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Woman Gives Brutally Honest Review of Popular '12-3-30' Workout

It sounds so much easier than it actually is.

Doing a workout routine is sometime just as hard as it is to establish one, however, when you come across a viral workout on TikTok that everyone seems to be trying, it might be worth a try for some folks.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator @healthkols. To start her weightless journey, she attempted to do the TikTok trendy ’12-3-30’ workout, but didn’t find much success with it until she applied her own twist to it.

The name of the viral workout sounds a little confusing and may have you questioning what it consists of, but the method involves simply setting a treadmill to a 12-percent incline, on a 3.0 speed walking for 30 minutes.

While this exercise may be doable for some people, if you’re new to working out and find that it’s a bit challenging to do like @healthkols did, it may help to slightly tweak the workout bit. Because she found the workout to be “absolutely brutal” and mainly designed for people who are either extremely tall or physically fit, she switched the workout to make it more approachable for her by easing into it. So, instead of doing the ’12-3-30’ method, she started the challenge by simply going to the gym and walking on the treadmill at a zero incline and as the workout became easier, she challenged herself a bit more by tweaking it more.

After six months of consistent working out, she now does ’10-3-30’ which means she has a 10-percent incline, on a 3.0 speed walking for 30 minutes. To make it even more interesting and to ensure she stays on the path of progression, she also added a twist that includes only watching her favorite TV show while on the treadmill.

Her approach makes this trendy workout even better!