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Change the World with Charity Miles, and Have Fun


Despite knowing how important it is to exercise, it is still very tempting to just become a couch potato, no matter how fun fitness apps and different exercise classes can seem.

But there is a fitness app that will give you a little extra motivation: making the world a better place.

Yes, that's right. The app Charity Miles will donate money for you walking, running, or biking to a charity of your choice. Even indoor walking in your day to day life will count. Pretty cool, right? And it does not cost you a thing. The donations are made by corporate sponsors.

Charity Miles will donate $0.25 for every mile of walking or running that you log, and $0.10 for every mile of biking. However, you can log any amount of time 0.1 miles or more and have it count.

Quarters and dimes might not seem like much, but for many of the charities you can choose from, every little bit helps. And it adds up quickly. Charity Miles has raised almost a quarter of a million dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project.

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There's a wide selection of charities to choose from. Several help veterans, like the Wounded Warrior Project, and others help the environment, like World Wildlife Fund. Many are focused on fighting obesity, in adults and kids, like Team for Kids. Some are focused on many areas of extreme poverty, like providing clean water, fighting world hunger, and building shelter and schools. Other charities you can raise money for through exercise provide medical research and support for children struggling with medical difficulties. A personal favorite of mine is DoSomething, a scholarship service that empowers teenagers to create major changes in their community and in the world in exchange for scholarships. You can switch causes as often as you like to cover all the causes you're interested in.

All you have to do is choose one of the many worthy causes and start exercising with the app open. The app automatically logs miles through motion sensors on your phone and through your GPS. Unlike other apps that will only use your GPS, Charity Miles also logs indoor walking and running with the phone's motion sensor, so it will still count if you are using a treadmill or walking or running in place.

At the end of your workout, simply end your workout and it will tell you how many miles you ran or walked or biked, and how much total has been raised for your cause. One of the ways I like to log miles is while doing cleaning around the house or pacing around the living room while watching television. It gets me to exercise and be fit, as well as donate money, but it does not feel like a lot of exercise that way. Just having an app tracking miles makes it more likely to exercise more, so I probably already walk twice as much when I use the app than when I do not.

You can also form a team using the Charity Miles app with your family and friends. Or join one of the many teams that already exist. There are a lot of fitness teams, including fun ones like the Hogwarts Running Team and teams for Pokemon Go players. You can be on multiple teams at once with your miles spreading evenly across your teams.

Charity miles only donates a little, but sometimes making the world a better place will be enough motivation for you to get up and get moving. Because not only will you be healthier and better for it, but so will the world. Pretty awesome, right?

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