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How Much to Tip Peloton Delivery Drivers (And Whether You Should)


Physical Fitness in the WFH Era

Like many people, the pandemic has likely pushed you to re-evaluate your lifestyle and how you go about dealing with things in your personal and professional life. If you are in that position, then you are likely going to be looking to make changes to your lifestyle. This could include getting fitter physically.

Physical fitness is a huge part of our lives, especially as we hit 30 and beyond. Therefore, being able to make sure you are in good physical shape is a priority. With that in mind, have you thought about Peloton?

Enter Peloton...

If you have managed to not know what Peloton is by now, then I applaud you. Peloton is a subscription-based fitness service built around the idea of getting you into good physical shape. It involves taking part in classes and sessions in live-time (or pre-recorded) to help you retain focus on your fitness goals. Today, many swear by it as their game-changing moment when it came to their own personal fitness and conditioning.

With that in mind, you might order a Peloton online. When it arrives, it will be dropped off by a team of Peloton delivery staff. One question you might have, though, revolves around the tipping of such a delivery team. Most deliveries we get are either paid for at the point of purchase or are offered for free as part of the service. As such, delivery drivers for companies like Peloton often only get their wages as compensation for their time.

If you wish, though, you could leave a little tip for the delivery driver(s). Before you do that, though, you might want to take a little look at how much you should be tipping. Since you aren’t paying for something directly, it is hard to determine what is right or fair.

Should You Tip Peloton Delivery Drivers?

Yes! They put a lot of effort into the carrying and setup of the bikes, and given the investment you have made in buying into Peloton in the first place, you should not really have any qualms about adding another $20–30 on top for the people who come to your house and set it up.

Given that Peloton can set you back plenty of hundreds, even thousands, of dollars, you should be willing to commit to a small but fair fee on top for the people who deliver and prepare your bike.

How Much Should You Tip?

In terms of how much to tip for delivery, you can find that the numbers vary. Most people, though, will look to give a set-up and install delivery a tip of around $20. If there are 2 or 3 staff members doing the delivery, you might wish to give them each $10.

There is no cut-and-dried amount that is agreed upon, but something in the region of $10 per delivery staff member present is probably more than enough.

Why Should You Tip in This Situation?

Most of the time, your Peloton will be delivered using a third-party delivery team such as XPO, or it might be delivered direct by Peloton. The job they do is a tough one and—if we are honest—it is not the best paid, but whoever turns up will deliver your bike with a smile and with rapid service.

If possible, you should also consider using their delivery team to help you assemble the bike. If you do this, though, you should feel pretty much duty-bound to offer the support staff a few extra dollars on top for their help and their service.

In the End, It's Up to You

Keep in mind that tips for your Peloton delivery are not mandatory, they are at your own discretion. However, we highly recommend you leave a tip even if they just bring the bike into the property for you. The bike is being set up and delivered for you, so you may as well offer them a little bit extra on top if you would like.

Alternatives to Tipping

There are a lot of other ways to tip the delivery staff other than monetarily. You could even offer to help with the delivery if you are feeling up to it. You could also offer them beverages or food, especially if they are going above and beyond for you to make sure that you get your Peloton delivered safe and sound (but keep in mind that things like food allergies can make this complicated).

When Should You Avoid Tipping?

Don't feel like you have to tip the delivery people by any means. Is it something nice to do that they will really appreciate? For sure. However, if you're not happy with the overall delivery service that they offered—perhaps they were a bit late or even a bit rude—then you're well within your right to withhold any sort of tip. Especially as it is not seen as a custom thing to be done, in the same way that you would tip a bartender, waitress or a taxi driver. Tipping the delivery driver and staff is something that is not all that common.

Have You Had an Exercise Bike Delivered?

If you have ever had the experience of receiving a Peloton bike or tread, I'd really appreciate hearing your experience about it in the comments section below.

Was it simple and easy or was it more of a hassle than you anticipated? Did you end up tipping the delivery staff of your Peloton in the end? If so, how much?

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