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Top Ten Fat Scales


Learn More About Your Fitness Progress with a Quality Smart Scale

Smart scales use electrical impedance to calculate the amount of adipose, or fat, tissue in your body. When you know your body composition, you can make good decisions about how to modify your eating and workout habits.

When you step onto a smart scale, it sends a weak electrical charge through your body. It reads the results and tells you what percentage of your body is fat, muscle, bone, or water. You can use this detailed information to track your progress while you try to get in shape.

This article is a straightforward and easy to use guide that will help you find the best smart scale for the best price.

Lifting weights and burning calories will lead to fat loss.

Lifting weights and burning calories will lead to fat loss.

Body Fat Scales Discussed in This Guide

ScaleTop Features

Taylor Tempered Body Fat Scale

Sleek design, compares body fat percentage to general population.

Biggest Loser Body Fat/Body Water Scale

Extra large readout, daily caloric reference chart.

Balance Digital Body Fat Scale

USB connection enables fitness tracking goals with Windows 7.

TFY Body Fat Scale

Measure bone mass as well as fat, water, and muscle.

Ozeri Gen II

Modern look, built-in memory for 10 profiles.

Omron Full Body Scale

As accurate as a professional medical scale.

Tantita BF680W Duo Scale

Helpful calorie intake analyzer.

WiThings Wireless Scale

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled syncing measurements with app.

Ozeri 440lb Digital Bath Scale

Powers up upon contact.

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

Reliable and user-friendly.

Why a Smart Scale Matters

There's much more to measuring your weight than just knowing how many pounds show on your bathroom scale. For most of us, the goal of weight loss is to lose fat, not muscle. If we lose weight, but no one tells us what kind of weight we're losing, then our efforts may just result in a body with less muscle but the same amount of body fat. Not good!

Smart scales can tell you where the weight that you're losing is coming from. These bathroom scales use a variety of methods to measure your body's muscle, bone, fat, and water percentages. The best smart scales give you an extremely accurate reading of not just fat but also muscle and water weight.


1. EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

For sheer user approval, it's hard to beat the the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital body fat scale. I am also one of this scale's satisfied users, and I step on it at least twice a day to see what my body fat, water, and muscle proportions are at that moment. I really like the automatic user recognition feature -- just step on and it remembers you, so there's no need to bend down and push buttons. It has the same features as virtually every other scale on this list, but outdoes all of them in its reviews. This is no small feat considering the number of reviewers: There are over 1500 5-star reviews for this product on Amazon, which reflects not just a reliable and user-friendly product, but also the presence of a company that stands behind its products and isn't satisfied until you are. This is evidenced by the company's "100% customer satisfaction policy," which it touts as much as it does the scale's various features -- it's hard to find another company on this list, or anywhere, that invites its customers to contact them "any time" to talk about their products, or to satisfy a complaint. In the world of body fat scales, this policy is apparently very important -- recall all of those positive reviews...

Features of this scale include:

  • stores up to 8 different users' personal profiles
  • able to recognize users as soon as they step onto the scale
  • measures up to 400lbs
  • sleek design and slim profile fits perfectly into any surrounding
  • touch screen interface makes it one of the most user friendly bathroom scales on the market
  • 100% EatSmart Guaranteed Product Satisfaction

This scale has a superb 5-star rating on Amazon.

What people are saying: Not surprisingly, many customers referred to the superlative customer service that sets this product apart from its competition. The features and dependability got their due, but with this product it really does seem to boil down to customer support.


2. Yunmai Smart Scale

This model is my personal favorite.

I have tried various body fat scales over the past few years and I have come to understand which features matter to me and which ones really don't. My experience with Yunmai has been good. This body fat scale from Yunmai measures body fat, body water, muscle, AND bone mass -- quite an impressive list of metrics, even by the high-tech standards of the market. The data on this scale includes room for 16 users, more than enough for most famlies -- nearly a reasonable amount for a small health club. The Yunmai body fat scale is a quality instrument with an impressive user rating approaching 4 stars and all of the features you would expect on a more expensive unit.

Key Features:

  • All data gets stored in the Cloud, so you can easily and conveniently monitor your progress each week, month and even the whole year.
  • Measures up to 350 lbs and will display an accurate readout to the nearest .2 lbs.
  • Compatible with select iOS and Android devices including: Apple iPhone 3GS or later, iPad 2 or later or iPod touch 4th generation or later, with iOS 6.0 or later and Internet access (mobile data or Wi-Fi).
  • Also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and tablets with Android 4.3 or later operating systems.

What People Are Saying: Most reviews were quite positive for this scale. Users did comment on a number of "annoyances," but it does seems that most users weren't too troubled. This appears to be a good scale at a decent price, with some nice features.


3. Taylor Tempered Smart Scale

This body fat scale gets high points for being good-looking. If your bathroom has a clean, glass-and-stainless look, then this scale is a serious contender. It features a status bar that shows where your body fat percentage ranks compared to the general populace, and the digital readout is big and easy to read (nearly two inches in height). Like many body fat scales, the Taylor tempered glass scale features a 440-pound capacity, but delivers measurements in 0.2 pound increments. Taylor is one of the leading manufacturers of scales and other precision products.

