How Can I Get Motivated? 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

10 simple ways to motivate yourself and accomplish more.
10 simple ways to motivate yourself and accomplish more. | Source

Finding motivation really isn't that hard, but how do you maintain it is the real question!

Do you have a lot of goals and ideas, but it feels like you can never find the time, energy or motivation to reach them? Do you berate yourself a lot or spend a lot of time engaged in self-sabotaging behaviors like procrastination? If so, you are definitely not alone!

One of the biggest reasons motivation seems to wane is the tendency we have to live in the future. We build vision boards with all of these lofty goals, or daydream about all the amazing things we're going to do “someday”. This is the fastest way to kill a dream, because you never get started!

Motivation Tip #1 – Actually Start!

If you find you have a huge bucket list or a ton of dreams and goals that you have never really worked toward; pick one and start breaking it down into smaller tasks.

For example, say you decide you want to freelance full time and give up your corporate office job. It's easy to tell yourself all the reasons why you can't start right now. You defeat yourself before even getting started. Break it down.

What would you do? Research your business idea, develop a business plan, calculate your start up costs. Every time you complete one of these tasks, pin that up on your board next to “start my own business”. You'll see that you've already made progress, making motivation easier to maintain.

start now - just do it, the motivation will follow..
start now - just do it, the motivation will follow..

Self-Motivation Tip #2 – Fake it 'til You Make it.

We've all heard this one before and most people don't like the idea of “phoniness”, but in all honesty, sometimes when you smile even when you don't feel like it; you end up happier. How many times have you dreaded exercise, but once you got started, your energy felt amazing? Fake it. Do it anyway, even if you don't want to.

Tell yourself “I really don't want to work out right now, but I am going to give it 5 minutes.” Chances are, once you have 5 minutes invested into the task, you'll be motivated enough to continue.

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself is an amazing audiobook. The authors voice is very relaxing... but the message is amazing, so do give it a listen :)

Motivate Yourself Tip #3 – Use Visual Cues

Visual cues are a great way to remind ourselves what our goals are and what we've accomplished. This is why “to do” lists can be so satisfying, because we see progress and can cross those finished tasks off. It provides a sense of relief. To do lists are about so much more than organization; they motivate.

Also, when certain tasks have been completed towards a larger goal; make a note of it and post it to a bulletin board/vision board. Sometimes, working towards a lofty goal can feel a bit like standing at the bottom of Everest looking up. It's very easy to lack motivation when feeling overwhelmed. Keep track of milestones that remind you how far you've climbed!

Motivation Technique #4 – Call a Friend

Find people who are genuinely supportive of your goal(s) and talk to them when you need a little shot of enthusiasm. Taking a long road alone is lonely. It's important to surround yourself with those who support you and help you feel good about yourself. If you can't find those people in real life; find a group online to support you.

I am the only woman in my family/friends who is self-employed, so I found a forum online for freelancing women where I can discuss the challenges that come from managing a household, kids, a business and everything else all under the same roof. In turn, I listen to other women and we all support each other. We can understand the challenges the others face, and It's good to have a shoulder/ear – even if it's a virtual one.

stay positive and count your victories - it's key to maintaining motivation.
stay positive and count your victories - it's key to maintaining motivation. | Source

Motivate Yourself Tip #5 – Congratulate Yourself

We spend a lot of time berating ourselves for all the things we forgot to do, or didn't manage to finish. Be honest, how many times today have you given yourself credit for what you've done well? Now how many times have you engaged in negative self-talk?

Our ratios of negative to positive tend to be very self-defeating. Learn to appreciate your good qualities, acknowledge your gifts, accomplishments and contributions. When we value things, we tend to take better care of them, so it only makes sense that you need to value yourself and your goals if you ever hope to reach them!

Never let fear of failure keep you from trying
Never let fear of failure keep you from trying

Motivate Yourself #6 – Start Small

Not feeling like moving today? We all have those days. Rather than sit on the sofa and let the pull of inertia suck you in further; do something small. Get up and clean off your desk or quickly tidy up a room. Do some small task that makes you feel you have accomplished something and that will tend to fuel more motivation.

