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Fat-Shaming and Obesity Denial

In 1983, with doctors unable to cure me, I studied the human body and diet. Since then, food as medicine has been a strong interest.

She's obese and she is totally lovely!

She's obese and she is totally lovely!

What Is Fat Shaming?

Fat shaming is the abuse that some hurl at people who are either overweight or obese. The urban dictionary gives another definition of fat shaming, thought. It says that it is a term used by obese people to avoid responsibility for their condition. MacMillan's dictionary, however, defines fat shaming as unkind, public criticism of someone who is overweight.

There is a conflict that while fat shaming is not politically correct, neither is being obese. Obese people are seen in a negative light, pursuing instant gratification rather than being disciplined in their habits.

Obesity has become a problem in the world It is shortening lifespams. Generally, people who indulge in self-destructive behaviour, be it binge drinking, smoking, drug taking, or food addiction are an enormous financial drain on any socialized medical system. In fact, so huge is the drain, that it is just not viable to socialize medicine when so many are using fair means and foul to deal with the excessive stress and unhappiness in their lives. The NHS in the UK is increasingly unable to cope with these cases and costs have spiraled out of control. Thus there is a growing backlash against those conditions are caused by their own lifestyle choices. Obesity is such a condition.

These Girls Have Normal, Healthy Bodies at the Right Weight

This is healthy body weight.

This is healthy body weight.

Denial That Weight Is an Issue

I have learnt the hard way that when mentioning that people are overweight or obese that retribution is swift. The real cause of this is denial. The issue is so immense that the only way some can deal with its existence is to deny its existence. Anyone who points out that being overweight is unattractive and unhealthy is sure to get a good number of nasty comments about the their point of view. Needless to say, the consequence of this is a warped social contract resulting in mass denial that the problem exists.

Political Correctness and Morbid Obesity

When too many people in any community begin to suffer too much hurt, there is retaliation. If they can’t resolve the issue, they attempt to resolve the way the issue is perceived. Thus white becomes black, right becomes wrong, and the social contract is often turned on its nose. The problem with political correctness is that it doesn’t resolve any issues. All it does is bury them under the table.

Added to this sad state of affairs is the propaganda machine. ‘It’s alright to be fat just so long as one is healthy.’ The fact is that one cannot be fat and be healthy. Being fat is not healthy.

The result of this political correctness is a massive increase in the numbers of people who are carrying excess weight, many of them now morbidly obese.

Check Whether Your Are Obese by Your Height

Check this table to find out if you are obese.

Check this table to find out if you are obese.

The Need for Instant Gratification

We are all human. At a certain point, we need some reward for our efforts. However, when that reward takes longer than expected to come, or when it involves a tremendous degree of stress, or when we grow up in a society that teaches us that we can have anything we want, and that, indeed, we should, the foundation is laid for a life of hedonism. Food becomes an opiate to the senses. Considering that most people don't require much more than 1200 calories and that a diet to get rid of diabetes type 2 requires only 800 calories a day, it is a blatant lie that the average person requires 2000 calories a day. Add to that the cultural habit of eating out continually, then it is no surprise that most people are consuming between 3000 and 4000 calories a day. Over a period of time, that results in obesity. It has very little to do with genes!

Class and Obesity

it's easy to note that the richer the social niche, the slimmer the person. There are several reasons for this. Rich people have more money to spend on extraneous activities. They can vacation on the other side of the world, take up skiing, learn to fly a plane, or take off sufficient time from work never to reach a stressed state. They can also afford to pay for more nutritious food, and as a result of a better education, make better food choices. Poor people are stuck with starches and sugars which give a cheap and quick 'high' while gradually adding weight and starving the body of much needed nutrition (vitamins, miners, phyto nutrients, etc.)

Illustration of What Fat Does to Health

These are some of the conditions that occur when one is overweight. By the time one is obese (one third of body weigh carried in fat), one has entered into a state of serious disease.

These are some of the conditions that occur when one is overweight. By the time one is obese (one third of body weigh carried in fat), one has entered into a state of serious disease.

Societal Causes of Obesity

There are several causes to the current epidemic of obesity. For ease of reading, I am putting them in bullet form.

