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Top 6 Health and Fitness Apple Watch Apps in 2023

Fitness and health Apple Watch apps

Fitness and health Apple Watch apps

Here are the best Apple Watch apps to use with your new gadget. From fitness trackers to weather forecasts, you will find any app you could ever need on this list. The apps available in the Apple Watch App Store make the two new models of the Apple Watch (Series 8 and Series SE) among the best smartwatches you can buy.

Thousands of apps are available for the Apple Watch, so use it to its full potential. When using your watch, you can find the best apps for anything, from checking messages and staying on track with your diet or activities to promoting health and happiness.

Top Health and Fitness Apple Watch Apps

There are thousands of apps for the Apple Watch, and everybody has favorites. That is why we are here to help you find the best ones. Some of the things we consider include user reviews, your personal experience, and features. Below is a list that features our favorite apps health and fitness apps you can have for your Apple Watch.

Here are some of the best apps to help you stay connected, organized, and updated in your health and fitness journey.

1. Water Reminder

One of the best watch OS apps you can get is Water Reminder. This app sends reminders to drink water every day so that you're staying healthy and alert. It's a reliable tool for those who are busy and forgetful about drinking water or have trouble bringing a water bottle around.

How does it know when you're drinking water? You need to download Water Reminder on your iPhone or Apple Watch. The app will track the amount of water you drink throughout the day and prompt you to configure your personalized intake goal.

The app allows you to sync your weight, height, and age details with Apple Health or to input these manually. You will also have the option to enter your activity information and goals.

2. MapMyRun

Under Armour's workout app is one of the best iPhone apps for training, and it also functions perfectly with the Apple Watch. We recommend using MapMyRun to log your details because it is user-friendly.

MapMyRun can track all your workouts through its GPS and heart rate tracker. The app will show your distance, speed, and heart rate throughout each workout. MapMyRun and MyFitnessPal can be linked to provide a more complete view of your health goals. It is great for those who may be monitoring their weight or trying to reach a fitness-related goal.

MapMyRun can be paired with Under Armour's footwear to give you advanced data like what type of foot strike you have. This app is recommended if you want your Apple Watch to be one of your most powerful health and fitness tools.

3. Nike Run Club

Nike has a close relationship with Apple. For example, Nike produces the Apple Watch Nike+ edition, a sports watch from Nike that looks different and has a uniquely designed sport strap and watch face. But you do not have to buy the Nike model to start using the Nike Run Club app, one of the best Apple Watch apps for running.

The app logs your running stats, such as distance, pace, time, and heart rate. You can also get free audio-guided runs to help you keep on track or a personalized coaching plan to meet your fitness goals. There is even a social element if you like sharing with others.

These apps can help track your distance

These apps can help track your distance

4. Strava

Strava is a popular app for runners and cyclists, making it easy to track distances. The Apple Watch version of Strava will make it easier for runners to log their miles because it has a built-in GPS. A cellular model of the watch would allow you to listen to music.

The Strava app is a basic way to record your runs, bike rides, or swims. It also displays your heart rate, mileage, and pace. Although the Strava app for iOS offers more features, you might want to try the native Apple Watch Workout app to track your run or ride. You can also export your data to Strava mobile app using an app like HealthFit.

5. ViewRanger

ViewRanger is one of the best apps for the Apple Watch. If you have opted for the new Apple Watch, this app will help your wearable know your surroundings better.

Apple Watch owners who frequently hike or do other outdoor activities should use ViewRanger. Once you have synchronized it with your iPhone, this app will give you turn-by-turn directions, show photos of landmarks, and describe the route with texts using your watch's GPS to track your location.

Your hiking, biking, and trail running activity will also sync with Apple Health to fill your activity rings.

6. GoPoop

Another type of physical health is also important in keeping your body healthy. You might have exercised too much, but waste still needs to be expelled. But do not worry! Keep track of your bowel movements and use this as a gauge to see the integrity of your body.

GoPoop records your data gathered by observations and offers advice based on the frequency of your recordings. The app is aligned with the Bristol Stool Scale, a widely used research tool to evaluate the effectiveness of gut and stool problem treatments.

Good Luck!

With these apps, you will greatly benefit from using your Apple Watch. The apps will make your health and fitness journey outstanding. You can always get the best guidance and track every aspect of your fitness and health journey.

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