If not, go back up to number 2. Fake it and tell yourself the same thing. “I really don't feel like doing anything right now, but I will spend 5 minutes ____________ “. Spend that five minutes doing something productive. It's all in the mindset. Once you get in the habit of pushing through procrastination temptations, you'll find more “hidden” motivation.

Recommended Reading

I love the author's alternative look at traditional reward incentive rituals. This book proposes the idea that explaining why a task is important and then allowing individuals to take on those tasks with as much autonomy as possible, stimulates the interest and commitment to finish. It looks at this as a much more effective approach to being motivated than offering a simple reward for finishing a task.

Motivation Tip #7 Make it into a Game or Personal Challenge

If you are a naturally competitive sort, or you love to do things like beat your previous record; find ways to turn some of your least favorite, but mandatory tasks into a game. Try to beat your previous “score”. When we make things more fun, or give them something that adds a bit more interest, it's easier to get (and stay) moving.

This technique can work great with exercise! “On Monday I was able to do 10 pushups, today I'm going to see if I can do 12”. Keep track of progress or milestones and then try to beat them. Walking/running times, scores on your favorite fitness games, or logging more steps on your pedometer are all great mini-motivators.

sometimes a lovely motivational quote or inspiration can fan the flames also...
sometimes a lovely motivational quote or inspiration can fan the flames also... | Source

Motivation Tip #8 Kill Distractions That Kill Dreams

Distractions are everywhere and most of us spend far too many precious minutes indulging in them. Turn off the TV and limit social media. I did both and my world was instantly transformed. I killed the cable and we bought a Roku box that we use with streaming Netflix. We severely limit our time in front of the TV.

It's a scary proposition at first for those used to having perpetual TV around. Chances are, if the idea of losing it hurts; it means it needs to go or be greatly reduced.

I recently added a free browser extension called LeechBlock to Firefox. During my work hours, It can be set to block access to time wasting websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can set it for specific time frames, or to only allow yourself to browse those sites so many minutes per hour. It's very versatile and it's been a REAL eye opener to me. You don't realize how much valuable time you waste on those sites until you block yourself from them.

Motivation Tip #9 Brainstorm

If your lack of motivation stems from not feeling inspired, or you aren't sure exactly what it is you want to do or focus on, that can definitely lead to a lack of motivation. Motivation comes from enthusiasm. A quick way to get inspired is to use creative thinking; brainstorming is ideal for that practice.

Writers are usually quite familiar with brainstorming, but it can be used for a lot of things.

Take a big piece of paper or poster board and lay it on the table. Your main subject goes in the center. In this case, think of one area of your life where you need more insight or ideas. If you decide you want more insight into a career area you would put that in the center. From there you draw branches and every branch has an idea or question for further exploration.

One branch might say “natural strengths” and then you would list your talents and skills that you enjoy. Another branch might be the opposite, “challenges”. If you bore easily for example, or you lack people skills. The idea is to keep building branches, and then branches off of those branches. As you keep going, you get more ideas and more motivation.

Sometimes, you can have family members participate. When we were deciding how to start a craft business; brainstorming was a family affair. It was very fun and it became a pool of creative ideas and inspirations. Talk about motivating!

Self-Motivation Idea #10 Milestones & Rewards

A lot of people focus on the reward for reaching a long-term goal and that's great, but milestone rewards can provide the incentive to keep moving forward. This is great for weight loss goals for instance. Let's say I have 30 pounds to lose. I tell myself that when I lose my 30 pounds I am going to reward myself with a day trip to the spa and some lovely new clothes. This is great, but that's a long time to wait for the reward.

The better way may be to split the rewards up into milestones. For every 5 pounds lost, give yourself a little treat, perhaps a new pair of earrings, or a trip to the movies. These smaller goals can be reached quickly and they keep the incentive alive.

Place a list of milestones and those rewards on your vision board. You can see easily the forthcoming rewards and also the progress you've made all in one place. It keeps you on track and making progress towards the larger reward at the end.

