How to Stick to Your Fitness Resolutions

Updated on September 20, 2017

As we kick of the first full week of 2016, millions of people all over the globe will be partaking in a time’s old tradition for self-improvement. Whether it’s to try new things, conquer fears or find love; the first of the year marks the beginning of new attitudes for much of the world. The most popular and often failed New Year’s Resolution typically involves exercise and diet. As much of the US is obese, often times we’ll use the New Year as an attempt to lose weight and get healthy. But, before you go out and join gyms, spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and groceries; check out these tips for creating a fitness resolution you can actually stick to past the standard February downfall.

#1. Create a resolution that is achievable.

Setting yourself up for failure and disappointment is the easiest way to feel overwhelmed with your new life. Instead, make goals that are move manageable. Instead of trying to lose 50lbs in a single month, commit to going to the gym five days out of the week. While you want to put in full effort with your lifestyle changes, making smaller, more manageable changes make it easier to follow through. Build up to those larger changes by first taking on the little things.

#2. Set up Reminders

Our lives are busy; sticking to those new changes can be rough, especially when day-to-day life gets in the way. Setting up little reminders on your phone, in your day planner and even on your bathroom mirror can help keep you focused on your goals. Having an alarm on your phone around lunch and dinner times can be that little extra boost you need to make a good healthy choice for meals. Check in with your bathroom mirror notes before each day to re-motivate you to tackle those goals.

#3. Tell a Friend, Get a Buddy

Clueing in friends and family about your resolutions is a good way to have help in maintaining them. Loved ones can hold you accountable; they can also accompany you to the gym and healthy outings. In many cases, those same loved ones may be in need of similar resolutions and you can use the buddy system to find success. Tackling health and wellness goals as a team makes finding success that much easier. Before you commit to a fitness goal, find out if your loved ones are interested in making a similar goal.

#4. Schedule Breaks

When it comes to fitness and health, the 80/20 rule is often a good way to start your journey to a fitter you. The idea behind it is to follow your diet and exercise goals 80 percent of the week, allowing 20 percent to be more relaxed. This gives you a slight break to enjoy special occasions, over-indulge or just take a day off. This prevents you from not only over training, but becoming burned out in the day-to-day doings of working out and eating healthy. Many times we can burn out our enthusiasm in the first weeks and will find ourselves giving up or feeling discouraged before the third month of the year. The 80/20 rule isn’t set in stone. If you find yourself able to commit to 90/10 or 70/30, finding the right balance is key for success.

#5. Have a Little Patience

While you will begin to feel changes in your mood and your energy levels almost immediately from beginning a fitness and diet plan, seeing actual changes in health and weight takes time. Do not get discouraged if the pounds don’t melt right off in the first week. Don’t throw in the towel at the first sign of defeat. The body is a complex machine and it often takes time to find what works for you. Instead, use that stubbornness of your body and turn it into motivation to keep pursuing your health goals. You didn’t become unhealthy in a single week and you wont reverse your health in a week either. Have faith and stay strong!

No matter what your fitness resolution: to lose weight, gain muscle, run faster or simply live healthier; make 2016 your year to reach your fitness goals. Kick off this first week with a bang and never look back.


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