboxing safely depends on your posture while in action and your strength level. I would suggest taking a video of you in action without the weights first to check your posture and alignment (ankles, knees, hips, spine, neck, shoulders). If you are happy with what you see, then proceed with the wrist weights. If not, correct posture in action before attempting to use the weights. Then make another video with the weights and see if any negative strain occurs on your posture while using them and correct your posture accordingly.

By "posture" I mean the overall lines and look of your actions from a purely aesthetic point of view. Like for example, are you tight, hunched and closed up or do you move freely, with fluency, good grounding and balance?

Let us know how you get on.

gsp 5 years ago

i have a question

if i want to use wrist weights for punching ( because i do kickboxing) how can i use them safely??

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Tell me about it fit2day. I used to go to sleep in a lotus position to improve my turn-out as a trainee ballet dancer. That hurt.

Now that I have studied many more movement disciplines I have learned to listen to and obey my body rather than madly compete for technique. Funny enough the technique comes easier that way and it doesn't hurt. On the contrary, it feels exhilarating. Hence my new motto:

"No Pain, Just Gain!"

fit2day profile image

fit2day 5 years ago

I slept with ankle weights on when I was younger and my mom woke me up and told me to take them off, I was in so much pain.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Lucy, that depends on how much superfluous weight you are already carrying on your body as body fat. The point is: you need to know how to MOVE in the right way before committing your body to extra strain and stress or doing so might damage you. I'm afraid there is no shortcut to losing weight. Just eat less and move more.

Lucy 5 years ago

While I don't plan on sleeping with them on, would I see any weight loss benefit in just wearing them day to day and would there be any significant danger in using them like that?

Alex 6 years ago

Thank you for all the useful info Sue. Now I know when and how to use my ankle and wrist weights I shall benefit more from them.

kohku 6 years ago

I have been using ankle weights almost 24/7 in the hope of losing weight. No wonder I am so tired all the time. I never knew any of this and I think your article should be included as a form of instruction sheet in every package of weights one buys. Now I shall certainly better my ways and use them more appropriately with some of the above mentioned information and exercises.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

I know that many people like to take shortcuts but to do that you have to be well informed.

Andre 6 years ago

Thank you for an extremely well laid out, and informative guide on fitness weights. I believe many will rush out and attempt to use fitness weights without the right motivation or even proper knowledge in how to use them effectively, never mind correctly.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

I know a lot about fitness training because I have been running a dance studio / gym for many years. Thanks for dropping by.

advoco profile image

advoco 6 years ago from cadiz

How do you know all this stuff? I barely even knew these things existed. I'll stick to my basic low-tec exercise methods but well done for explaining and cautioning those wanting to use this method.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

You are welcome creativeone59. I hope this helps.

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thank you for the hub on Ankle and wrist weight, thank you for sharing the info. creativeone59

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