What is your biggest dream killer?

  • Lack of organization
  • Procrastination
  • I lose steam before I finish what I start
  • I don't have enough support or feel isolated
  • I'll share my experience | thoughts in the comments.
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© 2013 Christin Sander

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Comments 70 comments

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 12 months ago from Midwest Author

Just Me - what works for most doesn't work for all. It sounds like you would benefit from professional counseling - perhaps with some behavior modification therapies to help you undo some bad habits and programming. I hope you find the answers you need.

Just Me 12 months ago

None of this helped me. I burn myself out trying to get the help and support I need. So by the time anyone realizes I need help, I'm depressed and exhausted. Then they wonder why I sabotage myself and why won't I let anyone help me.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks so much Entourage - glad you enjoyed the hub and I appreciate the follow and shares :)

Entourage_007 profile image

Entourage_007 15 months ago from Santa Barbara, CA

This is a really great article ChristinS, I am glad I read this in the morning. I will be sharing your article with others and now adding you as a friend too. Thanks for the inspiration.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks so much for the read and feedback theBAT much appreciated.

theBAT profile image

theBAT 15 months ago

Great Hub! If we want to achieve something big, it really takes a lot to start by taking small steps towards our goal. Just "take the plunge" and "just to do it". Thanks a lot.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks Victoria - sorry for the delayed response, not sure why but your comment was filtered to spam? I appreciate the feedback! I find if I try to multitask too much I end up off track too, I have to narrow my focus or I end up with 100 things half done and nothing completed!

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks swalia glad you enjoyed it.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

DzyMsLizzy, Thank you for the comment and sharing your experiences. As for depression - I am not one to tell anyone to "just snap out of it". I've been there and it's hard. Ironically, when you feel like moving the least is the time you need to do it the most. If you can't do five minutes - do one minute. There are times in life where the going is hard enough that rather than focus on "a whole day' you may want to focus on "minute to minute".. I've been there.

I'm glad you are seeing someone and I hope that it helps over time. I can understand your hesitation with medications and I'm not sure if you are open to natural remedies or not, but there are some things you can consider that may help. If you're interested I'd be happy to share more information with you about any of them, feel free to email me. I used the following with a lot of success:

Sam-e and 5HTP (help the body produce serotonin). Kava is a good herb for anxiety and Rhodiola is another excellent choice for the deeper depression/anxiety that comes with difficult circumstances. It's an adaptogen for those times that you have to "muscle through" some stuff. It helped me a lot when dealing with my son's recovery from an accident a few years ago, when you just feel so overwhelmed you aren't sure what to do. I wish you continued healing

DzyMsLizzy profile image

DzyMsLizzy 15 months ago from Oakley, CA

First, congrats on HOTD! Well done!

You provide a lot of good tips, and I've used or at least tried some of them in the past. At the moment, I have so many HUGE projects that need to be done (sorting out boxes and boxes of stuff that probably should be gotten rid of, but the contents of which have a strong emotional attachment for me); cleaning the paper mess off my desk--which first involves clearing out the over-stuffed file cabinets, and I don't have the energy or will to get it done...

There is more, but I won't go into it here.

You mention distraction. The Internet itself is one huge distraction and time-suck. I sit here day in and day out, tunnel vision on the screen, between Hub Pages, Face Book and games... "not seeing" the mess on my desk...because...well, because I'm suffering from depression and anxiety, caused by our personal circumstances--those in turn caused by things well outside of our control.

That has sucked all the energy and motivation out of me. I'm lucky to manage the bare minimum of household tasks--getting bills paid, cooking, cleaning, and then, I'm just spent. I'm seeing a counselor, but finding the suggestions (some of which you point out here--like just do 5 minutes) nearly impossible to implement. I really don't want to get into taking any psycho-active drugs, either, so I balked when she suggested that.

And when someone tells me to "just snap out of it--just DO it!" It really irks me. It's not that easy, and I feel like slapping them silly.

