Home Gym Equipment: How to Work Out at Home

Updated on March 29, 2018
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Fitness is one of my interests, along with enjoying sports. I hope to help other people discover how beautiful life is.

A loaded barbell on a bench; a traction bar with suspension trainers.
A loaded barbell on a bench; a traction bar with suspension trainers.

Your Gym at Home

If you live in a rural area or in a small city in which there are no gyms (and you cannot travel to a big city every time you need to do a workout) you can easily build a small gym in your house. Home gyms are actually a great solution for people who want to stay fit without going to a real gym, as they can train in their houses in total freedom. But how to workout at home?

First of all, people who are getting into the world of home gyms have to spend some money in order to buy all the necessary equipment. The initial investment may be huge, but you will save money over time, as you will not pay for a gym membership. In addition, you are going to train at home without limits. If this is what you want, read this article, which will show you how to workout at home and start building your personal gym inside your house.

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Free Weights vs. Machines

The first aspect to consider is the type of workout you prefer: do you want to train with free weights or with machines? I am assuming you are going to train with weights, as running and other activities can be easily done without gym equipment.

In general, training with free weights is a better solution. Buying a barbell, some plates, and two dumbbells is a cheaper investment for a home gym. Not only that, maintenance will also be cheaper than that of a complete set of machines. In addition, training at home with free weights allows you to build a home gym in a small space, while machines require much space in your house.

The Basics: A Barbell and Dumbbells

In order to start, you will have to buy a good barbell and a set of dumbbells (or the composable ones, so you can load them with weight plates). You will spend some money for good iron plates and a barbell (especially if you need heavy weights), but you can save some if you buy plastic plates. If you choose to buy plastic plates, be careful not to throw the barbell, as they can easily break.

A Power Rack/Pull-Up Bar and Suspension Trainers/Rings

Here you have different choices. The idea is to have a solution for pull-ups, suspension exercises, and squats. If you buy a power rack, you are getting a complete solution for squats and pull-ups and you have also space to mount rings or suspension trainers. Otherwise, you can buy a pull-up bar and a bench with integrated support for barbell (so that you can use it for squats).

You can set up rings or suspension trainers on the pull-up bar. Here you have different choices. Power racks are generally expensive, but they are a complete solution for people who want to train at home.

Speaking of suspension training, the most famous solution is TRX-branded. It is very expensive (around $180), but there are several other suspension training systems that are less expensive with the same quality.

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A Bench

If you choose to buy a power rack, you will just need a simple bench in order to train at home. Otherwise, you can consider a bench with an integrated barbell support so that you can do bench press exercises and squats.

The important aspect to consider is quality. It is better to spend some money now than save money by purchasing a poor quality product and having to replace it after a year.

A Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are heavy balls you can use to perform different exercises. You can buy one according to the weight you can bring up, or you can just purchase a set of balls.

Gum Flooring & Mats

Gum flooring is very important. Without it, you might damage your floor whenever you train with heavy weights. By purchasing a mat, you can perform abdominal exercises, push-ups, and burpees with comfort.

Nike Training Club is one of the most popular apps for self-training (Adidas Train & Run and Freeletics are other popular apps). By using one of these apps, you are able to train by following a "virtual personal trainer", so that you are not alone
Nike Training Club is one of the most popular apps for self-training (Adidas Train & Run and Freeletics are other popular apps). By using one of these apps, you are able to train by following a "virtual personal trainer", so that you are not alone

A Training App

Training equipment is nothing without a personal trainer, but personal trainers are expensive. So how to workout at home in this case?

Try loading a training app on your phone. With these apps you can try specific workouts or even build your own training schedule, just as if you are in a real gym. One of the most popular is Freeletics, but some features require a subscription (in addition, you have to download Freeletics Gym in order to do some typical gym exercises, otherwise you only have workouts without any equipment).

If you want a completely free solution, try Nike Training Club. You can choose among several workouts, depending on what do you want to achieve. You can play music inside the app, and even generate a complete training schedule, depending on your needs. There are several other apps on the market (also Adidasbuiltd one), so them and choose the one you like.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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