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Six Quick and Effective Fitness Tips and Tricks for Last-Minute Events

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Alyssa has a passion for fitness and sharing her favorite tips and tricks with the world. Alyssa is a wife, mom, and coffee enthusiast.

Quick fitness tips

Quick fitness tips

Last Minute Fit for Events

By now, most of us understand that fitness is a lifestyle, a life-long journey. It takes dedication, hard work, and consistency to achieve fitness goals and maintain the results. But sometimes events sneak up on us, whether it's that life got busy and exercise took a backseat or a last-minute invitation to a party/special occasion popped up.

We all want to look and feel our best. So what do we do?

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is you won't lose 20 pounds in two weeks, and you most likely are not going to achieve a drastic transformation. However, the good news is there are several actions you can take right now to help you look and feel your best for any event coming up in the near future.

Ditch the dangerous supplements and cleanses, stop trying to survive on 500 calories or less a day, and step away from the treadmill. Give these simple tips a try to get ready to attend any event looking amazing and feeling confident.

1. Adjust Your Diet

It took me a long time to reconcile the fact that nutrition is just as important, if not more so, as physical exercise. I miss the days when I could eat whatever I wanted without having to worry about unwanted weight gain.

When it comes to reaching fitness goals, nutrition is key. You have to fuel your body with the right stuff so that your hard work isn't wasted. This is also true when you are getting ready for a last minute event, but you need to do it right. Extreme calorie counting and juice cleanses are not the way to go. Instead, try implementing these tips:

  • Drink plenty of water—the obvious one, but also the most important. Replace soda and sugary juices with water, at least for the time being.
  • Drink Green Tea.
  • Cut out sugar and sweets—this includes your morning coffee. Drink coffee black. You don't need to add unnecessary calories in the form of sugar and creamer.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and lean proteins—big, leafy salads with grilled chicken are perfect!
  • Cut back or eliminate alcohol.
  • Try Intermittent Fasting.
  • Cut back on snacks or choose healthier options, like apples, grapes—the green ones taste like candy, carrot sticks, celery, etc.
  • Watch your portion size.
  • Get plenty of fiber—I love Raisin Bran; while it is a processed cereal, it's great for keeping the digestive system working.

All of these tips are simple, common sense things you can start doing right away. Not only will they help get you ready for your event, but they are also great habits to keep long-term.

2. HIIT It!

If you want to work up a sweat and slash calories, HIIT is a great option! Not only are you getting metabolism-boosting cardio bursts, but you also get toning moves all in one short session. It's amazing! You can create your own HIIT workouts by alternating cardio moves like jumping jacks, burpees, or jump squats with toning moves like deadlifts, tricep kickbacks, or lunges.

If you'd rather follow along with a video, browse YouTube for a HIIT workout that speaks to you. I love Tone It Up, Body By Simone, and PopSugar Fitness. Below is one of my favorite workouts from Body By Simone.

3. Get Tight and Toned With Weights

Cardio and HIIT are great, but if you're looking to build strength, effectively burn fat, and sculpt lean, sexy muscles, you need to hit the weights. It doesn't have to be anything wild, I've found great success using 3lb. and 5lb. dumbbells as well as using my resistance bands. In the long term, it depends on your overall goals. When you are pressed for time trying to get ready for an event, toning your body is going to help you feel confident and help you look a little more fit. If you have a week or two beforehand, you can add a few sessions to your normal routine. You can spot tone if you are worried about a certain area, focusing on arms, abs, or legs. Choose to work your entire body for all over confidence.

I love using YouTube to switch up my at-home workout routine. Tone It Up, Shelley Darlington, and PopSugar are my current go-to's. Below I've shared two of my favorite workouts. One is for total body toning and the other is a quick workout you can do before getting ready for your event: The best confidence boost!

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4. Get a Tan

If you can't tone it, tan it! This is my own little motto, and while it's a little silly, there's just something about having a bronzed, sun-kissed look that instantly boosts confidence. Having a tan will also help you look healthy and more fit.

Please don't lay in a tanning bed. While it does feel amazing, it's not worth the risk of skin cancer. Instead, head to the salon for a beautiful spray tan. If you are more of a DIY guy or gal, try using a self-tanner. There are plenty of great ones on the market to choose from.

I love L'Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning mist. It's so easy to apply. My favorite right now is b.tan; I want the darkest possible. It's a self-tan mousse that leaves you looking like you just returned from a tropical beach vacation. Check out the video below from Tracy Hensel for the best self-tanning tips.

5. Smooth It All Out

If all else fails, you can always put on shapewear to give you more support and help smooth everything out so you look sleek and polished. There's something for everyone and for every type of outfit. Shapewear will give you that extra peace of mind so you can step out feeling great, ready to rock any event.

6. Confidence Is Key

No, this final tip is not fitness-related, but it is important to note. The key to looking good is attitude. No matter what your body looks like, if you are confident and ready to enjoy the occasion with your family and friends, you will have a wonderful time. In the future when you look back on it, you won't be focusing on what you looked like, you'll remember how you felt in the moment: spending time with loved ones and just enjoying life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Alyssa (author) from Ohio on July 31, 2019:

I'm so sorry Pamela, I'm just now seeing your comment. Congratulations on reaching your goal! A 2-3 pound weight loss per week is a healthy approach and I'm happy to hear that this worked for you. I agree, attitude is everything! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on July 30, 2019:

You’re welcome. Have a wonderful day.

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on July 30, 2019:

Hello Ana! Apples are delicious and so good for you! Thank you for sharing and stopping by! :)

Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on July 29, 2019:

Hello miss Alyssa. Thank you again. I want to tell you that the green apple help me with my diet.

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on June 12, 2019:

Thank you so much, Bill! That really means a lot to me. :) Happy Wednesday!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on June 12, 2019:

Yep! I'm not going to comment at all about fitness. LOL I will say you have presented some good information. I will also say you walk your talk, and you are a good writer with a nice,conversational style.

And I will say have a great Wednesday, my friend.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 12, 2019:

You surely gave a large number of great tips. I have found losing weight at about 2-3 pounds per week is the best way to keep it off. I was always on the yoyo life until I got that through my head.

I agree with your take on the diet, and that is what I do, and I have lost 15#, finally at my goal. I also like you comment on attitude, as we need to be confident and love ourselves all the time. Great article Alyssa!

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