Nonetheless, I thought your tips were very good and most worthwhile for those not stuck in the trap of depression. Voted up, useful and interesting.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks so much for the read and vote Kristen :)

Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe 15 months ago from Northeast Ohio

Congrats on HOTD, ChristinS! This is an excellent hub and very useful, when we need to keep going and feel better about achieving a goal or a dream. Voted up!

Victoria Lynn profile image

Victoria Lynn 15 months ago from Arkansas, USA

Congrats on HOTD! This hub deserves it--well laid out with great photos, too. I need this! I've been working on downsizing at home, and sometimes I'm just too overwhelmed to get much done. I piddle here and there instead of focusing on one area. Maybe I need to reward myself. I need to do that with exercise and weight loss, too--incentives as small steps are reached. Great ideas!

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thank you rebecca - I'm all about practical and training the mind to work with us instead of against us. I appreciate the read and comment.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks swalia - so glad the hub helped you :)

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

thank you adevwriting I appreciate the comment, vote and share :)

rebeccamealey profile image

rebeccamealey 15 months ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

These sound practical and like they will really be effective. An attractive Hub! Congrats!

swalia profile image

swalia 15 months ago

great hub...i really needed some motivational dose today...thanks!

adevwriting profile image

adevwriting 15 months ago from United Countries of the World

Really good tips you have shared. They are practical. Congrats on HOTD! Shared and Voted up!

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks for the read and feedback Paula - much appreciated :)

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 15 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

Christin......You are reading my mind!! I have been so busy in my personal life and wrapped up in projects that must be completed, I've strayed away from writing (my main form of rejuvination!), in one way, I may be accomplishing some things but sorely lacking in other areas.

This is a wonderful reminder of how we CAN organize our time and get back on track! Thank you so much!.....UP+++ Paula

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thank you for sharing, voting, reading and commenting ChitrangadaSharan much appreciated :)

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

I agree gmwilliams on working to eliminate negativity in all its forms. I thank you for reading and the feedback.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 15 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks. I didn't even realize it had been selected until reading your comment Au fait - and that gave me the chance to do some much needed edits :)

ChitrangadaSharan profile image

ChitrangadaSharan 15 months ago from New Delhi, India

Congratulations for the HOTD, for this well presented hub. Very motivating and some very nice suggestions for everyone.

We all need motivation at some point, if not always to achieve our goals. And I agree completely with you that maintaining the motivation is slightly hard. Loved the quotes as well.

Thanks for sharing and voted up!

gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 15 months ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

These are excellent suggestions as to how to achieve one's goals. One must visualize, organize, strategize, and ........ACT. In order to achieve one's goals, one must adopt a positive mindset, consciousness, mentality, and psychology. One must adopt the attitudes of CAN and WILL. One must furthermore persevere despite obstacles and setbacks. One also must find like-minded people who will encourage and support your goals-that is of paramount importance. In essence, avoid and cut off all ties with negative people and thought processes.

Au fait profile image

Au fait 15 months ago from North Texas

Have to bookmark this so I can read it every time I get into a rut. A lot of great ideas, and surly at least one will work for me.

Congratulations on HOTD!

england236 profile image

england236 20 months ago from USA

Thank you very much!

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 20 months ago from Midwest Author

So glad you found the hub helpful to you england236. I certainly appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment - much appreciated and best wishes to you.

england236 profile image

england236 20 months ago from USA

Wow, this was written for me. I read it at the right time. I'm struggling with procrastination. I will read this everyday. The video you added to the article is excellent. I wrote things down and will be on the road to making a happier life for myself. Thank you for your writing, knowledge, and compassion.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 20 months ago from Midwest Author

Thanks for the read and vote peach - much appreciated :)

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 20 months ago from Home Sweet Home

Starting small is a good way to motivate instead of planning large, voted up

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 2 years ago from Midwest Author

Thanks so much for reading and commenting miochaljose I appreciate it and I'm very happy you found the hub beneficial.

miochaljose profile image

miochaljose 2 years ago from Dallas

I just want to say that the tips are most valuable.

