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Doctor Shares Her '24-Hour Reset' After Holiday Indulging

Did you have a little too much this past holiday? Would you like to reset your body in only 24 hours? TikTok content creator and chiropractor @drshannyndc shares her tips for resetting the body and reducing inflammation.

We can totally do this for a day! 

It's not just alcohol that can really get our systems out of whack. Over the past week, we've eaten extremely rich foods, way more than our normal calories, and a ridiculous amount of sugar. We can do anything for 24 hours and if it helps us to get back on track, we are in! Her first step is to drink 100 ounces of water in 24 hours. Please don't do this all at once. She's also adding a 1-2 gram of Celtic sea salt to the first glass of water of the day, to help her body rehydrate. 

For nourishment, she's only consuming 3-4 whole food smoothies for 24 hours to help her body to reduce the inflammation. Her recipe includes 1 scoop protein powder, coconut milk, spinach, berries, water, lemon, and ice. This doesn’t sound too bad. And after what we consumed for Thanksgiving, it seems like a fair thing to do for our bodies.

The audience wanted to give this a try. Viewer @Lychee said, “I have been so tired and not drinking a lot of water. I am going to try this. I think I’m dehydrated." Viewer @AustinWhite commented, “People with high blood pressure are going to have a problem with that salt consumption.” And @drshannyndc replied, “Not high quality Celtic salt- it helps regulate BP. We aren’t talking generic sodium table salt.” Great to know!

We're ready to get the inflammation out of our bodies and we'll be giving this a try tomorrow!