Commerce and Advertising
The need to make a profit has driven commercial entities to manufacture processed foods which are high in fats, sugars, and starches because these ingredients are cheap. In order to ensure that they will be bought, the advertise and market. Both advertising and marketing use the same methods as brainwashing does (constant repetition), so if one is a heavy TV watcher, one is indoctrinated to eat too much food without even being aware of it. In addition, the information given about all this processed food is dishonest by omission.

The Need to Fit in withOthers
Human beings are a social species. They need each other. When the vast majority are out eating, it is difficult to sit at a restaurant table and decline to eat. One may be able to get away with it once, but at a certain point, there would be no more invitations. In addition, team building exercises in business often requires attendance at a company lunch.

Simply Not Knowing
Every time I mention that I don't wish to consume starches or sugars, the immediate response by many is that I'm talking about the Atkins diet and that it is low carbohydrate. On the contrary, I eat a high carbohydrate diet - plenty of green leaves, beets, squashes, and other carbohydrates. Not every carbohydrate is a starch or a sugar. Not understanding that the human body is desperate for 11 or 12 helpings of veggies (per day) like spinach, lettuce, kale, butternut, beetroot, beans, peas, etc. is fairly common. The marketing dictum that one can eat what one wants and remain slim and healthy is meant to market a diet, not to provide health to the person wishing to change their habits. A healthy diet comprises 1/3 protein and 2/3 carbohydrates. It means no starches and no sugars (maybe once or twice a year). It means no coffee, no tea, no hot chocolate, no tinned food, no packaged foods, no processed foods, no bread, no pasta, no pizza, no cake, no candy, no alcohol - ever!

The media has also made much of the fact that those who drink alcohol in small doses live longer. What they omit to say is that only those who exercise and drink alcohol in small doses live longer. And because correlation isn't causation, those people who have sufficient money to buy alcohol also tend to have sufficient money to buy nutritious food.

800 Calorie Diet a Day Gets Rid of Fat on the Liver Within Weeks

Before the Industrial Revolution, mankind never worked more than twenty hours per week. Look around you at the animal kingdom. Where do you see animals spending every moment of their day in a high stress situation struggling to survive. Most animals have plenty of rest, and human beings need plenty of rest as well. Our bodies did not evolve to work 40 hour weeks (or the horrors of a 60 or 80 hour week). Nor did they evolve to take the amount of stress generated by other people wanting us to make more and more money for them while they paid us less and less. Resentment builds. Anxiety builds. Stress builds. Eventually people need to do something that get rid of those unhealthy emotions. The one cheap opiate that is close by is food!

Lack of Time to Prepare Food
It takes time to prepare a nutritious, healthy meal. It takes time to shop for the right ingredients. it takes energy as well. When people have spent eight or nine hours at the office, another two or three hours in transit, By the time one arrives home, one is exhausted, so out comes the processed food and the TV dinners.

Government and Community Solutions to Obesity

It is a radical situation and it requires radical solutions. Here, in bullet form, are the solutions.

  • The first would be to ban all advertising and marketing of food and drink. Thirty years ago, virtually everybody smoked. Now it's the exception, not the rule. Banning the advertising of food and drink would go a long way to stop the inclination to eat the excess food that so many of us eat.
  • The second is to ban all processed food from the market place. This would mean that people would be forced to prepare their food from fresh ingredients. It also means that there would be an immediate halt to toxic ingredients that were not meant for the human body!
  • The third solution would be to teach all children how to cook and prepare healthy food from scratch at a very young age. This would be a mandatory class during K12 schooling from about the age of seven or eight.
  • Remove subsidies from grains and other foodstuffs. If a farmer loses a crop, then some sort of grant can be made. Encourage farmers to grow more vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, beans, greens, etc.)
  • During the next ten years, robots (AI) are expected to diminish the work force by 50%. There will simply not be enough jobs for all of us. As such, one solution would be that instead of some working 60 hours and others not getting sufficient hours to maintain themselves, that it becomes illegal for someone to work over twenty hours per week, and that is becomes illegal for commerce to pay anything below a living wage. This will ensure that workers have more time to prepare food.

One of the Greatest Aids to Reprogramming the Mind About Eating.

