7 Things to Accept About Yourself Before You Turn 30

Updated on March 29, 2019
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Considered as one of the most important milestones in a person’s life, turning 30 brings with it some unwanted pressure and a new set of responsibilities and expectations. On the other hand, we are taught that these are the best years of our lives.

Once we go through the insecurities and financial worry of our 20s, it’s time to truly embrace freedom and grownup life at its best. Moreover, a 2012 survey discovered that 70 percent of Britishers felt truly happy at the age of 33. Yet, in order to reach that blissful state, you will inevitably go through certain challenges and learn some major life lessons in your 20s.

You’ll have to learn how to cope with certain problems and how to accept some of the things, people or situations you simply cannot change. To help you make this transition easier, here is a list of 7 things you should accept about yourself for a more carefree and fun 30s.

1. Accept that learning never ends.

You won’t have your entire life figured out before you turn 30. No one does, no matter how confident they may seem. Life is a process, and a journey, and as much as you learn and make changes each decade of your life, you are still going to make so many mistakes and feel insecure about the new life chapters in your 30s. And that’s ok. Because, around the time you turn 30, you will become so much more at ease with being uneasy and realise the beauty of lifelong learning and trying.

2. Accept your age.

Yes, soon you are going to be 30. And, as much as it sounded like old age when you were 20, you are still super young, and have plenty of time to explore, figure out who you are, and do it at a calmer and less dramatic pace than when you were in your 20s. It’s not the end of fun and excitement, but the beginning of a new kind of fun. The crazy parties of your 20s won’t have the same appeal as house parties for two or for a close group of friends. Yet, you will be happy, even happier, and more confident and calm, as a bonus.

3. Accept that you are never going to look like that celebrity idol of yours.

And accept that your kind of beautiful is amazing as well. It’s time to stop comparing your appearance to famous models, movie stars, or anyone else, for that matter. Focus on the essence, rather than details such as your weight or the shape of your eyebrows. Find a healthy plan that works for you and makes you feel energized and healthy, instead of counting calories and checking the size of your thighs or waist. Work on yourself out of love and appreciation for your body and face, and don’t give in to the impossible modern beauty standards that dictate uniform and unnatural beauty looks. If you want to change something on your face, or body, do it in order to be the best version of you, rather than to look like every other girl on Instagram. Find a reputable clinic, of course, and take good care of your unique beauty.

4. Accept that your insecurities are not that big of a deal.

How many times have you had a feeling that everyone is looking at you and noticing that your shirt isn’t ironed properly, or that you feel uncomfortable in a new crowd, that you are blushing, or feeling nervous before giving that important presentation at work? Well, it’s time you let it go. Because everyone is in their own head way too much to be noticing your little insecurities or fears. Let go and have fun and let yourself actually meet others.

5. Accept that you won’t do everything on “the list.”

The world (or the internet) is telling you that you should do so many things before you turn 30–travel the world, swim with sharks, or run a marathon. And you have probably created one or two of those lists in your 20s, thinking it is the way to go, when, in reality, you lack the time, money or willpower to do most of it. That is perfectly fine. As we have already learned, your life won’t stop the moment you turn 30. You can have plenty of time to do the things you are really passionate about, and a few crazy ones as well.

6. Accept that you are not that spiritual.

Instead of feeling pressured to meditate, do yoga and find your inner self in some of the suggested courses or practices, find your own balance in a way that suits you. If you can’t imagine being still for twenty minutes, you don’t have to. You can feel centered and content doing your own routine cooking, dancing, or gardening. As long as it makes you be in the moment, it counts.

7. Accept you don’t have be close to everyone in your life.

Childhood friends, relatives, colleagues, or even your parents don’t need to be that present in your life, if they are not making it better. Anyone who is not treating you with the respect and love you deserve shouldn’t get all of your time and attention. Don’t feel obligated to be close to people just because you are supposed to. If you feel the relationship is destructive, save your time and energy for better ones.

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