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Easy '100-Calorie' Soup Is a Great Way to Support Weight Loss

Are you looking for an easy soup recipe? One that won’t require you to be in the kitchen all day? TikTok content creator @mattboxall_ shares his simple and healthy weight loss meal. 

This beautiful broth is filled with healthy antioxidants!

This dish looks delightful! For this easy meal, he adds to a baking dish: one diced red bell pepper, 1/2 an onion diced, 1 sliced carrot, and a handful of cherry tomatoes. He then adds in a few sprigs of thyme, whole cloves of garlic, salt, paprika, pepper, and cayenne. Roast it all in the oven for 30 minutes. When they are softened, discard the thyme, and add the veggies to a blender with a cup of vegetable stock and puree. Sounds easy enough for us! We would like to see the veggies roasted with a little fat too, but you can make this recipe, however it suits your needs and tastes best.

The audience had some mixed feelings on this idea. Viewer @ElizabethBaldwin commented, “I made this the other day, really delicious and so easy to make.” That’s good to hear. Viewer @khlomoneybye said, "One days serving? I need at least 3 then, lol." Too funny! Viewer @Sarah.AngellHart commented, “I don’t have the thyme for this.” Ha! Viewer @CallMeKarmen commented, “Mmmm, looks good, but yeah, a drizzle of olive oil to roast the veggies, I think.” We agree completely.

This healthy soup is a great way to use some of those leftover holiday veggies, too. But it might not be so diet, if we add a grilled cheese, to soak it all up.