Personal Solutions to Obesity

This is tough, but one has to start somewhere. The worst difficulty is the starch and sugar craving. The sooner one stops eating sugars and starches, the sooner the cravings disappear. A large green salad can go a long way to killing those cravings.

If one is massively obese, the best diet is the paleo one. This involves eating only raw food. it is nutrient dense, kills cravings within a few days, and low calorie. Those foods which are calorie heavy are often not viable when raw.

It might take a year to lose all the weight, but weight loss is guaranteed to be rapid. After the diet if finished, it's best to have 1/3 of cooked food in the diet. Always make sure that food is room temperature.

For those who are somewhat overweight, a naturopathic diet is good. Weight loss isn't as rapid (the most I ever lost was 14 lbs per week), but it carries with it the benefits of high energy and increasing good health. This way of eating can also be continued after all the weight has been lost.

In addition, you will need to find friends who wish to go on the same diet so that you are not tempted when out and about.

Finding an all consuming interest (ballroom dancing is good) is also a great way to detract one from eating. Exercise in itself is only responsible for about 3% of weight loss. In my home country, it was always advised in the 50s and 60s to lose the weight first before attempting to tone and build muscle. Latest research, however, shows that there is no such thing as converting fat to muscle.

Do you need to lose weight?

Dealing With Fat Shaming

There are some incredibly thoughtless and malicious people in the world. It's tough enough having to deal with one's own dejection at being overweight without having to handle nasty remarks.

In the end, it's not really possible to stop other people if they are so inclined.Sometimes, even if you try to explain, they will blame you for not having sufficient self-discipline. As this article explains, it's not that simple. The best thing to do is simply remove oneself from their company and avoid them. I agree that it's not a perfect solution, and I wish I could offer something else.

The Rewards of a Slim Body

Many ailments disappear as one gets slimmer. Incontinence, tiredness, irritability, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes type II all respond positively to weight loss. There is less of a chance of dementia when older and, of course, clothes look a lot nicer! The first month of your new lifelong diet is the toughest.

Weight should be taken once a week and there should never be any lapses!

In addition, only eat three times a day with four hours of 'no eating' between them. The liver can produce sufficient bile to help digest the food if one is constantly having 'small snacks.'

One last helpful hint is that a coconut oil fast once or twice a week is a great way to kill off food cravings. Get a bottle of cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil and have a teaspoon of coconut oil whenever you are hungry. Do not drink coffee, tea, or anything other than water, beetroot juice,or honey and lemon water.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Tessa Schlesinger (author) on January 15, 2017:

Firstcookbodylady. Clearly you didn't read the article, or you don't understand complexity. To say that fat people simply shouldn't eat demonstrates a complete ignorance of how the human body works, of addictive foodstuffs, of how cortisol drives people to eat and how stress produces cortisol. etc. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Char Milbrett from Minnesota on January 15, 2017:

My previous comment was in response to your article suggesting that farmers should be encouraged to grow things that encourage people to be skinny. -- The quarter method works better. Fat people are instructed to press their lips together and hold a quarter between them... [smile] No food in, no weight gain.

PeskyBee from United States on January 15, 2017:

Fat shaming is necessary to control the obese population. They are disgusting and are taking welfare from the government and our hardworking taxpayer's money. They only are good for contributions to Walmart such as buying junk food and riding the mobility scooters and making a scene.

Tessa Schlesinger (author) on January 15, 2017:

Hi firstcookbooklady, not sure what you're saying. Farming is biased by subsidies to people who grow particular crops. The only subsidies that should be there is if the farmer loses his crop as a result of some natural disaster, i.e. weather, drought, insects, etc.

Char Milbrett from Minnesota on January 15, 2017:

Farmers growing something that requires special storage, special equipment, special transport?? My brother in law alternately grew corn and beans and was forced to realize that he could not support his family and gave it up. The equipment is costly and breaks down. No one cares about what the farmer endures to produce a crop. Especially here, with our inconsistent temperatures, rampant bugs, weeds, etcetera.

Mark Johann from New Zealand on February 16, 2015:

Nice hub. I didn't know coconut oil is very useful in slimmimg process.

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