Key Features:

  • sleek glass and steel design
  • heavy construction
  • 440-pound capacity
  • preset configurations
  • multiple measurement metrics include weight, fat, and body water

The Taylor has a less-than-stellar 2.8 rating on Amazon, but that's still pretty high among other fat-measurement scales, which can be hard to get the hang of at first.

What People Are Saying: Comments include observations that the scale conked out after two months, and some confusion about interpreting the readings. Inconsistency, always a problem with these scales, is sometimes cited as a problem by some users.

Losing weight alters brain activity. For example, after following a weight loss program for 6 months, women scored better on memory tests. Research has also linked obesity to poor memory, especially in overweight pear-shaped women.

-- MacMillan, Amanda. “9 Things No One Tells You about Losing Weight.”


4. Biggest Loser Body Fat and Body Water Scale

This body fat scale gets some of its appeal by being connected to the "hottest reality show on TV," The Biggest Loser. NBC's hit show isn't for everyone, but if you're a disciple, then the Biggest Loser Body Fat/Body Water scale may be perfect (especially if it's a gift). Made by Taylor Precision Products, like the previous glass-and-steel number, this scale has a number of features that will appeal to newcomers and athletes alike.

Key Features:

  • extra large readout with all readings displayed all at one time
  • weight, body fat percent and body water percent
  • Daily Caloric Reference Chart
  • Fitness Minder feature that calculates BMI (body mass index)
  • huge 1.9 inch LCD readout
  • 350 lb scale capacity
  • 12 memory spots to save personal data

This scale scores a respectable 3.2 stars on Amazon, which though not spectacular is still good for scales of this type.

What People Are Saying: Comments on this product ranged from one person swearing never to buy another Biggest Loser product ever again (not a ringing endorsement!) to the observation that is gives the same reason clothed and unclothed -- which is good for body fat analysis, since the clothes you're wearing obviously shouldn't influence the body fat reading.

Lose Your Fat, Keep Your Muscle

The holy grail for serious fitness enthusiasts is a combination of fat loss and muscle gain. But doing these two things simultaneously is nearly impossible. Consider the simple physics involved: If you're eating to lose fat, then you're placing your body in a calorie deficit day after day. Over time you will lose weight, and a portion of that weight loss will be fat (you will also lose some muscle and some water weight; this is why a good body fat scale is useful). But if you're in a calorie deficit and eating to lose, then you can't also be ADDING muscle. You need extra calories to add extra muscle; it's basically physically impossible to both eat less and lose weight and eat more and gain weight at the same time. You will need to decide which one is more important to you!


5. Balance Digital Smart Scale

This scale measures your body fat, body water, body muscle, and body mass index using something called "the new BIA technology." A quick internet search of "BIA technology" reveals there's nothing particularly "new" about BIA tech; it stands for "bioelectrical impedance analysis," and according to at least one source is pretty much the way that body fat scales measure the fat in your body. This method, which sends a weak electrical impulse through your body to test resistance, is how all of the scales on this list do their work. It may be that the Balance Digital body fat scale uses a new and improved BIA method, but what it may be is anyone's guess.

Key Features:

  • three giant keys that make it easy to operate
  • functions as a clock when it's off
  • USB connection from Health Management Software
  • track your fitness goals with Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • stores up to 9 different users' personal profiles
  • extra large 4.4'' display with cool blue backlight
  • extra thick tempered sturdy non-slip and large platform

The Balance Digital Body Fat scale receives a good rating of 3.7 stars on Amazon

What People Are Saying: People using this scale reported that it's "very nice, accurate," but also that they had trouble working with the software, which works only with Windows. This scale is relatively inexpensive; at least one user indicated that they would "spend a few more dollars" next time around.


6. Ozeri Gen II

This scale has a distinctive, high-tech look that complements modern bathroom designs, which may be a selling point for some people. Tech-wise, the Ozeri boasts the "latest generation of InstaOn sensor technology," which is a speedier version of the stand-by BIA technology used by virtually all body fat scales; the electrical impulse that passes through your body to analyze composition is apparently just a little more advanced in this model. The Ozeri Gen II is well-liked and well-designed -- the look is its main selling point, but it also has a very good track record with users.

Key Features:

  • built-in memory stores up to 10 personal profiles
  • functions as a clock when it's off
  • uses 4 latest generation G sensors
  • captures weights up to 440 lbs
  • turns off automatically to conserve battery power
  • made of impact resistant tempered glass
  • satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

The Ozleri Gen II received an excellent user rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon.

What people are saying: Reviews of this product are for the most part positive, with fewer complaints evident than any of the lower-rated scales on this list. The scale's accuracy especially receives praise, as well as its good looks.


7. Omron Full Body Scale

This scale, by tech company Omron, claims to be "a breakthrough device to measure your body composition at home," but whether it's a breakthrough remains to be seen. Omron bases its claim on something called a "Full Body Sensor," which uses 6 sensors, including two for your hands. Other scales on this list rely solely on foot sensors (pun intended). Hand sensors give the Omron Full Body Fat Scale a unique feature that may add to the unit's accuracy.