Thanks for sharing such innovative and awesome tips to get motivated. You have made a psychological affect. I will try to focus on these points an try to implement them.


ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

:) thank you saumya29 glad you enjoyed it!

saumya29 profile image

saumya29 3 years ago

:) get inspired and write more awesome stuff like this.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thank you everyone for the awesome feedback and comments, I am really thrilled so many enjoyed this hub.

Joyette  Fabien profile image

Joyette Fabien 3 years ago from Dominica

Really awesome! You need to add one more tip, that is, 'motivate yourself by reading inspirational sharings such as this one! :)' All the best in your business!

arijitm2000 profile image

arijitm2000 3 years ago from Mid-west, Texas, Jersey, Florida, Mumbai, & Hyderabad (India)

A very engaging and inspiring hub. I'm taking away a few tips from this hub to channelize my ideas & goals in a better way. I especially appreciate Tip #8 'Kill Distractions' because that is something I might have issues with the most, and that tip alone could possibly take care of my motivation, since to a large part I do kinda touch all the other tips in motivating myself & keeping my hopes positive & beaming. Thanks for this wonderful hub Christin.

ignugent17 profile image

ignugent17 3 years ago

Very helpful ChristinS. Number 2 makes me smile because sometimes we need to really fake it just to be motivated. Enjoyed reading your hub. :-)

saumya29 profile image

saumya29 3 years ago

Loved it! :D Its amazing. Thanks for your support and motivation.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thanks Jatinder for reading and commenting - much appreciated.

Jatinder Joshi profile image

Jatinder Joshi 3 years ago from Whitby, Ontario, Canada

" pick one of them and start breaking it down into smaller tasks." So true. Big ideas always lead to procrastination unless one can break it down and start with something here and now.

Great article.

moronkee profile image

moronkee 3 years ago

Very useful information. I always motivate myself by giving myself a reward after achieving a goal.

Laura Schneider profile image

Laura Schneider 3 years ago from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

The To Do List, the Done List, and the Shopping List are my secret weapons to success in life! Without which I'd probably get nothing done and spend my money all wrong. Thanks again! (Please, feel free to use the "half-X" method of checking off things on your To Do list--you're 100% right that it bugs me enough that I get those half-Xes completed FAST--like if I water the indoor but not outdoor plants, for example, that would get a partial X until I finish the job! Works wonders and doesn't require a separate "done" list that way for daily-type mundane tasks (not lifetime tasks/goals, you know what I mean).

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thanks for reading and commenting Diana - long live the to do list, I'd be kind of lost without them :)

Diana Lee profile image

Diana Lee 3 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

Good info, here, I know we all need an extra push now and then. I've tried some of these and I can tell you a to-do list for short or long term goals do help. Voted up.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

excellent cbar77 I'm glad these techniques work for you.

cbar77 3 years ago

Very valuable post! I have started developing many of the points you listed in this article into my own life. I especially think it is important to recognize the small accomplishments or progress one makes and to start small. I have seen progress in my goals using the tips you mentioned!

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thank you Jenny - what a beautiful comment I very much appreciate it and I'm so honored that you found my hub so helpful :). Peace.

Jenny 3 years ago

I want to thank you from heart for sharing this, this was the last puzzle bit I needed. Thank you and may the universe bless you back with the puzzle bit you need right now in your life.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Laura - I like that idea with the partial X - that would drive me nuts enough I'd have to finish the task to complete the X - I may have to steal that idea lol - bye bye check marks ;)

Hi Poetic :) thanks for reading and commenting.

Thanks randomcreative - that was kind of my goal, to make it in a way that everyone could find something useful in it. I appreciate the comment.

randomcreative profile image

randomcreative 3 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I was not expecting such a comprehensive article! There is something here for everyone with ideas that are applicable to numerous goals and tasks. Thanks for the great resource.

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 3 years ago from Canada

Great post Christin you land every point perfectly and glad to see you post :).