Key Features:

  • measures 7 fitness indicators including body fat %, BMI, resting metabolism, weight and more
  • clinically proven to be as accurate as expensive medical devices professionals use
  • stores personalized information for up to four people
  • also features guest mode
  • unique "hands and feet" sensors

The Omron Full Body Fat Scale received a good 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

What People Are Saying: Aside from a few comments questioning the entire concept of BIA measurements, this scale has proven to be popular among its users. At least one commenter called the scale "very accurate and consistent."


8. Tanita BF680W Duo Smart Scale

Tanita has been making body fat measurement scales longer than just about anyone else; it's no wonder that their products appear high on this list. One of my best experiences with smart scales was the Tanita Duo Scale Plus. It has some nice features that others lack, especially a sophisticated calorie intake analyzer that tells users how many calories they should consume to meet their goals, as well as comparison modes to make the work a little easier. The sleek design is another selling point, though to be fair there are other scales on this list that look more modern. Still, for a mix of design and function, Tanita is hard to beat.

Key Features:

  • advanced body monitoring technology combined with a sleek, stylish design
  • monitors both fat intake and calorie goals for total health and fitness.
  • calibrated for standard adults, children and athletes and stores data for 2 people
  • measures body fat in increments of 0.1 percentage points
  • large, easy-to-read 2.25-inch, 2-line LCD shows weight and body fat simultaneously
  • compares readings to healthy ranges based on the user's age and gender

The Tanita Duo received an excellent rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

What people are saying: Many users commented on the scale's ease of use and clarity of displays. The accuracy was also highlighted, often a weak spot for body fat scales, but a strength with the Tanitia model.


9. WiThings Wireless Scale

This is a fine unit with the most cutting-edge features of any in this guide. The WiThings Wireless Scale syncs with personal fitness devices to give you almost unlimited power in your campaign to lose fat. This is a new way to measure weight and fat, and will likely become more common as more people begin to realize the added benefits of hooking up your computer, phone, or iPad to your body fat scale.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, the WiThings scale syncs your measurements using the free Withings Health Companion app. With this app you're free to set goals and monitor your own progress. While users have identified some room for improvement, this method does appear to be the wave of the future.

Key Features:

  • helps properly position your body for high-accuracy measurement
  • wirelessly uploads in both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • free Health Companion App + Compatible Apps
  • multi-user support with automatic recognition works for all and recognizes every family member
  • entirely PC free, one tap Wi-Fi configuration sharing
  • large, backlit, easy-on-the-eye display
  • calibrates while you're away so that it displays your weight as soon as you step on
  • complementary BMI (Body Mass Index) reading
  • updateable
  • free account and list of compatible apps
  • compatible with Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

The WiThings scale received an outstanding rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

What people are saying: There are very few complaints about this scale, and even the WiThings app, which could be expected to confuse or frustrate a few people, has received good notices: "very easy to set up and use," for example. The blood pressure app is especially appreciated.

Sleep deprivation can make it harder to lose weight. Inadequate sleep upsets a person’s hormone balance, which decreases leptin (a hormone that makes a person feel full) and increases ghrelin (which triggers hunger).

-- Chen, Joanne. “13 Things You Never Knew about Losing Weight.” Reader’s Digest. January 2009


10. Ozeri 440-lb Digital Bath Scale

This scale and the one following have given me the best results in terms of accuracy and consistent readings. They're also both durable and require little to no maintenance. Ozeri's Touch body fat scale has some simple yet appealing features that you don't find in other scales, plus it has among the best user ratings and reviews of any scales out there. It uses the same BIA technology that other scales use, but doesn't try to make it sound like an entirely new, exotic feature. Instead, the Ozeri Touch 440-lb Digital Bath Scale has features like "embedded StepOn technology," which simply means that it turns on she you step on it. A real simple idea, but one that makes a nice difference -- when you want to get on a scale, you don't want to have to fiddle with pre-set buttons and on/off switches. It also uses icons that are clear and easy to understand, and a sleek, appealing design that may not be the height of modern flashiness, but will still work with most bathroom decors.

Key Features:

  • automatically powers on upon contact
  • three Touch Sensitive Buttons for easy operation
  • icons that automatically illuminate for body fat, hydration, bone and weight measurements
  • built-in memory for up to 8 user profiles
  • turns off automatically to conserve battery power
  • impact resistant tempered glass which is four times stronger than normal glass

What people are saying: Users appreciate the scale's sleek design, as well as its accuracy, which is often a point of contention for other units. Set up is easy and the scale conveniently keeps track of 8 different user presets.

The Highest-Rated Smart Scales for 2019

All of the smart scales in the guide have been assessed for quality and user reviews. Understanding the wide range of available body fat scales takes time and research; we recommend you take the time to understand the various features and claims. Body fat scales measure fat so you can lose fat and stay as healthy as possible.


The following sources were used for this guide:

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