Laura Schneider profile image

Laura Schneider 3 years ago from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Milestone rewards are AWESOME! You're brilliant for mentioning it. I have used a "Weekly chores" checklist system in the past, checking off all of the things I need to do each week (water houseplants, do all the laundry, take out the trash on trash day, call my aging dad, etc.) Something half complete gets half an X in the box, something all complete gets a full X. Then I'm motivated to fill in all the boxes with "X"es, and get a wake-up call if they're not filling in fast enough in the week. If I make this checklist bigger, it'll be a lot more motivating--it'll go on the refrigerator where I HAVE to see it! Great micro-milestone rewards!

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thanks agusfaani for sharing and voting. I hope the milestone rewards work for you.

agusfanani profile image

agusfanani 3 years ago from Indonesia

Inspiring tips. Motivation grows after reading them. I never do #10 but it's right about giving reward to ourselves for the next better achievement and I'll give it a try. Thank you for sharing and vote up this hub.

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thanks very much Sharkye11 - I appreciate the vote and share.

Sharkye11 profile image

Sharkye11 3 years ago from Oklahoma

Awesome hub! I've used some of these, but I LOVE the idea of a "goal" bulletin board with all the achievements as well as the challenges and goals left. Thanks for sharing these great tips. I am going to pass them along and vote them up!

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thanks for the great comments and feedback/shares Billie and Laura much appreciated :) I like the "did do" list - very cool. I totally understand on cleaning/organizing a house - with pets and kids that's always my exercise in futility ;).

Laura Schneider profile image

Laura Schneider 3 years ago from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

What an awesome Hub, as usual ChristinS! I'm in negative inertia (do-nothing) mode at the moment, firmly fixed to the couch with my computer). I'll go get a piece of paper and immediately start some brainstorming on how to get my house as clean as I want it to be (because it seems insurmountable at the moment--like Everest, as you said)! Voted up and awesome!

Billie Kelpin profile image

Billie Kelpin 3 years ago from Newport Beach

GREAT tips! I love all of these. Under the "congratulate yourself" concept, I have used a DID DO list instead of or in conjunction with a TO DO list. With a DID DO list, we realize how much we have actually accomplished and it's a way to boost our morale. "Fake it till you make it" is important. I read once that happy people actually sort of lie to themselves. It's kind of a start at the outside and hope it seeps in. Tweeting, facebooking, and pinning so I have this for later :)

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thank you Bishop55 much appreciated :)

Bishop55 profile image

Bishop55 3 years ago from USA

I loved this!

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Thanks Alphapx glad you enjoyed the hub and it inspired you :)

Alphapx profile image

Alphapx 3 years ago from Philippines

Thanks. I want to start now for brand new ending. This is just a nice inspiration to me. :) Brilliant!

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

One of my favorite quotes A Little TRUTH - I actually have a graphic I made with that quote - I should add it on to this hub :)

A Little TRUTH profile image

A Little TRUTH 3 years ago

Very good points! Especially #1. As Martin Luther King said: “Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

ChristinS profile image

ChristinS 3 years ago from Midwest Author

Great tip Marilyn thanks for reading and commenting.

MDavisatTIERS profile image

MDavisatTIERS 3 years ago from Georgia

Hi. Great tips. Yours factor many differerent ways people process changes, goals and progress; I just thought I'd add my individual ones to the mix.

One way I stay motivated to accomplish anything, and I do mean anything, is to create sub-goals for 10 goal categories in my life. If my goal is to produce two Hubs a week, I can procrastinate and wait until I've used up five days; rationalizing I still can produce a Hub a day for two days.

Instead, it's three Hubs on Monday, and write in the morning and after dinner. Edit and decide on images on Tuesday morning. Leave Hubs alone on Wednesday. Thursday morning, review and publish two Hubs if okay. Friday - the third Hub, or the least appealing for that week rests over the weekend and becomes one I start with on Monday

These incremental slotted time frames for writing and editing Hubs is also how I allocate other priorities and responsibilties. I get a better sense of accomplishment if I've gotten several smaller sub-goals done for multiple categories, but that may just be the way I process progress.


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